Taeyang turns into a vampire and kills it on Music Core

ROFL. (No he’s not a vampire or a werewolf for this song for those who are still confused)

The MV and performance really makes up for my indifference with the song.  Considering this was only Taeyang’s 2nd live performance, I thought he killed it.  Knocked it dead.  He sang a lot more than I expected with a such a fast, upbeat song and sounded fantastic!  The set was beautiful and sets the mood perfectly.  Though I will say, I don’t think the choreography translates from the MV to the stage that nicely.  There’s too much going on in the background and it’s distracting.  It attempts to tell the same story as the MV but leaves me a little muddled.  However it does make for a dynamic and unique stage.

Taeyang will be on SBS Inkigayo tomorrow at 4PM KST!

107 thoughts on “Taeyang turns into a vampire and kills it on Music Core”

  1. I liked this live a lot as it gave a more detailed showing of the choreography which I thought was just awesome. So it seems he tries hard to reach his women but seems to be failing every time he gets close to them or there are obstacles blocking his way haha. I like it very interesting 8D

  2. hot performance as always. i wish the camera would show the choreography more tho. they would zoom in at the wrong time. and we’d miss something the background dancers did on the ground. but all in all, still a great performance by bae.

    (off topic)
    idk about you guys but is it me or is taeyang getting a lot of antis all of a sudden??
    on his mv on youtube, people just keep hating non stop. saying he copied MJ’s thriller, or that hes copying twilight? seriously twilight? but anyways, its just making me frustrated cause i dont get why people hating on taeyang so much. i dont usually comment but its buggin me. why all of the hate? taeyang is the best performer/singer out there. its a shame.

    1. Don’t worry about the YT comments. It’s just ignorant people with no lives that live to troll YT videos. They’re just jealous b/c they could never even amount to 1/10000000000 of YB’s awesomeness.

      1. yea there are some jealous trolls. When the vid was 1st posted on AKP there was somone who thumbed down positive comments there [which was pretty much all of them]. thankfully people thumbed them back up incl. myself. people can be so stupid. it’s one thing to be like i dislike this or w.e caz not every1 has to like it, but to spend time thumbing down positive/supportive comments is so lame.

        Anyway, i loved the perfomance. The mv doesn’t show off the choreo as well as the live stage performances. Can’t wait for a higher quality vid and future performances

    2. FOR REALS!! I mentioned that on the other thread cuz i was SOO irritated.

      his ANTIS are from America – as i expected!! )=

      1. I know!! its making me all depressed cause taeyang doesnt deserve all this hate. i dont get why i keep seeing alot of hate recently towards bae. its making me so frustrated!! :/

        1. i know!

          like seriously…

          we, Americans, have so much pride – it’s ridiculous.

          so, we bash anything that can be a possible threat.

          it’s STUPID.

          it’s not like America has anything going for them in terms of music.

          everything is revolved around sex, drugs, and alcohol – to the point where almost ALL of our celebrities who are role models are making frequent trips to jail and rehab. i mean seriously…

          they don’t recognize true talents anymore. it’s about how easy you can look.

          like, Charice – her voice is AMAZING, but she’s barely getting anywhere in the US. )=

        2. @justchaa

          Ouch! I think you shouldn’t go there. I understand you’re frustrated with the situation but by no means you should say that about a entire country – group of people- it can be taken the wrong way. I agree some of the comments on Youtube are extremely ignorant, but lets not go there. People always have something to say so please don’t take it seriously. Rather than getting worked up by it, you should just read the comments here!

        3. @tofumon

          sorry – i get overly dramatic in my comments that i don’t pay attention how things can be taken.

          i didn’t expect to get this heated up over this.


        4. I think that’s it’s completely wrong to generalize an entire country like that. Not all American celebs get into trouble. A lot of them are stand up people. It’s too bad that the media loves to focus on the ones that are in trouble.

          I don’t know why people are getting worked up over youtube comments. The trolls are just doing their jobs. They only want attention. People need to learn to ignore them. They’ll go away.

