Fancams from Korean Music Wave!

Here are some AMAZING fancams from his recent performances in Incheon at the Korean Music Wave.  Wifebeater & bandanna are here to stay.  I greatly approve!

Shout out to bonita  & silly for sharing the fancams!

I still can’t get over how SEXY this choreography is. And uhhhhhh. Is he wearing a fanny-pack?

His performances of this song are consistently DOPE.  I really love the combination of sounds and visuals for this song.  In this fancam, his “fanny-pack” looks more like a utility belt, kinda like Batman’s belt.  (ROFL.)


24 thoughts on “Fancams from Korean Music Wave!”

  1. Whoa, is it really a fanny pack? To me, it seems more like a tool belt. I guess it’s supposed to look like those things that carry bullets or something like that? Well, whatever, he looks hot as heck anyhow. And it also adds a little umph to his butt, from the side profile, not that he needs help in that department XD

    1. I like how he slipped on beat with the song didn’t miss a beat of the dance even though he slipped. then after missed one lyric on the slip after. was good stuff though…. that scarf gotta go though

    2. he sliped at 0:25 first vid too but he made it look like a super fast dance move(: the best artist to recover from live mistakes while performing<3 😀

  2. lol, he didn’t wait for jihye unni to put her head on his shoulder in the end of the first video. aww. GREAT FANCAM! Go YB! ❤

  3. Lol I didn’t notice the slip but young bae is a hottie!!! Great performance!!! Man, does this guy like work non-stop?

  4. LOL he didn’t wait for her to put her head on his shoulder. Ji Hye’s expression was like rising her eyebrows.

    IBT’s performance was ❤

  5. The IBT performance was DOPE~~~ I still can’t get over INAG, the detail and dance is just so cute and suitable for the song.

    I hope YB was OK after the slip!! 😦

  6. the performances were DOPE!
    i love the energy and the vocals.
    i can’t wait to see these aired on Music Core.

    and YB did slip in IBT performance.
    looks like his fingers were hurt for a short while.
    he missed to sing a few parts in the song.

    and i kinda liked that they don’t have time to change costumes for INAG.
    it gave the whole performance a different feel.

        1. i THINK it was just an opening track..not really sure, but im positive if just a feeling was performed, there would’ve been fancams. 🙂

  7. he looks so much more comfortable on stage now. Everything is just natural now and his vocals are getting better and better.

  8. clap,clap!!!!!kekeke..poor bae,he did slipped but at first i did not notice it,bcoz it rhymed at d beat:))and i cant get enough of inag it keeps singing in my head since d release!.kekeke

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