I’ll Be There Music Video!!

It’s OUT!!!!! Wholy smokes, gotta hand it to the director, this MV is AWESOME!!!!! This is what I’m talking about when I expect a music video from Taeyang; spectacular visuals, intriguing story and ofcourse AMAZING CHOREO!

291 thoughts on “I’ll Be There Music Video!!”

  1. OMGGGG! VAMPIRES!!!!! (okay, not really but kinda)
    For all those that were hating on me for the idea LOL well, all we needed were fangs! hahahaha

      1. This is so much better than that. Haha.
        Those Vampires “sparkle”, and our YB SHINES:)
        They got nothing on YB! LOL

      2. duuuuude. if YB was a vampire, i wouldn’t think twilight and everyone obsessing over vampire/werewolves was so annoying! ❤

    1. You are not alone. I love fangs too. Raaarrrr!! If Bae would be a vampire… tsk… I don’t know what will I become…

    2. YB would definitely beat the hell out of Jacob and Edward in terms of hotness hehehe.. oh and coven too.. since he’s got many sidekicks.

  2. Wow…that just was awesome. YG really pull out all the stops and I really appreciate it. Thanks to Shaun to for creating such a sick choro.

  3. my favorite part was when he was behind the curtain and just turns around and gives this bad ass look.
    and also the part where he kinda crawls swiftly on the floor.
    taeyang is a natural vampire/werewolf whatever he was.

  4. I LOVE IT !!! Amazing.
    Yet another great & amazing choreography by Shaun & the director of the MV did a great job. Thumbs up to Taeyang. OMG that was just too hot XD

  5. The MV is sickkkkkkkkk! Dope. Mad props to the director. Taeyang delivered the song great! Choreo is good too. Officially loving it! 🙂

  6. Dude, I would sooooo totally not mind mind if Taeyang came into my room and watched me sleep. Hell, I’d even wake up and jump on him! *go away dirty thoughts, go away!”
    You never fail to amaze me Taeyang =D

  7. Opps!… He did it again!

    Surpisingly good! So I really need to wait to get my salary x(
    Of f’king september I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THAT!

  8. Hold on while I start fangirl spazzing!!!

    The storyline was carried out amazingly. It’s like YB was trying to come back to life for his girl. Seemed kind of creeperish at times but hey, YB is the ultimate creeper.

    This mv was epic….as epic as WD to me. This definitely lived up to YG’s promise. And as always, the mv just made me fall in love with the song even more. This is probaby the mv of the year for me.

  9. I”m LITERALLY going to have a fan girl heart attack and DIE. OH MY GAWWWWWD…..I’m in LOVE W/ this MV. It’s So EPIC!

  10. Love how the story was building up as the song progressed. very dark and.. vampire-ish like.

    a million thumbs up for the choreo! :)))

    the sad part was the ending.. the build up of the story was just soooo… EPIC!. but then when it came to the ending.. it was like “huh?” for me. like it didnt click. but overall two very proud thumbs up for the MV. very EPIC in the making! :))

    1. yes that what i feel to of the ending they should make it longer is over to quickly for me is like yes yes then no no no that’s it i want more.

  11. Dark prince … i would never have believed it if i haven’t seen it with my own eyes .

    ok .. shaun is brilliant .. the gun..gun .. gun move was epic .
    the director is brilliant … the video is so will made
    YG is brilliant .. just for letting us have this .

    and it goes without saying that taeyang is as will …
    amazing song ( even if it’s not YB usual thing , but come on if you have a song like this lying in front of you wouldn’t you want to use it ) … i can’t believe i almost logged out , thank God for that on last refresh

      1. and his face while doing that part. FFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        *DIES* ♥♥♥


    hey,the girl looks like yuri.:D

  13. i don’t know… but it’s just
    arrgghhh YoungBae, i just love you more n more!
    hahhaha XD

  14. If YB doesn’t get any awards for this…..I will be very pissed off.

    Does kpop have an end of the year award for best mv? If so, IBT better win because it just blew everyone else’s mv out the water!

    1. don’t know if he’ll get rewards. he’s not doing too well on the charts so far. maybe the song will do better now that the mv is out

      1. But that’s okay, b/c he’s set for world, not kpop chart, domination. 😉 I’m in Hong Kong and just went to karaoke w/ a bunch of Americans last night. Played ‘Wedding Dress’ and ‘Where U At’ and immediately won new converts for YB. Definitely forwarding this video to them.

  15. Great MV. It’s probably my second favorite after WD. But I still firmly believe that the over-all composition of this song doesn’t make justice to such beautiful lyrics.

  16. i wish for ATY to have the thumps up button right now haha

    i am sooo gonna shoot down anyone who says
    im a Taeyang fan but…

    i saw one on YT and come on!!! HAHAHA!

  17. oh gosh! i watched the mv four times in a row..its that good!
    like seriously, so EPIC.
    Taeyang looks AMAZING in it. so sexy and manly! lol.
    the cinematography is awesome. and his body! YUM.
    my fav part would def have to be when he’s over the girl on the bed. …gosh, i cant get over how sexy he is…….

  18. gorgeous,sexy,amazing,YoungBae~
    looking so fierce there,you BAMF.

    i just can’t handle the awsomeness of this MV.
    good job to everyone in YG.

  19. BEST MV of 2010 for suuure!
    Shaun, ur the best! the choreography is wow!
    EVERYTHING in this MV is flawless, perfect & stunning ❤

  20. omg oomggg i loveeee it im in love with itt he did it again made a smash hitt hopefully omg i love u taeyang and u did so amazinggg im going to listen to it over AND OVER AND OVERRR


    So I am usually lost with stories but I don’t think I know what’s going on in the video HELP me. Is he dead? Is she dead? Is anyone alive? Are the background ppl zombies, or is this a dream. IDK /rewatches

    sorry fangirl moment.. why are his nipples so hot /moment over kinda.

    1. omg LOL at the nipple comment haha
      honestly i dont like seeing him like that ^^ just me ^^

      i think Taeyang is dead
      so he visits the girl in her dreams
      the rose is there to remind her of him
      asking her to come visit him
      BUT im confused why the girl suddenly collapsed?
      so it must be that she had no idea he’s been dead for so long?

  22. Ehhh am I the only one slightly disappointed? Love the mv and all… But essentially I was just okay.. Much better than INAG but still can’t beat WD!

    1. I like “I Need A Girl” better even though the clothes in this one are (way) better. I like realistic drama-based MVs, but I’m all for variety in an artist’s MV repertoire. “Variety is the spice of life,” no?

    2. honestly, i didn’t expect anything cause i was seriously disappointed with the song so when i saw the video i was like “this made the song more bearable” especially with a choreo like that! man, oh man… 🙂

  23. This is seriousley one of the best days of my life!!
    First i get accepted into uni and now this.

    MV reminds me of GD’s shes gone accept Taeyang version. I still dont get how the song lyrics relate to the MV though, but who cares. MV was amazing, Taeyang is a beast!!!

    1. Congrats!!! Yeah, I also thought of ‘She’s Gone’ too. I agree w/ some of the people above that this doesn’t compare to WD, but really, what does? Still, I love the video even though I’m not really into the whole vampire/werewolf/etc thing. Can’t wait for the English MV.

  24. I LOVE TAE YANG AND THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS CRAAAAAZYYYYYYYY >.<~ man… i can't wait to see the English version of it … haha XP

    all i can say is that he can enter my bedroom whenever he wants hahaha XP

    everything else … is crazy good 😀

  25. The song is better than the MV thats for sure. Still disappointing though . And Mr YG got it all wrong, no way this is the best piece of choreo Shaun has done. And I think the only way to put Taeyang back on track is to not be supportive of everything he does. I think there are a lot of people out there that will love anything he does. And I think that kind of thing misleads an artist in the wrong direction. His first MV Ma girl had no choreo in it and it smashes ‘I’ll be there’ no doubt.

    1. Why shouldn’t we support it if we like it? I am not sure what “right track” you are referring to, but to say we should not support him is kinda bizarre for a fan.

      If he was churning out uninspired dreck then I could see your point. ahem I am looking at you Mariah Carey, but even if this is not to your liking, he worked hard, there is clearly a an executed meaning and plot to the MV, his signing and dancing is great… I see nothing worthy of him being shunned as “punishment” from his fans.

      Of course you are entitled to your opinion, I do take exception though to your condescending tone that we fans must somehow MAKE Tae Yang into what we want him to be by using our support as a weapon against him.

      1. no. i dont think he means it to fans
        i think he means that YG decide for YB. make him do “dark songs.” make him do LOAM and WD.