          As for Charice, she hasn’t done too bad for herself. She debuted in the top 10 on billboard. The first Asian to do so. She could use more promotion though.

        5. well you know how it is. when YB wasnt that famous, he didn’t get that much hate. but now that he’s getting a bit famous everywhere, that haters are multiplying. it’s like that w/ every musician. i guess it just really frustrates us cuz we know how YB works hard for this. and of course how humble he is (lol i’m not sure if i could say innocent anymore *wink wink*) but what matters is there’ll always be us, his fans, who will look up to him no matter what those haters say.

    3. it’s the sudden exposure most likely, when yb was korea-bound no such thing happened (or kept to a minimum), but now since he’s performing to the larger audience (international album), he’s exposed a bit more so more people are bound to hate.

    4. Most of them are trolls and it’s bound to happen the more popular an artist gets. In the end, his supporters overrun his haters by a lot.

    5. Youtube comments kill brain cells as much as Twilight kills it.

      The Twilight comparisons boggle me. 1)he’s not a vampire 2)he’s not a werewolf 3)twilight apparently never occurred in a graveyard. 4)twilight is not all that original with the vampire shizz. 5)edward is pale as heck…nor does he have chocolate abs. 6)YB hardly has enough hair to be a werewolf.

      As for Thriller? UMM Just go watch the MV…so different.

      What if Taeyang and his crew just wants to dance without their shirts at a graveyard? Leave him alone!!!!!!! *sobs*


      1. ^THIS…..Tofu ftw!!!!

        Better watch out before Kay kills you for that first Twilight comment Tofu! Hahaa

        1. LOL…….naw, I agree, its got nothing to do with Twilight….the “gothic-vamp” theme might be similar but there isnt any Twilight in it…however, with fans really into Twilight these days, I guess comparisons can’t be helped LOL

        2. Yah i know twilight is EVERYWHERE!! …i used to like the story and stuff in elemetery and middle school when it wasnt so famous…but im in high school like 11th grade and there over doing it to the point were i fuckin hate it and i hate all the stupid fan girls i mean im a girl and i was never that obsessed with it…BUT i guess you can compare ANYTHING NOW TO TWILIGHT AND IT FRUSTRATES ME…Ex. “OMG girls guess what i was siting in science class and OMG IT WAS JUST LIKE TWILIGHT WHEN BELLE IS LEARNING ABOUT SCIENCE!!!” all girls scream….Yes its that bad now

    6. Taeyang didnt get antis. it’s the vid concept. i think his vid is showing up in Popular section of YT so people are clicking on it and automatically they say Twilight and gay. LOL. it could also be coz Perez Hilton featured the vid. they all hate whatever he puts up. doesnt matter if it’s good or not, it’s gay. ^^
      i dont really mind it. better than not getting any attention at all. i see some who stumble on it and liked it so that’s good for YB.

    7. don’t worry. look, YB is wearing a bulletproof vest and combat boots! he’s ready for the fight! LMAO and we’re here right? we’ll back him up and overpower those haters 🙂 fangirls and fanboys unite! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!

      note: he was wearing those uncomfortable clothes but nailed the performance non the less ❤ dang… i know how difficult it is to move around in combat boots and it seems like he's wearing something similar to it but he performed so professionally and made it look so easy and this is just one of the many reasons why i love him ❤

    8. i think they were just ignorant trolls who happen to stumble upon his MV.
      they were probably curious as to who he is gaining many viewers in just a span of 1 day.

    9. For me I notice more on the sudden change of YB fans. Ususlly most of the comments on BB related videos are from Top and GD fans. Nowadays YB fans seem to comment a lot. Some of the comments are like “YB is the world strar”, TY is the most sexiest guy in the world, etc..
      One comment that make me lol is
      TAEYANG! I knew Bigbang because of you.You’re the best NO.1 FOREVER. You’re true full of talented guy.You’re the best guy in the world that I’ve ever seen in my entire life,you can make people all around the world cry because of love you.YOU NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVEEEEE YOU…I will love you to my last breath !!!”
      By reading these kind of comments I wonder about the age of new YB fans.

