Taeyang tops the lists for Korean music industry experts

A group of 21 Korean music industry experts recently came together and participated in a survey that picked the best of the best idols in a variety of categories.

With idol groups taking over the music market, it’s an unending battle on the internet, between netizens in deciding which idol has the best vocal talents with the use of MR (Music Recorded) removed videos to potentially help arguments.

The experts that participated are as follows:

Im Jinmo, Bae Soontak, Sung Woojin, Kang Taekyu,
Han Dongyoon , HyunHyun Writer Kim (Public Music Critics)
Lee Munhee (Public Culture Critic)
Yoon Ilsang (Crazy Park Writer)
Park Jin (Universal Music, Korean Music Executive Director)
An Seokjun (Mnet Media, Director of Headquarters)
Kim Bonghwan (Neo Wiz Internet Bugs Music PD)
Kim Sangyoung (KT Music Contents Management Chief)
Kim Hyungjoong (Mnet Media MRookies PD)
Kim Sewon (KBS Radio PD)
Lee Daehwa (EBS Radio Music Director)
Jo Areum (MBC Radio Writer)
An Jaepil (EBS Radio Writer)
So Songgeun (CBS Radio Writer)
Kang Ilkwon (Rhythmer Editor)

Category: Vocal Talent
1. Lee Haeri (Davichi) – 19 points
2. Taeyang (Big Bang) – 18 points
3. Lee Changmin (2AM), Taeyeon (SNSD) – 15 points

Category: Dance
1. Taeyang (Big Bang) – 23 points
2. Kahi (After School) – 21 points
3. Hyuna (4minute) – 19 points

Category: Potential for solo success
1. Taeyang (Big Bang) – 6 recommendations
2. Jo Kwon (2AM), G-Dragon (Big Bang) – 5 recommendations
3. Lee Hongki (FT Island), Jonghyun (SHINee), Taeyeon (SNSD) – 2 recommendations

Han Dong Yoon (Public Music Critics), the “Taeyang dances and sings live on stage. At the same time, he represents change and development in the music industry, which is further motivation”. He felt confident about Taeyang. Kang Ilkwon (Rhythmer editor), “Taeyang represents R&B music with a distinct groove, he is of the country’s singers that has been the most well-represented to others”.

Source: Donga Journal, AKP

I think the fact that he out beat a lot of artists in KPOP and being chosen and recommended by top critics and big names in the music industry is a BIG DEAL. This isn’t a fan based poll, which makes it all the more exciting. I hope that Taeyang sees this as more motivation and if he ever feels down and out!


132 thoughts on “Taeyang tops the lists for Korean music industry experts”

  1. Good to see a critic review i agree with, though they are usually fairly nice to Taeyang because there is no doubting his talent! Also refreshing not to see those popularity fan polls were hes ranked like 30th LOL

  2. wow! im so proud of him! way to go Taeyang!!
    *clap! clap! clap!-

    but i was wondering, they didn’t say anything about why they chose him?? i mean, i’d love to know what they’re thinking..


  3. I just read this on allkpop… I didnt know there were so many YB haters.They were seriously upset that he was at the top of so many list. Whatever. *I* am proud of him and feels that he deserves some recognition because he has improved sooo much as an artist(not just an IDOl but ARTIST).

    1. It seems that AllKpop readers are mostly SM and JYP fans. IMO, Taeyang truly deserves to be up there. I mean, if any other Kpop artists are to release an album internationally, I doubt they’ll get it big like TaeYang. Heck, ppl that I know hates Kpop except for Big Bang and TaeYang.

      I guess they’re dissing TaeYang b/c they know he got the full package.

      1. lmao heck yeah! allkpop itself and the articles are mostly JYP biased (i htink it is pretty obivous for those who follow allkpop everyday) and in the forums it is 99.9% SM biased well mostly because sm fans takes up about at least 70% of the allkkpop userser list and if u go in to the bahsing thread when yg fans are trying to explain the whole YG ELITIST thing they get 1000 thumbs down and when sm fans tries to argue back with nonsense comments they get 1000 thumbs up…..

      2. Yeah, allkpop is really against BB & YG. I heard something like they have some support from SM or something? Well, whatever. They often like to mention stuff that has nothing to do with the article’s content, like GD’s plagiarism issues and stuff. I hardly ever go there. I prefer going to Kbites. It has less articles (filters out a lot of the useless random junk) and it’s not biased.

