Preview of song “Connection” & English “Wedding Dress”!

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Currently: #27 on the R&B/Soul chart (International) #135 for SOLAR

Ah! We’ve all been waiting for this song, Wedding Dress in English! At first listen, I found it a bit hard to decipher his English, but its not so bad. The lyrics, I’ll leave you guys as the judge~ In my opinion, I think its fine, nothing too corny or cheesy, as was my fear but I want to hear the whole song before I make judgement

I’m really liking the old-school feel of this song, I expected something more “hip-hop” with the name but I guess, don’t judge a book by its cover lol I love his vocals and the lyrics – not cheesy (atleast not in the preview!) Sound like a song you can just lay back and chill too 🙂

Thanks Jay for the tip!


121 thoughts on “Preview of song “Connection” & English “Wedding Dress”!”

  1. I’m definitely feelin’ this sample. He sounds so smooth & it sounds like one of those feel good songs that you can just chill to. Looking forward in hearing the full song XD

  2. I’ll have to hear “WD” english version in full first. lol I’ve heard the korean version too many times that its stuck in my head while trying to listen to the english version.

    1. SAME! I kept singing the Korean version in my head~~~ Even though it’s the English version…LOL

      Played it WAY~~~ too many times…XD

  3. Okay connection is already my favorite totally loving the old school feel. As far as wedding dress, I think I’ll wait till I hear the whole song before I decide.

  4. this is weird, i just posted a cover of IBT on youtube, no great vocals just me trying to stick to the rhythm and what have u and its funny cuz every time i refresh theres like 2 more views, CRAZY! oh well until the new songs are released al enjoy it while it lasts ; )

  5. As I said before, Connection sounds so promising.
    It is the exact same type of song I tend to love. definitely old-school feel ftw.
    If the full version is just as good as the preview, then I am definitely buying it.

  6. I can already see myself blasting connection in my car on my way to school. It just has that old school late 90’s early 2000 r/b vibe and i love it. As for wedding dress I’m just happy i’ll be able to sing along with it w/o my friends looking at me like i just jumped off the deep end. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing though!

  7. om my Lordy Lord! donno bout you guys but its true what they say, one can NEVER top the original and in this case TY absolutely blew out all the eng covers out the water! this is def my fav eng version of WD(sorry JD Relic but truth got be said!) I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!

  8. ok i know i keep commenting every other 2 secs but holy crap connection is my new tune right now, i am def getting that album now…gotta have it!!!

  9. dnw WD english version,YET.too used to the korean ver.
    and it’s a little gibberish for me.T T
    i’ll wait for the whole song patiently.

    on the other hand first time hearing connection and i’m already hooked.

  10. SOLAR INTERNATIONAL is on itunes for pre-orders.

    Are you going to post that up Kay? That and all the other places one can get the album?

  11. Ok WEDDING DRESS…The first time listening to the english version I was in an annicial shock HOWEVER the third time i heard it I fell in love with the “listen to your heart won’t let you down”I FELL IN LOVE!!!!
    Connection makes me feel at ease. I feel like I can totally blast that in my room and just relax. I Love your english Youngbae oppa. FTW!!!

  12. I’ll wait for the full version of WD to judge it.
    Connection sounds really good. I can’t wait to hear it in full.

  13. ok, so Im gonna wait til the full eng version of wedding dress to judge. BUT
    OMGGG connection is sooooooooooooooo good! I love it!!! So old school…i was jammin in my room. cant wait for that track!

  14. everyone is saying they love connection but i’ll say it anyway too, I LOVE CONNECTION!
    it kinda reminds me of Ne-Yo’s can we chill.
    i’m glad it’s R&B music again.

    about WD (eng ver), like everyone else, i wanna wait for the full song. but so far so good.
    only that YB should watch out for his pronunciation, especially his ‘s’, ‘f’ and ‘r’.

  15. I think I like the English lyrics? LOL actually, i can’t make out some of the words he was saying but the ones that i can sounded okay… will wait for the entire song to really have my opinion on this.

    Connection sounds good… for now. hehehe.

    I’ll just be patient. 🙂

  16. Still like the Korean version of WD better….but then I like the Korean version of IBT better too….so maybe it’s just me.

    Connection is just pure WIN!!! Love love love it!!!

    @Bluemaid-you were right about the tracklist order! Hahaha this is more RnB that I thought it was going to be.