    10. Considering all the attention taeyang is getting right now with IBT, I understand why musicgoers are more critical. IBT isn’t a song that portrays his true talent as a singer so it’s hard for people to be convincedthat this guy truly has talent.

      If it was Wedding Dress that just released, I guarantee that the bashing would be much less. It’s an epic sogg and music video.

      I hope taeyang doesn’t let this get to him. He is finally getting attention. It sucks that it is good and bad altogether.

      1. This IBT song is too auto-tuned for my taste.. It’s not original. The choreo was great. Shaun is gifted!

        WD, LOAM, and WUA were different and it showed off his true talent. I just wished people would check his other stuff and then critique him. On top of that, @hazel, I wonder how old are TYs fans too (:

    11. I see the vampire-ness in it but nothing like twilight AT ALL.
      Seriously, no emo and whiny teenager and a vampire that shines with a werewolf that always rips his shirt off.

    12. means he’s getting more popular hence the attention.

      first it’s the people who loves his craft, then people who’ll hate on him because people loves his craft, then people who first didn’t care but became curious because people were hating on him and then in the end- more popularity.

      it’s a win-win situation.

    13. One thing that I’ve learnt to never do is to read YT comments.

      It’s useless reading them and not worth your time at all.

      Best to ignore it.

      Internet is full of hate, because there’s that feeling of distance away from the actual person or thing we’re talking about. In this case, YB’s MV.

      Twilight has got NOTHING on IBT, and I mean NOTHING.

      IBT’s got no werewolves or sparkly vampires… It’s got hot choco ab Tae Yang dancing and looking damn hot. (did I just use hot twice? yes i did, lol)

      Edward and Jacob have got NOTHING on Tae Yang. YB PWNage. XD

    14. @ (off the topic) i totally agree! 🙂 he is the best and he is not copying!!! he has his own taste and sence of style! love him!

  3. YB nailed it!!
    A truly AWESOME performance!!
    not only YB but also the dancers are GREAT!!
    I’m looking forward to more exciting performances in the coming weeks!!

  4. Edward beware! There’s a new vampire in town! And he’s amazing!!!

    One of the best first performances he’s ever done for a song (I don’t count Chocolate since it hasn’t been aired yet). Everything was exquisite. Love the camerawork. He’s gotten so much better…singing like 90% of .the song as well as performing the choreo (which I LOVE btw! Much props to Shaun for it) and not to mention his fierce facial expressions!

    Sorry Se7en…but YB definitely had the best performance of the night!

      1. Ahahahah. I know. I only said that b/c I felt like Se7en’s been killing his performance. His performances are usually the best to me. So I was just YB mad props when it turned out that I liked his performance better.

  5. one heck of a performance!!!!!!!! woot! YB, you’re f*cking killing me!!!! Shaun, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you really are my savior 🙂 you just don’t know how frustrated i was with the song but with that kind of performance, dang! i don’t care anymore ❤

  6. loved the performance even though it was lagging like hell on kpopflash, totally gonna wait for this yt link to go HD, i feel it deserves to be watched in HD lol !
    i was surprised he sang like almost all of the song and managed to deliver it perfectly, no heavy breathing and everything.

    1. oh yeah, near the end of ths song where the dancers are on the floor holding him down and yb is like grasping himself … i was secretly hoping for yb to pull a ‘rain’ and just rip that vest off. huhuhu.

      1. wahahaha! speaking of rain, i suddenly remembered his sparkly vest :p good thing taeyang kept his minimalistic LOL

        1. omg this is funny, see that sparkly Rain vest? i was watching ‘true hollywood story’ and saw it on usher, exact thing, and they were talking about a few years back meaning Rain got it from Usher…i know i divert am sorry just had to share that!

  7. I loved the choreography. Especially that there’s always something going on. Every time I watch, I notice something new. You don’t see choreography this complex often on these music shows.

    I’ve already watched this at least 10 times and it always leaves me wanting more. Definitely exceeded my expectations! And the more he performs it, the more better it will get.

