[COD] Mini-Taeyang shows some dance moves

Harang is well on the way to becoming the next generation Taeyang, with those killer dance moves he shows in this video…I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an early singing/dancing career…Harang is the ultimate fanboy~


51 thoughts on “[COD] Mini-Taeyang shows some dance moves”

  1. Haha thanks for make the post for me.

    I could sit and watch this video all day. And look at Ha Eum – up on Taeyang! She’s like “He’s MIIIIINEEEEE.” LOL.

    1. I knowww. She’s so precious! It looked like she wanted him to carry her, but he was distracted looking at adoooraable Harang.
      HaEum to Harang: stop stealing his attention from me >.<

  2. now who wished they were Haeum!!! look at he clinging onto Taeyang with her right leg swinging!!!

    and harang is adorable!!!!

    Sean’s kids are so cute!!!

    I so envy haeum!!!

    now she’s the ULTIMATE TAEYANG FANGIRL!!!

  3. Harang is so cute lol and awww the lil girl was all over TaeYang. I wish I was her lmao those kids must love hanging out with him

  4. ahhhhh soo cuteee ahhh taeyang would make such a gread dad aaww the girl is all over himm we he is urss LOL waiit noo hes MINEEE

  5. a mini YB he turn out to be^^ i’m sure that harang would want to be like his hyung when he grow up^^ he was so cute^^ poor ha eum…she wanted YB to carry her but YB was focusing on harang…YB just love to hang around with the lil ones^^ a great future father to be^^

  6. Haeum was like carry me carry me…. Then harang no he won’t after he sees my killer dance moves he will carry me lol…. Harang getting it down yb style… Yb look so proud…
    Harang to haeum did u see that lol XD yeah his totally mine now lol kekekeke

  7. I could watch this all day long πŸ™‚ .TaeYang’s laugh is so adorable. HaRang is going to be total ladies men when he grows up I see it already. Lol!


    I can see how YB said he wants to be a great father some day… Harang and Haeum are just so cute!!!!

    Haeum didn’t get carried by YB~ Aww, poor baby~ *pat pat*

    and HARANG IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!1 He will really look up to YB…. I can’t wait to see how he turns out as he grows up.

    YB loves kids so~ He will be SUCH A GOOD DADDY~ >////<

  9. should i be ashamed at myself for watching youngbae in this video instead of harang? πŸ˜› i mean, after the third watch, i forced my eyes to go to the little cutie, but my eyes kept on wandering back to the older cutie!!

  10. With clips like these….you can already imagine what a great father YB is going to be.

    Hahaha….Haeum and Harang fighting over YB. Haeum not wanting to let go of him while Harang tries to take all of the attention by dancing to WUA. Both are going to grow up to be heartbreakers!!!!

  11. OHMYGEEEE. Harang is so adorableee ! πŸ˜€ He’d totally fit to be the next generation TAEYANG ❀ And Haeum… i wish i can hug TAEYANG like that πŸ˜› Hehe.

  12. This is thee cutest thing I’ve ever seen lol I also say a vid when he got his hair cut and he’s adorable! Who’s son is this?

  13. Hahahaha!! aigoo bebe’s laugh is so aaagh! <333 awww keke harang was so happy around YB,those kids luv him i swear! Haeum was like…uuh no you're MINE! lol,she's luckyyy!! im sure she'll realize that when she's older xD so cute!

  14. ngaaaaw. sean’s kids are adorable! and they become even cuter because they love yb heaps lol.
    just wait… the youngest .. i believe his name is Ha Yul, will join in soon too. hahaha. but yb looks like he works really well with kids πŸ™‚

  15. I love how Harang holds onto Sean for leverage hahahaha!!! it’s so cute! Gosh it must so fun just taking care of Ha Eum and Harang, lol!! If I was Ha Eum I wouldn’t let go of YB.

    1. He is holding on to DaeSung. You can hear DaeSung say “WOW” when Harang starts to dance.

      This clip is beyong cute.

  16. so cute. I was just on youtube watching some vids and I found some of Harang and Haeum. YB isn’t in them but i wanted to share caz they are so adorable

    Haeum feeding Harang

    Harang washing dishes

    Vid of Hayul [sean’s other baby]

  17. omo!how i wish i was just a kid and hug bae and nver ever let go!!..kekke..but really ha eum is really like”his mine!”…kekeke..clap3!!!the nxt taeyang gen…harang !!!…

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