Korean & English version of I’LL BE THERE + Lyrics + Promo Pictures

Why, why the autotune? *SOBS* It’s catchy, but in my opinion, without autotune, it would be even better~ Okay fine Taeyang, fine -_- Okay, I like the song LOL. Couple listens, and Kay is HOOKED.

I`ll Be There (ENG.)

e been through ups and downs no doubt
so many times we’ve had it out
some foolish things we’ve realized
think back and have to laugh it out

but that’s what makes us so strong
lo-lo- lovin’ so strong
we roll deep in every way
de-de-de- deeper baby-babe

i got your back believe me
you got my back it’s either way
when rain or thunder comes along
just keep your faith in me

you are so beautiful – beautiful
wo-wo- wonderful – wonderful
see my dream of you and me
began the day we met, yeah!

some people give up what they have
they run-run-run

that aint ‘gon be our situation
you’re the one-one-one

girl you’re my queen in my heart ‘n soul
i’m never letting you go
i’ll be… there!
you know that…

i’ll be there…

spring, summer, fall
winter’s cold

i’ll be there… be there
to protect you my baby

i’ll be there…

all here for you is where i
wannna be

some haters try to get us down
but they aint got a clue about
our love and how that we belong-long
so-so right it can’t be wrong
they’ve called me dangerous-dangerous
yet they’re killing ki-killing us
we don’t need your shady ways
that negativity, yeah!

some give up what they have
they go and run-run-run

that aint ‘gon be our situation
you’re the one-one-one

girl you’re my queen in my heart ‘n soul
i’m never letting you go
i’ll be there!
you know that…

i’ll be there…

spring, summer, fall,
winter’s cold

i’ll be there… be there
to protect you my baby

i’ll be there…

all here for you is where i
wannna be

my life without you is no life
no one can replace all your
sweetness inside
i’m so down for you
and you know it’s true
you’re my love… oh oh…

From: YBmania

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  1. i need HQ studio versions! *mumbles* it’s in english but i can hardly understand everything…


    but i’m still glad… played it 5 times already, didn’t like it the first time but it’s growing…

  2. I’ll have to continue to listen to both version before the song grows on me. Its catchy though & yes unfortunately there is some autotune ~

  3. The song is freakin awsome
    this is too much to handle T_T <33333
    YG are u trying to kill me T_T
    taeyang really good job can't wait for the mv <3333
    thx for sharing

  4. Liking the song so far although the autotune :(. Be back after the mv to give a more in-depth, uninfluenced by everyone else’s feelings, opinion since my feelings about the song might get changed after everyone else’s opinions.

  5. erm… is it heavily auto-tune?? i can’t differentiate it though.. whatever it is; it still sounds nice to me!! haha.. :p

  6. After hearing the english version with the lyrics, I must say Taeyang’s pronunciation is pretty good; without a shadow of a doubt; he tried XD

    I think once I’ve seen the MV; then the song will grow on me even more.

  7. Omg!! I love it! It’d be better without so much autotune >_< but it's still awesome!! Go taeyang! Bring on the mv XD

    1. He’s performing it on Music Core so I’ll guess we’ll be able to see really soon! But YB’s lives are pretty awesome and make me love his songs 100x more so I’m sure it’ll be even better with this new amazing choreo that Shaun has created.

  8. The autotune tore me apart but I’m loving it already πŸ˜€

    This took WAY faster than INAG to grow on me.


    Love his English, is that only me???

      1. Yeah, catchy and good…. but is a lot different from the songs in SOLAR, which YB said were more of his style…o.o so i’m wondering what he really feels about this….

        it’s pretty obvious YG’s reaching out to the int’l fans, and I’m sure YB appreciates all the love from us too… Just it’s got me thinking… =\

  9. DAYUM! EPIC SONG! People are complaining about the autotune but there’s actually not much if you listen again. I trust that there won’t be much difference once he sings it live on his performances.

    ~YB you the best. Very catchy song and and I have a feeling international fans will like this a lot. No surprise there as Tae Yang’s songs was never kpop mainstream anyway.

    1. argree… at first it does sound like there is alot of autotune… but if u listen more, u will notice there acutally not as much as u think.

      1. Yeah, there’s only some in the beginning verses. πŸ™‚ Besides, we all know that YB can sing either way.

  10. After a few replays; its grown on me; especially the english version. Proud of you YB. Really looking forward to him performing live XD

  11. damn u autotunee!

    i love the song! (a lot better than INaG..) but i think the korean version better =/
    anyways i cant wait to watch the mv.

  12. LSS-ing… finally! something i can jam to in the train without getting weird looks from people!

    good job, YB!

