IU and Taeyang are preparing a duet

I think it’s a terrible idea to leave me to update anything related to the IU/Taeyang fandom, because I’ll end up squealing & flapping my arms like an idiot.  I think I’m one of the few people who are genuinely excited for this and have no qualms with IU being a guest at Taeyang’s concert, no matter how jarring it is.  Fangirl, aside, she’s a legitimate artist – less “idol” than Taeyang is, if you know what I mean.    This article definitely gives me more reason to look forward to this collaboration.

This photo of IU...even makes a fangirl drool...

Taeyang, who is currently preparing for his concert Solar – set for the 25th and 26th of this month – stated in an interview today that IU would be a musical guest at his concert. He stated, “The only concert guest is IU. I invited her as a guest because I always appreciated her sincere approach to music.”

IU, a huge fan of Taeyang, is said to be preparing a special song for the concert, nothing from any of her own albums. She plans to perform live with a guitar, showing a side of herself that she’s unable to reveal regularly during broadcasts. The two are also said to be practicing for a duet. Fans of the two performers are probably curious about the outcome of their practice, as well as exactly how much Taeyang appreciates IU’s “sincere approach to music.”

Source: Hankooki + elliefilet at AKP + BigBang Updates


26 thoughts on “IU and Taeyang are preparing a duet”

  1. incredibly excited!
    I’m curious to know what type of song she’ll sing. Honestly, when I first heard a couple weeks ago that she’ll be guesting, I wasn’t exactly jumping out of my chair. I ADORE her, but I wasn’t sure if she was the right choice for his concert. But reading this, I’m anticipating it!!
    and DUET! hell yesss…there better be Behind the scenes for the DVD 🙂
    I’m soo excited to hear how their voices will mesh

  2. OMGG, what i was hoping for!! hope they sing I Need A Girl/Boy together LOL…idk how that might work xD

    EXCITEDD!! now, i don’t even care if they come to CALI cuz at least IU’s gonna be w/ him heehee and i can always just watch youtube vids 🙂
    sooo wish i could see him in rl…but nah, it’ll just make him more unrealistic and how much more i can’t have him 😦 hehehe so SOME MIXED FEELINGS BOUT THIS.

    anyways, looooveeee this collab, not sure their voices compliment each others’ though :\

  3. Definitely curious!

    Sure it’s odd that she was considered the guest (and only guest now, from this news…) but she’s got talent and she’s a successful artist.

    I’m in full support of IU being the guest (ultimate fangirl! LOLZ!)

    Glad she’ll be doing some acoustic because she’s just that good LOL, no I kid it’s a side of her I like best =)

    Looking forward to it!! 😀

  4. I predict I need a girl/boy duet. Haha Nagging would be awsome too nice song.
    I’m glad it just isn’t cos shes a fan girl though. She a genuine singer who has a amazing voice. Too bad songs she promoted so far are all those cutesy stuff, i don’t think those songs showcase her vocals at all.

  5. finally, a confirmation of their duet!
    IU must be having a hard time keeping herself together during her rehearsals with YB!
    i’m definitely looking forward to this.
    hopefully, it’s a mash-up of INAG and INAB.

  6. Awwwww I like IU she appears to be a humble chic…I would love it if they got together…on the other hand I wish it was me though…. Lol 😉

    1. i’m with u on that Anon!! haha.. i dun really fancy IU though alot of ppl said that she’s an amazing artiste, blah blah blah, etc.. she juz doesn’t attracts me.. maybe cuz of her over the top fangirling towards YB.. haha.. :p

  7. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am sooooo stoked for this. I’m a huge fan of IU’s acoustic covers and have been wishing for a duet for a long while now. I think both IU and YB are real musicians though they are approaching their music in very different ways; whatever they do is bound to be interesting at the very least. (Though I am really hoping for off the chain amazing. Haha! ) I am hoping for really good fancams. Concert goers — please don’t let us down!

  8. TBH, I’ll take anything actually. I would love to see Youngbae and IU sing Marshmellow even. It would be super hilarious. But judging from the article, YB and IU are giving me what I had hoped for. Happy to be seeing/hearing IU with her guitar and with more “grown up” music. Can’t wait for the fancams and DVD!

    Lots of people are worried about her “fangirling” but I’m sure it’s just for fun. When she needs to be, I’m IU can be serious.

    1. IKR? The world of variety shows is totally different. She has to exaggerate her crush for the PDs. I mean, she knows YB in real life. He would totally be creeped out if she were like that for real.

      In her last interview, when asked who she wanted to work with, she named all industry vets 2-3 times her age. YB wasn’t even on the list. Girl is totally professional about her music (her company making her do Marshmallow notwithstanding.)

  9. im not an IU fan but i love her debut song a LOT!
    she shouldve stuck to those types^^
    anyway, im sure they’ll do great.
    she can sing other genres like RnB, really.

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