Taeyang’s SOLAR Concert 2010

Finally an English communication from YGE via Taeyang’s official facebook!  (About time…It’s an INTERNATIONAL release!)

Please let us know if you’re planning to go.  We know a couple ATYers are either going or already in Korea!  Good luck!

More info below:

Thank you.

Hi, all.

YG Entertainment invites you to the Taeyang’s 2010 solo concert!! The show is filled with spectacular performances of his hit singles including [I’ll Be There] from his new album. So, take this great opportunity to check out the show all about Taeyang!!

Please check detailed information as belows.


– Concert Name : 2010 Taeyang Solo Concert [SOLAR]

– Date : Saturday, Sep 25th, 2010 / 07:00PM (For Everyone) Sunday, Sep 26th, 2010 / 06:00PM (For 18+ Only)

– Place : Grand Peace Palace at Kyung Hee University, Seoul

– Ticket Price : VIP – 88,000 KRW / R – 77,000 KRW / S – 66,000 KRW (Incl. VAT)

– Organized by : YG Entertainment

– Sponsored by : Gmarket, LOOKKOREA


– Where : Exclusively on Gmarket (http://event.gmarket.co.kr/html/201007/100730_taeyang/100817_solar.asp)

– When : Start from Friday, Aug 20th, 2010 / 08:00PM


Please be aware that there will be different age limit for each days.

[Saturday, Sep 25th, 2010 – No Age Limit]

※ The concert on 25th is for everyone. However, preschool children will be restricted for smoother entrance process and safety.

[Sunday, Sep 26th, 2010 –over 18 yrs old Only]

※ The concert on 26th is only for over 18 yrs old and there will be an identification check at the entrance.

※ Valid passport will be needed in the identification check for those who doesn’t have a Korean Identification card.

※ Those who were born before 1991 will be able to enter the show on 26th.

※ A person who purchases a ticket by using his/her parent’s ID or others’ ID won’t be allowed to enter the show if he/she fails in the identification check.

※ When a person fails in proving his/her age during the identification check, his/ her ticket won’t be refunded and YG Entertainment will not take any responsibility for that.

We will be looking for your great interest and support.


43 thoughts on “Taeyang’s SOLAR Concert 2010”

  1. Yeah Kay, I emailed you. LOL prolly didn’t have time to read it! I bought six tickets!!! they’re not vip seats cuz damn vips have fast ass fingers.

    THe entire process was so intense. Waited by the computer at 7:59, started clicking just in case my clock was slow. Soon as 8:00 hits, i swear the VIP seats went in 30 seconds. LOL.. I got second level seats, guess that’s good enough. I got 4 for sept 25 and 2 for sept 26. Why did i get so many? GOt too excited i guess. LOL

    P.S no cameras and phones, u know the usual, but i’m gonna try to get some fan cams in anyways.

    1. woow.. You’re fast ^^ … HAve fun watching and do tell us about it ^^

      I was wondering if your not gonna use the other ticket for the 26th date can I buy it from you ???

      thanks and do tell us about teh show okay ^^

      1. if ur sure ur going to go let me know. i have 2 extra for the 26th- n if ur in korea, we can meet up so i can guve u the ticket . its 66000 krw for one

        1. hi there I’m sorry for the late replu I was waiting on my ffriend to come back .. I already a ticket from her but the chances of me going is close to nothing ^^

          thanks again ^^

        2. hey, i know this is late, but i was wondering if you still have any extra tickets for the concert on the 26th.

          i’m in korea, and would love to meet up with you and see the concert.

          please let me know if they’re still available, and i’ll give you my personal contact info. 🙂

    2. my sister pre ordered for me already.
      2nd floor.she was like what the hell!i’ve waited for an hour to order and all vip tickets …gone in 2 minutes.crazy!

      i still didn’t lose hope that she’ll get me vip seats though.

      so that’s what they say about ticket war,lol.

    3. Hello,

      I couldn’t help but notice your comment when I was browsing through google. I’m also one of Taeyang’s fans who just wasn’t fast enough in getting a ticket.. let alone a VIP ticket which was what I was aiming for.

      I was wondering if you still have those 2 extra tickets for the 26th? I’m willing to take them off your hands and I can meet you up asap for payment!

      Please let me know if you still have them! =)


  2. AWWW i so have the money to go, but my passport expired and i cant get a new one cause i have to go to Guatemala in order to get it renewed.
    😦 I’m sad!! Oh well there is always next year or the year after….

