UV Syndrome is Taeyang’s secret choreographer

And all this time we thought it was Shaun Evaristo! But, as it turns out Taeyang’s secret dance teacher is UV Syndrome.  Watch as he helps Taeyang perfect his choreography for “Look Only At Me” and “I need A Girl.”  I wonder if Shaun feels betrayed…

Oh my.  I was rolling – of the wall laughing from this.  UV Syndrome is a fake documentary done by two comedians. I’m not exactly sure what the premise is, but this episode claims that in fact UV Syndrome is Taeyang’s secret dance teacher.  YG himself even said that they are the best dancers in Korea!  YB said that UV is ashamed of him because they think is dancing is nothing to be proud of.  What a YB thing to say!


27 thoughts on “UV Syndrome is Taeyang’s secret choreographer”

  1. Someone needs to seriously sub this! I can’t understand anything but still cracking up! That tongue thing made me LOL soo bad! haha

  2. hahaha so funny. Couldn’t stop laughing when YB was getting told off by that guy.

    Just wondering, does he get paid for making appearances like this?

  3. Omj!!!! That was so funny!!!!!! Didn’t understand a thang but funny as heck!!!! Would love too see it sub in English please!!! Hahaha!

  4. Funniest thing ever. YB is the cutest thing.. SO polite. He went along with everything. But why does he look so sexy doing silly things? lol, ive watched this video a hundred times already lol

  5. OMFG…I can’t even type properly cuz IM LAUGHING SO FRIGGIN HARD MY SIDES HURT!! Gaaahahaha!!!
    *ahem* sorry, lol, but wow, YB must be feeling really awkward doing those moves, haha.
    Lmfao at the tongue rolling part.
    Someone really needs to sub this…ah man, lol.

  6. OMG!! YB you’re such a great sport..doing everything he’s telling you to do!! ahahahahahaha..<3 you always!! This video so made my day!!

  7. ROFL Hilarious!! ahahahahahaha the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while and I love YB’s face where he was learning the ‘I need a gurrr’ parts LOL

  8. ►i don’t understand it one bit…lol…all i can say is that i think it’s funny?…hahhha

    ►taeyang-sshi is cute with all the silly choreographs’ …and the good thing is that he followed all those steps…so, polite with UV…

    ►*hwaiting*…i want the subs?…where are the subs?…lol

  9. lol.even i i dont understand any of d dialogs.i was rofl..!!in “sul er mashudo part!lo..bae is like?? BUT stil a hottt.kekeke.keke i need a ga,i need a ga..^__^..

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