[COD]Taeyang being Taeyang

I was literally cheesing out like mad watching these fancams of Taeyang filming for Guerilla Date.  I’m not sure what it’s about, but Taeyang was so shy around that crowd of fans.  He kept wanting to cover his face with is hoodie.  Youngbae, you seriously suck at being a celebrity!

Source: DYBLGE@youtube

Aiiigggooo. Fanboy hug!


81 thoughts on “[COD]Taeyang being Taeyang”

  1. Omg YB at the start, so freakin’ adorable & shy *_*
    Looking forward to this, I want a hug too.
    Plus thank God for crowd control .

  2. .. i didn’t see this post earlier haha…

    niways, he’s soo shy and so cute! and there’s so many people too…! i mean, you don’t see him walking everyday on the streets! lucky people…

  3. awwww….the shy YB still in him…^^ makes me love him more…LOL^^ wow…all the screaming and yelling of the fans calling his name really makes me felt bad and envy for not being there….T.T gosh, those girls are totally lucky to get a hug from him and even take pictures with him….oh well, its not my luck i guess^^ yet i’m still happy even when i’m only able to watch him from video and TV…(still my heart aches for not being there… T.T)

  4. He is so shy! I love it! His stage performances are not even close to “shy”! Which is why I love watching him perform…

  5. So can someone explain to me what exactly this show is about? It seems like they just walk around in a crowd giving people the chance to hug/take pictures with the idols.

    Loved his little mini performances. He looked so shy!

    1. It’s like an interview.. only they do it on streets where u get to see… well… u saw it in the video.. and normally, the host will allow fans to get free hugs or take pictures with the artist if they got the question right or simply singing the artist’s songs… in this case, this is OUR chance to meet and get free hugs from him LOL

      then you’ll get a more serious interview.. normally at a quieter place..

  6. The bf that boldly pull his gf in front of TY is so admirable. He’s probably thinking, “Hell yeah, my gf loves you, but who cares cuz i do too” ahaha

  7. aww, shy YB is <3333
    i see a good number of guys in the crowd too. yay for fanboys!

    can't wait to see the show! it looks awesome. lucky people!!!!!

  8. it’s so cute the way he’s trying to pull his hoodie up to his face like he wanna hide or something.<3
    shy YB getting all the love he so deserves.

    icu bigbang bear manager and boram.

  9. awwww….lucky fans!
    Taeyang should have like this with his international fans..xD
    oh btw, i see TOP’s manager in the 2nd video! ol..ok that was random! lmao..

    1. he’s in Korea, he’s filming a show called where he goes out on the streets and meets people and talks about himself….it usually has a large turn out for big kpop stars

  10. aigooooo sooo adorable
    honestly, if I was him, I would’ve been pretty nervous as well. those girls look ready to pounce on him!
    and LOLL at his manager; he looked like he was about to die.
    cant wait to watch the whole interview.
    according to what little information I could gather from YBMania, I believe he did this interview right after inkigayo, in Hongdae 🙂

  11. Omg! taeyang is just so full of cuteness XD
    I would love a hug from him too!!! 😀
    the fans are super lucky to see him! wish he come to the state for his international album release too!

    1. OMG. And fancam was HD too. Does this person always carry a HD camera with them all the time? Just in case he/she happens to spot Taeyang on the street? Rofl.

      omo. makes this makes me shy for him. 😀

    2. Wow, this fan cam is GOOOD~

      Kudos to the person who took this…. Is he/she an expert or something?

      I’d feel extremely self conscious if all those phones are filming me…

      Hope the boy doesn’t feel overwhelmed! Well, I suppose he doesn’t, it’s something he has to deal with for 4 years since his debut with BB now.

      But him acting all shy and covering himself with the hoodie is just too cute… Aww~

  12. Oh this is like the epitome of CHEESE. I love him for being such a dork in situations like this hahaha what an adorkable hunk of hottness…. I can’t wait to see this episode, but I’m sure the fancams are more entertaining as they will probably edit out a whole bunch of things for the show~~

  13. Oh wow! Oppa is looking so shy n adorable!!! Wish i was there! WWID? Haha! Strip him down, kiss him, who knows.. Scream in his face? Hahaha! So so so love him!

