Throwback: ‘HOT’ Concert

As we all know, Taeyang will be holding his 2nd solo concert this weekend.  I don’t know about you, but I’m super stoked even if it’s just to watch fancams. From what information is available, I think I’m gonna enjoy it already: 90% live band, Taeyang, and IU. (keke) My only request this that (YG/YB make sure you read this) there be a DVD with all the performances and loads of Behind-The-Scenes, in which case, the cameraman be better paid than he was last time.  Camera work last time just plain sucked.  I don’t think this is too much to ask.

And there seems to be a lot of questions regarding the concert being streamed live on Youtube.  Unfortunately, I will have to advise everyone to not put your hopes on it because 1)TIME originally wrote that his concert “will be streamed” on youtube, but then later changed it to “might be streamed” instead. Bad reporting? 2)YGE has not officially announced anything about the matter.  So I’m almost certain it won’t happen.

On to more happier stuff…To countdown Taeyang’s ‘SOLAR’ concert, I just wanted to share with everyone my favorite performances from ‘HOT.’  Of course, post yours in the comments!

There is seriously nothing I don’t love about this song and performance.  When the previous article talked about Taeyang’s “artistry,” this is it.  The performance was intricate, by no means “big”, but incredibly electrifying.

Well, DUHHH! This performance has carved itself a safe place on the “epic” list.

Love seeing Taeyang perform like this….no dancing, no flashy visuals, but just his voice.

Simply because I love this song and the remix.  And it makes me terribly nostalgic.

I’ll stop here…or else I’ll end up posting the ENTIRE concert.  Share!

64 thoughts on “Throwback: ‘HOT’ Concert”

    1. can i suggest that we have a chattYBox party and watch the Hot concert and Real Sound marathon (that is if all the eng.subs are done) and wth for extra measure: BB Doc? all going on this weekend to show our spirit, sending good vibes, triple-blah to celebrate the Solar shows?

  1. Thank you for this! I am so sad I cannot attend his concert this weekend…all those who can….ENJOY! He is an amazing performer!

  2. Ahhhh…you read my mind!!! Sinners is one of my all-time fave songs by TY and the performance was nothing short of amazing. Next fave HOT performance would definitely have to be COMBH. This is just pure heaven. Him just sitting and singing his heart out. Personally, this is how I want TIS performed. (hope you’re reading this YB!!!) And of course, the great, Always performance. He was such a tease in the performance. And giving us that cheesy, goofy grin at the end of that performance? Oh YB…what you do to my heart!

    Definitely have to order the SOLAR concert dvd, as well as the HOT concert dvd since I haven’t gotten that yet either.

  3. Sinner is my favourite performance from HOT concert…but u already post i dont need to re-post it again…heheh
    damn!!Aimee n yb look so hot like the concert name….
    i want to get if YG make Solar Concert DVD…i wont miss it..
    if i in Korea..of course i’ll a part of audience in two day of concert.
    i still hoping thay YG will bring Solar Concert outside the Korea even all of us know, YB will stop his solo activities after this concert. im jinjja hoping….
    YG~~~~please listen YB’s international fan request…we want SOLAR concert tour..or SOLAR become a part of BigBang concert tour…..

  4. I can only imagine how epic and awesome his solar concert is going to be!
    It’s really hard to ONLY have one Favorite, but Ma girl IS one of the 3 performances that I loved from the HOT concert

  5. So you pretty much posted my favourite performances!
    But as for the best..I have two that I adore (and probably watched hundreds of times already): Cracks of a broken heart, and LOAM remix. I like Sinners as well, but for some reason I’m not as drawn to it as I am w/ these two perf.
    Although I love YB’s performances and choreo, I’m more captivated when he just sings. Cracks of a broken heart is just awesome..also his live perf of Baby I’m Sorry (Madam B Salon’s perf).
    LOAM is such a good song, but I feel like the remix is soo much better…I dunno, when you hear the guitar and drums..gahhh I just love that.
    Ma Girl!!…I dont think any words are necessary for that perf….but srsly, the way he does those air humps..yeaaaa, i’ll keep it PG 🙂

  6. can’t pick a favorite. i love them all. nyahaha..

    one of my top ten things to do before i die is to watch a YB concert. he’s just freakin’ amazing!!!

    sorry for my persistence, but if you have time, please watch my own interpretation of YB’s wedding dress.
    i posted it on the previous article but i’ll post it again here.
    please take time to comment on the video, especially on the editing and the execution of shots.
    it’s my final requirement for my music video making class.
    in two weeks time, i have to pass the final edit so i really need your comments and suggestions.

    my intro kinda got long but here it is:

    thanks in advance!

  7. Yes….the hot concert is when i officially became hooked on Taeyang ( a little late i know). Thanks for the info on Youtube. I know you are not writing much now a days but if you find anything out can you please let us know? I didn’t know “TIME” changed it to “might ” be streamed and yes i was counting on getting up at 6am (i am in New York) to watch it. I would REALLY be disappointed if in doesn’t happen!! And sad!!!


  8. Thanks to the links on YT, I was freakin’ amazed at the HOT concert.

    Every song was love.