        1. ah scratch that..i think u got it right. lol… umm.. i dont find anythng wrong about supporting anything he does. coz im like that to my favorite stars. ^^ it’s unhealthy but… anyway… i wish that those who dont like would just stop disregarding the song and stop comparing it to his other works! tbh, to read about people forcing to like the song is a bit pathetic. it’s ok if u dont. some people do. there are other Taeyang songs ^^

        2. Exactly, I want Taeyang to be a R&B/ hip hop based artist. And that’s who me made me believe he was when he debut in Big Bang 2005. He said he idolises artist such as usher, neyo & chris brown. He was making history with where u at and wedding dress. He broke out of korea so quickly. And now it seems like he’s backtracking with his music. My opinion is he should have made a MV to ‘MOVE’ or “Take it Slow”.

        3. I think that artists should pursue their own creative vision without trying to conform to what the fans want. He can’t chart his career being scared of losing fans, that’s the surest way of growing stale. He’s said he loves R&B but hasn’t ruled out trying his hand at other genres and singing styles. He’s trying to experiment to find what he likes best and I think he should have some room to do so. True, he may lose some fans along the way, but its more important that he’s true to himself.

    2. Seconds. Did Taeyang tell the director that he wanted a “Thriller”-esque MV, or something? Reminds me more of My Chemical Romance MV’s.

    3. ATY is hardly the type of place to support anything YB does just because he does it. LOL. He has a VERY critical fandom. (As many, many discussion posts have shown in the past.)

      I for one think IBT is a fantastic MV. Totally works with the song. No need to compare with his other MVs because they were all special in their own way and everyone has different favorites for various reasons.

      As to the choreo, I love that Shaun is trying something different and conceptual. We’ll have to see how the live performances go, but its looking good so far. (YG said this was his personal favorite among what Shaun has done for YGE. He’s entitled to his opinion too. )

    4. I dont think so, i think the MV is better than the song. After watching the MV im liking the song more.

      Also get what you mean to not be always praise everything Taeyang does. But if anything ATY and Taeyang fans in general are realistic and humble like YB. We openly say when he performances arnt up to standard or a song isn’t that great.

    5. I like the mv and the song so I’m not sure why you think I’m being misleading. I’m very vocal on my dislike for You’re My and I actually prefer IBT to Ma Girl – both in terms of mv and song.

      I personally think this is one of Shaun’s best works in terms of overall concept. It’s not as dance intricate as WUA but it has a lot more epicness than WUA. I like this dance cause it tells a story by itself, sort of like INAG dance but better.

      1. Okay, I love dance, I even do a little myself. And I know how some choreographers tell stories in their dance i.e Poreotics, But I seriously cannot see a story in this routine and I don’t know if you have to be a really skillful dancer to see it. But as a amateur dancer, I cannot see the story telling side in this routine. A good dance routine to me, is simply just hitting interesting moves to a beat.

        1. i think you said it yourself, you defined what a good dance routine is to you- but that’s not the case for others.

          i personally think WUA has an amazing choreo but as compared to Sinners, and LOAM, I don’t like it that much.

          I like the choreo for IBT, for me it tells a story. Maybe cause you’re an amateur dancer so you think about the moves from a dancer’s perspective, and if you’re in the profession, you’ll tend to overthink things cause you have a background. But for people who only watches- it means a lot.

        2. The point I was making is, I don’t think there is a story in the dance routine. I think the routine has no meaning. It’s the same as when I dance, I’m dancing with no meaning behind it what so ever.. And if i’m wrong can someone explain the story?

    6. I actually agree with YG about this being one of the best choreo Shaun’s done so far. Shaun nailed the choreo, from YB’s moves to the dancers’. With all of the other choreos, my attention was solely on YB, but with IBT, the overall choreo, both YB and his dancers, take my breath away. I think YG was referring to the whole entire choreo, which includes Yb’s as well as his dancers, when he was saying that this was Shaun’s best choreo yet.

    7. I agree with benji, some of u die hard fans absolutely LOVE everything he does, its like you’re obsessed with him so much he’s able to release shit songs and you’ll call it a art piece. Sure he should be credited for his ‘ good work ‘ however you shouldn’t love him for his ‘ bad work ‘ either. It’s like you love him so much that he could take a dump and you’ll put it as your wall paper.

      Are you that blinded or that stupid ? or you a little kid ?
      ( don’t troll me please )

      1. I find your comment offensive and unecessary.

        You cannot tell people what to like or what not to — everyone is entitled to their opinion. YB fans are very vocal about what they like and don’t — particularly those here at ATY. I have no idea what blind or stupid people you are referring to. But they really don’t come here much so please go to wherever they are and talk to them there.

        1. you couldn’t have said it better, those who comments on ATY can be VERY critical sometimes (myself included…)
          Some fans might worship YB, some don’t, but again, what’s the problem with that??

        2. I agree bluemaid ..Omg…you like it or you don’t..I happen to like the video. I think He has earned his reputation and it just sad to see some people who are just here to criticize instead of showing support. It’s really simple you like it it you don’t. Referring his work to “shit songs” is just so immature you should really take your bad attitude somewhere else.. Ughhh. . Sad part is he probably reads some of this stuff.

        3. okay bluemaid was that a joke ? Cause I think you just drilled yourself in the first line you wrote ” everyone is entitled to their own opinion ” you hypocrite or did you want me to reply to your stupid comment ? And how can you express your opinion for the whole popular ? Have you met even half ? Or are you just basing this on assumptions. Think realistically, if he doesn’t sell his new single or whatever and produce more and more shit songs – less people are going to like him and his popularity is going to drop ? The Cause? People like you with their funny opinions

        1. okay teenager ” BEBELUV ” . You obviously have problems with criticism. Can’t you handle the truth I simply stated that this song wasn’t as good as his other one’s. Oh my God ?

      2. whoa….to say people are blind and stupid because they support their favorite artist is a lil to harsh don’t you think. so are the fans supposed to say “well i hate taeyang because this song is not what i wanted it to be? seriously think about what u just wrote. every artist out there has songs that some people don’t like but that doesn’t give anybody the right to say i lost love for them because this song is not good. on aty people come on here to discuss what they like and what they don’t. so please pay attention. i don’t see how anybody can call themselves a fan if they lose love or respect for an artist over one song.

      3. I think that tu2tle is a troll, I just found his comment very immature, Constructive Criticism are good, but stupid comment like your are just unecessary.

        1. LOL it is constructive I gave a hypothesis . The ” younger ” fans of taeyang are so obsessive with his taeyang the disregard the music his producing himself ? Like Cmmon I admit Wedding dress was really good ? Does this even compare ? Or am I talking to a wall

      4. Wow, this is the first time I’ve had someone here say we love everything he puts out…….I’m actually surprised to get a comment like that cause we’re usually flamed by YB’s hardcore fans for being too critical about what he puts out and how nothing satisfies us (the critical lot of us, that is)…..so this comes as a surprise, maybe you don’t read all of the other comments on ATY or you’re a new visitor….we’re considered one of his most critical fandoms and no, we don’t love everything he puts out (just check out the threads when INAG was released, you’ll be surprised at how many critical comments were there, and how many people did not like it, like myself)

        1. Good reply, that being said everyone has their own opinion . Plus I’m sure its not me that agrees with my statement. Everyone has different taste in terms of music. Plus didn’t you just say you were critical towards him in regards to other fans ? So why can’t I be in regards to you ? No crimes committed here today.


        2. ^I don’t think people are flaming you for your opinion, its your language….You can say things without using immature terms like “stupid” or “blind” or “shit” ….. see, you mentioned “teeny-boppers” and “trend followers” but I know some ATY regulars who are in that age range and have made more mature comments with appropriate language than you when stating their opinions….so which one is the teeny-bopper now?

          Yes, you are entitled to your opinion entirely however, when you bring in immature language and you begin to target those who actually LIKE this song, then you just look foolish. Make your point in a proper, respectful manner and trust me, you’ll get a proper, respectful answer…..

        3. Kay,
          did anyone ever tell u you’re an amazing fan? you read a lot of the comments and you respond very effectively. I sincerely adore you hahahah

      5. Wow….I guess you weren’t here for the older articles, or maybe you just chose to forget? ATYers were being blasted left and right for not being supportive enough of YB because we dared to (GASP) criticize some of the stuff he was doing. We all know that YB is by no means perfect and we especially know that he has a long way to go before he becomes the artist we want, and know, he can be.

        You say you don’t want us to troll you but then you leave one of the most offensive remarks. Calling us blind or stupid just because our views might not coincide with yours? Don’t you think you should be looking in a mirror then?

        Everyone is entitled to like what they want, for whatever reasons. Just because people have different opinions, it doesn’t mean that one of them is wrong. One of the best things about ATY is that it allows everyone to state their opinion, whether it’s to criticize or support something about YB. If you can’t respect that, then maybe you shouldn’t come here.

        1. I agree with this, I simply want to state that sure perhaps 90% of this community is sane. But there’s definitely a fan base within the crazy obsessive region of lets say ” 12- 16 ” year olds who just adore every action Tae-yang makes . I like to call them ” tiny-boppers” or trend followers.
          But hey, I guess it’s true what they say, you can’t impress everyone no matter how hard you try.

