Longer Preview of “Connection” & “I’ll Be There” English MV

After hearing the preview of “Connection” yesterday, I’ve been itching to hear the whole song. This longer preview gives us the beginning of the song and I’m impressed. LOVE IT!

Listen to longer preview of Wedding Dress (English) HERE

Also released, “I’ll Be There” english music video! I don’t know if its because of the autotune or simply his pronouciation, but again, took me a couple listens to figure out the lyrics. The english is definately improving though, just clarity needs some work


33 thoughts on “Longer Preview of “Connection” & “I’ll Be There” English MV”

  1. OMg. i am so in love with this song! just ordered my copy but will have to wait coz, i asked for it to be with the 2ne1 album.. oh well!!! ahhh!!! i acn’t wait!!!

  2. Love love love Connection! I have a feeling it’s going to be one of my favorite songs by YB….up there with WUA, TIS, and Sinners (which are my all-time favorites).

    IBT English version is okay. Not loving it like I do the Korean version, but that’s just because I feel like the translations get lost a little bit and the English lyrics don’t flow as well. And yes, YB needs to step his game up a little bit with his English. Being one of the best English speakers in kpop, I expected a little more from him.

    On another note, hearing the longer preview of WD, I could understand it more than the original teaser. I guess I just have to listen to the whole song to make my judgment. IBT

    1. Give him time. English is one of the world’s hardest learning language. He’s pretty damn good already for someone who has never even lived in America. Don’t expect too much, people have limits too.

      1. Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I know his English is pretty awesome. His English in Connection pretty much shows that. It’s just I wished YG/YB would have taken their time with WD. Since it was so huge internationally, I feel that they should have made sure his English in it was better than what I’ve heard so far. But like I said, I’ll have to year the whole version. I’m understanding more and more of the English as the previews get longer so hopefully his English in the whole dog will rock.

  3. the video doesn’t work for me…. it just doesn’t go well with the lyrics but am not complaining , i am glad for the few extra scenes , still am sticking with the Korean one.

    about the previews ,know i still need to wait for the rest but …
    wedding dress seems to be telling a different story from the Korean one , i can’t wait to hear the rest and understand that story , but at this point i don’t see it surpassing the original .

    connection is on a different level , am repeating it over and over again , it just suit him and the English in it is excellent … i hope when YB decide what his sound is … it will be something like that song 🙂

    1. *here


      Anyway.. WD in english… well YB needs to improve more but other than that, the lyrics are fine. What happen though…? i mean, in connection his pronunciation is way better than WD..

      1. ^
        yeah. I was like there is a max difference in WD. I think it’s cause the lyrics are so fast in WD, in Connections he has time to pronounce the words.

  4. Has anyone realized that TY didn’t sing as much in the english version of IBT MV compare to the Korean one? expecially the chorus.. his lips weren’t moving at most parts

  5. now that i have seen the choreo of i’ll be there,
    i think the kor ver is a lot better.
    i love the gun, gun part in the kor ver.
    some parts of the choreo just feel kinda off to the eng lyrics.
    and i don’t like the mention of the four seasons in the chorus.

    1. That’s because Shaun choreod the dance to the Korean lyrics. So some of the movements, like the gun gun gun part, don’t make sense with the English version.

  6. I CAN’T EVEN. I’m really feeling Connection. Who ever composed/produced Connection should DEFINITELY work with YB more often. Holy shit.

  7. I though the MV for the English version was gonna be different,sudden change of plans? O_O

    anyway I love it! but his pronunciation could be better though, there’s room for improvement.the only track where I understood what he was saying was connection.

  8. Hi,,
    I search for the translation of ill be there, korean version, and saw thats not the same as the english version :S

    Now is this the real translation from korean version?

    1. The Korean and English lyrics for IBT is not the same, I think we found that out when both the Korean and English version MP3 files were released.

  9. Oooo~ I’m liking the lyrics for Wedding Dress! Sounds a lot different from the Korean version can’t wait for the full song! (AND MV!!!)


    It would have been a GREAT title song~~~ >w<

    For the extra scenes in this version of IBT, I love the cameo of his fingers holding on to the head of the bed…. Gah! How come that can look so sexy and make me squeal!?!?!? XD

    Like others have said… He needs to put the notch higher on his English… It's a second language for me as well, but I learnt it when I was very little which is a lot easier than learning when you're older…. I don't blame him if he's struggling with it…. But I know he takes little notecards with him to practice, so good one you Bae~ ❤

    Fighting!! yeah!

  10. like both vrsion:)and loving the connection.oppa fightiing!i’ll be looking frward for more outstanding live performances of ill be there:)

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