  3. *sniff* I want to go so bad~~~ D:

    But I don’t think it’d be possible. My mum already spend bucks on the SOLAR album for me…”XD

    She and I both agree that it’s probably best not to buy IBT… =\

    The concert!!! Damn… It’s when my break starts! DAMN!!!!!!!!! D:

    ATYers who are going enjoy!!!! *small voice*FAN CAMS!!!

  4. I have a question. I know aty on yt gets irritating & negative comments about Ty. How do you guys hold back on responding back? On ty’s yt page for IBT, he is getting horrible comments and peoplle keep talking about novi novak.

    And it’s irriating.

    Argh. Sorry, I was listening to his song and looking at this post. Jesus. I misread and thot he was doing an international tour. Lol fail ):

      1. i knoww. but

        there’s one comment that LITERALLY made me pissed off.

        “Omg. I didn’t know Asians can sing. Let alone have auto-tune.”

        i was like… are you serious?! my brother who is an avid basher on asians (we’re asian btw) keeps telling me how idiotic it is to be a fan of a korean because they are trying to be americans since america is at the top.

        i’m like, are you serious? all of our role models are getting knocked up or going to jail for drugs & DUIs.

        ahhh. i couldn’t hold myself in – i responded a few times. and i am now going to stop since it’s getting nowhere. i hate giving in LOL.

        1. “Omg. I didn’t know Asians can sing. Let alone have auto-tune.”

          someone so ignorant of writing a comment such as that does not deserve a response. they’ve obviously been living under a rock or under the impression that asians are techonologically impaired, LOL ! when we totally aren’t.

        2. SERIOUSLY.

          almost EVERYTHING that’s in AMERICA is made in China, Japan, Korea..

          i mean SERIOUSLY.

          I’m Indonesian.. so i had a GUY ask me, in a polite manner, “do you guys have a.. modern city.. there?? or is it like huts?”


  5. I’m not in Korea and I’m not going. So sad!
    I am from USA and it’s like impossible for me to go. The airline ticket alone is over a thousand dollars & hotels and etc. is way too expensive.
    I’m so far from TAE YANG. I hope or wishes that he knows that he’s got fans from USA TOO.
    And I’ll never get the chance to go to his concert.
    Wish there was something that u can win a VIP to see him in concert. I’ll be so happy. I would love to meet him someday cause he’s so sweet and talented.

  6. I really wanna go sooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i flippin start uni by then. Mannn even seeing the little promo trailer, its killing me that i’m gonna miss it. Not to mention this is gonna be one his last solo concerts for like another 2years. T_T i feel like crying. I really hope that he has another concert, I must definitely go to that one.

  7. i think it sucks YGE make it hard for International fans to go to his concert. I mean compared to other artists YB has a massive international fan base, hence the whole international album thing. But to get tickets for his concert, you’d either have to be able to read Korean or know someone who can. Its so hard to understand how to get the tickets from the Gmarket site, not to mention international fans would also have to pay for a flight to Korea

  8. I originally planned to go if the concert was not postponed:( arrrghhhhh……… i’ll NOT be there!!!!!! I almost have a heart attack when I know it was postponed.. cos I already have my package confirmed!

  9. plz come to the states!!! whatever state jus come and i’ll be sure to make it there!!! haha! have fun to those that are going… (fan cams) hehe!

    i want to take in a fancam too! what is that? is that just being sneaky with our digital cameras?

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong which is most probable, but since I was moving into a new one-room and didn’t have internet, I couldn’t make the August 20th presale and now I’m just desperate.

    Are there two different dates for ticket sales? (1차, 2차) The first sale is done (presumably because it’s sold out), but it looks like there’s another sale on August 30. Did they decide to open up the 3rd floor after all the tickets sold out? Or did they just split up the seats, 1/2 for one ticket sale and 1/2 for another?

  12. i’m from the philippines and will be visiting korea next week in time for taeyang’s concert. i really want to watch but can’t buy tickets from gmarket because it’s in korean. can anyone here help me or has extra tickets they are willing to sell, my friend and i would like to watch the 26th show. thanks so much~~ ^^

  13. Hi I’m a Korean fan of Youngbae. Sorry for my poor English in advance. Anyway… I think you can buy the ticket at the concert place. They are not sold out yet. Thanks.

      1. Hi. Um… in case of the tickets for the 26th of Sep… VIP seats was sold out on that day but I think it’s possible to get the ticket for 25th day(VIP ticket). The concert place is relatively small so 2nd or 3rd floor is not that bad. I also bought it for 2nd floor :).

        1. oh i see, we thought since it’s the 2nd floor it would be far. but if that’s the case then i guess we’ll buy R tickets then.

          thanks so much for the help! if you won’t mind, it would be great if we could meet up. just let us know 🙂

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