          In regards, to offensiveness Is it really ? did I really hurt your feelings ? Were you effected by my statement that much ? Or is it only cause you feel as ” it seemed ” I was bad-mouthing Tae-Yang.

        2. LOL, I guess we have one fan down…this is insane…LOL..the rest of us love you Young Bae!!!!!!!!!

        3. think for a second, you are writing that he is producing “shit songs” on a “ALWAYS”TaeYang fan page.. You will get attacked..LOL…I am just glad I am not you in this situation.. Most of of here thought the video was awesome. I especially like that tan look on Taeyang 😉

      6. I see your point, there are some people who love everything Taeyang does. And I can understand why you would feel this way because even I feel frustrated with other people who love a singer no matter what they do. However, calling them “stupid” and “a little kid” is really inappropriate. It can really hurt some people’s feelings, and some visitors on this site may be very young. Yes, you are definitely entitled to your own opinion, but lets leave the name calling out. You may not intend to hurt anybody, but this kind of thing sometimes gets out of hand. Anyways, thank you for your opinion =D

        1. okay so i’m replying to you cuz i cant to the troll.. XD anyway, my age is in the ” tiny boppers” and i dont like everything YB does, and no i’m not an obsessed trendfollower thank you very much. now if you’d please just shut yer trap and have a g’day.

      7. Hi tu2tle,
        I really appreciate your honesty. I agree fans can over-rationalize and don’t have the guts to say….”Ohhh mang. I don’t dig this at all.” However I do have a problem with how you went about it. Your language was kind of flaming and unneccessary. Word choice can make a huge difference: “shit songs” and “stupid.” WOW.

        And it seems like you don’t really understand the community here at all. We can be extremely critical and harsh. Have you read some of the other comments here on how some people “complain” too much? ROFL. I hope you stick around ATY long enough to see that we tolerate pretty much anything…I mean ANYTHING as long as it’s not poorly-worded and decently respectable.

        Please don’t view all these responses as insecure crazy fangirls getting all ruffled up in defense of our infallible god. (Please note sarcasm) I just felt like you perhaps insulted our intelligence and the community we’ve built here. Otherwise, welcome to ATY. Leave a comment and expect it to be responded to – for better or for worse.

        1. Thankyou, I think your the one who actually got my point through my sarcastic ways of saying it, despite how I said it.
          I’m glad people replied, sticking up for something you believe in is good 🙂

      8. excuse me? that comment? Seriously, have you any idea what discussions we have in the past?

        Calling us stupid and a little kid? What eff y’all. what.the.eff.

        Dear you, all of us have our own opinions and we have a right to say what we think since everyone is just brutally honest here. Some of us even critic him more than u think we do.

      9. dude. u furreal? this is a taeyang FANSITE. of course people will be obsessed with him cuz its HIM.
        wtf is wrong with supporting him cuz we like him? sure, we can be obsessed, better than not having an artist that you can look up to, respect, and enjoy watching.

        i don’t think you should care so much about WHY we love this song, its our choice and its not that big of a deal, unless he YB personally ruined ur life or something >.>

        and us “die-hard fans”, some of us didn’t even LIKE it on the first listen. SO? we didn’t get all rude and call people stupid and little.

        furreal, ur telling people not to troll? again, this is a TAEYANG FANSITE. we troll the hate!

        you have a point by saying we shouldn’t like his every single song and detail cuz we idolize him so much but the truth is i don’t like his every single song. Even though im obsessed with him and i LOVEE him forever, even without his music, i don’t like some of his songs. THATS OK, i just don’t listen to it then O.o its not “bad work” its just not my taste.

      10. If u are not Taeyang fans please just don`t leave such a shit comment….. what are u doing here? to get some haters?
        I think we have a different taste and opinion…. don`t blame anyone who like what he is doing…..
        He really work hard to give his best… and of course as a fans we need to give him support …

    8. I get what you were trying to say Benji, but it’s still really hard to tell whether a fan is being completely neutral and honest when judging TY’s work or not.

      For example, I personally feel that this song is very mediocre and not even worth of being released, but there are actually lots of other fans who seem to sincerely love it. Now, on what basis are they judging the song? I don’t know, but it does suit their taste.

      I’m with you on your comment to Tazanya though. Hopefully after all this techno-pop experimentation is over, Taeyang will go back to his R&B/Hip-Hop roots.

    9. Benji!

      I think you’re very right. This choreo is very Shaun Evaristo. I like Shaun and i think he’s very good with arrangement and transitions in choreography BUT the true extraordinair e is LYLE BENIGA!! I’m a dancer too and I follow both choreographer’s style. Lyle Beniga’s moves are much more dynamic that’s why the dances in Where u At and Wedding Dress are so memorable. LOAM was cute, but that’s it. As far as to achieve something amazing they have to bring Lyle Beniga back.

      And I completely agree with what you said about supporting everything Taeyang does good or bad can lead him int he wrong direction. but we should have more faith in Taeyang. After hearing all the interviews he seems to be pretty clear headed and set his own standards regardless of what others think. However, it does seem he’s treading dangerous waters, lol i’m talking KpOP mainstream.

      And you know what they say about mainstream– when everyone swims in the water it gets dirty.

      Btw, the video did not disappoint, it is quite amazing because of Taeyangs execution. His facial expressions and dancing, and emotions, all superb.

      1. One more thing,

        We all know what Taeyang is capable of after so many performances. I think the reason he’s steering mainstream may be because of pressure?

        I mean WHERE U AT n WEDDING DRESS are international favorites, but it didn’t blow up charts in Korea. I guess Taeyang could possibly be affected by that and is worn out by the lack of support, so that may be part of the reason why his music are getting more mainstream.

        1. TBH, I would be disappointed if chose this song just to get mainstream support. As for Wedding Dress’s lack of support…I could go on and on why that occurred. It’s partial the song and genre, but there’s also the snafu that was the promotions.

          Though I’m not RAVING over the song, I just hope it was something Taeyang WANTED to do because he liked it. Not because he just needs to top the charts to please YG or whoever is investing in him.

      2. I completely agree! Though I LOVE Shaun and for what he’s done for Taeyang, I would have loved to see how Lyle would have choreographed this……both are amazing, but it would have been very interesting to see a harder dancer version of this~~~~

        For the record, both are epic and awesome in their own ways =)

    1. Me too!!! love the jacket !!!! The song really grow on me now because of the MV, so good !!! I really loooooooooooove it! I am speechless

  26. Kinda too random. I like the “reality” based MVs better. Did they pick a girl who looks like SNSD’s Yuri (at certain angles) on purpose?

    1. IKR !! it’s the first thing that popped in my head when i saw her, she definitely has her angles that resemble yuri.

    2. nah!! don’t u realized that all korean females look alike/similar?? that’s what i came to realize.. hehe.. even my mum agrees.. 🙂
      please; don’t start by saying that YB & Yuri this, YB & Yuri that, etc.. 🙂

  27. OMFG!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS VIDEO SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! ❤ ❤ ❤ Tae is well lets just say the best just becouse there are no words that even come close to say how great he is. he is just num num num!

  28. I like the vid and song.But shaun’s chero is getting very repetitive especially with the arm movements.Not 2 take anything away from shaun hes amazing.

  29. the girl sometimes looks like yoona, then sometimes like yuri, then sometimes not. hahahaha!

    anyone knows who she is? 🙂

  30. I saw the lead girl in a drama or somewhere but I can’t remember what’s her name. Anyone knows her? She’s pretty >.<

  31. Daebakkkkk!! The MV is visually Epic and Thank God, it makes me like the song more and more.
    Again the choreo is great (even though WUA is still #1st in my heart).
    My favorite part has to be when YB is over the girl in bed. He kinda makes it everything but creepy lol
    Anyway, I hope he’s gonna do well in the charts

  32. I love the cinematography of this MV–the difference lenses they use; the filters and the over all set design.
    I honestly was taken aback by the vampiric concept, most especially it reminds me of Bram Stroker’s Dracula (AND NOT TWILIGHT! UGH! :disgust: -_-) but only because I had the english version in mind.
    The choreo is, by itself, (since I had seen the fan cam) pretty good on its own and is more of a collective/group effort then ING. I like those types of dances, really reminds me of the choreo’s for musicals. It makes for more visual depth. (Btw, one of YB’s dancers have really really good abs.)

    In all I rate this vid (10 being Wedding Dress) as 9.5/10 for concept, sound, and cinematography.