    1. On another note though….anyone thinking his English sounds better in Connection than WD? His English works better in Connection than in WD, or at least to me.

      1. I thought the same thing as well.
        I’m actually Argentinean so my English is not the best, but I understood him better in Connection.

      2. Was it Wedding Dress that they said it was initially in English? Or something like that? So maybe the song was recorded earlier, and then, a few months later, when his English improved, he recorded Connection? Or I have everything completely turned around.. XD

        Anyway, can’t wait to listen to the entire song! I was initially gonna buy only the new songs (since I already own SOLAR & HOT), but seeing the price ($11 is affordable for me… better than buying the physical CD online), I might just buy the entire album on iTunes to help his sales and help represent Canadian Taeyang fans!

        1. I thought it was WUA? Can’t wait for the entire song (both Connection and WD) to come out!!! >w<

  17. Can’t wait for the full songs to be released, but loving Connection and I think the eng version of Wedding Dress is pretty good – much better than expected.

  18. Like everyone else, i LOVE Connection! Ahh, these previews are getting me so pumped for the album!
    I’ll hold off on commenting on WD for now but it sounds okay

  19. I really really love connection. I think I like more than I’ll be there coz it’s so old school.

    Also does anyone else think that the part on the chorus the way he sings it sounds like “always and forever – Donna Lewis”? I’m not trying to be a troll or anything it’s just similar to me. It still love this track. Ita very rnb to me. ❤

    1. been raking my brain, even hummed it to my sister it. U got it, yeah kinda sounds like always&4ever.
      i like connection, definitely would play it when im in my chillax mode. for me connection also have a ballroom dance vibe to it.

  20. Haha! YB really is an old soul….he’s been channeling his faves from the 60’s to the 90’s so something this old school should be right up his alley. Soooo loving Connection right now it ALMOST makes up for my nervousness about WD….

  21. I am feeeeeeeling the connection song. And Kay, i agree. It’s kinda hard to understand his English due to his pronounciation.. But I’m glad it is better than the other English songs BB came out with … Esp with the English lyrics being a bit more sophiscated.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday!!

  22. Loving the previews~~
    Bae just needs to keep working on his accent and he’ll get even more attention from the international audience.

  23. Connection sounds very old school neyo-ish laid back rnb, sounds good.

    Wedding Dress sounds good, still think its better in korean though. I thought maybe the english would be better cos you would really be able to feel the lyrics, but the Korean version flows better. The english version still seems a bit awkward.

  24. Somehow my gut is telling me that Teddy was not the producer of the song “Connection”.. but if he did.. then.. WOW!

    This is something fresh, clean and different from what he usually produces. And if this is the new direction that Teddy will be exploring.. by all means YES!

    BUT with that said, I will hold my judgement of Connection and wait till the full song is released. By the looks of it the song sounds promising.

  25. imo,they should make a MV for connection instead of making another IBT MV.

    aigoo,can’t stop listening to this.<3

    i love the varieties of songs that YB's putting on his album.

  26. ‘Breakdown’ should be on that fucka, so should ‘You’re My’——is the International version all English? THANKSZ!!

    1. No, not all the songs are in English. Only Connection, I’ll be there, and Wedding Dress. The other songs are still in Korean.

  27. I like CONNECTION. Totally cool, something that I would listen to while I’m driving or probably sipping some cool drinks by the pool, at night… I’m excited for these songs.

  28. i’m so loving connection. it’s feels like listening to 90’s. so refreshing from all the techo/autotuned.. ahh!!! something that you will listen to while driving or on a road trip with windows open and air blowing in our face.

    for wedding dress,,, well it sounds cool, will hold my judgment until the full song.. although, YB needs more lessons in enunciation….

  29. Now that’s what Im talking about!! Connection IS LOVE! 🙂
    Its soo smooth. And the flow is real nice. So old school and fresh and 90’s. YEA BAE-BY! Chill. :)) and COOL just like YOU YOUNGBAE.

    I haven’t been digging I’ll Be There, much eithter. I like it and the lyrics are good but the melody and the arrangement – too simple and meh. But I understand that its pretty catchy. My sisters haven’t even heard the whole song but they’re already singing “I’ll be there girl…”. LOL

    As for Wedding Dress, nothing beats the Korean version of course. As I’ve said before, something always gets lost in translation. But still, Congrats YOUNGBAE!!! International album. yea!!!!

