27 thoughts on “09.04.10 – Korean Music Wave Concert”

  1. PERFECT……….muahz
    Omg at the beginning he slipped
    Why is the stage always so slippery for the artists to fall?

  2. Haha! I watched this live even though I had really bad seats. The stadium went crazy when YB came on. He was amazing!! I swear his performance felt like it lasts 20 seconds. I guess I was soo excited since its the first time i saw him live

    1. wowwww LIVE! that’s so awesome
      he performed INAG as well, right?
      dammnnnnnn I wish I was you 🙂
      I agree w/ tofu, when you go to the concert, give us every single detail, LOL. I dont even care if it’s 10 pages long…I’d read it all!

    2. Hahaha I watched it live too! I was satisfied to hear the stadium roar when Taeyang and Se7en came on stage, or even when their names were announced. YG Family pride !! Where were you seated? I was in the section next to the VIP section.. but it was a bad angle. The camera cranes kept blocking my view.. =(

  3. the floor is really slippery.
    he slipped twice.
    one during the beginning of the song and other during the beginning of the second verse.
    must be why he missed to sing “coz love is dangerous, dangerous” part.
    even the backup dancers slipped a few times.
    nevertheless, it was a great performance.
    i saw it before with the fancams but watching it in HD is so much better.
    hope he wins Inki tomorrow.

  4. Another awesome performance by our man. I love his outfits for the IBT promotions. His scarf/bandana is so freaking HOTTTTT!!!

    Fan chants always make me happy. Especially in music festivals like this, where it’s not as if he’s in front of just VIPs. Nice to see the whole entire audience joining in!

    1. The fan cheers for INAG were pretty amazing too. You could always tell when they were coming because they would get louder during the times when the choreography would include any “skinship” with Ji Hye. The fans screamed their heads off during the kiss of course. Hehe. Funny.

      1. Nope, just IBT for the broadcast. But did you see the fancams a few posts back? The one for INAG is really clear and captures the fan cheers really well too.

  5. there seems to be more vips this time around. It’s nice ^^

    fan chants are awesome…and i love the atmosphere when he performed.

  6. They sure do need to clean that dirty floor! If anything happens to him I will be so mad! He did a great job!!!! Love you taeyang!!!

  7. Amazing! The fan screams and chants are deafing…but that just shows how much love and support there is for him. Perfect performance yet again!

  8. HEY PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s make the MV ” I’LL BE THERE ” reach 2 million views !!!! on Youtube.
    and comment in the video MV too .it’s so quiet and also have the hater too. 😦
    love Taeyang 4ever!!!!!!!!

  9. hei guys!! just saw Inkigayo & guess who won?? nope; it wasn’t TaeYang but FT Island.. 😦
    i was kinda surprised that our YB didn’t win cuz i believe he worked really hard.. but like he said; he’s not bothered about winning #1 as long as he do music which both he & his fans likes.. i hope he’ll get it next week cuz he totally deserved it for all of his hard work!!
    P.S: i feel k inda injustice for him.. it’s not that FT Island’s song ain’t that good but his IBT is the BOMB!! 😀

  10. the performance was awsome^^ i love it soo much^^ despite on all his busy schedule, he still manage to performed well and there is no tiredness sond from him^^ all juz an amazing performance….^^

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