Taeyang on KJE’s Chocolate Fancams+Pictures

Taeyang recently filmed an episode on KJE’s Chocolate which will be airing on August 22nd. Fans had the pleasure of being able to see I’ll Be There choreography, as well as performances of WUA and INAG!

More fancams under the cut, on a side note, subscribe to Taeyang’s OFFICIAL youtube channel:


15 thoughts on “Taeyang on KJE’s Chocolate Fancams+Pictures”

  1. His back up dancers need work in the I’ll Be There vid. Especially during the popping section of “Run, run, run.” they just looked so awkward.

  2. hopefully they’ll air the Where U At performance this time, I really love the song, and the dance is dope!!

    finally, a youtube channel exclusively for YB!!
    I’m looking forward to his videos!!

    1. It wasn’t this show that didn’t air WUA. It was Sketchbook. Remember, they didn’t air it cuz they had like issues with the strike or something? That’s why they aired that long interview about random stuff.. On that note, I hope they do air it too!!! I desperately need an updated performance of WUA in good quality! I’ve been watching his Inkigayo perf over and over.

  3. I’m glad Taeyang is going to connect with us even more. First Twitter, then Facebook, and now Youtube. Even though I see this as promotion purpose ever since they realize that Taeyang has more international fans, I’m just glad that he’ll communication with us more. ;D Taeyang oppa fighting!! ~~

  4. his performance was awsome^^ his moves was filled with energy….and he kind of happy while he performed on that stage which makes me smile when i watch it^^…..totally love that shirt on him…simple yet very stylish…..^_________^

    1. Hi! According to 21Bangs, SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate episode with Taeyang will air on Sunday, August 22nd @ 12:10AM KST.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

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