  30. when i heard “Connection”, its sound a bit like neyo style of song but it really sounded awsome and it makes me cant wait to hear the full vers..i love how the song sound and it somehow makes me feel happy and great when i hear it^^… for the wedding dress i love it soo much since its my fav song in korean vers, and i’m sure that the english vers will be my fav also^^….good job YB…proud of you…

  31. ajajajaja CONNECTION IS SO GOOD! i know i shouldn’t judge so fast but i really REALLY love what i’m hearing!
    I thought his English in WD is still pretty okay. could understand him like 70% just from the first listen. but yes, his english in connection is way better.. haha.

    gosh, YB, if connection turns out like what the 30s preview has shown, CONSIDER ME SOLD. I’M SO FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU ALL OVER AGAIN. and i’ll freaking get that international album like i promised too!!!! i’ll happily be broke! lol.

    I know this is not an international debut or anything really big, but does anyone from US here think they can pimp Connection and WD (if it turns out good) in US when it comes out? lol like get it aired on radio…. aint from US but i’ll probably try to pimp the song locally too on local radio. since afterall it’s in english…

  32. wow… COnnection–> big stamp of approval…I’m comforted to know they have a clue about international tastes. As far as wedding dress, I love the original too much to love the english version.. But i’ll try for TY. keke hwaiting! I already ordered 3 international albums for my friends on YESASIA, that counts right?

    1. Yesasia doesn’t count on the HANTEO charts, but since this is an international album, I don’t think Hanteo’s are a big concern, we’re aiming for higher chartings on Itunes since it’s on a more international playing field~ but either way, you’re supporting him!!

  33. This type of song as CONNECTION is what I needed from YB. It sounds so good!!
    Don’t know who the producer is but YB needs to work with him next time definitely.

  34. I’ve already pre-ordered the international at dvdheaven but i wanna know if the album is gonna be sold in stores in canada?

    1. There has been no information about the albums being physically sold in stores so right now, the answer is no. It can only be purchase online~

  35. I really like Connection, his voice and english really goes well with this song. For Wedding Dress, I’m not really sure because I could barely understand him. Maybe I should just wait for the whole thing. I still think the Korean version of WD is better.

  36. He was at 27 a few minutes ago on itunes I know this album will do very well. I really like Connection it has a really awesome vibe to it.

  37. AWESOME! love ’em both but I didn’t understand a single sentence properly but I shall say no more about that until the FULL tracks are released.

    1. Lyric – Connection

      “I would never find you, but you are the real thing baby.

      Our chemistry is crazy, and I am getting a feeling there’s a connection inside.

      Yeah~ Girl, it’s real, it’s my confession, heaven sent you are such a blessing.

      I feel a love connection when I am with you.

      All that girls, they kept me guessing, had my picks, jumped my selection.

      I feel a love connection when I am with you”


      1. edited by me… yall hear some wierd lyrics lol

        “I would never find you, but you are the real thing baby.
        Our chemistry is crazy, and I’m really feeling this connection inside.
        Yeah~ Girl, it’s real, this my confession, heaven sent you are such a blessing.
        I feel a love connection when I am with you.
        All them girls, they kept me guessing, had my picks, but your my selection
        I feel a love connection, when I am with you~

        1. hahaha, i hear what you hear too!

          i am totally feeling CONNECTION. such a perfect song for his voice! definitely old school. wedding dress in english im a bit iffy about. i think it might sound better in korean to me. i guess we’ll just have to wait until the whole songs are released!!

  38. #137 on uk R&B chart

    Solar is still on the canada R&B chart at #29 but this album is no where to be seen
    hey Canadian people wake-up and pre-order the new album
    i have trust in canadian people to make this album #1 again in their country

  39. Don’t take this personal Taeyang fans (i’m one too btw) as it’s just a critique which I think many of you will agree with. But Taeyang needs to work a little more on his english pronounciation, he kind of slurs his words at times so it’s hard to fully understand. But considering how english isn’t his first language I give him major props. Also Connections is love ❤ , I'll have to listen to the full version of wedding dress to judge though, especially the chorus.

    1. Hahah, no worries man.

      I had trouble understanding the 30 secs preview of WD, the issue was less so (but still there) with Connection.

      I think all ATYers agree that YB needs more work on his English, it’s been said in the past when discussion steers to “international debut” 😛

      I for one, agree with you. His English does slur and gets mixed up with the next word, everything’s mushed together.

      I think it has to do with the Korean language as well, the pronunciation for Korean is all sort of inside the mouth (I dunno what I’m talking about, lol)

      Not like English where you can make yourself real clear if you open your mouth very widely when you talk.