  14. Aww~~~ He kept wanting to cover his face with the hoodie! So cute!

    He’s a celebrity yet he acts so shy! Adorkable to the max~~~

    I see so many Lolllipop phones, LOL

    Some people even have the banner and the VIP torches! Gotta love the VIPs…hahahaha~

    I want a hug and picture with YB too! D:

  15. ngaw. youngbaeeee.. you’ve been in this industry for how many years and you’re still shy?! ngaw. how adorable :L

    and i love his manager. hahaha. what an awesome guy.

  16. Just noticed….congrats ATY!!! 3 millions hit!!! WOOHOO!

    Thanks Kay, Tofu, and ATYers for making this the best fansite everrrrrrr! 🙂

  17. i think i love him even more! so cute. it’s weird how this stuff never happens in north america…i don’t think he’s use to be THAT close to so many fans in one go lol..it’s cute though. if i were him i’d be the same or shrivel up in a small ball and be like “how am i gonna get out of this, alive?!”

  18. OHMYGODDDDDD!(screamin like a fan girl)
    I wish i was there I wna a hug and a few dozen pictureessss! omg@!!!hfksduyzdfh! haha
    but hes sooo shy but I bet thats super overwhelming being in a crowd with like a bajillion ppl watching you! ohmy! haha

  19. those 2 girls he hugged are dead! better not show themselves to me
    lol j/k
    Taeyang, im so gonna meet u someday, will kiss and hug uuuuu ^^

  20. poor Tae he looked so flustered trying to pull his hood/collar as high as possible,like he wished he could turn invisible or something to get away from all the screaming girls.LOL

      1. wow! some big names he beat there including his idol Usher.
        i hope YB will come up with a better album soon.
        among all K-Pop idols, he really is the most probable to be successful internationally.

  21. HEY PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s make the MV ” I’LL BE THERE ” reach 2 million views !!!! on Youtube.
    and don’t forget to comment in the video MV too .
    love Taeyang 4ever!!!!!!!!

  22. do any of u guys/gals know whether is YB gonna perform in any of this week music show?? cuz i heard he’s going to Thailand with Big Bang for the concert (i forgot the name).. 🙂

      1. PS: can someone translate it & double-confirm with me whether did i wrote the correct message on the above post.. hehe.. 🙂
        => 이번주 MBC 쇼!음악중심과 SBS 인기가요에서 태양의 무대가 있습니다

    1. I’m from Thailand , I will go to Bigbang Concert this week
      EVERSENSE BIGBANG Fan Party ( Mini Concert)
      Thursday September 9, 2010. 7.30 P.M.
      i’m soooooooo excited that I will meet TAEYANG!!!!!!!
      I will go this concert because I want to see Taeyang, I love him so much…for me He’s not only K-pop idol, he’s the WORLD SUPERSTAR!!!!
      today I prepare to buy a gift for him and make the label to cheer Taeyang in the concert.
      hahahaahaaa I spent my money a lot for Taeyang
      I can’t ,It’s just two days
      It will be the happiest day in my life to that I will see Taeyang !!!!

      1. I miss type >>>>> this
        I can’t wait ,It’s just two days
        It will be the happiest day in my life to that I will see Taeyang !!!!

    1. haha, i was excited and wrote it in another article/
      wonder what they’re going to see together? a cover song or perhaps a new song?

  23. why is he so adorable? God, this man is like ice cream with cherries on top. Splenda should take him and package him as an alternative to sugar – boy is so sweet.

  24. Oh, my poor dancing bear. The sad thing is that after watching this video I don’t want to give him his space. I want to give him a hug.

  25. omo!lucky fangirls!and also fanboy:))kekeke;;i wisg i was there!!^__^..well thats wy we luv bae,,soo shy and humble.but adorable..@__@

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