09.11.10 – “I’ll Be There” on Music Core

Yet again overworking and traveling takes a toll.  Now stop exercising and worrying – settle down (next to me? ooops!) with some hot tea and get some rest baby boo!

Youngbae darling, stop. Breath.

25 thoughts on “09.11.10 – “I’ll Be There” on Music Core”

  1. Overworking+traveling+YB=a not so great performance.

    This was definitely not up to his usual standards. Poor baby…he was probably super tired after returning from Thailand. Hopefully tomorrow’s performance will be better!

  2. What I don’t understand is why he performs on the same day he gets back oversease. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just have a one day break and rest in order to deliver a good performance the next day?

    Despite that, I really enjoyed the performance 🙂 Loved the fan chants 😀 It’s cool how he got to close of the show as well ^_^
    Looking forward to his and 2ne1’s inki performances tomorrow.

    1. thanks for the link.

      mannn, i felt uncomfortable watching this performance, knowing that his schedule is sooo hectic. i also dont understand why he couldn’t have just taken a day off…hmm.
      youngbae, i hope you went straight to bed afterwards!!

  3. Taeyang’s appearance on that Guerilla Date program;

    that foreign fan was so cute, it’s cool how she knew him and was a big fan. Would have been awkward if she was just some random and said she didnt know him on television lol

    1. I loved the episode! He actually looked like he was having fun instead of the awkward turtle he usually is on shows like this.

    2. i know there’s no harm to it, but did she have to throw up the heart and call him oppa? lol
      but i’m really glad he actually got to see and get foreign love, and that’s the main thing

  4. He looked tired…=( and I dunno, the whole performance felt really rushed.

    Not his best.

    He seriously can take a rest between getting back and performing a live show… I dunno if it’s his manager, YB, or YG that is in charge of his schedule… but it shall need some changing! XD

  5. he looked and sounded so tired, he needs to rest. he needs a day off, i know he dosn’t want to let anyone down and it wouldn’t. he would diliver better performances, on par with his talent.

    1. i kno..its like he doesn’t wanna let his fans down and he wants to do good and work hard cuz he wants to impress and fill the needs of his fans
      so he’d probly worry while he is taking a break that his fans will think he forgot about them or something…
      NOT TRUEE YOUNG BAE!! he is such a perfectionist and worry-ist…. >.<

  6. Indeed he look tired. For some reason i still feel like his promotions didn’t last that long. I think the next 2 year no Taeyang absence is gonna kill me.

  7. woah…at the end he like *died* furreal T__T (like in the MV/story i think he died at the end or somethin like dat O.O)

    HE SO TIRED MAN! he was like breathing heaps at tha end. >.< and hes like "FINALLY. OMGAH. I CANN RESTTT FOR A LITTLE WHILE"

  8. Funny clip of Se7en calling YB on Quiz to Change the World. Don’t exactly know what they’re saying, but YB gets teased for groaning while he thinks out loud….so cute.

  9. This is how you can tell when someone loves what they do. Taeyang will even practice when he has time to rest. He suffers from Happy feet disorder.LOL!! No, but seriously, he should really get some R and R. We will still be hear waiting!

  10. OMG ! i love this live performance , but i honestly i really worried about taeyang oppa . He’s really working hard promoting his album and his songs . And i think he’s working too much , we dont want you to GET SICK oppa ! take care oppa .

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