SOLAR – International Tops the Gaon Album Chart!

After Taeyang’s first winning moment for his new song ‘I’ll Be There’ – it has been revealed that his SOLAR [International Album] has topped this week’s Gaon Album Charts. Gaon Charts is Korea’s official chart ranking that compiles sales from legal downloads and digital sales.
Further more, his single ‘I’ll Be There’ has landed on the 16th slot, after increasing 33 slots this week.
Are iTunes sales included in this?Β  Another great piece of news for Taeyang fans!

29 thoughts on “SOLAR – International Tops the Gaon Album Chart!”

  1. does MuBank allow artists to win even though its their first time to perform a song on the show like in M! Countdown?
    if it does, i’m pretty confident YB will win today.
    he’s topped both the Gaon and Hanteo album charts for the August 22-28 (23-29 for Hanteo) period.

      1. i see. that explains why he’s at 8th place today.
        too bad YB’s fans usually buy/download the whole album rather than downloading the singles.

  2. btw, thanks tofumon for the updates!
    i know you’re all busy.
    and 3M hits is just around the corner.
    hooray for ATY!

    1. Awww thanks. You’re sweet.
      ATY got it’s last two million hits within the last half year. 1 of those millions within the last month. YAY!

  3. If only iTunes were included in these charts, then he would blow the competition out the water for this week and the following weeks!!!

    I’m so happy to see that both kfans and int’l fans have been supporting YB so nicely!!!

  4. Yeah! Young-Beezy is killin’ it out there.

    I bought the international album a few days ago (I’ve never bought music before lol), I’m pretty happy with it, looks cool but for some reason it doesn’t fit in my cd rack haha. Also what’s the number on the card for?

    1. Awesome! Taeyang’s HOT was my first Korean album too. lol.

      The number is for YG Family Card….you get freebies or something from the company. I’m not 100% sure what it’s for. Its really hard for international fans to participate in those things anyways since we’re not in Korea.

    1. yeah.. i was expecting him to be at a higher position today cuz his song IBT is awesome!! but; maybe he’ll be #1 at Music Bank.. πŸ™‚

  5. i just got my international cd today..but I realized they sent me an extra one. anyone in the nyc area need one? it comes with the poster too!

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