08.29.10- 2nd performance, Taeyang on SBS Inkigayo

Sorry, a tad bit late. Once again, another fantastic performance by Tae~


32 thoughts on “08.29.10- 2nd performance, Taeyang on SBS Inkigayo”

  1. ummhhh u sure bout the date kay??!!!
    its ok we all get muddleheaded as soon as we see the perfection that is this young man lol

  2. yeah me too.i watch it in kpopflash:))but it would be more awesome if i was there live -cheeering for oppa.kekeke..clap3

  3. another awesome performance from YB.. seems like he’s geting better after every performance.. hehe.. πŸ™‚
    btw; do any of u know the timing of KJE Chocolate & are we able to watch it online?? πŸ™‚

    1. erm.. i think it’s pre-recorded; they’ll air it next week (Music Core timeslot).. so in another words; instead of the normal Music Core show; they’ll show the Korean Wave Music Incheon performances.. maybe im wrong but that’s what i think.. hehe.. ^_^

  4. as much as i don’t really care about weekly music awards anymore, i think IBT performances deserve to be contending at the top 2 spots.

  5. QUESTION ? anyone please answer me.
    Taeyang this week about his performance, He doesn’t get any win the award?
    Why??? ” I’ll be there ” performance is much better than I need a Girl” or it’s not the time to get the award.
    Sorry… I I’don’t know much about the award of the show

    1. The winners are based on a variety of criteria that have different weights given on each one. Criteria like album sales, digital sales, radio plays, votes, etc. With IBT, I think because it was an international album, and with Solar released prior to that, some Taeyang fans may have not bought the international album. And Boa has such a strong fanbase so her album sales were probably strong.

      I wonder though, if the itunes sales are included?

    1. LOLOLOL It just doesn’t fit hahaha…the expression and the body language clash with the outfit…unless.. they were feeling emo that night

  6. Omg taeang flawlless as always!! U guys should check out allkpop when se7en reveals taeyangs abs during the rehearsal of this perf… It’s hilarious! πŸ™‚

  7. just watched WUA, INAG and IBT performances on KJE and boy was on fiyah. But his vocals in INAG surprised me the most cuz it was the second performance i think and his live vocals were really really good and before INAG was WUA. For me, it was the best vocals vor INAG yet. and please note the smile he and Ji hye shared at “sarannggg”~IBT was pretty good too.

    Very satisfied hahah… good looking, good vocals.

  8. As what everyone has been saying, he keep getting better and better!

    One thing that concerns be…when he’s standing and everyone else is on the floor…it worries me when he starts stepping or jumped out of the circle (or into) he might step on one of the girls’ hair >_<;; that's what I think about during the performance most of the time haha!!

  9. Is he singing less in this performance? Or does SBS’s sound system just suck?

    Goodness gracious. The set was beautiful. OMO.

  10. i kinda didn’t like the vocals this time.
    i don’t know if it’s the sound system but the words were unclear and his voice sounded too nasal for me.
    i guess the non-stop promotions in Japan and Korea is taking its toll now.
    he did seem to be out-of-breath at times.
    hope he gets to rest.

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