09.12.10 – I’ll Be There on Inkigayo

Taeyang’s performance on Inkigayo. I wonder when he’ll have his goodbye stage and take some rest before coming back with Big Bang. Boy needs some rest ASAP!

12 thoughts on “09.12.10 – I’ll Be There on Inkigayo”

  1. Actually wasn’t expecting him today cos of 2NE1’s comeback & all. But yeah, poor bb does need some rest. He’s definitely a true trooper < 33

  2. I’m not watching the performance at all cuz i know i won’t like it. Dude needs major rest before the Concert. I do not want him to sound tired on D-Day. He’ll probably be practicing day and night for it but he needs lotsa rests too.

  3. Man the boy needs rest…. Cry instead of try honey? =(

    I really think he will if he doesn’t rest well before the concert… He’s working until late in the morning….

    Can’t believe his D-Day’s in less than two week’s time, MAN time flies… It felt like yesterday September just began! *sigh*

  4. Whoa, I thought he wasn’t going to be on cuz of 2ne1’s comeback? Didn’t they say that Se7en & Taeyang “gave up” their spots for the girls? Ohhh, I can imagine all the haters having another field day about how YG artists take up like a third of the show!

  5. baby boy needs a vacation for real. i hope he’ll get one soon. but i do admire his perserverence during his performances. he is doing his best. i just hope he doesn’t end up in the hospital like park bom.

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