  33. I like the video a lot. I’m still disappointed with the song. It sounds like your typical run-of-the-mill kpop tune. The choreo was good. I don’t think anything can beat WUA and Prayer. The dancing to both of those were EPIC. IDK, sometimes I feel that YB has regressed in someway. I never liked INAG and I’m not crazy about IBT either. *kanye shrug*

    1. the dance style is different. it may not be as intricate for one person, but it’s intricate for the group, which makes it even more organic. Its the difference between… lets say… Rocketts or River Dance to Circ du soleil

  34. OK! I JUS WANNA SCREAM! AHHHHH!!! haha… so love, love it! the RUN, RUN, RUN, and GUN, GUN, GUN are so EPIC! this guys is jusplain EPIC! thats all i can say!!! Shaun E. has once done it again!!! 🙂 i am satified!!! ;p

  35. Sexy ass Youngbae…I meant the girl ahahaha
    Awesome video! It blows my mind how they get crazy set’s like these in Korea! Like how do you build a staircase or a cliff inside a building!?!?
    Well the episodes are coming out real soon!
    Choreo was done really well compared to the famcam and the mv was shot realllly well! Can’t wait for the album!
    Damn I want me some chrome hearts underwear…hella beast LOL

    1. Episodes? What episodes? Qui, is there something you want to tell us?

      By the way, this is going to be awful tough to remake….

  36. omg!!! this is w/o a doubt his ABSOLUTE BEST MV EVER!!! it is so amazing!!! oh wow, i just cant get over it. i fell instantly in love w/ the song alone, but this mv made it even better. i swear taeyang is without a doubt one of the most amazing, best artist in history. he is – in my opinion – now officially amongst the greatest artists in all of music history. world domination, piece of cake.

      1. whoa, wonder what they think of it? too bad the comments are disabled. then again, maybe it’s better that way

  37. One word, LOVE. Since I already loved the song, the mv makes it even better. Bae Bae looks really hot with his bad boy look ^__^.

    YB ❤

  38. This is one very interesting interpretation of the music video I read on Allkpop, and I thought I’d share it, its by 2DJ: http://www.allkpop.com/2010/08/taeyang-unveils-ill-be-there-mv#comment-2577536

    The MV has a story. Like the song “I’ll Be There”, it could mean anything.

    The MV starts out with a crow and a wolf. The Crow means as a messenger of the Gods or God’s messenger, and the wolf means faithfulness in a marriage or relationship.

    We see a girl who is sleeping and dreaming her lover who is dead and it’s haunting her even in her dreams. It’s a nightmare to her which is giving her troubles, (emotional and stress problems likely).

    She wakes up to finds a rose, a rose means fertily, and the color black usualy represent death. So that means that she had a miscarriage.

    She’s all alone and no one there for her but she remembers her lovers words, “I’ll be there.” Meaning I’ll be there by your side, always and forever, even if I’m dead.

    The girl visits her lover’s grave and again she remembers how happy her life with her lover is still alive. The dancing in the video represents happiness or rejoicing.

    The girl touching the tombstone is symbolic. It means that she dies seeing as how much she’s suffering, and she suicides in order to be with her lover’s spirit.

    The other dancers around TaeYangs, symbolizes that they are other souls trying to bring him back to the underworld but he can’t go back until he knows what he’s lover’s doing. So once he sees her dead he gives up and goes back to the underworld to meet her there. And the title says, “I’ll be there,” either to look out over you, to protect you, or to come and meet you.

    1. that’s really over thinking it … to much . i know it silly to write my own explanation in here .. but if anyone who like to read what i think of it 🙂

      he start of struggled with a descion to go to her , the scene with the stairway was obvious when he decided to go ‘ visit ‘ her , straggling with the other dancers who end up going up there with him , to make sure he come back .

      he goes to her room alone and leave her a little … i said i always be there and am still here … massage and leave as planned , but she end up waking before his night in her world or something end , as if not able to leave before the end of the night he stays in the cemetery with the rest that came up with him , never thinking she would dare step into the cemetery but when she find him finally relizing the truth about her midnight vistor she pass out.

      when the dancer were on the floor gaping at his feet they were trying to pull him back , that’s why when he crouch on the floor they let him go thinking he was going with them , then he stand up again struggling against them , to finally realize she was back to ‘ sleep ‘ in a sense and he wouldn’t be able to be with her for the night , so he just lay with the other and leave her world .

      sorry for the very long comment but i want to see if anyone think the same as me 🙂

    2. WOW. if this is the real story behind the MV(cuz i don’t understand a single thing going on LOL) that this is very interesting and i do like the storyline.

    1. Yep, I’m not sure but seems like it. I thought about the same thing.
      Maybe his stylist wants to put out a new trend with the FBI bulletproof jacket llol. It’s quite original though…

      1. it is original…it’s amazing how eye-catching YB is..because i didn’t notice the other male dancers were shirtless during that shot…especially since YB wasn’t even shirtless.

  39. LOL @ YB’s video being featured on WorldStarHipHop.com
    Good thing the comments are disabled, bc unfortunately I bet commentators would be eating him alive.
    Young Bae, I still ♥ you though.

  40. **dies** I’m usually against the whole evil/death cult looking videos, but this was really hott!! Get it Bae!!

  41. When I first heard the song I thought it was, well ok. I mean I liked it but I didn’t love it. After seeing the video I can’t say I fell in love with the song, but it made me really like it :). It’s a nice song, catchy and all (I like INAG more ;)), and the video it’s just amazing! I loved it from beginning to end. The part where Taeyang’s shadow was like creeping up the wall was awesome! I never saw it coming. And I loved the wardrobe changes, he looked so HOT!!

  42. i gotta make this observation; when WUA came out peeps said it had nothin on LOAM, next came WD and everyone was like whats up with YG, WUA is so much better, months later came INAG and we(yes we!) were at it again but this time the complaint was that either WD or WUA were good enough for title songs…(takes a moment to catch breath)…soo need i explain to u how it is that a certain portion of people r just not satisfied with IBT? i will for those who havent gotten it yet, here’s the thing, it seems like it takes a new track for fans to appreciate our Bae Bae’s last efforts so basically it looks like its gonna take yet another TY masterpiece for people to start going gaga over IBT…lucky for me am nowhere near that category, i know a quality,kick a** tune when i hear one, nuff sed!

    1. totally agree. i think some people just settle with what they’re comfortable with and say “this other one better” but once they open up their mind and interests then they start to be like “Ah..it ain’t that bad” then they go “omg, it’s awesome”

  43. WOW!! that’s all i can say!! this MV got me breatheless!! the choreography; kudos to Shaun Evaristo!! i mean; it isn’t that bad as what people had thought.. i see no link to MJ’s Thriller though!! haha.. xD
    plus; check out his hot body!! i nearly fainted!! haha.. but seriously; the song & MV wasn’t that badly done right?? some people expect TOO MUCH from YB & YG.. 🙂

  44. Aren’t we asking for a lot already?? Everything we ask and complain about, YG and Taeyang gives us. Yet, we’re still complain. Somehow, it’s good feedback for him, but lets ease up a bit on the “being critical” part. We might end up hurting his feelings with all the “this song is better than that one”. He’s human, he has limits too.

    Anyways, I love the song and the MV. Good job, Taeyang!! ♥

    1. I don’t think people are complaining so much, just stating whether this has met their expectations or not……its just what people are saying; for some this has been a let down, while it has definitely met other people’s expectations…that’s alright~

      Think of this as a place to vent, where else can Taeyang fans go to let out their frustrations and vent, if not here?

  45. this song is addictive. I’ve been singing it everywhere in public and all my friends are asking me what I’m singing and I’m like “oh, it’s just Taeyang’s new track”. I’m loving this.

  46. Someone said something on omona that said how I feel about SOLAR and YB’s direction.

    “Taeyang you need to decide already if you want to be Korea’s Usher or MJ!”

    I feel that this is so true, he’s been doing half pop and half R&B with his music recently. HOT was R&B 100% but SOLAR had more than it’s share of pop songs. You can feel the pop in JAF, AYFA and now IBT but you can also see the deep R&B on INAG, WD and TIS. Since this was 100% YB’s album (ppl want to blame YG but I think he gave YB complete freedom on this – or as much as a CEO can). I feel like he’s in that early stage where he’s trying to figure out what sound he’s about. Unlike GD (who even before his own album had developed his sound since it so matched BB’s and he had done so much production), YB is new to it and you can tell. Usher and MJ are 2 people YB idolizes but those are too completely different genres of music (though Usher has recently ventured into pop with his most recent album that was only 1 song (OMG)). People said JAF sounded like a BB (pop) song but YB co-composed it. This makes me so curious about where he wants to take things in the future, I want to see where YB is in 2012 when he releases his 2nd album/minialbum. He would have grown, dated and experienced more life. He would have gone further in producing music and writing lyrics. He would be 24 (25 in SK) and no longer a kid and I wonder where he’s going to take his music next.