    My favourite performances would have to be My Girl, A Fool’s Only Tears, Always and the LOAM remix (the two songs in the middle being my favourite BB songs of all time…XD)

    I have to say though that Sinner comes a close second as well as the intro and Prayer perf.

    And did I just listed almost everything other than the two remaining songs from HOT and the English covers? LOL

    The whole concert was brilliant for me, and I would LOVE to watch it again…..

    I can’t believe his concert is in two days!!! Time flies~~~

    I want to watch the fancams, guess I can only do that when I’m back from the city after my two day trip….haha

    Really looking forward to his SOLAR concert keke

  9. Tofu, all your choices are my favorites!!!!
    Just gonna have to add his version of A Fool’s Only Tears cuz i think he rocked it and made it so his own. 🙂

    HOT concert was definitely an awesome concert and definitely put him on another class, another level than just a mere idol. It showed that he was serious about his work too. And he was just 20 right? Still young but was able to deliver such performances. It made me a proud fan.

    Now all I want for SOLAR concert is for him to enjoy himself and not look to worried on stage. I want him to be in that little world of his again when he’s on the stage cuz that’s when he shines the brightest. I’m not asking for another HOT, I want him to grow through this concert as an artist and.. I want this concert to be something that we can never forget since he’s not gonna release another album for a long time. Fighting taeyang!!

    Anyways I’ll definitely check out the sites for fancams.. can’t do live streaming. 🙂

  10. Haha i’m suprised no one uploaded this yet! My fav performances have to be my girl and Sinners. Both are the epitome of HOT. The chemistry between Aimee and YB is FAIIIYAHHHH! Anyone know if Aimee is working with him on Solar concert. I’m guessing no since most of her tweets are still her in the US. What a shame =/
    All of which make me even more so depressed that I’m not going to his concert. If he doesn’t do another even better concert after solar, I think i’ll die. However I hope the Concert DVD doesn’t come with some Big Bang concert also, because last time it did and it was mega expensive. Still bought it though =P




      1. I love alwaystaeyang, but a lot of taeyang fans already know about it. It’s the first thing that pops up under google search when u search taeyang (besides wikipedia).

        I want something that speaks to Taeyang. If international fans had one message to him what should it be. Something short, to the point, and let him be aware of his strong presence outside of korea.

        1. Thanks BLUEMAID! im not gonna use that but you inspired me.

          it will say,

          “THe world revolves around the sun” in korean. I hope he gets wat the message really means

        2. @jayvuafter8- your idea is awesome! *two thumbs up*

          and do you mind showing our love from the UK too? he always only hear about USA and Canada there’s us over here too! lol. If you can include “love from UK” or something like that,it’s be awesome 😀

        3. @Skyhigh

          Sorry, I ran out of poster board. LOL. it’s just me and a friend. I made one that says

          세상은 태양을 중심으로 돌아가지 (Translated : The World revolves around the Sun)

          U.S.A ❤ Taeyang

          CANADA ❤ 영 배

          If i get another chance to go to his concert, I will include U.K next time (technically you're included in the first sign =) .

          My friend suggested I make a sign saying, "I lied to my friends and family saying Im going to Korea for school when I really came for Taeyang" so I could go back stage lol.

        4. @jayvuafter8 oh that’s no problem, as you said we’re ALL technically involved when you say “The World revolves around the Sun” its a good one btw =)

          and thanks.If you ever do get to do the UK thing just let me know OK?

          LOL at your friends suggestion maybe you should do it! worth a try I say =D so did you really lie? 😛

        5. I’m not Korean. I’m vietnamese. Im studying at Korea University in Seoul for my junior and senior year, so I can do all the taeyanging I want and still go to school lol.

          If you ahve facebook, you can friend me because i will post fancams and such on there.

          Jennifer Vu- korea university

        6. @jayvuafter8 haha OK and wow your so lucky your studying in Seoul! so close to Youngbae…ah I wish I could see him perfome live one day…

          do you mind if I add you on FB too? lol =D

  12. We know Taeyang is the most amazing performer, but what about that heartfelt story that showed us his journey to become who he is today?

  13. ah, I simply cannot choose I just loved that concert! I think what you posted are my faves too Tofu.

    if YG release a DVD please DON’T FORGET ENGLISH SUBTITLES!

    now I need to go and re-watch HOT on YT 😀

    1. i’d also like to add to the request list that ML and YG should do a giuerlla-styled (unplanned, no fancy effects/just like a digital and cell-phone camera)/BTS collab vid for “Connection” for when the Solar DVD is released as a bonus clip!! just saying cuz i know they read…

      1. LOL you’re sure they read? I just direct comments at YG ent anyway haha but yeah they probably do come here.

        and yup sounds good: ML and YB,anything I don’t care anything to do with Taeyang! hehe lol as if our demands are ever even gonna be given,let alone get read.

        1. lol, i don’t know if they actually do read up on us…but im pretty damn sure they got spies. how the hell else is our spazzy wishes and demands being met this summer.

    1. yeah I love Cracks of My broken Heart he sings it with such passion : ‘) I’m listening to it for the millionth time after reading this post,to cure my nostalgia.

