09.01.10 – Taeyang at MBC Launching Celebration

I apologize for the lateness with this and future posts.  ATY is slightly understaffed this week, but feel free to share news in other threads if we don’t get to it.  ^_^ Thanks!

Dunno if it’s Taeyang or the sound system,  but he doesn’t sound as great he did.  Otherwise, solid performance!

This is gonna be a Taeyang filled week! Check out his schedule:

  • 9/1 MBC Launching Celebration Broadcast
  • 9/2 Mnet M! Countdown
  • 9/3 KBS Music Bank; Korean Broadcast Awards
  • 9/4 MBC Music Core (Korean Wave Concert)
  • 9/5 SBS Inkigayo

Thanks Silly!

Fancams under the cut!

Source: DYBLGE@youtube

31 thoughts on “09.01.10 – Taeyang at MBC Launching Celebration”

  1. solid performance, i love love love the fanchants, there was some sound problems when he did the crawl, but I like the performance and I am glad he was getting crowd support. still love this song

  2. @tofu –
    You might want to change the title to “MBC Launching Celebration” (And on the schedule, too. ^^) When they called it a launching celeb, I assumed it was the anniversary of the launching of MBC, but it was actually to celebrate the launching of the new Incheon branch or something. So not an anniversary. ^^

  3. Another solid performance from YB! I’m surprised…he doesn’t seem as tired as I thought he would lately, what with all of the traveling and IBT performances. Every single IBT performance has been amazing so far *knocks on wood*. YB has definitely raised the bar with his performances lately.

  4. @ygtaeyangbb : tks for sharing the INAG cover! I just love Sangchu (Mighty Mouth)! ^^

    Another of YB’s excellent performance. Though I don’t enjoy the song IBT much, I do enjoy his performance each time. Now I’m so tempted to spend the money to watch BB when they are in Spore in Oct….should I? should I not??

  5. Yay to YB winning MCountdown for IBT!

    Lots of (shy) YB fans in the audience. And a Connection banner too! He did his usual long Thank You speech. And the Encore was so funny since he started singing to the audience with a hand mike and didn;t do the choreo. All the dancers were laying on the floor though and were like “what do we do? he’s not dancing…” so just kept on laying there. He looked back and was like “ooops!” LOL, he’s probably going to get it backstage….

    1. [quote] All the dancers were laying on the floor though and were like “what do we do? he’s not dancing…” so just kept on laying there.

      I was ROFLLL when I saw that. LOL

      Anyway, congrats YB!!

  6. Congrats to YB!!!
    I had a hunch that he’s going to win this week.
    Hopefully on Inkigayo too.
    I’m not sure of Music Bank though.

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