    1. *high five* I’m still trying to see what the moves portray if it’s either just movements or if there is some meaning to it >.<

  8. I KNOW! I was so positively shocked that he sang so much! Cause in the old fancams he sang so little.. I was so happy watchin this! Such epic comeback! Keep this up YB! And show them haters dancing while singing is piece o cake for u!

  9. what i would do to be the dancers rolling on the floor grabbing his leg.

    Jung Joori is one hell of a lucky lady. (=

    1. Thanks for the HQ link. It is so much better. Man!!! Jihye is the goddness of vampire lol. She looks amazing. YB performance is Epic. I like the complex and unique choreography.

    2. oh wow !
      Thanks for the HD version, 10X better. Taeyang rocked it. He was A-MAZING & I just loved the stage & his expressions & movement throughout the whole performance was super.


    wow u are using kevlar ( bullet proof vest )

    by the way Ji Hye is so sexy in this video… wanna hug and kiss her ^_^

    1. nope hehe :p it’s not a real bullet proof vest but just a vest which was inspired by the bullet proof vest 🙂 am i making sense? hahaha! it’s pharell williams and moncler’s collaboration :p you can just google it :p

  11. he nailed this performance!

    kudos to Shaun (amazing choreo!), his dancers (WAWA and CRAZY) and Taeyang!!! Great job guys! 🙂

  12. im so glad he’s wearing the vest. love it.
    great job!
    just more eye-contact. but everything else is really great! love the choreo

  13. i just drooled on my keypad. i dont know why but taeyang just got hotter in my eyes even though he already was. i think it was the choreo, he was locking at the right time with such smoothness and masculinity its insane oh and singing at the same time too. however i dont think the camera does this performance justice. they zoom out and zoom in at the wrong time other than that i was at the edge of my seat and was truely entertained 😀 😀

  14. One of my favorite performances of YB.

    The set, costumes, choreography and dancing, vocals, expressions, camerawork — everything came together for me. Everyone on Team YB did such a good job, especially the man himself. Yay Taeyang!

  15. Personally I LOVE this performance. For once after a year, I’ve felt truly satisfied with a performance. He sang more than i thought he would, he sounded like the recorded version, the dance is, as usual, on point and the expression on his face were present.

    1. I Agree with you there ILOVEMBAE ,this perf was very much spot on,the vocals were smooth with no errors, he seemed much more focused and into it,this was much more satisfying than the majority of the INAG perfs.

  16. LOVE this performance! everything was very well done and smooth, maybe because this isn’t his first time on stage alone for a comeback after 2 years,so he must have been less nervous.

    on another note: the perf was quite dramatic haha I likey 😀

  17. YB has to learn to sift through the comments and handle all types of publicity coming out now that he is releasing his product to a wider audience. Base on his interviews, YB has a tendency to worry a lot and keep the worry to himself, tho he did say it’s a lot better now, I still hope he learns how to be more sure of himself and be confident that his true fans will be there to support the kind of music he really likes.

    and yeah, Tofumon, you’re comments are funny… 😀

    Young Bae, hwaiting… you’re getting there… many people outside of Korea wants more of you…

    1. that was one of the reason why i want him to stay in korea.at least vips will still be able to protect him.

      there was a discussion here,i think last year,about him going international and i was totally against it.he’s such a sweetheart and i can’t imagine what will happen if he did cross over.all the negativities.:(

      i stress enough while he’s still in korea,how much more outside.

      i know korea is too small for him now,and he will eventually spread his wings,i’m happy for the attention he’s getting but anxious at the same time.

      1. I’m sure he’s aware that he’ll need a thick skin but if he’s still willing to go ahead with it, why not? Yes, as fans it hurts us to see anyone dog him but that’s always going to happen. I know Korean celebrities seem to really care about what people say about them online but he’s gotta be like the western ones…they don’t give a shit. They do what they gotta do and put no importance on the anonymous trolls/haters typing away.

    2. I worry for him too. I’m hoping he stays in that positive space he’s in. The greater world is just full of haters, if he doesn’t have the confidence to hold himself up then he shouldn’t try.

