Taeyang melts ice with Fall/Winter Fila 2010 Collection

He really does sports shoots well, I’d love to see him do a bicycle clothing shoot, or maybe some for running clothes…all those tight clothes…LOL I’ll stop now ..


31 thoughts on “Taeyang melts ice with Fall/Winter Fila 2010 Collection”

  1. looking mighty fine there! he rocks them hoodies and jackets well!
    OT but i thought i was seeing teddy in the first two pics. lol. they seriously look alike.

  2. love it all^^ specially on the blue background ones^^ blue always attract my attention first..LOL^^ overall the shoot was awsome^^ he totally make that winter jackets look awsome on him^^ ❀ love it^^

  3. I like looking at the winter clothes pictures when it gets cold outside lol ❀ I can imagine him walking to school with me LOL. Love ya Taeyang!

  4. very nice shoot, i’ve always liked his fila photoshoots. only picture i have a problem with is the one where he’s wearing a tee with those thick gloves. the gloves seem so out of place.

  5. Love these pictures. Honestly it’s probably one of his best shoots. I think he looks better in the winter shoots than the summer ones.

  6. After seeing so many behind the scenes of photoshoots…I can tell YB wants to break into dance in some of them. for example #4..it just looks like it to me.

  7. oppa is sooo hot here..he’s like “hug meeeee”especially with the white jacket…@__@…
    and:yeah kay i know what ur tlking bout’:bae with skinny clothes and the abs.OMO!!!!.melts”””””””’..okay i’ll stop now too.keke

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