    I also worry for him, he’s under a lot of pressure now with many eyes on him and he’s one to worry too much. I’m hoping he continues to open himself more. He’s gone through a deep depression before and came out stronger and happier for it but I don’t want him to have to experience that again. I’ve read some of the criticism on ATY when SOLAR first came out and I cried and I didn’t dare go to places like OMONA cause they would be twice as harsh. The world is harsh and I’m not afraid to let my baby out cause he’s a man now but I worry. His journey is one of the most interesting I’ve ever seen – from a kid with some spunk and a dream to now. He’s gone through so much (knowing more on his life story, I understand why ppl say YB’s smile has sadness in it) but he has never stopped smiling and day he does is the day a little bit of me will die too.

    *long post is long. This was suppose to be a comment on his music and turned into a love confession to a man I don’t even know. My dream is to one day meet him and thank him for being an inspiration.

    1. I like this…it’s very interesting and it made me go “yeah, really, you wanna be Usher or MJ?” cause its very easy to see he’s influenced by both. I like to think he’s trying to find a happy medium between both, whether that’s possible or not, he’s attempting his hand at both genres. I know some fans are hardcore followers of one (for example, some love him cause hes so true to R&B, which is a rarity for an idol in Korea however others have begun to follow him because he’s done some pop-ish songs) so I guess, his fans might be the influence rather than the artists, I hope this isn’t true though.

      Who knows, but yes, he’s in an experimental stage for sure….with the songs that he’s come out with in the past year or so, you can tell he’s not sure which direction he’s going to head in…if he is even going in any direction…..

      My personal opinion is I would love for him to follow through with R&B/Hip-hop….there are a dime-a-dozen pop songs in Kpop and yes, not all can perform like Taeyang, but I feel like he comes alive when he’s in that genre..pop songs are great with Big Bang but as a solo, I would love for him to take the R&B to new heights in Korea because it’s so secular and unknown over there……

      1. Yup!
        I’d prefer YB to stick in the R&B lane since I believe thats when we all get to see his true colors.
        Plus, I’m waiting for him to be on the cover of VIBE magazine or something titled ~Korean Soul~ haha
        Bc I will be 1st in line to pick up that issue ok
        Get it Bae!

        1. oh but thats what we think. YB true colors is in Solar. he said it himself. HOT and LOAM were given to him. he had difficulty portraying it but fans love it. and with Solar he took the direction he wanted. yes, INAG was chosen by YG as title track but YB didnt say he didnt like it. he just felt it was too simple for a title track.
          to me, Just A Feeling is YB’s choice. YG had his way with INAG, YB for JAF. that’s what I think.

    2. Interesting! This is fantastic comment. You’re 2 for 2 so far.

      I guess forgive us for being harsh? LOL. I think sometimes fans, like myself, rationalize the issue way too much. I think it’s rare for an artist who have fans who criticize/analyze him to such an extent. I think we have the right to….I listen to Youngbae for specific reasons…a specific style of music, and certain vibe. So when Taeyang deviates from it…it kind of tears us apart (for hardcore fans) or it makes us feel let down a bit. I not defending ATY or myself – your comment just made me think of this. I think we should just be honest with ourselves and say “YES. I love this.” or “NO Thanks..I’ll skip.” I think this is being fair to Taeyang. I think this is the reality he needs to grow.

      “The world is harsh and I’m not afraid to let my baby out cause he’s a man now but I worry.”

      ROFL! You like 80% of the Taeyang fandom are more “mothers” than “fangirls.” Its quite interesting how we obsess over him because we just want him to be successful – not because he has hot abs and makes us drools.

      And I will echo Kay. I follow YB because I like R&B and can see the potential in what he can bring to the table. The fact that he’s an extremely popular “idol” but yet chooses to do a genre and themes that are not welled-received in the mainstream makes him an all more compelling artist to follow. He has already earned an respectable place in the industry so I hate to see him lose it.

    3. Hey, this comment hits home for me too.. I think YB fans are big fans of his MUSIC but even BIGGER fans of his CHARACTER. we watched interviews, read articles, and have come to love him beyond musicianship. This may not occur to anyone, but to me, YB fans are the most excellent fans. If you just read the comments at ATY, they’re long like research papers lol. ANd the crazy thing is people read these research papers and then write one themselves.

      YOu’ll get to meet him one day if you really put your mind to it. I’m in Korea right now and I just bought 6 concert tickets of his yesterday. ANd no joke, if you come to korea, I will gladly GIVE you a ticket to his show.

      anything’s possible…I think Youngbae and his story inspired us to believe that.

      1. no effin way!my sister ordered at g-market for me yesterday and she complained that in just 2 minutes vip tickets sold out.i was majorly dissappointed coz all that was left was for 3rd floor.and since i’m blind as a bat,3rd floor are a no no for me.can you send her one vip ticket please?i’m begging you.
        i save money for his concert this year coz i didn’t get to see his concert last year.

    1. ^
      whatever. I’m through with charts at the moment, I may start to care after I get off my YB high but I doubt it.

  47. Well, i liked the song after replaying it and this MV is pretty amazing but.. idk i’m still a bit “mehh” about IBT , i like it and all but not exactly jumpy uppy about it . Oh well , after this i really wonder what direction YB’s music is gonna go…

    and i read the previous comments and tu2tle YOU are the hypocrite here, just because YOU dont like it does NOT mean that if others like it, they’re a little kid thats a diehard fan get it right you tard. and uhm, hello ? we dont like “EVERYTHING” that he does, hence my comment up above ^ and dude, seriously go on chat one day and actually READ what we discuss . You might be Surprised.. (GASP!)

  48. Woooow. This was featured on worldstarhiphop.com! Im happy for the exposure but the commenters on worldstarhiphop can be *extremely* ignorant. Hope they can put race/naionality/language aside and just recognize the talent. As a side note: They labeled it Korean R&B not KPOP… for some reason that made me 🙂

  49. Who’s the girl in the MV? Does anyone know her name? LOL I have a feeling that she’ll become more popular, like that girl from the WD MV.

    1. She looks really familiar to me, but I can’t place my finger on it…she does remind me of Krystal from f(x) though lol shall post if i find out

    2. I believe that’s Park EunBin, who is already a veteran actress at the ripe old age of 18. ^^ She’s a child actress who debuted when she was, like, 6 or so. She’s been in probably 20+ dramas over the years, including a lot of sageuk (historical dramas) like Queen Seonduk. PEB’s a talented young actress and growing up to be a lovely woman. I’ve followed her career a bit because she’s often catches my eye, so I was really surprised and happy to see her in YB’s mv.

      1. Ooo she’s 18? So she’s MY age? I knew it! When I saw her I was like “wow she looks so young…but then again that may be just the makeup” LOL. Anyways, thanks!

  50. I wish we could do another discussion post but since I already posted an epic long post above I’ll do it again here. I posted this on YB’s soompi and I’ll post it here too. This is something I’ve said somewhat in the past and kind of want to get off my chest now.

    It’s been a month since SOLAR was released and I was hoping for another single dropping instead of a whole new album. It’s kind of a mindf*ck to be honest (pardon my french). When YG said they were releasing the song/ablum I couldn’t help but question why when YB already just released an album a month ago. I’ve questioned a lot of what YG has been doing in terms of marketing and what not -in terms of music I’ve decided to put the decision on YB cause it’s his album and his has to own it and thankfully overall I like what he’s done (I’ve had my complaints and I’ve aired them but overall I like). However in terms of marketing, YG has been all over the place with YB and I really question it. SOLAR was hyped up to a very strong degree and YG helped fuel it with some of his statements and then this new album comes at the heals of the next one and I can’t help but feel that it’s too soon. My understanding is that IBT was planned for a while (Sean’s choreo was tweeted about on July 3rd, before the July 7th Itunes thing, and he would have needed weeks of advance warning to come up with that choreo). If I was asked to market SOLAR 2.0 this is how I would have done it:

    1. Market it as fanservice: a thank you to fans who have supported our boy through thick and thin, during his depression last year and everything. Have the english version be a special thank you to his international fans who have been extraordinarily supportive during his time of need – whatever, I would eat that up. This way pressure is off a little in case response isn’t good. Maybe say you’re doing an epic mv because of what happen with the INAG mv, an apology to fans.

    2.Do the twitter and maybe the facebook and that’s it: Also make sure YB uses the dame twitter like he’s suppose to. He doesn’t seem too enthused about it. No personal youtube page and whatever else.

    3. Have YB do a personal fan thank you message to keep up the fanservice theme: Have him do both a Korean and English one or better yet a Korean one with english subtitles since he would be more natural at expressing himself in Korean. Don’t make it seem like he’s going international or what not but it a treat to everyone. Have him explain the whole ‘hey I was in a dark place and you guys support carried me when I had nothing else. When I was thinking of quitting music last winter it was you guys that kept me up, god bless and much love DYB’ or something like that.

    4. Say that IBT and Connections will be released as digital singles (also available on itunes) but the new cd/dvd thing with poster is a special fanservice that can be picked up exclusively at YGE which will now ship everywhere, if that can’t happen then do it normally or maybe just online. Do it on a preorder basis and give a week window, how ever many sold in that week is it. Say because it’s fanservice you don’t know how many is necessary. Or do what you are doing, this isn’t as big a deal for me.