        1. I use both Kbites and All Kpop, some stuff kbites doesn’t catch on to. However agreed some of the people who comment on allkpop are such jackasses

    2. There will ALWAYS be butthurt fans and they seem to aggregate over there…..anyway that being said, people (especially new and younger fans) seem to miss the point that this is NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST….this isn’t a poll based on who is most popular amongst fans (because we all know Taeyang would not top that poll) but this is ranking and score given by MUSIC CRITICS……petty fans who are upset over a poll based on critical acclaim are just ignorant fans who are biased in their selections and it makes me really mad when people miss the point of this~

      Thats the same as an article that came out on AKP where Se7en listed his fav dancers~ people were pissed off he missed “their” favorite artists..like really?

      1. Wow, they were even pissed with Se7en’s comment? That’s really childish and ignorant. Just how immature can you get?

        I have no doubt some people on AKP feels butthurt over this music critics’ ranking and score….

        Maybe they’ve missed out on the words “music critics”? Maybe there’s just too many popularity polls out there that makes them think this one isn’t any different…= =

        But gee… this is just *rolls eyes and shrug*

      2. and i even wondered to myself why i read all those stupid comments.
        some people are even saying/implying that they’re better than those critics.
        geez, how immature!
        and to say YB is overrated is just BS!
        how can he be overrated when WD didn’t even do well in sales in SK.
        these music critics definitely know what they’re saying.
        i’m glad there’s ATY to keep my cool.

        1. Yeah, it’s really frustrating when people say he’s overrated when he doesn’t even do anything to indicate that. I mean, the boy just got Twitter, and its about the only form of communication he uses to put himself out there, other than that, all the articles and the love calls and the critical acclaims/attention he gets is because people like him and appreciate him…he does nothing to instigate it, theres no scandals or rumors surrounding him…he’s geniunely popular because he’s likeable and focuses on music….I guess, other fans are just butthurt he’s getting so much attention these days….

        2. i totally agree with you.
          he rarely even shows himself on other shows.
          there’s just no other explanation why they say that than them being butthurt. lol.
          question! why did your views drop to just 400k plus?

        3. Taeyang is anything but overrated. Consider how much respect he has within the industry and how much is music/performance/everything is praised by the critics/producers/musicians he should be even more famous, selling TONS of more albums. But he’s not. He’s not overrated. Taeyang doesn’t have that kind of personality to be overrated. He’s this down-to-earth normal, awkward, but extremely nice dude. Personally I’m attracted to this. It makes everything he says and do so genuine and sincere.

        4. Completely agree with you Kay, unlike other idols Taeyang rarely ever goes on shows or has any scandals or does anything outside of performing on stage. Hes a true musician who only cares about creating great music and giving great performances on stage.

          I like that Taeyang doesnt care so much about being no.1 or winning awards, i mean sure its great if he does, but hes made it clear his goal is not to be Mr.Popular, but just to create great music which moves people and be a great musician like MJ or Usher.

      3. I was doubting the title when I read it. Like seriously. Taeyang? Topped the list? pff!

        and then the word critics.. Ah! that explains it.

        Taeyang will never win anything based on popularity poll. We all know that.

        and it seemed like they were pissed too about Se7en’s choice. I wonder when will they realize that when it comes to personal/critics’ ranking or pick, it doesn’t mean that their fav artist will be the one.

    3. eh, just try not to read the comments on akp at all, it’s a waste of time, literally, honestly, i read like 2-3 comments as i skimmed down the page to get to the comment box and started hating on myself for even bothering to think people would be civil about it, but it’s impossible. i’ve never read a single negative comment about taeyangs dancing abilities until this article came up, which is proof that all those people who go ‘i like taeyang but …’ aren’t really fans if they go out of their way to make a statement as to why he doesn’t ‘deserve’ to be there. who are they to state who ‘deserves’ to be on the list or not, i swear some of these kids probably measure dancing ability strictly on freestyle judging on the few comments i’ve read and even with that i can make a case as to why yb should be no. 1 strictly based on freestyle.
      as for vocal talent, i knew there’d be much more conflict within this category, i’m happy taeyang made it within the top 3, but if i were to make my own top 3, he wouldn’t be in it, again it’s just preference. my top 3 would probably include 1.xiah, 2.lee haeri, 3. hero. again it’s all preference, but for some reason when butthurt fans make their own lists they start claiming theirs as fact and make the critics seem like the bias ones. and while i’m at it, IMO taeyang = daesung when it comes to singing. daesung undoubtedly has more range, but as the critics have stated, yb sings and dances at the same time whilst still having control of his voice, something i cannot picture dae doing if he was ever given any of the solo work/choreo yb pulls off. YB singing alone with a piano is a testament as to how great his vocals are when he’s not dancing, reference that gaeyo perf of LOAM.