    *i have a feeling YG people and Taeyang himself are monitoring this so *


    you did good babe! πŸ™‚

  13. I like it..;p

    autotune.. well… let’s just burn the machine but other than that, the song is really good.. gonna have it on repeat πŸ˜‰

  14. DOPE!! the song is ADDICTIVE though the auto-tune kinda spoiled it.. but; it doesn’t really sounds a lot of auto-tune if u listened to it carefully.. hehe.. πŸ˜€

  15. I love how YB is trying to experiment with different sounds, but I’m not feeling this song at all.
    I’ve listened to it thrice already and I just can’t get into it. The auto-tune really turns me off and over all it feels as if it is lacking something… a climax… I don’t know. I was expecting something more powerful, but that’s just me.
    Different strokes for different folks, I guess. =\

      1. Oh believe me, I have tried, but my ears just don’t like it one bit.
        I guess I will have to say no to YB this time and stick to listening to the other songs from Solar. *sighs*

    1. trust me when i say i too had the same prob.. somethin abt the song just wasnt clickin’ with me.. but… like what the rest said give it a few more trys.. you’ll soon get into the groove of the song..

      and… plus.. the lyrics are kinda swit.. i wonder who wrote this song. . hrmmm :))

    2. I understand. I wanted more Wedding Dress, more Take It Slow, more LOAM even.

      I like the song more than INAG but this was a lot more pop than I wanted. I wanted more smooth R&B – however WD mv kinda made the song 10x better so I’m waiting for that.

    3. this is exactly why I didn’t have any expectations for I’ll be there,when you have expectations and you get less than that,its hard to like the song (as I learned from INAG but it grew on me after a few listens and I love it now.)

      keep trying,who might like it πŸ˜€

    1. ya i really do like the korean version better idk why i guess b/c of the teaser, i got so into the korean one first

  16. I love it .. from the first few seconds. Actually from the mv clips, I was a bit worried I would not like it. the mv clips made it seem slower. but dang I love this to pieces. not tht it was ever a debate but I want this album RIGHT NOOWWWW why do i have to wait yg why why why why. no fair.

    /as least come on already with the mv

    1. it’s already the 19th in Korea!!!! where’s the MV!!! why isn’t YG doing that “right at midnight release thing”!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Not feeling the autotune, but Bae, your English turns me onnnnnnn! Ah well, at least there is the other version of Wedding Dress to look forward to.

  18. oommgmggg woow taeyang this is soo amazing i wish u could really be there for me… anyways i love u and this songg keep up the wordd and ill be thereee for u FOREVER AND ALWAYS

  19. Loving the song its already stuck in my head but quick question about the album…On yesasia they have the dvd listed as a region 3 dvd which only works in southeast asia soooooooo how is that international? For it to work for us in Canada, US and other countries we need region 0 has anybody seen the album for sale on other sites where the dvd isnt just region 3?

  20. oK some honest opinion…

    I’ll be there is a good song, but production behind it is way too mediocre. I love Teddy, but his style is very limited, always a melody over simple percussion arrangements. The rhythm is very predictable and melodies are often in simple major scales. This concept works for LOAM, but I’ll be there is such a regular song.

    I am a DIE HARD Taeyang fan and believes he has enormous potential if he ventures to work with diff. producers. I don’t want to disrespect Teddy’s fans either, but Teddy’s production abilities hasn’t improved much.

    If this song debuts in the U.S the way it is, it won’t make it. THe melody is strong enough, but it needs a more advanced percussion arrangement. If it’s remixed, I think it can grow in the U.S market.

    1. Thanks for the honesty, and I do agree with you. If you take away the simple commercial value of the song (that it’s catchy and likeable for more people, even people like me) then yes, its pretty much got simple arrangements throughout. I also noticed that. That’s been Teddy’s habit from the beginning, he layers a lot of simple melodies until you get all this “noise” and then layer some autotune on top of it to even things out… I really do agree that Taeyang needs to work with more producers, it’ll give him more depth as an artist and yeah, Teddy needs to change things up a bit, he’s becoming very static with his music….but man makes good music.

      That being said, the song is still a good song, regular, but catchy and trendy….maybe he’s experimenting, I’m not sure, but I guess he wants to do this before going into hardcore R&B music (I hope~)

    2. “I love Teddy, but his style is very limited, always a melody over simple percussion arrangements. ”

      it’s true teddy has a distinct ‘similar’ sound in the songs he produces, but it works (i.e. 2ne1, taeyang, big bang). the majority of YGE songs are produced by teddy, so it goes without saying that a lot of YG artists owe part of their success to him. ease up on the man a tad, this isn’t a US debut, it’s just an international release, more or less a treat to the international fans for showing support.

      1. I think it works only because most of us are biased fans. I mean, let’s face it. If someone else released those songs, they would never make it to the chart.
        I am a huge BB and Taeyang fan, but I won’t lie. Teddy’s songs are usually repetitive just like those of Brave Brothers and do not beat some of the stuff that is released in the underground and indie scene.

