[Eng Subs] Interview – Taeyang’s Guerrilla Date!

*Update = Eng Subbed Video
I swear, I have never seen Taeyang talk so much and with such energy and enthusiasm.

The best part of this clip was seeing the foreign fan!  Its totally awesome that she knows ALL of his music.  And ahhhhh! We get to hear him speak English.  From the little bits, it looks like he is quite good.  He was able to respond to the fan’s question.  I’m impressed though it doesn’t surprise me.  We international fans freak out whenever we him speak English…even if it’s just for a bit. 😀  Youngbae, get your butt over here now!

I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see the fanboy hug. 😛

44 thoughts on “[Eng Subs] Interview – Taeyang’s Guerrilla Date!”

  1. I wish he would get his butt on twitter more and show off them english skill. He barely has an accent ans sounds completely adorable!! *pinches cheeks*

  2. wish i can watch the subbed video.
    i just noticed that YB’s eye bags is getting bigger and darker.
    the boy seriously needs some rest.

    1. baby boy really does need some rest. maybe he’ll get to take a break before any major bigbang activities. *crosses fingers he deserves it!

  3. a fun interview (though I understand only a few parts, haha). YB is a bit talkative here unlike other interviews, which is good.. 😉 I also love the part with the foreign fan, I also wanna see the fanboy part but they onky showed the fanboy hug in here..

  4. He needs to talk in English more! He had a short conversation with that foreign fan!!!

    He holds it well! 😀

    YB be international already! LOL

    I understood parts of the interview from what iBigBang wrote on their blog..

    Tis really rare to see him so relaxed in shows like this though, I likes it! 😀

  5. The foreign fan part was the best! YB was so amazed that she (like us,international fans) knew ALL of his songs! lol how did you think you ranked so high in over-sea’s itunes Youngbae? 😀
    “oppa saranghae!” that was cute but I thought she was a noona fan lol

  6. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! He is sooooooooo cute and adorable!!!!! And yes, he does need some rest (perhaps ATY should write him and say it…!)


  7. oh yeah,, i’ve noticed the porn question comes up a lot. Like the radio interview Taeyand did during wedding dress promo, they asked who likes to watch porn the most in big bang? lol must be a korean thing. but i like that quesiton it breaks the ice lol

  8. The porn part was so funny – like seriously?!?

    Seems like YB is a good boy (though I personally don’t have a problem with porn). And he was so animated too.

  9. Thanks so much guys! The whole clip is a lot cuter now that I can understand what he’s saying 😛 ATY rocks!

    Seriously, I keep on imagining what I would do if I were that foreign fan pulled off the street and personally asked to sing one of his songs. (If I didn’t have a complete meltdown at the fact that he was speaking in English.) Would I attempt to sing in laughably unintelligible Korean? Would I just pick out the english parts? Would I unconsciously start doing the choreography? Would I act a complete fool on TV for the chance to get a hug? Would I be sassy enough to attempt the INAG part where there’s a kiss involved (and risk death by fangirl?)

  10. Thanks for the sub team! Whooo. I think this was really adorable…..it’s weird to see Taeyang so …playful…ahh I’m used to seeing him all serious. ROFL.

  11. Taeyang needs to conversate with me….that boy, is wayyyy tooo charming. I love this video. Thanks for subbing. Kay and Tofu you both are the best. Thanks for making us non-korean speakers feel up to date with Taeyang. 🙂

  12. LOl..He seem so happy… uhhh..Porn?? Of course he does, but he’s not going to share that with us. Lol… I love this playful side of him. I feel like we got a chance to see another side of him..and I love it! love him, love the voice, the body, the smile, the tan… love him altogether. Thanks for the sub.

  13. what??? there will be a next meeting!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY

    I like the interview. it didn’t have the serious atmosphere like all of his past interviews were like. 🙂 thanks for subbing this ^^

  14. hey why is taeyang’s international album all the way at 200 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and old albums from usher and trey songz in the top 50 :@
    would it make a difference if i bought another copy?
    and maybe suggest ppl to buy it on youtube?

    1. @JBYB without any promotion it’s quite difficult to stay in the top 50
      it’s been a long time since I post here, too busy!!!
      YB is so cute really this interview

  15. Awww, the whole video is even cuter now that I understand it!!!

    YB is such a pure boy, YOU REALLY HAVEN’T WATCHED PORN YB???

    Man~~~ “XD

    He was really smooth with that question though, haha really nice.

    And whaat?? There’s going to be a next meeting?? AWESOME!!!!! 😀

    1. awww thanks! that clip was awesomeeeee lol. And when he sang “i’ll make love to you”–>boys ii men? anyways it was sexy as hell.. thanks for sharing this clip

  16. can u plz give me the RAW video of this interview
    cuz i will translate it to ARABIC and i didn’t find a HD Raw video
    and i’ll put the FULL credits , can u?

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  18. aww^__^ i missed oppa appearing on shows like this,im just so happy:))))btw on 6:07 that girl is soo familiar ithink i saw her,on of the shows of bigbang its a date show(where all 5 oppas dated her,to be able to date the beatiful friend of her:))ijust cant rmbber the show..anyone acknowledges her?

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