Making of “I Need a Girl” & “Where U At”

We were debating whether to post these, but then we figured, TRUE FANS will support him anyway SO buy the album+dvd too get these!!

^How many Sundara fans fainted with this BTS? lol.

^ It should be illegal to have this much hotness in one video clip….I love when these three get together, I hope they can come together for another video in the future 🙂

Some other BTS extras~

ROFL. Adorkable to the maxxxx


39 thoughts on “Making of “I Need a Girl” & “Where U At””

  1. ADORKABLE TO THE MAX INDEED!!! Gah, I love that karaoke video so much!!!

    WILL DEFINITELY BUY THE CD~~~~~ Even if it needs more money from my mum… D: (I don’t like not working now that I’m 19… I do not like it at all.)

    Loved Tae’s English when he spoke to Shaun~~~

    Shaun’s like “who me?” LOL

    YB, Shaun and Lyle look like triplets XD

    Love the bro-mance, it’s just too cute.

  2. i love his ‘no more’ and ‘you’re famous in korea!’ to shaun. His english sounds fine.

    Hey, i’m a fan, a big one at that and it’s gonna take me a longer time than you guys to get that album due to money problems aite? so will i be a true fan by then since i don’t have solar or hot?


  3. i’ve been wanting to watch these clips since they came out but i’ll pass.
    i’ll wait for my DVD and watch it on our widescreen. haha..

  4. I see Shaun and Lyle!
    Love them both and Taeyang as well.

    OT, but Kay is it true that you guys are planning to do a fan MV for Connection? I read it on some other site and wanted to know whether it was true or not…

    1. Which site did you read this on? lol

      Its been discussed in passing, no formal plans, but some fans wanted to do a video showing all international fans using connection….We’ll think about it, depends on how many fans want to get invovled~

      1. I think it may have been Soompi or AllKpop? Probably Soompi.
        But yeah, I thought it was weird because I didn’t see you posting anything about it so I was confused. xD

      2. wow. B4 things get missunderstood, that was just a comment I made in soompi in the midst of my fangirling. I just said someone threw the idea out and that I hope it goes through or that we do something like that cause it will show YB some love. I didn’t say it was a done deal or anything more than just an idea, sorry if I gave that impression. I apologize, it was in the midst of the international release and I was excited.

        1. Everybody always passes on Shaun!
          I think he is a freaking cutie, I ♥ his smile.
          No hard feelings to Aimee though 😛

  5. Just wondering, are these three clips all for the making-of footage? Kyah, I want more! Especially for IBT behind the scenes! I mean, shouldn’t there be one for IBT? It is the international release title song!

  6. There’s about 30mins worth of BTS clips, so, yes, there’s more. They just haven’t been uploaded yet. I don’t know if the uploader plans to put up the rest. I think the clips have been slow to appear because, like Kay, kfans want everyone to buy the DVD. ^^

    They MUST have provided English subs for these clips, right? Right? I’m having my doubts, but I mean, they do it for the BB DVDs so if they follow that pattern, there should be subs… right? Sigh, why do I have so little faith in YG? I was disappointed that they didn’t provide English lyric translations on the album sleeves. And I’d been hoping for subs on YB’s youtube channel, too. Alas…

    1. Hm. I’m doubting english subtitles, only because these clips don’t seem to have any and it looks like they hardsub the english subtitles on the BB videos so I don’t think there would be an option on the DVD BUT I could be wrong (dont have my dvd yet).

      Yea, it would have been nice if communication was in ENGLISH seeing as its an international release LOL

    2. I’m thinking it will have subs since all of BB’s stuff supposedly have had sub except like their first 2 concerts. Despite that I rarely see it uploaded with the subs on. So I have hope.

    3. Okay, if there is more, then yes, I’ll definitely buy the DVD too! But if it was just these 3 clips, then I didn’t really want to buy it cuz I already bought it on itunes, and I wanted to save up some money for Big Show 2010 DVD too. ^^ Ahh… bad thing about BB activities is how broke I’ll be!!



  8. I ship Taeyang & Dara so hard.
    I just died when he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. lol & am I the only one who noticed that her dancing was better in this BTS video than the actual MV itself?

    YB should feature Lyle & Shaun in another MV. WUA was just epic.

    1. ^
      the more Lyle I get the better. There was too little of him this time around. ❤

      And you're not the only Sundara shipper around, though I ship pretty much YB/anyone, lol.

    2. i couldn’t agree with you more 🙂 smiled the whole time watching INAG bts! i think the dancing of dara i bts is also better than the actual video..maybe the parts where they cut weren’t her angles? haha as if i am a pro right?! nevertheless atleast we saw what really took place on the bts. that’s more than enough for me to spazz SunDara:)

    1. Just brought his album yesterday together with some other BB stuff. Damn I really hope that DVD plays on my DVD player since my PC died lol IDK I tried hacking my DVD player too but im not sure if it worked or not, now I gotta wait till I get this album to see if it works.

  9. i think it so funny how they always have someone fanning them w/ a manual fan? is there really no fans around or AC? or it it cuzz this sunshine is always so HOT? better yet i wanna manual fan him too <– jealous! hahaha! love you TY! 🙂

  10. asdfjldskfjls why is he so fricking hot in the where u at footage? i think his tan skin is so so hott. i love how tan he is compared to other korean guys .ughh ><

  11. lol..aespecially at the last vid..bae is soo dork.keke..good to see him being likeb this,despite of his hectic sched.:)

  12. I got my copy of the album today! So wrapped, wish the dvd had english subs tho – otherwise its just perving ;oP – btw how cool is the song Connection!

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