      1. ummm Daesung controls his voice very well in the fast paced BB songs while Taeyang breathes a bit hard and goes off pitch sometimes. Vocal talent has nothing to do with dancing and singing at the same time either. I didn’t think anyone would say Taeyang is a better singer then Daesung(or taeyang=daesung in singing)O_0. Nothing wrong with that since it’s your opinion but I was surprised for a second.

        1. both have had their fair share of vocal mishaps, but i think it’s safe to say that a lot of the reason why taeyang sounds out of breath during a lot of big bang’s fast paced songs is because he puts a lot more emphasis and effort into his movements than dae does. again, just opinion. the only real way to judge them is to have each sing the same song, same parts, same key, etc. etc.
          anyways, i’ll stop here, don’t want to get into the whole debate into which member is better at what.

        2. it sux that Daesung has always been left out in most of the polls and critic reviews. Honestly, Daesung’s vocal is better than Taeyang (don’t kill me. I love both). I am just feeling Daesung should have some recognization. I wonder why DBSK is not inside the poll.

        3. yeh dbsk should have really been in this, xiah, hero, max all three can make a case to be in at least top three male if the category was there. but nobody even really considers dbsk as idols anymore anyway, plus they’ve been absent a bit longer than big bang has.

        4. Taeyang gets more recognition out of BB because he’s considered the lead vocal. Daesung has a great voice and so does Taeyang. They’re different.

        5. i also think Daesung is the better singer, and that there are better singers than YB, like Se7en (he is just sooooooooooo good live, he even sang Listen ^^), someone from Shinee too, and yeah, DBSK, and other solo acts out there like LSG and many more.
          please dont kill me! ^^
          i think Dae is easily forgotten since he’s kinda comedic… u know ^^
          im not taking away anthing from YB, it’s just that really there are better singers.

          i think YB is best in soul n RnB.
          and that no one couldve done his songs better than he made them. that’s it ^^

        6. Technically, Daesung is better. His voice is more powerful, has more range, is more stable…. And yet, I would argue that YB is the better singer (shrug).

          I’m one of those people who places a distinction between vocalist and singer. To me, DS is the superior vocalist, but YB is the better singer. Call it soul, call it whatever.

          His talent is in expressing the emotions of the music, and I also think he has a very innate sense of nuance and phrasing. I love that his vocals change from song to song, in tone and color and texture and phrasing. Compare INAG to WD. Superstar to Take It Slow. Lollipop to Hallelujah.

          I like DS and think he’s pretty amazing, but he always sounds the same to me. And I’ve yet to really be moved by his singing.

          Just my (admittedly biased) 2 cents…

        7. @ Silly
          I agree, one of the reasons i love YB so much is because when you listen to his songs you can really feel all the emotion. Not that Dae can’t but I dunno, there was the whole trot single and the Cotton Candy thing, and he has the whole variety show image now.

          If you compare their vocals note for note Dae is better. But when i see YB perform its just like ‘wow’ but not so much when you see Daesung. Just my opinion though

        8. @silly
          May be we have different personal taste.
          Other than Dae has better vocal, I just want to swap YB and Dae in your comment. If you really listen to BB songs, Dae vocal is different and vary in different songs. The one that who always the same to me is YB. In every live performance his facial expression is always the same, be it happy or sad or fierce song. I just wish that he will look into the camera and don’t always show the side view of him in every photoshots 😀
          Dae may not be handsome but he definitely is one charismatic singer (at least to me)

        9. @ hazel
          And that’s why they’re called opinions, right? ^^

          I can totally understand if others feel the way you do since it really does come down to personal taste. Different things move different people. I was actually drawn to DS’s powerful vocals initially, but then YB kept on catching my ear. It felt like every time DS/SR/YB would trade off verses, the others sing it straight, while YB adds a certain personal flair. Maybe it’s just that R&B flavor, but whatever it is he makes it his own.

          I’m reminded of a time when, I think it was K-WIll +1 were on a radio show and talked about what made YB’s singing unique. K-Will gave this hilarious demonstration of how LOAM would have sounded if it were sung “straight” without YB’s flair. Something like that, anyway…

        10. @hazel and @silly

          I love Daesung to death. I feel like he has potential as well, however I do feel like Daesung is missing that “ooomph.” I like his voice…he’s technically good, though not phenomenal. Youngbae is not perfect either, but he lets himself be moved by the music, understand the emotions behind the song and express it. He makes you feel what he feels. I think that’s the biggest difference between Taeyang and Daesung and many artists out there. He lacks that rawness and “honesty’ as Silly put it. It’s a quality you can’t learn – its innate.