    5. Keep everything about IBT the same: Though some ppl are complaining, song is good and mv is epic esp if ppl consider it fanservice.

    1. Whoa long ass comments, but I appreciate the insight.

      I think the promotions and marketing for both albums have been haphazard and a mindfuck, as you said. I think there were probably revisions to the original plan. YG/YB is playing it by ear. I like how you put some of the responsibility on YB as well. I feel like there were so many mishaps and mistakes with the promotions of this album, it’s easy to blame YGE, but really this is YB’s album too.

      What disappoints me the most about this “international release” is how UNinternational it is. All the official communication have been in Korean..it’s like YGE depends on the fansites/blogs to translate their statements for the rest of the interested world. Taeyang’s site has been updated with twitter/facebook/youtube, but still it lacks a English statement or announcement.

      And I agree with fanservice direction. I think YG shouldn’t promote this as a “debut” but rather just a reaching out….acknowledging the international fans…saying hi. Quite frankly, if he was to make a “debut” it shouldn’t be with this song anyways. I don’t believe YG is going to take that route though.

    2. Interesting, your comment reminds me of a Korean comment a while ago who also outlines some stuff she believed YG should have done..who knows, maybe YG will read this…..

      I, for one, don’t like the confusion…and thats YG’s biggest problem, yes I do understand he has his hands full with new responsibilities but I guess, as a fan, its just frustrating…and how he’s handled YB’s promos has been the most haphazard…..I think clear explanation of this “international” release was needed…..IN ENGLISH -_-

      SOLAR was just a total mess (the promotions, not the album), seemed like there wasn’t really a plan in place, also, YB has Big Bang commitments, so the flow of the promotions were interrupted and resulted in more fan frustration. I think, its more to do with what YG is aiming for…for me, this new track is almost like an apology track for releasing INAG and all the crazy promotional shizz that happened with it, whether its suppose to be the new chart topping track or not, I’m not sure….depends on what YG and YB’s objectives are and at this point…I’m not even sure what YB wants….

      1. @kay
        THIS SO MUCH. I understand that YB took a long time with SOLAR and that put YG in a bind in terms of when to promote. Seriously, I understand. I also understand that with BB commitments it was either July or not at all. My main complaint (and this directed 50/50 on YG and YB) is that if they really did decide to redo SOLAR (which is what they said) and they decided that in mid Jan with the album having to be finished by early June at the latest this meant only a a 5 months window max to redo most of the album and restructure everything. In that case both should have said told fans that problems arose and just did a minialbum cause I can tell listening to the album that things were rushed with some of the songs, a little finishing touch here and there to turn a good song into a great song. Or even have a little more time to have more ears on the album to give better direction.

        Promotions on everything was a mess – I seriously have been questioning YG on this since the teasers came out (they were way too long, at one point he may have well just given us the whole song). I don’t blame him for scheduling cause it was either July or nothing. I’m laying blame on YB too cause this is again HIS ALBUM, it’s not necessarily “his job” but he should be in these discussions and asking questions and helping make decisions. If he wasn’t that’s his fault, if he was then promotions are on him too. He complained last year about the marketing of WUA but he has to man up and speak his mind. It’s his career and he has to grab it by the balls. He’s not a kid anymore and is in fact 2 years older than me, he needs to own this album in all aspects. I’m frustrated with him too (more so than YG). Can someone please sign me up as this kid’s manager.

        Also I agree with you, one thing I haven’t gotten from this international release thing is YB’s perspective and him connecting to fans. I’m not trying to have the man change his ways but he could try to do a little more fan service. If he didn’t want to use twitter (which he doesn’t seem to want) a video message (with english subtitles if for the international) would have suffice. RS was a godsend in terms of us fans getting to know him otherwise there would be nothing from the man himself except for a few interviews. He can market himself better if he tried but he doesn’t, say what you want about Seungri but that kid does try to connect with fans a lot. YB is awkward on cam but it’s not hard to connect with ppl on the internet. Since this is his first time having to manage anything on his own I’m calling this a learning experience for him but someone at YG needs to hire me like 6 months ago. I also apologize for writing so much but there’s no one else to speak about YB to and I’m tired of talking to myself about this.

        1. YB sure got it right when he said his fans worry too much just like him.^^
          i know where your coming from.i was like you along time ago specially during his WD and WUA promo i was like why are they half assing his promo yada yada but then i give up and said w/e, fnck korea if they’re not gonna appreciate YB.

          then somehow a miracle happened,even without YB having to go ‘fan service’ himself to anyone.his music speak for itself.WD caught on like fire and reach out to people who don’t even speak his language.

          you know how he is like by now.he cherish his privacy too much.
          he said that when he went to strong heart,he wanna die of awkwardness.i really felt sorry for him.:(
          i also rmb one time during 2ne1TV,that he said it didn’t feel right watching the girls on TV coz it’s like invading their privacy or sth(can’t rmb well what his reason,sorry.)and he was aghast when he learn that the crew might film BB as well.
          and yet he did realsound.you can imagine my reaction when i learn that.

          for now let’s let him be.let’s not force him to do something that he don’t like.he won’t do fan service,he won’t wear clothes that he don’t like.it’s his nature.
          it doesn’t feel right to force him to do sth that he dnw.
          suck for us fans,but we have to live with that.

          all i can say is that we should trust YB you know YB got a good head on his shoulder.and let’s not blame YG.the boss did all he can do for YB.not many people are like him.
          forcing his artist to do everything even to the point of endangering the artist’ health.

          i respect your opinion,and this are all mine,though.feel free to disagree.:)

        2. ^ i like you ^^

          ill comment to this cause i feel that if IBT was loved by everyone we wont be having this discussion. prior to it’s release everything was forgiven and forgotten and was halleluiah YG lol. so lets put what couldve been done to Solar aside and focus on IBT.

          here’s my suggestion. when he performs IBT, he has to wear the outfit on the MV. not that turtleneck, i dont like it. and take his shades off and show those fierce emotions with his eyes^^
          now if he doesnt want to do variety and reality shows, its ok. he can do music shows. if it’s possible, let him have a mini concert. let him do a cover. Jay’s Nothing On You was pretty popular. but i dont want him doing Usher. He is not Korean Usher. he is Taeyang. let him play the piano. omg, Empire State of Mind please!!! ^^ how about a duet with IU? or if with a YG artist then maybe Gummy? how about an acoustic version of IBT? he is superb in dancing but nothing captures an audience than a great singer. he needs to showcase this. Korea is big on MR-removed perfs ^^ and let him rap for crying out loud! if he’s to go international he needs to show he’s an all-around!

        3. ^hey,you’ve got some good ideas.
          a duet with IU would be perfect.^^
          i think YB likes intimate setting with few audiences.
          like he did in madam B salon.

          i rmb he said a long time ago that he likes to have a performance with a live band in a small crowd.iono sth like that.

          and it’s a shame he no longer rap.:(
          maybe on his next album.

    3. i think i have to some what agree with u on the international solar cd. when they first said that it was coming out and that only a couple of songs would be in english and then the rest would be some of his other songs…i got confused and was like how does that make it international when we already got the cd’s with the other songs and plus only a couple are in English. that to me is something like showing your appreciation to the fans instead of a international fan only cd. i’m still confused about that. plus the dvd is region 3 and i live in region so that would mean i would have o go buy another dvd player……either way i’m still going to buy it but once again thats not international. idk just my opinion


    Gawwd~~~ Tae Yang a vampire/coming back from the dead!!! Gah~~~ SEXY!!!

    I sound delusional and sick but this MV IS HOT DAMN!

    I LIKE IT.

    There’s obviously a plot, and dance is dupe~~~~~ :D:D

    Maybe it’s because it’s an MV, but I’d love to see the whole dance shot just to see how awesome it is….XD

    I love this.

    Now there’s only the English version of Wedding Dress….. Hmm…

  52. The MV was hauntingly sexy. =) But I wish he had a cape or robe a bit of Old English clothes when he was in the girl’s room. A trench coat will do too. It would make this mv more mysterious, IMO.

    I love the song with or without the MV, but the choreo made it a whole lot better. ^^

  53. can we please lay off with YG?
    they have done a LOT for YB. he gets Shaun to come for him to do his choreo. he is allowed to the direction he wanted. he is given a great MV (after everyone’s complaints of INAG). if this was another artist im not a fan of, id say that they’re trying too hard. but YB deserves it, and he sure is talented, so, of course.

    u know in American Idol they say it’s all about choosing the right song but whenever they found someone special they always end up saying that it’s never the song choice coz if ur REALLY that good, ull make it yours whatever song or genre it is, and people will love it!

    so, maybe YB isnt as great as we all think he is. i cant say he lacks charisma, coz he is hot and attractive to both international and Korean fans. although lesser to Korean fans compared to GD?