      However I think the experiences from last year have made him stronger and I want him to hold on to that. He’s a man now, I hope he continues making music in his style whether thats R&B, pop or a nice YB fusion of them both.

    3. You’re not alone there. *hug* =)

      YB’s habit of worrying and lacking confidence in his looks and abilities… Is one reason I was drawn to him.

      One because I feel like I’m seeing some of myself in him…”XD I worry WAY too much and I’m not sure of myself.

      However, YB’s different from me in that he’s a singer and when you’re a singer you have to have confidence.

      Since I’m a normal passers-by I don’t need to worry about having haters or antis…

      But YB does… and I do worry that he’ll take it all in stride and go into his dark mood again…=(

      YB has to believe in himself and his fans (Korean or international) that we’ll be at his back through and through.

      He also has to see that he is one H.O.T. man… Damn… WTH YB, WITH THOSE MUSCLES AND FINE ABS… How can you not think you’re good looking!?

      But that’s one reason I like him too, he’s cute that way, lol
      (Narcissism is a turn off… =\)

      I think all YB fangirls maternal instinct turns on when it comes to YB. He’s such an honest sweetheart that we don’t want him to go through all the hate and negativity. (since he’s been through enough)

      Though we want to let the boy go and see the world, at the same time we don’t want him to get affected by the bad either.

      I for one, want him to at least recognise his international fanbase, which he is doing now.

      An international debut I am really not so sure… We’ve all discussed this in the past, and I think we all agree that YB’s not ready yet….

  18. have to say this, i know its all about yb but man oh man there’s sth about that dancer to his left, spotted him since INAG and the obsession goes on! if i cant have u can i have him TY? ; )

  19. as a fanboy, i can’t be more proud than i am right now.
    like what others mentioned, i was surprised he sang most of the parts.
    i believe, vocally, this is better than his WD comeback.
    i love the part where he crawls on four feet on the floor.
    he gave the werewolves a whole new reputation.
    this perf rocked Music Core!
    can’t wait fro Inki perf.
    YB, you’re the man!

  20. “The MV and performance really makes up for my indifference with the song.”

    Same here.
    I disliked the song when I first listened to it, but alas, what a beautiful performance that was!
    Rather than having him do some random pelvic thrusts, I see him actually telling a story throughout each of his moves. This was really nicely choreographed and fits the lyrics’ sentiment as well.
    Also, I had been a bit bothered by how YB had been relying too much on the MR during his latest performances, but this time he sang most of the song and nailed it.
    This song is definitely a grower. Though I’m not its utmost fan, I have found myself unconsciously humming it on several occasions.
    Great job YB. Now, I want to see the Chocolate performances. Hopefully this time they will air WUA.

  21. I love the sexy glare he did when he sat up. EXPRESSION, CHECK.

    I love that he sang more than I thought he would sing. VOCAL, CHECK.

    Dance was dupe, detailed and on point as usual. DANCE, CHECK.


    It’s even better watching this without all the lagging 😀

    breath of fresh air~~~

  22. I REALLY enjoyed this performance, I felt a more BROADWAY piece from this (sorry too much SYTYCD lol) but its was more theatrical than just dancing and i LOVED IT. I think his vocals were really on par, he was expressing all the right emotions and I felt a lot of what he was trying to do. I am surprised he sang a lot of the track, since the choreo is pretty rigorous, but he really pulled it off!

    And about all the youtube HATERADE….ignore it, it comes with more fans, as usual. I don’t think its nice for people to post comments like that but you’re looking at very young demographics on that site…..Lady GAGA gets 20 times as much hate as she does fans, and yet she’s still making good music out there (whether you like it or not) so yeah, people will eventually realize Taeyang’s talent, if they want to open their minds to it or not~

    YAY for Taeyang…….and here it comes…wait for it…..

  23. YB definitely killed this performance. I really love the choreography focused on him and the backup dancers, but I’m sad that the female backup dancers don’t do very much – I really like JiHye taking a bigger role in the dance 🙂

  24. Love love love the performance, he did sang a lot more in this song <3. YB stares are really something, if only he debut as an actor now ^__^. I'm picturing him as those badass main character who doesn't give a shoot about anyone, but once you get to know him he's like the sweetest thing ever (or maybe there are too many of these type of movie hmmmm…), I can't wait for more shows ^__^. BTW, did anyone pre-order the CD?