      So he doesn’t really pronounce the words properly and sort of slurs~~ everything together (like Korean, it sounds slur and real fast to me sometimes…XD)

      I like his Korean English though, it’s cute. ❤

      Considering that English is his second language (maybe third since he knows Japanese as well. XD), I think he's done a really good job. =)

      And compared to his English in Big Bang's "With U" and "Make Love" I think he's made a big improvement.

      Knowing YB I'm sure he'll keep improving until it's good~~~ (though I hope he doesn't lose that accent, I gotta say I love it a lot…XD)

  40. Maaaaaaaaaannnnnnn~ CONNECTION SOUNDS SO AWESOME!!!!

    I can’t wait to hear the full song!!! >w<

    Can't wait for the full song of Eng. ver. Wedding Dress too! The lyrics sound great, and not cliche… which is good!

    These two songs sound VERY PROMISING!

    Oh no, I think I'm getting my hopes up…LOL

  41. Connection needs choreography!!!!! Where is Shaun?! New fav song and it’s only 30sec. Maybe he will perform it in his concert and Shaun will make something 🙂

  42. dood if they made an mv of connection instead of I’ll be there, that would totally break the international market. It’s totally a good follow to WD. The first time I heard connection, I knew that I liked it. IBT on the other hand, was a grower.
    Int. Fans want another wedding dress hype and connection would live up to that hype if it had an epic mv as well 😀
    ya kno wut I’m sayin?

    1. umm ..i dont know.. i didnt like IBT from the teaser but til now it keeps playing in my head. even the crowing part. lol. i played Connection like 10 straight times last night but it there’s no hook to it. perhaps coz it’s only the teaser. but i think with songs like WD, INAG, and Connection, i think IBT is needed to wake u up. im not saying these songs put me to sleep, ok? just that these are such chill songs that IBT is def needed to put some ooomph to the whole album.

      1. ^
        agree with you. IBT is very catchy and gets stuck like nothing else.

        however it’s too quick to judge Connections yet.

  43. I’m still jamming to the original WD. So I’m still not used to the english version. It’ll probably grow on me like IBT did.
    I love me some Connection though. >.<
    Also, Taeyang's albums is booming. It's up at #23 already.

  44. This is what I was trying to say before, that he should improve his english. I could barely understand his English but this won’t stop Taeyang from shining 😉
    I swear he always impress me from every previews he has…really digging “Connection”.

  45. wow his voice is too great. his eng is so amazing, i felt a little to hear but it heard like an local sing. too great

  46. Full version of Connection’s been released on Korean music sites. I’m a loser, though, so still trying to find the links! T.T

        1. Yeah, that’s the page, but the preview is no longer available. Apparently, it was up (by mistake?) briefly before they took it down again. WD, too. Anyway, kfans are going nuts over Connection, so (whine) I wanna hear it~! >.<

        2. wow Mnet’s got a full page for Taeyang? i think he’s #2 in their chart. but then theyve got this not so reliable reputation, sorry to say. anyway, seems like they got some online voting? and both versions of IBT got the most votes. yey! happy! Connection follows! yey!

          it;s gonna be released tonight? is it 12mn KST?

  47. oh yes!! Put the right production behind this man and unleash the beast that he is!!! Rawrrrr!!! YOungbae go get em!!

  48. So far im liking the previews we have been given. Cant wait to hear his Album in its entirety.
    Connections has the old school R&B Feel. kinda reminds me of Joe and his album ‘All That I Am’.

  49. hello. is there any website that i can go to to preorder his new album? other then itunes? like the real album itself?

    1. hi Joanne.. 🙂

      there’s a few sites whereby u can pre-order his international album.. there’s few sites which contribute to his album sales but i don’t know which sites it is.. but usually; i’ll either go to eBay or Yesasia to pre-order his album.. hope that helps.. 😀

  50. Connection is on my top 3 of solar !!! This song remind me of these old school rnb songs like with usher, kelly roland and nelly, it sound really craid davidish love this style, suits him the best, i think that if YB songs must be broadcasted in US stations, connection will be much more well received than WD, WD is stil a bit Kpopish but connection sounds nothing like a Kpop Song but a US hit !

  51. trying to purchase a soribada card.. i bought one before and it expired so buying another card but this time when i put in my credit card number and tried to verify it doesn’t go through… any help?

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