  54. The choreo and mv really did add to the song’s appeal 🙂

    As for the discussion, I just want YB to love what he’s doing. I don’t care if I love it or not.

  55. a lot of people will not agree with me, but i ahve a strong feeling YB will get noticed thru this MV.. internationally.. like big music producers. believe me when i say i believe, WUA and WD are THE SONGS for Bae, but i have a stronger feeling for this one.

    THE MV contributed tremendously to this song. if this MV was releases with the song, i think we’ll have less of those “bah blah is better than this song” blah blah.

    the cinematography, pacing, story line, the visuals, are magnificent. ive never seen any MV shot in a studio as massive and as intricate as this one.

    call out YG for his messed up plans for YB but youve gotta hand it out to him for giving all out for I’ll be There.

    and Thank YOu SHaun! the choreo is as good as how YG said it would be.

    1. also one thing that i really appreciate coming over to alwaystaeyang is it just shows that we are not insane and delusional fans. we call it as how we see it, and we don’t swallow everything YB feeds us. We call if we don’t like, and we don’t pretend like everything YB does as perfect. and that is what a fan should be.

      it’s just that, some of us are being overtly too critical that if i was YB and reading this i’d be scratching my head, for thinking he can’t satisfy everything he offers to us. but that’s all good. 😀

    2. yeah, i wish he has he YG Life blog right now. it’s so easy to whine and say he sucks at this and that. and after all this he doesnt get a thank you ^^

      1. ^
        I’ve aired my complaints about YG and YB but most of what I said has been constructive criticism more than anything else. I don’t like being purely negative. I would love the YG Life Blog so I can personally send him a message like I did above stating what I think he (and YB, I won’t put all of this on YG or even most) did wrong with SOLAR and what he did right. Thank him for letting YB do his thing and I think he’s an amazing CEO. From the critiques I’ve made of SOLAR and of it’s promotions, I want YG and YB to learn from. As a fan all I want is growth for YB cause I see a lot of potential. There’s a lot I have to say thank you for to Mr. YG and I praise him a lot, but I wont say things are great when they’re not.

        1. well, maybe it’s not great to some fans but it is great to some. that’s the thing. see all this, i am happy. i wouldve wished hed get the Korean charts, but whatever, i am happy anyway. unfortunately, u cant please everyone, and when that happens, it’s inevitable to ask what went wrong, who do we blame it on… ugh…

          i remember reading one comment before, during INAG, and to me it sounded as if YB is being burdened by his BB commitments. something like YB is too good for BB’s music. i really find that offensive even though im more of a YB fan than a BB fan. they have different genres, but theyre music. im sure YB as a musician himself know and respect his fellow musicians.

          so, it’s not directed to u really but to some fans here.
          a little thank you isnt much. a lil understanding. if it appears messed up well it’s probably because it was never part of the plan. but i believe they are doing their best to cater to international fans without even a clear calculation of the risk theyre getting into.

          do people even realize that?

        2. ^
          Oh I’ve aired my complaints at ppl being too critical before. Honestly, if you think ppl are critical on this post then you haven’t seen nothing. I literally threw a fit during the day INAG mv and song was release cause ppl were so negative it hurts. I was like, seriously? So in general I soooo agree with everything you’ve said in both post but at the same time I only want to better YG and YB and I refuse to BS stuff. I’ve issues and I think it would benefit YG and YB to hear them cause it would offer a fresh perspective and give insight. I’m not saying that they have to do what I say but I think YB esp needs to both be encouraged and to be also a little harsh with because it really looks like he wasn’t there for some of these promotional tactics talks. I also say this because he has complained in the past that he hates the use of his personal life as a promotional tactic but that was the feeling I got from SOLAR promotions, from INAG and currently didn’t feel YB at all from the international promotions.

        3. as for INAG, i love it. but i honestly was relieved promotions was over so people can just shut up with it and move on… but it seems like it’s starting all over again … from WD to WUA to INAG to IBT… gah… i wish my fellow 2NE1 fans could come and just tell everyone to just eat happy fruit. LOL.

          >>I’ve issues and I think it would benefit YG and YB to hear them cause it would offer a fresh perspective and give insight. I’m not saying that they have to do what I say but I think YB esp needs to both be encouraged and to be also a little harsh with because it really looks like he wasn’t there for some of these promotional tactics talks. I also say this because he has complained in the past that he hates the use of his personal life as a promotional tactic but that was the feeling I got from SOLAR promotions, from INAG and currently didn’t feel YB at all from the international promotions.<<

          well , that's YB for u. and i am wrestling because a part of me feels it right that people should buy his music for his music, but a part of me knows that he needs to be more personal and give more fan service to well, fans and fans-to be.

        4. “well , that’s YB for u”

          I know and I don’t necessarily want him to change. I wouldn’t want him on variety shows or whatever cause he is shy and awkward on cam but he has a twitter so he may as well use it, YG is going to start that YG Life blog and I bet YB will avoid it like the plague. I don’t want him to sell his personality but just make an effort to reach out, it’s not difficult with the internet. It’s one thing if he was content to just be a member of BB and that’s it but if he want to break out then he needs to reach out a little more. If really hates the idea that’s cool but don’t open or twitter (or have the company force you too) and then not use it or make obvious it only for promotional reasons.

    3. @sanoj: yeah; most of YB fans wanna the best for him.. however; it’s VERY HARD to please every single one of his fans.. so; we should be happy that both YB & YG are trying their best for the fans’ interest.. 🙂
      @jangy: how does the YG Life blog works?? are we able to interact with YB himself?? hehe.. 🙂

      1. i wonder how that will work too, but i guess we just have to wait a few more days..

        if it were me, i would want the Yg-Life to be able to let fans submit music reviews. so other fans can read it as well, as well as the guys, so they will have the first hand in reading what fans will say on their music instead of from different sites. .. ahhh!!! i can’t wait!

  56. Why oh Why did my internet connection got cut off last night???? Grrr i missed the partyyyy!!!

    BTW, this musci video is HOT. Like seriously HOT from every angle/shot possible. My fave MV ever in KPOP hehehehehehe. Thank you YG, Shaun, back up dancers, Teddy. Taeyang, THANK YOU. You made my day!!! This MV is not disappointing at all. In fast, i’m impressed. Love it.

    One scene made me wanna laugh the hell out of myself.. the part where he crawled towards the bed. It was like in some action movie where the monster is about to eat the girl or something.. LOL.

  57. ok so who in here wants to be the dancers that gets to grab YB’s legs in the choreo??? (raise hands) lol everytime I get to that part I’m always imagining myself grabbing his leg!!! lmao!!! love this MV!!!

    1. i wanna be one of the dancers!! can i join u?? hehe.. 🙂
      if i can’t be the dancers; then i wanna be the girl who YB watched over.. cuz i wanna him to be by my bedside at night.. haha.. 😀

    2. i know right?! YB’s dancers are so lucky. they get to grope him in places unimaginable… tehehe!

      i wanna be a YB dancer. he just have to endure me coz i’m horrible at it. XD

      1. haha.. me too!! if i were ever his dancer; i think security has to escort me out of the premises cuz i’ll be all over him!! wahaha.. 😀

      2. oh me three! haha
        i wish to dance with him ^^
        i do wish he’s give his fans a chance to dance with him. maybe fans can send auditions via YT and let fans vote. ^^ im not a dancer, but i think ill try for it^^

        1. i know, im a genius hahahahahahha
          but seriously, it will just be awesome!
          but he cant just pick one coz how am i gonna compete against those peeps who do dance covers. that’s so not realistic for me! i even feel Sooyoung might go for it. LOL.
          ah, i wish! i want to be Jihye for INAG. nyaha!
          maybe he could do it for Move. since that’s a song on the dancefloor. girls vs boys. of course we shouldnt forget the boys ^^

        2. LMAO!!! I literally took the word ‘dance’ and ‘floor’ in a totally different meaning when i read it!!! lmao!!! keeping it PG…gotta remember to keep things PG…lol

        3. @aS2t, you’re not alone.. YB seems too unaware of how his sexiness affects women. had to remind myself that not everybody (and MINORS!) appreciate my too R-RAted commentaries the moment i saw his …. Uh-Oh..

          *thinks cotton candies, balloons, happy thoughts, .*

  58. Like its been said, YB’s fan are realistic and critical. Some are overly critical, yes. But i guess everyone’s hearts are in the right place – they want the best for YB. Not that YB has not been doing his best. He has, hasnt he ? 🙂

    So i guess we should really applaud YG and YG for giving their best despite everything. This MV just says so much. it doesnt matter what message its trying to convey ( a way of apology or whatsnot)

    I will be a fan of YB no matter what, even if there’s one or two of his songs which doesnt really appeal to me but hey, YB can’t please everyone you know. Haha.

