Hip-Hop artist, Joosuc’s love call to Taeyang

Looks like JooSuc (주석 ) is a new addition to Taeyang’s already long list of celebrity fans.  Joosuc, a (underground) hip-hop artist, also wants to work with our boy.  Check out his love message, complete with romantic piano music, to Taeyang on a recent radio show:

Source: 21bangs

It says he’s a R&B artist, but I think he’s rapper – more hip-hop than R&B.  His message was so adorable!  “This is kind of weird.”

More music from JooSuc under the cut!

His newest single “POP and DROP” (warning: not safe for the youngin’s)

I really like this track with R&B artist, C-Luv (Taewan) – an prime example of early Korean R&B.

11 thoughts on “Hip-Hop artist, Joosuc’s love call to Taeyang”

  1. um kinda awkward that they played Yiruma’s piano piece in the background… I mean, it’s like iono… it’s like if I didn’t read what he said earlier it could come off as a little bit gay but hey it’s cool that his fanbase his growing. ^^

  2. aw how cute! taeyang sure is getting more love from others alot! lol i couldnt help but laugh at the romantic song they put in the background ^^

  3. love the bg music. haha.. so funny!
    i wish him luck though.
    the list of people who want to work with YB is getting kinda long.
    and YG is kinda picky. hehe..
    it would not happen so easily.

  4. And here goes another one! I swear my list is never going to end since YB keeps on getting more and more celebrity fans!

    His message to YB had me cracking up for some reason, especially his first line to YB! He’s watched YB ever since he was young? How stalkerish! 🙂

    But nonetheless, proud that YB is becoming the type of artist other people want to work with. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hahaha, that part was so funny. They really did make it seem as if he is trying to ask YoungBae for a date.

  5. It’s pretty cool to see all these other artists expressing their will to work with Taeyang.
    I find it so ironic that he’s an idol but also part of the underground scene.

    1. True, R&B and Hip-Hop have similar roots, but I would not consider them THE SAME genre. There’s fuzzy zones, but they’re not the same. R&B developed from Jazz/Blues/Gospel, while Hip-Hop came much after. You cannot say Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder does the same music as Eminem or Jay-Z. I will recognize that the genres are very much intertwined, but they are NOT THE SAME.

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