          “People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” <<Maya Angelou….

          ^^ Me being sentimental.

        11. @tofu: wow that last statement. so true. I agree w/ you all that daesung is technically much stronger than YB, and has a wider range. it’s almost difficult for me to judge daesung, because I feel as if he hasn’t gotten the opportunities to showcase who he is as a singer. what type of genre he wants to focus on, and the direction he wants to go as an artist. he’s released singles that have been kind of all over the music spectrum…I just cant seem to figure him out. in this sense, i feel as though he has a disadvantage.
          but, even during group performances, I always seem to be drawn to YB. Definitely the ‘groove’ that silly was implying. even the little things that make his performance unique, be it the way his hands move to the beat, or the way he raises his eyebrow. he has a way of portraying the lyrics in a way that is undoubtedly his own, which is what makes him special to me. ahhh but this just might be my bias talking??

        12. like most of you, i agree that technically daesung is a better singer and normally for me, i’m drawn to someone who is a really good vocalist like Charice for example. but why is it Taeyang who’s been getting my attention? there’s something about this dude when he sings…to me, he sounds honest and he delivers emotions well. Like what Silly wrote, he has different phrasing and the way he sing..i’m not a pro at this but the way he sing is different than most kpop idol.. at least that’s what it is for me. And no matter what song it is, he always puts his own version into it and i always hear that distinctive tone. While Daesung’s singing gives me satisfaction, taeyang’s singing makes me feel the song and i remember his singing more.

    4. Lol not only akp, in omona too. I don’t remember seeing so many butthurts ppl in an article since SE7EN’s list of best dancers. The best thing to do is ignore them.
      Plus, their opinion shouldn’t matter much, they aren’t the music critics anyways.

    5. readers in allkpop are bunch of kids! the site itself is crap as well..
      butthurted fans are scattered all over..and it pisses me off when someone says,”oh why is blah blah not there!” “blah blah is better than this and that!” wtf!
      Taeyang deserves all the recognition and praises and only little kids can’t appreciate that! lmao..
      also the “elitist” thing going on about YG fans..i don’t give a damn..some people just can’t accept the fact that Taeyang can pwn their biases anytime, anywhere! now, i sound just an elitist..lol

    6. You shouldn’t get upset by those comments. People always have opinions. That’s why I care about the opinions of the industry experts and music critics than those polls that always get put out.

      This really legitimizes Taeyang as an artist. I feel like it’s not a big deal if he doesn’t sell the most album or tops all the charts, but as long as he keeps up what he’s doing. Strives to put forth music that means something, says something, worth listening to, he should be on stage for a very long time.

      I love what one of the critics said: “At the same time, he represents change and development in the music industry, which is further motivation.” This is what sets him apart from the rest of Kpop. He isn’t doing what’s popular…he’s trying to change the climate of the industry. He has vision in his music not just “I want to be popular and have lots of fans.” I think its interesting how ALL the critics are more fascinated in Taeyang’s POTENTIAL as an artist rather than what he is at the particular moment. This is important and rare. It’ means he’s gonna be around for a long time. Longevity is key.

      1. Still annoys me Se7en and Taeyang not winning any music shows. I mean i know its not important but still…..no offence but hurricane venus……wtf

        1. haha
          i feel the same.
          actually i kinda expected se7en not winning those awards coz his album sales is low :/ sad. i really love his songs. and i super love his performance. those fans who abandoned him after learning of his relationship with PHB suck! oh well…
          as for Hurricane Venus. really. whats up with that? lol. i guess her album sales is high coz i dont see the song in korean charts either but one from each music show wouldve been enough, i think. but she actually got triple crown? wow

        2. Yeah, Hurricane Venus is a shocking win BUT I think she’s got SOLID album sales so explains all the wins~

          lol the funny part is, months ago we were discussing how UNDERRATED Taeyang is and now people say he’s overrated LOL..

        3. but Shinee has better album sales than BoA… i think …

          btw, Taeyang’s Intl ed was #1 for the week 8/23-8/29
          so i hope he wins something

  4. Glad to see he is still getting recognition from music criticsz. His hard work is definitely paying off. He’s not bring seen as an idol, but as a true musician.

    Hopefully the haters out there stop acting like babies. A lot of the other idols out there are great, but no one can deny that YB has that something special that sets him apart from all the other idols.

  5. Taeyang will go far and we all know it. He has more potential than any other artist in Koop. The haters are just fustrated that their favorite idols aren’t on his level.

  6. lolz guy seriously dont go on allkpop’s article on this cuz seriously you dont want t onoe how much people are saying that this was taeyang bias or “why the hell is taeyang on vocal talent?.. seriously i wanted to flip some shit at them and thumbs down them like hell but stupid ass allkpop removed the thumbs down button ….

