09.05.10 – Taeyang finishes the week on Inkigayo

What a busy week it has been for Youngbae and it shows in this performance.  Definitely not his best.

In Kpop, Taeyang looks normal if not boring,  but I find it so refreshing.  I do not like shiny eyeshadow and sparkles on my men, please and thank you.

21 thoughts on “09.05.10 – Taeyang finishes the week on Inkigayo”

  1. definitely agree with u on that!! not his best performance cuz he seems kinda tired & he was breathless (i think) during his performance.. please YB; take gd care of ur health!! 🙂
    i was kinda surprised that our YB didn’t win cuz i believe he worked really hard.. but like he said; he’s not bothered about winning #1 as long as he do music which both he & his fans likes.. i hope he’ll get it next week cuz he totally deserved it for all of his hard work!! 🙂
    P.S: i feel k inda injustice for him.. it’s not that FT Island’s song ain’t that good but his IBT is the BOMB!! 😀

  2. Agreed…definitely not his best performance yet he still managed to outperform most of the other artists tonight. Poor YB…get some rest!!! He didn’t win but I’m still hoping he’ll get one Inki win for IBT!

    BUT….he was totally rocking that outfit! I think I’m in love….with a shirt!!! For some reason, I’m totally fangirl spazzing over the long-sleeved CH shirt he’s wearing. I totally prefer this over the wifebeaters. Take note YB!!! Wear another one for the next performance.

    1. Agree with you 100%! At some point I will get over how good he looks in that shirt to actually being able to appreciate this performance properly, but being realistic…. it probably won’t be anytime soon. At this point, I’m in favor of him winning a Mutizen for simply showing up looking so hot.

      BTW, if anyone comes across HQ pics from this performance, feel free to share them in the comments to this post. They will be much appreciated.

  3. YB is really busy these days.. hopefully he still manages to get some rest..
    he didn’t win this week but hopefully in the coming weeks he’ll win on Music Bank and Inkigayo as well..

    cool outfit nut I still liked the long sleeve one that he wore in the MBC event, 😉

  4. not his best performance BUT it’s his best outfit~ Rawrrrrrr he looks sexy in regular clothes, kpop fashion, or better yet, no clothes at all.!

  5. i was hoping YB would win this one since it has been already 3 weeks that he started performing on Inki and he topped the GAON and HANTEO charts last week.
    it really sucks that album sales don’t count as much as digital sales. -_-
    and not to bash FT Island coz i know they deserve it too, but isn’t Inkigayo quite known for being a week late in their point system?
    they released their album on the 25th so technically only 5 days of their sale will be recorded.
    the difference between their single’s digital sales must be huge.
    it really came a surprise to me that they won.
    i was expecting YB will win at least one award in each music show.
    oh well, it really doesn’t matter.
    YB doesn’t care too much about awards and so should i.

    and GOOD JOB YB!
    he really had a packed schedule this week with all his performances, not to forget his rehearsals for his upcoming concert.
    i enjoyed each and every performance.
    i hope he still finds time to rest.

  6. Boy didn’t sound that great but please wear that entire outfit again, I love it. He looks really good in white ^^

  7. wait…. I know i’m slow but lemme get this right

    -he’s rehearsing till late every night for the concert
    -he’s got Haru filming going on with the BB members
    -he had to practice IBT performances before the shows and then perform…at all four music shows
    -and.. he exercises at night too

    I know he’s got a busy week, his performances wasn’t really as awesome as usual…but how in the world did he hold up?!! 0.o He’s still okay and didn’t pass out or anything…

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does pass out with a schedule he has now. He must be losing weight too. While watching Real Sound he was having a hard time with sleeping. Hopefully he’s getting enough now maybe that’s why he’s not fainting but he does seem very tired.

  8. Just found out that Taeyang went on a Guerilla Date. That’s it y’all. I’m gonna have the TV all to myself the night Entertainment Weekly airs on KBS. No one shall steal the remote control from meee!!!!!!!!!

  9. Here’s a fancam of Taeyang shooting for KBS’s Guerilla date. Free hugs from Taeyang, but I was afraid that the crowd would get out of control.

  10. i’ll nver get tired on listening to this song^^ despite on all his busy schedule, he still manage to performed well and there is no tiredness sound from him^^ all juz an amazing performance….^^

  11. man oh man, does he look good in white!
    mmm 🙂
    the boy is def very busy, and I really hope he’s not too stressed. considering he’s having late night practices for his solo concert, I actually wouldn’t mind if he skipped a music show, to lessen the load.
    but dammnnnn that white shirt 🙂

  12. it’s not his best performance, I have to agree on that. He was breathless and overall just looked really tired…. D:

    Hope he gets a well rounded rest! YG totally overworks his artists~ D:

    I’m not blaming YG, I have to say the boys themselves have to take things easier too. They are so hard working! ><

    YB may have simple stage and not really one to make an extravagant live stage like GD every time, but I like how he always puts in the greatest details into his dance.

    Props to Shaun for making great choreos for him too, but credit goes to YB for his on point dancing, I don't think any other artists dance as hard as he does on stage.

    I can actually feel the energy and feelings he puts into his performance, not just the dancing.

    All those who think YB is boring…. THEY HAS NO TASTE! XD

  13. He sounds tired, poor guy. Hes working like a machine, but YB in that CH shirt is just amazing, stylist noona is one smart lady…(flashback of apron).. well, usually 😀 and plain? pshhh.. theyre the ones with plain taste. haha, honestly i find the pretty boy image a bit suffocating now –all that liner, shadow, etc lol. pretty glad YB doesnt go after that look. here in the us, i know of one guy that does that. Adam lambert… and hes gay.. LOL not saying that the guys are gay but man, really makes me realize how different every country is 😀

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