09.02.10 – Taeyang wins on MCountdown with “I’ll be There”


(thanks Bluemaid for posting the videos)

Taeyang encore performance was so hilarious and adorable. His back up dancers:  “Wheeey?”  Though I like this choreography, I really liked seeing him just singing this song.  He sounded fantastic. I hope he has a lot of jam sessions at his concert by himself and with IU. (!!!!)

Congrats Youngbae!

Performance under the cut!

31 thoughts on “09.02.10 – Taeyang wins on MCountdown with “I’ll be There””

  1. I know right? he sound so good just singing like that without dancing. Who said he can’t sing live? :/

    Niways, he looked kinda tired in this performance. Hope the boy can go through the rest of the performances well.

  2. 1st video… i am Lmao!!!! when he starts singing the dancer gets in their place but stays down… hes like wondering “why are they still down there” they look so lost… hahahaha!!! its jus too funny!!! love love it! CONGRATS MY LOVE!!! THIS ISNT THE END OF HIM WINNING!!! U ARE THE BEST ENTERTAINER AND PERFORMER!!!! AHHHHH<— @TAEYANG!

    1. Tae’s little grimaces and moans during the main perf were so cute…like a chibi that couldn’t find it’s way home.

  3. YaYyyyyyyy…finally all the waiting for this news to come out really came true^^…YB won again^^ congratulations!!!^^

  4. yay congrats, bae! 🙂
    the encore was even better than the actual performance in my opinion, he sounded so gansta hahaha in the beginning of the song.
    lol at the back of his wifebeater.

  5. yaaay. awesome!
    i agree, he sounds real good in the encore. he’s singing in a different tone, as well, which i think is better suited for his voice. and LOL at his fans that took out that large banner when he won. they’re so cuteeee it’s so big we cant even see their faces XD.

  6. Things I like on Today’s Episode:
    1. obviously, YB’s first win! Yay! Hopefully he wins the other two as well, considering he topped the Gaon and Hanteo charts last week.
    2. his performance. love the adlibs! they kinda break off the monotony from watching all his performances.
    3. the banner! the fans were so cute acting all shy!
    4. his TY speech. everytime he wins on M!C for the first time, it happens.
    5. his Encore performance! LOL at the dancers. they were like, “why’s YB not dancing?” and YB was like, “dudes, I’ve got no lapel mic.” haha..
    but, the best thing was we got to hear him sing w/o dancing. and dude, his vocals were dope!
    i love to hear him sing WD like that.
    no dancing, just the mic stand and him, singing to the music of the orchestra, acoustic version.
    that will be EPIC!
    but this was enough to shut the haters mouth, saying he doesn’t sing well live.
    we all know he can.
    i hope good things won’t end yet for YB.

    and thanks tofumon for posting.
    you must all be very busy.

  7. Loved his encore performance! Him just singing like that was just heaven! Hopefully this gets those haters off his back that say he can’t sing.

    Hahaha….YB playing his dancers like that. They’re all on the ground ready to do the choreo and he’s just singing and looking back to laugh at them. Then the dancers were just like “WTF” and just started to mess around. I love the camaraderie between YB and his dancers!

    This win just marks the first of many wins for YB and IBT!!!

  8. congrats,Baeby.first win for IBT.hoping there’s more to come.
    i love the encore.just singing his heart out and no hopping around.
    YB’s encores were all a must watch.they’re so funny and random.^^
    but i miss the fan chant.:(

  9. Congrats Bae!!! Love his speeches on his first wins or wins… always so good and long…LOL

    The dancers were like “what’s going on!?!?” and Bae’s “Imma sing and not dance dudes~” Hhahahahhaha

    1. yeah, saw it too. he did apologize.
      i understand where the netizens are coming from this time.
      i think he needs to be more careful with what he wears from now on.

    2. okay, teambigbang translated the message from twitter. he said:

      I didn’t realize about the mistake during the preparation of the broadcast. I will carefully pay attention to every little bit of it,so that it will not happen in the future.I’m sorry.

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