  7. So proud of him!!! YB will definitely go far if only he’d get his confidence in check. I hope he will use these praises from critics as his motivation and reminder that he is DAEBAK! 😀

    Go YB!!! FIGHTING!!!

  8. I actually surprised he’s #1 for dance – I love Taeyang’s dancing, it’s really good, but Kahi is also one helluva dancer – all her MJ impersonations and Beyonce stuff. But definitely proud of YB though – doing good work!

    1. i think his #1 because his moves are precise and very accurate
      other dancer is awesome to but Taeyang he make it look easy.

      1. Tell me about it. He made those dance steps look super easy but when I tried them, I sucks! Even a duck can dance better than me.

      2. agree… do you know how many times i tried “niga ibeun wedding dress”??
        or just “wedding dress” really…
        I look so retarded all the time… and no dance covers on youtube can do it like him.

      3. duude i kno right, he makes it look SOOPERR easy and he moves HELLA fast. like for ABDC i thought it was rigged or something cuz they move hella fast but NOO taeyang proved me wrong 😉
        all his moves are precise and fast, and he gives it his all, its so cute ;D

    2. I’m sorry but I don’t think that she’s that good of a dancer. It’s not hard to imitate Beyonce. Hoochie dancing is not that hard to do.

      1. Haha, I mean, I think YB is an amazing dancer, don’t get me wrong. Loved his dance off with Seungri – that was just amazing.

        But, Kahi is definitely extremely talented (look at her video’s imitating MJ’s moves)…and not going to lie, dancing in high heels looks extremely difficult, haha. She’s also been a backup dancer for like a lot of Kpop artists so she’s definitely got experience too.

        1. psh i don’t think Seungri is considered a “dancer” ….well yeah he can do the moves i guess. but not swiftly like taeyang<3

          some people can get it done, some others can do it right.

    3. I think it’s mainly because he’s an awesome dancer, and he has such a strong individual style. With Kahi, we know she’s a terrific dancer and good at doing other people’s dancing. But she hasn’t shown much of her own individual style yet. I think that’s why TY tops most of these lists. Like personally, there are lots of better idol singers than him, technically-speaking, but he sings with such heart and feeling that it’s easy to become moved when he sings, opposed to some other idol singers who sing well, hits all the right notes and vibrations, but doesn’t move you.

      1. I agree! Perfect comment.

        Plus Taeyang gets killer choreography. He chooses choreography that is so different from the rest of kpop. His stages/performances are dynamic and always interesting to watch. Not the PERFECT dancer…but he’s a happy balance between everything.

        1. To me, the biggest things he has going for him as a dancer are GROO~~VE and musicality.
          And personal style.
          And killer choreo. ^_^
          And simplicity, actually. He’s not about showing off or doing a hundred fancy moves. He never does more than what’s necessitated by the music – everything comes from the music.

          I think that’s why the critics respond to him. It’s the same with his singing. There’s such honesty to it.

          Real Sound by Taeyang, indeed.

      2. Actually after thinking about it….its all about opinion isnt it…music/dance. I mean if you have an Opera singer and a RnB singer how can you say who is better than the other. Both are good in their own genre of music.

        YB definitely has his own individual style, and when it comes to best RnB musician in Korea, i think its Taeyang hands down. However i haven’t heard every RnB musician in Korea.

        The rest of the stuff, its just opinion some people might say ………. dancing is better than YB dancing. Fair enough, but no one dances the same style as YB so how can you compare.

    4. @ Earthy i think so too, YB is a great dancer no doubt, but saying hes no.1 among all idols i dunno, Eunhyuk, Kahi I think its pretty close. Also i think the styles are different YB dancing is smooth and Shaun Evaristo style. I guess it depends what you prefer

      However i agree with all the other comments too, i see so many people covering YB dances are it just looks stupid, i just cringe whenever i see them. Everything YB does he just makes it look cool somehow, even things like walking or standing hes just has so much effortless swagger hahaha

  9. I`m so proud of him…. i think he`s a complete package….. ^^
    But I`m so sad when the others always talk that he`s not great enough to be top #1….

    He deserves that … all is paid off from his hardwork…
    dancing or singing coz he`s really work hard for that… pratice till late at night and the other stuff to focus on his music… I think he was the one that love music so much….

    sorry for my bad english ….
    Thx Kay

  10. (sigh) this is why I love the alwaystaeyang family. I love reading everybody’s comment. always keeping things civil and calm.


