Taeyang on KJE’s Chocolate – Performances

Ah~ As usual, spectacular performances by Mr. Sunshine. I like the setting and vibe from everything

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Thanks to darkasnight for posting~


22 thoughts on “Taeyang on KJE’s Chocolate – Performances”

  1. he’s so good. Love this performance way more than Sketchbook cause his voice is so much better, you could tell he’s well rested and pretty energetic.

  2. Whoa! YB… are you lurking in this site? Did you get to read the comment that said you should be wearing that shirt more often? πŸ™‚

    Nice performance… I can actually hear your wonderful voice this time. Keep it up!

  3. Haven’t seen him perform “WUA” for some time now, so I was glad for that performance. He was looking so swaggalicious as usual. Plus I loved the lil intro at the start “ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls” < 3

  4. live band, inag perf was love (even though the backup singers sometimes sounded off).
    ibt looked sounded soo much better here compared to the fancams we saw 1-2 weeks ago.
    and omggg i am lovinggg that sweater. hot damn!

  5. haha the ladies and gentleman thing, sounded like he was in a circus.
    The backing singers were a bit quiet like they were mumbling. the INAG performance i dunno seemed a bit flat.
    YBs singing was spot on though

  6. i seriously love this setting!! YB seems to be performing better in this kinda close-interactive setting with the audience.. ^_^
    his performance for WUA – DAEBAK!! it’s MORE perfect than the fancam which we had seen previously.. INAG – AWESOME & IBT – MIND-BLOWING!! haha.. πŸ˜€
    just wondering; is ATY gonna upload HD videos from his KJE Chocolate performance (which they did for his YHY Sketchbook thingy)?? πŸ™‚
    but nonetheless; thanks for posting the long-awaited performance from YB!! πŸ˜€

  7. Wow, I LOVE this live version of INAG.
    And I can’t decide whether that shirt is awkward or hot. LOL both I guess XD

  8. i wasn’t really digging the backup singers for INAG. they were a bit weak, but strictly talking about yb, the man delivered as usual. loved his little intro during WUA, man rocking every little bit of english he knows.

  9. “my brother”, that was funny.
    YB’s getting more comfortable uttering english words.
    out of the three, i love the INAG performance most.
    his vocals is just spot on with that song.

  10. Oh gawd~~~ I love YB’s English so bad! “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…. Let’s go~!” (he slurred the gentlemen boys and girls so bad, but I loved it XD)

    He sounded really good too! (English that is)

    Ahh~~~ I’m fast forwarding and seeing him speaking English even better now, it’s so sexy!!! XDD

    “My brother~” Aigoo~~~ So cuuuute!!!

    I loved everything about his performance in Chocolate~~ the interview was cute too, even though it’s very general and touched on girls again…LOL he’ll never run away from that.

    I miss his WUA performances~~~ The choreo is just sick~~~ FULL OF SWAGGAH THAT MAN! ❀

    His shades and them hoodie makes it even BETTAH~~ πŸ˜€

    Love you in your casuals YB, they're jjang!

    I really want them to go back to the original INAG…=\ Dunno, the original INAG feels a lot better and smoother compared to the changed up choreo.

    Overall though, I love the song and dance, and I'm even hearing myself singing along~~ LOL!

    Same with IBT~ The dance is dupe~~~ XD But I do think he's a lot tired during IBT… WUA and INAG must've taken a toll~ But the man still delivered and I'm proud! πŸ˜€

    Ahh~ we all want him to do well abroad (come YB come!!!) but I hope he doesn't take that over the board and worry or think that he has to work even harder. He is doing really well already and I hope he can be happy with that.

    I heart the mic system on Chocolate, can hear him so clearly!! There was a live band too, even more awesome~~ XD

    Thanks for the videos!

  11. the perf’s were great, but INAG seemed a bit lacking..oomph , they must be so tired though. but the interview.. XD! ahh YB πŸ™‚ “im not myself right now” LOL @ him when she was asking him about the skirt.. haha, just staring , “yeah.. yeah.. yeah.” πŸ˜€

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