08.28.10 – 2nd Music Core Performance of “I’ll Be There”

Taeyang continues his promotion of “I’ll Be There” on Music Core once again.  Lyle Beniga is right.  Youngbae is a robot – flying back and forth between Japan and Korea, preparing and performing for Big Bang’s activities and his own.

Minus the boots, Taeyang looks soo damn fine today. Maybe it was the wifebeater or the bandanna, but  I was biting my nails watching this performance.  *Pauses to have a fangirl moment.*


57 thoughts on “08.28.10 – 2nd Music Core Performance of “I’ll Be There””

  1. Aw yes good performance ^^. I can’t wait for whats in store in his concert as another choreographer by the name of Jeka Jane has joined in to help Shaun with the coming concert. This gives me the idea that more choreographers will help him out hopefully can’t wait ^^

    1. I can’t wait! She was one the the ML choreographers I hoped would work with YB and she is! I expect epicness now!!!

  2. YB never fails to impress me with his performances!! i’m glad that i wait up for almost 50mins to catch his MC performance.. 😀

  3. Hot Hot Hot as always. The man is built out of steel lol since he’s flying back & forth to Japan & Korea. Great to see him once more on stage XD

  4. He definitely is a robot! Recording this after flying back in from Japan? I don’t even know what to say to that! This performance was on par with last week’s ones. They were all freaking amazing! YB literally performed from the first second of the song til the last.

    YB’s style in all of his performances have been pretty fly. Big thanks to the stylists out there. His clothing has been simple and hot…just how I like it.

  5. YB is so DAMN hardworking!! after flying in from Japan; he did this recording?? YB is a MONSTER!! haha.. 😀
    i must say; his performance is PERFECT – 10 out of 10!! he really deserve all of the recognition!! 🙂
    his clothes for today performance is simple & hot at the same time.. plus; his bandana is the exact one which he wore in one of his Twitter pix.. 🙂
    u’re indeed a rising SUN, YB!! xD

  6. YB started this performance like some thief in the night wearing that bandana and you know what he quickly stole my heart with this stage. His movements were so fluid today. There’s a confidence that radiates from him when he perfoms this routine. It’s the type of performance that grabs you and doesn’t let go.

  7. Dang YB!!!!!!
    That’s more like it.
    Did he get more buff or just me?
    There should be something like you can win to spend a day with him…….I would die…but still….

  8. hot performance!

    but is anyone confused with his lyrics. after he says “run run run” the next thing should be “one one one” but its “gun gun gun” with the motion of a gun to his head…

    1. The Korean lyrics and engilsh version arnt really related. If u were to literally translate the Korean version into English it has a different meaning compared to the IBT English version, if you get what I mean.

  9. that’s for the english version. gun gun gun is the lyrics in the korean version which is also where the choreography was patterned.

  10. i gotta agree with you. i wasnt feelin the boots. other than that i was really into the outft. . pretty much simple and clean cut. . the intro where he was singing with the bandanna coverin his face was… yummmyyy 🙂

    another thing that was interesting for this week’s perf was the colour of the set. the bright blood red cloths draping in the backgrd just gave the performance a totally new vibe and i really liked it. :))

    overally pretty solid performance. ^_^

  11. Same tofu, the boots really sort of take the HOT DAYUM out of him.

    But not by a large amount, the way he started the performance today was just amazing. *fangirls*

    The bandana and his stare… Just awesome…It adds to the whole expression of his face. XD

    YB really is a robot, this awesome performance after flying back from Japan!? Hope you take some rest YB! You deserve it~~ 🙂

  12. the boots woulda been better if they werent tinted red IMO. other than that, i loved this perf, the crowd was crrraaazy

      1. Yeah I think coz of the silver of the boots they are just reflecting the stages red colour. They’re the same boots in the video.

  13. LOL. Am I the only one who likes those boots!? I really like how they look on him, on their own, I probably wouldn’t like em haha.

    Anyway, this performance was SEXSHI as heck. Phew. YB is really putting those 100 wifebeaters he ordered to good use LOL. The dancing and singing was perfect….once again. I love watching IBT, its like a theater performance each time.

  14. Hot performance. I can’t complain about his clothes, the boots are questionable but it’s okay I don’t mind them that much. He does look more toned and muscled.

    And he got his haircut!!

  15. Those boots are so distracting… I kept looking at them. ^^ What’s all that crap hanging around his waist? That’s even more distracting than looking at his gorgeous face.

  16. mmm yummy! he does look extra fine today 🙂 hehheheheeee
    good performance, again. but the poor boy looks tired as well; he needs a nice long nap.
    the boots werent that bad!! lol. i dunno, they didnt really bother me.
    the last shot of him was awesome!! the way the bandanna was placed….it was picture perfect

  17. yet another G8T performance!!! “wheres my notebook?” i need to go fan this HOT guy off… he needs to cool down…

  18. I love this performance too. Love the entire outfit including the boots. and the camera work showed pretty much most of the choreography. only complain is the stage lights. other than that, YB is on FIYAH. but did anyone notice he sang less today? must have been tired from all that traveling back and forth. Rest well YB.


    Here’s my attempt to convince my mum:
    Me: Can I buy the international album? Since you won’t let me but Solar, the new album is cheaper and it has all the songs that I want in it. *smiles with a plate of food in hand*
    Mom: -.-‘. Didn’t I tell you no? Right now, you are living in my house, my rule, my money, so I make the decision.
    Me: ……(sad face)
    Mom: If u really want it, go and work after school’s over this year. You can buy whatever you want with the money you earn. I don’t care. You can even go to the Suju Concert next year with your sister. But I’m not gonna give a single cent.
    Me: Not even RM10? and your credit card? so i can order…-
    Mom: You are not allowed to touch my money for such things. Now go put the clothes in the washing machine.

    Happy life 🙂

  19. aahahhh he looks soo goodddd ahh now that skool startss everytime i come home and look at my screen it makes me happy cuz i see taeyanng but anyways this performance iis da bomb like every performance he looks super fine like he always dooes i love u taeyang muahh

  20. Even though erryone is happy seeing Taeyang on stage and what not….Im kinda concenred about his health he works like 20 hr days and often has trouble falling asleep…I dnt care who you are, your gonna get burnt out sooner than later

  21. So Sexy!!!

    Did u guys notice 2:06 – 2:14 the back up dancers the girls repeated the same dance routine in 1:20 – 1:26 . When the 3 girls were standing on the ledge thing together and the other 2 girls were laying on the ground. Then at 2:15 the girls suddenly were in sync w/ the boys. Editing Mistake!!!

    1. se7en is such a dork!
      haha.. couldn’t stop laughing.
      he was all on the floor like crazy.
      it looks like he wanna strip YB’s pants off but since he can’t, he just took YB’s shirt off. haha..
      and in the end, he was shooed away by the stage manager.
      poor him.. haha..

  22. even if he a robot i still love him to death (:
    it was worth waiting to watch him perform live
    stay up till 4 something in the morning
    i was gonna give up hope
    but… lucky i didnt xD
    i waited for him and watch his performance

  23. wow!loved this performance!!! 😀
    taeyang is sooo fit and sexyyy!!!!
    he’s like my eye-candy….lol
    btw, the video of seven and taeyang is funny….
    taeyang has sexy back!

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