[Twitter] Taeyang & Se7en hanging out

Taeyang & Se7en have been having a lot of fun lately since they’ve been promoting together. Se7en recently put up pictures of him and Taeyang hanging out, taking some funny pictures and playing video games. I am so glad Taeyang is just having so fun being a 23 year old dude~

Cr: http://twitter.com/officialse7en

40 thoughts on “[Twitter] Taeyang & Se7en hanging out”

  1. Ahhh, what a sexy beast. He’s an adorable person. And he’s playing video games. What a cutie!

    Se7ens a cutie! (:

  2. Hahaha!! boys will be boys (Regarding to video games) I wonder what game they’re playing..I wanna play too!!

    1. ummm….you’re not serious about this question are you?

      He’s Se7en…..an amazing older solo singer in YG…one of the people who helped mentor YB into what he is today.

  3. 2 hot guys! wow! *sigh* happy day. now all that’s left is Jiyong and the YG fam bam hot edition is complete.

  4. Love the YB & Se7en bromance lately! They look like they’ve been bonding a lot more since they’ve been promoting together. What a good hyung Se7en is!

    1. IU as a guest for both of his concert?? she must be feeling DAMN HAPPY!! erm.. but why would YG ask her to be a guest?? couldn’t they get Big Bang?? hehe.. :p

  5. *taeyang loses*
    “wait, play again – i was just warming up”

    –and that game kinda looks like street fighter of king of fighters of marvel v. capcom…some fighting game.

  6. OMG !!!!!! Taeyang is soooooooooooooo fucking Handsome. I cry to see this picture,I’m happy for him to have time torest and fun like other boy.
    Taeyang you’re freaking cute !!!!!!!!!!!

      1. oh thanks. but why doesn’t he follow anyone? I wonder. He’s so private yet he has a twitter and doesn’t follow anyone even from YG or Shawn or Sean or Se7en or his dancers. Hmmm…

  7. have u see this video,so funny that Seven grabbed Taeyang’s leg during the performance and lifted up his shirt~

  8. Gosh these pictures just yell BROMANCE AND LOVE!

    I love YGFAM…<3

    I'm glad to see YB chillaxing like he should be, and how great of a hyung Se7en is~ ❤ Not to mention he's pretty hot too, lol~~~

  9. too cute. i especially love the third picture! he looks just like a little kid. playing with his hyung, se7en! SO CUTE. i cant get over it.

  10. omGGG they’re both so adorale..im just wondering when is taeyang gonna have a concert here in L,A California..I swear ive been dying to see taeyang..any word? please lemme know..

  11. holy shat he’s 23 now? fail fan….
    ahh it seems like just yesterday he was 21 😥
    haha either way, its still pedofile!

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