    3. Gosh, thank you.
      I’m also a huge fan of Taeyang, but when I listened to IBT, I just thought it was a mess.

      Teddy has made some awesome songs. I’m not denying it, but the truth is that most of his stuff tends to sound very repetitive and you can even hear old beats being reused in some of his newest songs.

      I still think that the great thing about HOT was that there were several composers involved in the production of each song, so that is why there were these very diverse and unique sounds as opposed to Solar, which screams Teddy for the most part. Like you said, his songs have become very predictable and that, in the long run, will make the listeners bored or at least I am getting bored.

      I also do not want to disrespect Teddy’s fans, but I think YG seriously needs to give Teddy a pretty long vacation and let Taeyang experiment working with other people to get a more diverse sound in his music.

      1. ^
        Teddy is actually on break it seems – YG’s last letter said that he’s working in America with other producers now.

        I agree but I think Teddy has a lot of potential but he’s been overworked. He can only produce so much so quickly. He’s best work is usually when he works with someone else – take LOAM (Kush), WD (with YB), 2NE1’s IDC (Kush).

      2. Please don’t get me wrong, I like the song, I just don’t love it. I guess I do worry a lot about his international debut for the day it comes. So i follow his material very closely and do in depth analysis of all his music. But what i’m saying is he should not keep singing about played out themes, like ” I love you” , “i wanna be with you”, “you’re beautiful”… His themes should have more dimensions and specificity. LOAM at me is refreshing and different because it talks about don’t cheat on me even if i cheat on you, which is an interesting concept. Wedding dress has a story. “where you at” and “Prayer” also has their own feel. BUt “i need a girl” and “I’ll be there” are going back to mediocrity. If i was to categorized those songs, they’re like songs that stick to the basics. Right now, Taio Cruz and Gaga are big in the U.S because they experiment with unconventional themes.

        My final thought is Taeyang is an amazing artist. but his growth is stunted from YG’s hesitation to try different producers. I know they love their artists because they are a “YG family”, but it’s time that famiily start growing.

        1. ^
          Agree. I would like his to explore different themes as well. His best songs are on different themes – there is only so many ways to say I’ll Be There. That was actually my main problem with SOLAR – the songs were too similarly themed.

          In HOT – all the songs had a different theme and were talking about different things. Supposedly the Korean lyrics for I’ll be there are different though and are talking about something completely different but I’m waiting for translations.

        2. wow. i’m learning so much from this.
          it’s good to read honest and constructive criticisms when all the fans are getting crazy over the song.
          i do agree that Teddy’s beats are kinda getting old.
          he, himself, should get a break from producing and mingle with other producers and learn from them.
          and i’d love to see YB working with various producers too.
          but since this’ll be the last of his solo promotions, we’ll have to wait longer for that (if it ever happens).

          anyway, i still love the song esp. the english version.
          man, YB’s english is getting better and better.
          i can understand most of the words his saying (about 90-95%).
          although i agree that the autotune spoils it kinda like prayer, it’s still a good song.
          lyrics-wise not much since i don’t like the use of the four seasons in the chorus.
          for me, it’s kinda cheesy and cliche.
          but i’m a hardcore YB fan so i like everything he sings. haha..
          i know the dude’s got talent!

        3. why does it have to be YG’s fault whenever u dont like his songs?
          so was YG opposed to LOAM & WD???
          everyone loves Take It Slow, did that have unconventional theme?

        4. wow! didnt think of the whole theme aspect. nice…have to agree with you on that. themes like “ily’ or etc were kinda repeated in some of the tracks…

          but what i think (mebbe) taeyang is trying to tell us, or even the whole world is that..

          “Taeyang is REALLY in desperate need of finding a girlfriend right now!”.. haha.

          frm the INAG song to a song dedicated to a wedding dress.. I think its pretty obvious ladies that our taeyang here needs a lil’ lovin from a special someone.. badly. :(( *aww.*

          but then again, it could be that they are going for something cohesive. like a storytelling session from YB thru his album maybe?

          eitherways I hope its all clear skies for TY’s future for int’l debut. *fingers crossed* πŸ™‚ ❀

        5. as beautiful as Wedding Dress is, that song is not addicting. it needed an MV and choreo to make it epic. this, song alone is already addicting. when the MV comes and we see the choreo, it’ll be even better.

        6. the one thing that bothered me the most is the lyrics in his English version.

          it’s too simple.

          The words he choose. The way he worded things.

          It’s lacking.

        7. i know it’s not his first language..

          so don’t hate me on that.

          i just wished that when he is releasing his international album.. the lyrics should be more cultivating.

          idk how to explain it.

          like WD – the words, the emotion was perfect.

          so was TIS. hmmmmmmmmm.