    In regards of IBT and the MV, two thumbs up for it! Taeyang hwaiting! ❤

  59. Omgggg. I loveeeeed the MV. God, if his face can be that close to me when I’m in bed.. Wowwwwww. This MV is solo much betterthan INAG! Thank goodness for a MV with a better storyline.

    It’s so thriller/vampire like <333

    I love it!!

  60. I can’t wait for the live!!! the dance is just so freaken epic!!! my goodness I am blown away!!! saw the fancam and I’m instantly in love!! not just with YB but the dancers also!!!

  61. I’m reading a lot of comments complaing about how some fans are OVER criticizing YB but really like Fina said “everybody’s hearts are in the right place”.

    And besides, to criticize is very relative; I personnaly don’t think noone is “over” criticizing YB. It’s just about giving opinions and don’t worry, I’m pretty sure YB has maybe faced a lot worse than that in terms of “criticism” and harsh comments since his debut.

    I used not to comments at any costs on Kpop websites by the past because of fan wars and free insults running around for nothing and when I discovered this blog I was relieved to see that 99% of the comments here are sane or reader friendly; That’s why I’ve decided to comment since ( I said 99% cause sometimes, well, trolls might appear right?).

    At the end of the day, we’re ALL concerned about Taeyang as an artist and want the very best for his career…

    PEACE 🙂

    1. glad you decide to comment here, the kind of environment you talk about is the kind we like to keep here always though we do get the occasional troll lol

  62. the mv (the acting, editing, the works ) is good , really good but i wish its longer. the song its rnb/electronica, an upbeat song so im expecting more DANCE. the scene where hes just standing shirtless i wish it was a dance scene.

  63. the MV was totally awsome^^ but why does YB sort of like vampire at this MV???LOL..what the heck..i still love the MV tho..^^ agian YB never failled us^^

  64. I want yb to watch me when I sleep too… haha… i dunno what i’m gonna do if i find his sexy body anywhere near me in the middle of the night…i would most probably jump him…he’s so fine, and it’s killing me, killing me!

  65. ►whoa!…this one is really freakin’ great!…hahhah…i still haven’t recovered from the song itself when i heard it…and now?…the vid?…gawd!…this is just so maddeningly good!…

    ►i really like it when Bebe was on the bed watching the girl…can i have one Bebe watchin’ over me when i’m sleeping?…lol…i just wish he’ll crawl on my bed tonight!…hahha

  66. the story (in my head) was the girl was dead but yb somehow rescued her from the dead and brought her to a random house/mansion and tried to protect her from those demony back-up dancers but they out-numbered him and he had to leave her. she wakes up and goes to the graveyard, looks at the gravestone and realizes shes dead – faints/dies. yb gets killed too but he joins her in death so he still fulfills the “i’ll be there” thing. (i reject the twilight theme b/c i havent/never want to read it)

    ps: i think aty needs a forum of some sort.

  67. Reading some of the comments:

    I have to say that I love IBT and the video too, even if it’s a pop song. I think his music really lies in the RnB and Hip Hop field though. Also I feel Taeyang is pressured because people except different things from him, which is true but he can’t please everybody.In the solar album you can tell he put his hardest in that album. YG needs to step there game up TY needs to tell them how he wants his music to go since he is the one singing the songs. We love you TY but please try to connect with the Korean and International fans more. But if you think about it his korean fans will have much of a more say so of his music since he lives in Korea and most of the sales will come from there. His style of music is not popular in korea, that’s why I was happy when INAG was getting awards, just look at WD.( It has a deep RnB feel to it) Hope more people will take more notice in his music.

    1. “We love you TY but please try to connect with the Korean and International fans more.”

      this is the problem though, it’d be nice if taeyang/yg would go and read fansites etc. etc. to see what the fans are thinking/want, i’m sure they do this anyways, but truth of the matter is, not every single fan can be pleased.
      i.e. the more hardcore yb fans who loved him for his rnb music don’t find IBT exactly fitting to their taste, whereas some of the more casual or recent fans absolutely love it.
      anyways, i don’t really mind yb exploring with his music, i’m sure yb is satisfied with the song himself, and in the end that’s all that really matters. yb being happy about his music that is. coz in the end, he shouldn’t really be catering music for his fans, but really for himself.

  68. YB should, no, MUST wear the bulletproof vest in his performances. sooooooooooooooooooooo manly, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!

  69. having read all the comments, i do think that YB’s music is a mixture of both R&B and pop, with R&B being more dominant.
    from his influences (i.e. Usher and MJ) to his experiences (i.e. Big Bang and solo career), i can say that he can’t just stick to one genre.
    i’m more of an R&B fan, but him trying pop is not that bad for me.
    what’s important for me is that he makes good music which he likes.
    and in my opinion, his songs that are pop in nature (i.e IBT, JAF) are far better than other K-pop songs.
    at least, his have meaning and don’t just rely on their being catchy like other K-Pop songs who use English words that are really unnecessary.
    IBT is definitely a good song for me and is even better because of the mv. without the autotune, it will be great.
    although WD will be my ultimate favorite (and for the record, i loved the song the first time i heard it, even before seeing the mv), none of his songs are bad, more so not ‘shit/trash’.
    they’re just different and will cater to different audiences.

    promotions-wise, nah, i’ll skip that.
    i’ll give YG a break this time.

    and to YB, thank you for making me a proud fanboy!
    you are no mediocre in my eyes.
    you’re songs, whether pop or R&B, are definitely above average; some even excellent!
    so keep on doing what you love and i’ll be anticipating your every work!

    1. hmm…well, he’s maturing as an artist and a human being. He’s grown up a lot from before so his style has also changed. Im sure he’ll have some dance songs such as Look Only At Me too 🙂
      i think he’s just trying to have a variety of R&B, Pop, and dance songs for different viewers to like.

      this MV is DEFINITELY more mature though lol, with all the intense stares and maturer love ❤

  70. Damn, this was good!! His old style was better, but this was good too.
    He looked really hot and the choreo was good too. Keep up the great work, YB! I love you! 🙂

  71. YB’s mv is most popular (music) and top favorited in youtube right now..just wanted to give you guys a heads up on that. 😀

  72. No wonder he said he fans think a lot!!! Lol ..we do … Bottom line we all want what he wants and that is for him to go to the top!!!! I wish him the best and prayers go out to him… Is it still a sin to like want to rape him and take advantage of him? He soo hot!!! More sexy videos please! Lol Music videos are a big deal!!! It’s is the best promotion tool for a song..once the music video is in your head you picture it as you listen to it. I dunno think his previous music videos promoted the songs best for him..when I listen to them I thinking the videos!

  73. so the music video dvd from the international album only works for region 3 (asian countries)…that defies the purpose of international

      1. but since its region 3 it wont work for north american dvd players if the dvd players are not region free which most aren’t

        1. It should play fine on most computer and laptop since those two don’t have a region code restriction.

        2. i was worried about that too so i did some checking and yes it will work in north america both in Canada and the US, they both use the NTSC format (the dvd format).. although it may not work in Europ, moste countries use the PAL fomat all but France i think.

        3. Thanks!! I was planning on ordering the hard copy so I can get the dvd and tae yang goodies just making sure itll work. itll be my first time ordering international stufff :]

    1. second time posting here…i dont know if this will do for you. i bought a GD’s SAL DVD through yesasia, i was skeptical at first because of region thingy. i thought it wont work on my my player so i watched it through my lappy, however, out of curiosity i tried it on my dvds and it did work!

  74. been watching the vid all morning ^^ im really in love with the song. i hope with the English version, since it’s different with the Korean lyrics, there’ll be more dancing, with less lyrical choreo. just wanna dance to it! ^^ please!

    1. wow jangy!! u’re really hardcore fan of YB huh?? hehe.. me too!! been watching it non-stop.. wahaha.. we shd get together & watch the MV for countless of times together.. it’ll be fun!! hehe.. xD

      1. ngaha! 5 hrs at least, now im on break. playing 2NE1 Se7en and YB. ive no life hahahah!

        yeah, we should ! on the release of IBT English version k? ^^

  75. I loved the video, although it doesn’t really fit the song (but, hey, it never does…!!!) and loved the song… I just think it could be a little less Usher… who released a video that I think is soooooooooooooooooooooooo kpop (image and choreo)!!!! =D

  76. hahaha. she fainted because she saw taeyang 😉 i mean who wouldn’t?! *sigh i will sleep like a baby today. ^__^V

  77. I love this video, I like the fact that TaeYang is a yummy werewolf here. There are a lot of interpretations of this video, some for it and some against it. I like it not just because I like the song or TaeYang, but I like the fact that he’s able to convey his emotions. For me, ever since INAG, TaeYang has become better with expressing himself. And for me, music has to be expressed not said. So TaeYang is getting better in that area. And this may be a fangirl’s dream, but I hope that eventually TaeYang ventures into acting. I can’t wait for the english version of the video to come out!!!!

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