    YB ❤

  25. I ordered the CD already. Hopeully it gets to me soon!!! I can’t wait; I want to see all of the BTS stuff.

    So…..reading AKP comments on his videos and I must say I’m very happy for our man. A lot of people are saying they’re not fans of YB but he definitely won them over with his awesome performance of IBT. I guess we were worrying about new fans not liking it for no reason. Barely any haters on the performance and you all know how hard that is to come by on AKP. So proud of him!!!

  26. WTF! BEST PERFORMANCE EVER SEEN! epic-awesome-incredulous. vocals were there, choreo was great. I love WD, WUA better as songs. But for once, Im glad YG had chosen a song that was explosive enough to show YB’s stage presence!

    I’ll be there for you (: Yeah, this songs definitely a grower. And its definitely show-worthy to non kpop loving fans.

      1. Goodness! That is the cutest thing ever. I couldn;t stop playing it over and over. Thanks for the link!
        YG Fam ❤

        1. i just love how haeum clung unto him and harang showing off.:D
          i expect YG life to have more of this.^^
          i think i could hear daesung in the background.

  27. Awesome vocals! My love for this song just went threw the roof.

    Also, youtube comments bring out the worst in people- I’d just ignore the nonsense.

  28. Taeyang did an awesome job. Love the performance!!!

    TY is getting bash so bad on youtube, I feel so sad right now. How in the freaking hell can you compare him to Justin Bieber??? Also just because he use auto tune doesn’t mean he can’t sang.

    Sorry, just had to let that out.

  29. YB killed it here. Seriously. He looked a bit nervous but at the same time it was like he was in his zone that night. It was awesome! I hope for more awesome performances like this! Makes me proud to be his fan XD

  30. So in korean version it is:
    “Coz love is dangerous dangerous and it’s killing us killing us”

    but in the english version it’s:
    “THey’ve called me dangerous dangerous, yet they’re killing us killing us” ?

    Why is it different? or maybe the lyrics for the english version was mistyped here? coz that line didn’t really made sense, the korean version’s line made sense more?

    can anyone clear this up?
    thanks ^^

  31. Let me start off by saying that I’m an American teenager and a Twilight fan and my favorite Big Bang member is TOP…so in no way are my comments bias when it comes to YB.

    I’ve always liked his sweetness but was mostly impressed with his abs and dancing more than anything. However, I really noticed YB’s voice in “Tell me Goodbye.” His vocals were off the charts. I became a huge fan of his after that and started to listen, really listen to his other singles/solos and fell in love with Sinners and WD. Vocals were sooo perfect in both. And the dancing with WUA is AMAZING! After this performance of IBT, YB is definately my favorite vocalist/dancer at the moment. Everything about the performance was PERFECT and he didn’t even have to flash his to-die-for abs. I absolute loved it. It CAN’T be compared to Twilight. People who think Twilight has the patent on vampires need to be slapped. I like Twilight. I really do, but YB is just sooo far above it and sooo non-Twilightish that to compare is rediculous..but as far as Big Bang goes, I’m still TOP-bias. I love my Tabi. =)

  32. He is not a vampire. He is the guy who has died girl friend. His lover was died. You can realize, if u watch mv. His girl friend went to ghost but she didn’t know herself. However she realized that after seeing toomstone herself.

  33. This song definetly grew on me and it’s been stuck in my head ever since it came out! ❤ but what's the concept of the vid because I'm still a little confused…his sexiness is too distracting lol FIGHTING!

  34. the performance was realluy awsome^^ i love the impact on it and the charisma that YB shows on his steps^^…the theme of the performance was also cool^^…i love it^^

  35. what are those antis talking about??bae totally rock the stage..and soo HOT,HOT.kekeke..srry for message for those antis but i just cant help it.anways vip’s let’s show em what bae got::)))))))))fighting

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