  11. i feel so relief after reading all the comments here.. cuz like what aS2t mentioned; everything is calm & civil whereas in other forums, it’s also debating who is better in this or that.. it feels like u’re in a warzone.. hehe.. ^-^
    i know alot of people might disagree abt YB topping in some of the polls above but i guess; his hard work really pays off cuz critics take notice of it & even compliment him.. of course; people are gonna defend their bias.. but still; give respect to an artist when it’s due.. it’s not that hard; u know!! 🙂

    1. oh, i cannot agree with you more.
      ATY is my fave KPOP site.
      not only does it give me my daily/weekly dose of YB news but it’s readers are oh-so more matured and rational than readers in other popular sites.
      and yeah, RESPECT is the term.
      when previous netizen/fan polls were released, YB were always near the bottom of the list and YB fans never gave a damn.
      there were some people suggesting him to be higher on the list but i never saw one that said YB is better than #1 or #2.
      this is at least to my experience.
      but now it’s YB who is being highly recognized by critics so give the man the credit and respect he deserves.

      1. which is why i don’t really give a damn about those popularity polls.. the more i read about these stuffs; the more i feel injustice for YB cuz i think he deserved more than these rankings.. 🙂
        and i really hope with these article or poll; more people are gonna take YB seriously as a soloist or a true genuine artiste who loves to make music.. cuz i really believe that YB can STAY long in the music industry if he really stays grounded & knows what he wanna in his music career.. 😀

  12. i’m so proud of YB.he deserved all the praises that he’s getting.
    and i’d rather not read this article from another site.i just knew wanks can never be avoided.
    they can bash all they want,it won’t change the
    fact that those critics chose YB and recognize him.

  13. oh wow, this is amazing! i bet that he’s excited and proud. i know that all of his fans are extremely proud of him!

    congratulations taeyang oppa!!! fighting!!!

  14. It’s cool that Taeyang is getting the recognition from the industry experts. Though I thought if Daesung got a place in the vocal thingy, it would be much better because less wank for TY on kpop sites and anyway, DS is an amazing vocalist that deserves recognition too. but whatever, i’m happy that the music industry ppl love him.
    Like some of you said, having good flow and distinct style in singing and dancing helps him. And that’s what i love about him too anyway.

  15. lemme see…
    i haven’t been there yet but i think most commentors said this:
    Dance: it should have been 2pm!! Whadda heck??
    Vocal: DBSK!!! ( i agree with the critics’ choice but i will also agree with some commentors on why DBSK should be on the list.. as long as they aren’t rude)
    Solo: dunno what they have to say about this but I agree with taeyang topping this one. but where is GD? Didn’t he get one helluva of response last year? and the album sold really well right? i thought he should be there… actually i’m surprised he didn’t top the list.

    1. Dance: haha 2PM no, but i wouldn’t say hes the best dancer among the idols, definitely top 5 though.

      Vocal: Despite being a YB fan, i admit people like Xiah Junsu have better vocals

      GD is on the potential solo success list

  16. one comment got me barf

    “taeyang is a well-rounded performer but he doesn’t excel in everything. I mean, *insert name* dances way better than he can.” etc etc..

    what they didn’t realize is that the person that they picked are just good at one thing. how does that help their agument? clearly showing the biasness in them.

    oh well i’m done with the comments.

  17. Lol all I’m thinking is that all the kpop haters who don’t like TY will come running to his side if he ever makes it really big international (like usher & MJ) Anyway mad happy for Tae Yang he’s worked his butt off to get where he’s at! Good job TY! No doubt I’d cry if I ever saw one of his concerts in NY! Lol that would be freaking amazing! Haha

  18. From YBmania…

    Another really busy week ahead for YB:
    9/1 MBC Anniversary Celebration Broadcast
    9/2 Mnet M! Countdown
    9/3 KBS Music Bank
    Korean Broadcast Awards
    9/4 MBC Music Core (Korean Wave Concert)
    9/5 SBS Inkigayo

    (((YB, please take care of yourself!)))

    1. so his performing twice this Friday and Shaun and other ML choreographer is coming tomorrow to prepare for YB concerts it well be a busy two week for YB.

    2. Wow….he’s on all four music shows this week? I’m happy b/c we get to see his awesome performances more but I’m scared that he’ll get super tired or sick. Please take care YB!!!

      I hope he wins this week. Even though we know YB/YG isn’t about winning awards, it would be nice to see his hard work amount to something on the shows this week.

  19. Love that hes being recognised, rather than those stupid netizen poll popularity votes. But what about Xiah Junsu, i’m not a DBSK fan but I admit he has a really good voice.

