This is a love letter to the fanboys…

Not that we don’t love you fangirls and fanmoms (yes, fanmoms because the 80% of Taeyang’s fandom do more worrying than fangirling), but what makes Taeyang slightly different from the rest of mainstream Kpop is his appeal to both females and males.  But it seems the fanboys are better at expressing their love for Taeyang than us girls are.  Most of the awesome covers and dance videos on youtube that launched his international popularity were done by fanboys.  It’s really interesting if you ask me.

So this is my and ATY’s love letter to all the fanboys out there.  Fanboys, WHERE U AT?

Lets analyze and learn from how they crush on Taeyang:

1) There’s no better way to tell the world than sporting your Deluxe Edition shirt and matching it with the “T” symbol imprinted on your head.  *two thumbs up*

jason palmero, echan photography, ammerose salon and 969 Media

jason palmero, echan photography, ammerose salon and 969 Media

Thanks Jason (@jasonpalmero) for emailing us with this kickass awesomeness.

2)Write an article on your country’s top celebrity gossip site about Taeyang’s iTunes’ success.

Our very own @nextrich88 submitted this article to “Starity” of Hungary.  Great job!

3)Make a dance cover of “Wedding Dress” without being afraid to look absolutely awkward.  Adorable.

OMG. This is sooo cute!

4)Get a mohawk, Chrome Hearts gear, produce high quality remakes of Taeyang’s music videos, contact Shaun Evaristo and Movement Lifestyle, follow them to Seoul to record the man himself in action, and cheese out in a photo with him. Success! (See here and here)

51 thoughts on “This is a love letter to the fanboys…”

  1. i totally digg the hair! i love it, i would totally do that as well but im a grl n i wouldnt want my hair that short. but that is very coolllll 🙂

  2. We cannot not love the WD choreo. I couldn’t help smiling in front of the cuteness. At least, those 3 guys were pretty synchro…lol

  3. “Fan Mom” thats a new one hahaha but back to the point, TY’s Fanboys are just awesome. It takes a trueman to admit they’re a fanboys hahaha but anyways I love you Fanboys. The Haircut was just epic!!!

  4. I am a fan boy…. xD thinking about getting his signature tattoo form…should i do it or not?? decisions

    1. hello fellow fanboy lmfaoooooooooo
      i dont think you should get the tattoo…
      well, that’s only my opinion cuz like, it’s kinda awkward to have someone’s name on you forever…
      and…kinda disturbing but…when ur old, your skin like lol…sags…so…your tattoo is gonna be like….a blob?

        1. ^that’s dope. I’m thinking of get a henna tattoo of Taeyang’s solar logo.. but I’m gonna change the T to a K. Idk where to put it though =.=

        2. Oh shit….wow that’s pretty damn awesome. Wish I had the guts to do something like that!

        3. wow. that’s really nice. I was thinking of getting one too but nothing that prominent. Just something simple, but my rational side keeps saying no.

      1. well i was planning to change his T to my first letter of my name lol…Well anyways i already bought his deluxe edition and going to buy his international, and also going to buy his taeyang shirt with his face on it…I dunno i just love supporting him..

  5. Now we just need more fanboys to express their love for YB lol.

    I liked JAF. Qui actually wasn’t bad and I was lmao at his “back up dancers’

      1. No way!!! I am so glad I can’t even type xDDDDDDDDD
        It means so much 4 me! I hope YB read it too. 😀

        Maybe he will do a tour in Europe soon 😀

  6. Gotta say…if IU is the ultimate celebrity fangirl…then gotta give it up to Qui for being the ultimate fanboy. He’s succeeded where all else failed. Managed to meet YB and get BTS goodies as well? Epic win!

  7. my brother is a Bigbang fan and i’m trying to convince him to learn wedding dress and imma teach him the choreo, to perform in the intramurals, in exchange of Taylor Swift concert tickets come october. must work hard, but he is 11 and stiff as a board. but he gotta give some Taeyang luvin and unleash the fanboy in him. noona will back him up. bwahahaha!

    1. haha. oh man. good luck!
      I tried with my brother, the most I could get him to do was listen to Wedding Dress lol. He’s a secret Taeyang fanboy, in hiding…

  8. The first time my brother saw the ‘Wedding Dress’ mv, he was like, ‘Who’s that punk w/ the mohawk?’ Now he’s playing the song on the piano and singing along – and he doesn’t even know how to play piano or speak Korean.

  9. LOL yeah Taeyang fanboys are pretty epic! and soo true I’m a fanmum definitely.haha

    out of kpop artists my guy friends only paid attention to Taeyang and they find him awesome,I think Taeyang appeals to both genders because: every guys wants to be cool like him and every girl wants a cool guy like him! well that’s ONE way to put it.

  10. Not going to lie.. Taeyang inspires me to go workout and get cut. LOL. I’ve been a YB supporter since back in the day when my sisters introduced me to Big Bang. I promote Taeyang so much that even my fellow bros listen to him.

  11. You girls are awesome!
    I think only girls made websites dedicated to Youngbae also or I may be wrong lol. But that hair cut is the shit ahaha.

  12. love d hair!!but i’m a gal soo i thonk im gnna hava d hennA…lol. i dnt know just love to support him so much.keke

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