  14. I made Jeka show me a snippet of Connection =D…thats all im gonna say. And the song’s they had to choreo too….I think shaun made 7 choreo in 10 days, I think that’s what he said…or was it 5 choreo ahaha. None the less! I’m stoked for the Concert!!!! GET IT IN YOUNGBAE!

    1. I knew YB fanboy #1 couldn’t stray from giving up details…any chance a sneak attack/BTS vid for “Connection” be made for the DVD release?? *re: response post to skyhigh 7 posts up*

    2. waiiiit does this mean there’s a MV for connection? or is Taeyang just gonna perform it!?! goodness….your comments are always love/hate!

    3. i find it amazing how Shaun and choreographers in general can up with choreography just like that. Like his brain is bursting with creativity

    4. There isn’t going to a be music video for Connection… I don’t think…. Shaun’s brain was fried after he was done ahaha, he said no more dancing for while!
      Young Bae favorite song is Superstar, so you bet there is going to be choreo for Superstar ahahah

  15. Mine are My Girl and Sinner. I am a BigBang fan all the way but when I saw Taeyang’s concert, I seriously became a Taeyang fan. I have been watching them since they were still in Training and debuted with “La La La”. Taeyang over time to me was super sexy, sweet boyish smile at the same time can give off fierce vibe with those serious looks he does sometimes. He can be so many things. Not everyone can pull that off. It is usually either you are cute or sexy. Taeyang can do both.

    1. ITA with your description of TY. I started off a BB fan and Taeyang wasn’t my instant favorite but somehow as time passes, he shined for me and i became a huge Young Bae fan too.

  16. hmm all of teh perfs during HOT were a win but since my fave’s were already taken i’ll settle with my second best ^^

  17. This is some information that I just talked with my friend in Thailand and now she fly to Korea to see Taeyang’s Concert

    the story she told me make make me loveTaeyang more and more

    first) after he came back from Thailand and he performed “I’ll be there” we will see his voice it’s totally seem exhaust and out of breath, my friend just told me Taeyang he sick when he came in Thailand , my friend know because the security guard of Bigbang and my friend they’re kinda close and told my friend a lot of information about Bifbang LOL at the security guard told that he don’t like G-dragon and TOP that much because they’re kind headstrong and GD always has bad mood but Taeyang he’s always good and friendly but obviously he had some illness plus in thailand was rainy day that’s why I can clearly see why his voice was kinda exhuast but he still gave the best performance with all his energy for us. I thiink he’s so professional and amazing I love him more and more

    second) I saw somebody here said about Taeyang concert in last article “his tickets arn’t all sold out”
    So I asked my friend and She told me actually his tickets are already sold out long time ago but it has some fans buy the many tickets to reserve the seat in case of there’s will be some more friends want to go with them but when they sure the number of their friend who wiil go to the concert so they canceled some of tickets they don’t use and some fans can buy when it’s close the day of concert! all The tickets already sold out of both two days, So I think Taeyang is still popular in Korea.

    I love Taeyang !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t live with out Taeyang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh! Taeyang my baby! actually he has some illness
      I hope he get well soon beore his concert, I love him so much, I miss him so much.

    2. Yeah, I was the one who said his tickets aren’t sold out. Don’t get me wrong, he’s VERY POPULAR in Korea, but the stituation looks bad when tickets are still available. But you’re right! because I bout 8 eight tickets when I only needed four. But i didn’t cancel, i sold the other four to colleagues.

      I saw him live at Incheon Wave Music but didn’t get any contact. My friends who went to MNET live and Music Bank got to touch his hands and said he’s bery nice and smiles all the time and says high to all the fans as much as he can.. LOL but she said he’s short.

      But who cares how short he is. He packs more sexiness in 5’7 than most do in 6’4. and then the humble personality is just all that matters.

      1. yes! who care!!?? I can die for someone like Taeyang(5’7) more than someone who 6’4
        because Taeyang is the most attractive guy in the whole wide world and he has the whole package HOT SEXY CUTE HANDSOME TALENTED.
        to me, he has everything…. for me he’s perfect!

        Do you live in Korea? Are you Korean?

      2. Lol, we all knew he was short so it’s not like we’re surprised. But if he was tall too he probably would be too perfect for us to handle. God has to give him some imperfections.

  18. My favorite performance of Taeyang in his first Concert forever is ” My girl ” that performance is the best performance that I’ve ever seen in my life his performace better than many artist in this world
    dancing 10/10
    singing 10/10
    face expression 10/10
    tease 10/10
    acting 10/10

    actually all his song in his first hot concert I give 10/10
    I’m not over to say this>> Taeyang is the best performer that I’ve ever seen in my life because his dance move and his acting, his face expression is the best that I’v ever seen in the artist in the whole wide world

    I love Taeyang, I can’t live without him ❤
    Taeyang is the best #1 in the world!

      1. LOL yeah! maybe I use wrong word? I’m not sure, YEAH! his acting comes from his natural expression into the song! YEAH ! He’s genius , He’s perfect! love him<3

  19. When Taeyang sang “Cracks of a Broken Heart, I actually teared up. I got all emotional! I thought that he sung that song beautifully.

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