    1. I was thinking about that kid as well.
      If we are talking about giving credit where it is due, then that boy also deserves some recognition.
      It is strange that the critics wouldn’t mention him…

  20. alot of people might disagree with the poll thingy but it’s the MUSIC CRITICS who finalize this.. they are the ONES who know more than us, the fans.. so for those anti-fans who thinks YB don’t deserve his ranking, i gotta say – BUZZ OFF!! YB is a hardworking artiste who try to minimize his shortcomings (i’m not saying others are not) & it’s pretty obvious that he’s working REALLY hard.. his vocal might not be top notch but when u listen to him sing; u can feel his emotions which he put in.. putting my biasness aside towards YB; i think he’s 1 of the few artistes in S.Korean who ACTUALLY got the entire package to go solo & sustain in the music industry for LONG.. YB is the type of artiste who will make u stay/accompany him thru-out his entire career in the music industry as most of his songs have a long-lasting effect on his listeners.. 😀

  21. Hm… This ranking is interesting but I think it’s also subjective.

    Without specifying a position, I would agree that Taeyang is a good dancer and singer with great possibilities of having a stable solo career.

    However, I honestly wouldn’t place my boy as the best vocalist out there because although he has improved considerably in the past 2,3 years and delivers more solid vocals when performing intense dances, he’s still got a lot of work to do in order to polish his singing. So in that aspect, I would politely agree to disagree and give the award to someone who has already found and perfected his/her own singing technique.

  22. seems like on the vocal part… the judges were evaluating him based on how good he is when he is dancing and singing at the same time and for that i think i can agree that he can be in the top three. but best vocalist in kpop… that, we all know that it’s not TY’s forte.

    I think a lot of people missed that fact when they saw the list.
    Allkpop article didn’t help either since they didn’t show the critics’ comments of TY.

  23. Makes me mad that the anti-fans are trying to downplay YB’s itunes accomplishment. Hell yeah it’s a big fucking deal. excuse my language.

    This article has almost 1000 comments on ALLKPOP. LOL if this was just one of those fan-based polls and people see their idols not on the list, they would have let it go. BUt all these fans are going crazy over this experts evaluation because they know iit’s as real as it gets and as close to an unbiased analysis you can get. Which makes me super happy that Taeyang topped this chart. Skimming the coomments, there are so many Taeyang haters but at the same time, Theres the other half backing him up hard! YB fans are the best lol

    I’m so happy with this news. Taeyang deserve it. I feel sad He’s underated member in Bigbang in Korea. But He’s like God no.1 in Bigbang for international fans. to me He’s the best in Korea and the best in Asia too.He’s like the world superstar.

    Why” I’ll be there “MV now is so quite, almost don’t have comment ,the view is slow down??
    All the fans please go help to comment Taeyang’s MV I’ll be there and let’s make it 2 million views please !!!!

    1. For me, it’s because I’ve downloaded the HQ version of it, so I don’t watch it online anymore. But I will go do that right now to increase views!

  25. sorry I type wrong
    I mean ….
    I’m so happy with this news. Taeyang deserve it. I feel sad He’s underated member in Bigbang in Korea. But He’s like God no.1 in Bigbang for international fans. to me He’s the best in Korea and the best in Asia too.He’s like the world superstar.

    Why” I’ll be there “MV now is so QUIET, almost don’t have comment ,the view is slow down??
    All the fans please go help to comment Taeyang’s MV I’ll be there and let’s make it 2 million views please !!!!

  26. it’s ok that some non-fans might be disagree with this results but seeing even some VIPz saying that he doesn’t deserves it as well is really… 😦 😦 and starting comparing the two bestfriends against each other is 😦

    1. Ignore them. if they aren’t happy with the poll, they can go create their own poll n let ppl vote for their bias, like usual.
      The music critics have spoken, so evrybody should just congratulate instead of acting all butthurts.

  27. LOL, YB SERIOUSLY KILLLEEDD IT OUT THERE!!! WOOTT SO PROUD OF U OPPA! ♥ i hope he’s really happy x) none of this is worth ANYTHING if he’s not satisfied, proud of himself, or happy :\

  28. wow, what a talent bae. so proud of u. he is on the top, congrat. lov u. hey when will bigbang’s album realease, the beautiful hangover and somebody to luv.

  29. just got back from a big bang fansite. Ahh… didn’t know there are so much hate to TY for getting first place.

    I’m just gonna forget about this article from now on. :/

        1. I don’t know. I just saw comment before me said from some bigbang fansite. there are so much hate to TY for getting first place. if it’s true, I will gonna angry for sure. Taeyang is on the top no.1 over the other member because Taeyang is really awesome and amazing.Why they hate?? maybe because they can’t get the real that Taeyang is on top no.1 because Taeyang was underated in Bigbang for long time.

      1. ibigbang
        they not exactly hating on him
        but they also not happy that he got first place for one of the catergory either kinda similar to allkpop

        1. Hi. hmmmmm I don’t think you should mention other sites on ATY. It’s ok if BB fans don’t agree. They are allowed to express their bias. Lets just not bring in other sites into this.

          I respect the critics’ opinions and others should too. There really is no need for bitterness about their choices or what other people think about the critics’ choices.

        2. sorry about that
          it’s just that the person above me was asking for it

          …i dont want fanvwar between the two sites..sorry

    1. BUTTHURT?
      Or fans just want their idols/#1 to be on that list because it’s an actual legitimate, meaningful list? The fact that Taeyang dominated most of the categories and no other artist, doesn’t help. If they followed Taeyang and ATY before they would know that this is not surprising. Taeyang gets a lot of love from the music critics.

      I haven’t gotten to reading these comments, but knowing KPOP, that’s probably the reason.

      In terms of Big Bang fansites “hating” on Taeyang….They have the right to have an opinion. ATY and readers gets a lot of crap because we dare have an opinion (positive or negative) about the other members so we shouldn’t get so upset when other fansites have an opinion on our precious Youngbae. We should welcome it! If you all don’t like those opinions, I hope you don’t start “arguing” with them. Please respect their space. Come to ATY instead! lol.

      1. Yeah I know tofu. 🙂 and that’s why I came here instead.
        I didn’t argue but trust me I didn’t have a pleasant time at that particular fansite(sorry i won’t name which). The thing is, it’s a big bang fansite. It’s not like it’s GD’s fansite or Daesung’s or Seungri’s or Top’s. It’s a big bang fansite. though we all have our biasness, there’s no need to be so (….um… let’s see… i don’t know the right words to express) “strong”? the least some of them can do is congratulate him even if they are against the choice of the list.

        I wish i can explain this in the chatbox.. would be so much easier. I’m not mad. I’m just.. well disappointed. It’s his time to shine. It’s his year, he’s active, he’s all over the place, he’s bound to be on that list somehow. (but of course bae is a fav among critcs whether or not he’s promoting).

        Nevermind… I done with this entire drama. Gonna forget about it. Let’s move on. 🙂

    1. hahah what is thisss!! Is this really them or like a computer animated thing. Hahaha Bae running around from the stylist is soo funny, i can imagine him doing that. YG looks really tall compared to Teddy, haha did YG edit it to make it look like that

  30. Ok, so this is totally random, and not related to the post, but i thought i would share this interesting thread i saw on akp (yea, i know; but bear w/ me? :P)

    “The Sad State of the Korean album market”
    “2 weeks in a row there have been suspicious sales on the Hanteo chart.
    Before Supernova’s very random album sales, it was looking like Taeyang would go up against Homme on this coming week’s Music Bank with Taeyang coming out on top because his international release album had an overwhelming market share. The offline album scores on Music Bank are based off market share and not actual sales, which is why this is significant. Because Supernova sold 5700+, Taeyang’s market share fell and it may have pushed him out to 2nd or 3rd place on this week’s Music Bank. This is the second time the Hanteo chart has screwed up Taeyang’s chances of winning awards (and being in any year end rankings) after a server error at Hanteo resulted in a lot of the “Solar – Deluxe Edition” sales not being recorded screwing up his chances to win against Super Junior.”

    (NOTE: I only pasted parts that were relevant to taeyang, but if you wanna read the whole post, here’s the link: http://www.6theory.com/forum/index.php/topic/11226-the-sad-state-of-the-korean-album-market/)

    I know for the majority of us, it doesn’t matter that much if taeyang wins or not (b/c at the end of the day it’s all about the music). yet I’m curious to know if this is true?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised. Hanteo and the music shows are not infallible. Korea media needs to develop a better way of counting album sales.

    2. Interesting. I think Kfans also noticed this too. Hanteo does not correctly record Taeyang’s album sales. However I don’t believe Music Bank can get a hold of iTunes music sales. I don’t think Korean shows take into account the world music sales. I’m actually really confused about this post. What is meant by market share? LOL. Isn’t market share, the number of sales?

    3. SHUCKS. >,< but i don't understand how they count the sales of the album. whadda heck is a market share anyway? i mean what does it mean in the music industry?

    4. that would be so unfair if it’s true… i’m also confused with his album sales based on the charts. they really need to fix this mess if there are errors.

      thanks for sharing… wait, market shares???

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