        8. See I guess I feel the exact opposite I DONT want some kid that has never had a girlfirend to be singing to me about a complex love theme, that to me would be very hmmm like witf ish.. I prefer him to stick to a theme he can relate to and put his feeling and emotion into.

          I actually found the english lyrics meaningful outside of the gf/bf context and more of like an ode to haters trying to tear him from what he loves in this case music.. but that could just be me thinking about what YB could be using as inspiration.

          I said this elsewhere and will say it here, I recently listened to a soilder boy song.. [forced to whilst in the car with young ones] anyhoo I could not even recognize that he was speaking english for most of the song. So props to Tae yang for actually singing words I could understand. Can’t wait for the k-lyrics translation.

        9. Also Sinner. Sinner is an amazing song. Its theme was what really got me and the beat is actually amazing. And the choreography sealed it in as my favorite YB song ever.

    4. i agree… i thought the words were too easy… (English version) like, kids could of wrote it… i love both versions but i feel more attacted to the korean version. i’d rather be in the dark i guess… would u know if the korean and english version are the same meanings in traslation? thanks for ur input. πŸ™‚

      LOVE TY! πŸ™‚

  21. Loving the song mang iam hooked hard!! replay for the next couple of days fo’sure

    the picture of taeyang on the the staircase fore some reason reminds me of Lion King LOL child hood flash back

    could be the circle of life and welcoming taeyaing to the world!!

  22. “…Is YB going kpop mainstream now?” is all i could think while listening to IBT. lol…
    song’s catchy, no doubt. on normal kpop song level, love it. and i really hope YB will do well for this song, since it’s the most mainstream he has gone…
    right now, i want the mv and am excited for the choreo!

    but YB, next album i’m gonna need more r&b to call you a r&b artist. (and to fall in love with you all over again). and if either your eng version of WD and the Connection song is freaking awesome, that’s it, i’ll be officially broke this time round.
    pls pls pls make me broke. lol.

    1. ^
      That’s what I felt the first time I heard a clip of IBT – very trendy and commercial. However, I have to give the man some credit. INAG wasn’t trendy music nor were some of the other songs on SOLAR. I don’t want him to become too pop or commercial, we like him cause he’s different from the usual Kpop. I think IBT would have been 10x more R&B is he had just dropped the autotune, makes it more pop than it needs to be.

      1. yea i thought that this song could actually be more r&b if they drop the autotune and added the strong (drum?) r&b beat to go along with it.

        but anyways, i honestly hope this song does well. hehe i really like it actually and it’s catchy. its already on replay, but i’ll just listen to it without reminding myself that the artist is Taeyang. lol.

      2. For sure, if they’d dropped the autotune, the song would have been more hiphop than pop/dance music~ I don’t see the need for autotune, unless you’re going for mainstream/trendy OR you can’t sing…..and in this case, the objective is to go trendy because we all know he can sing….i still love the song but musically, there isnt any depth

  23. Agree Taeyang is way better than the auto tune in this song. But its not OVER auto tuned to the point where I can’t like the song. I happen to LOVE the song! its really catchy and definitely going on repeat. ❀ Want the MV!!!

  24. Just saw a fancam for the choreography for “IBT” & its so awesome XD

    Shaun never fails to amaze me whenever he’s working with Taeyang.

    1. TOTALLY AGREE, this song is a big let down for taeyang. And I know he has other let down songs aswell but atleast he doesn’t go ahead and make a MV for it. Every MV he’s ever made has been to a good song, he totally went wrong on this one.

      1. ^
        You don’t even have a mv to judge so I think you’re being a little harsh.

        The only song I would categorize as a let down was You’re My (which he did make a mv for sadly). The biggest problem I had with the song is that it isn’t a slow R&B ballad like I wanted but I understand why he didn’t. He can’t give us another WD, esp so soon after the last WD. If he tries he will fail, that’s what happen with WD -ppl in S.K. wanted another LOAM and he didn’t give them that.

        However, I wanted a song that sounded less pop. This song in general is very very good and by any other kpop artist I would just love it. From Taeyang though, it’s very commercial and a little generic. Wanted something that I could say is definitely YB – love or hate INAG you know that no one else could have done the song. I can’t help but feel that several other ppl could have sang IBT and rocked it as well.

        1. All of us are judging him. good or bad and none of us have a MV either. And I say this because I’d hate for Taeyang to go in the wrong direction with his music. Because I look up to him in a way. This kind of sound is similar to what se7en is doing at the moment. And to be honest I think it sucks, it’s the type of music mainly korean people enjoy. And isn’t this a international album aswell?? Alot of people love his songs ‘Where u at” & ‘Wedding dress” because it has that US appeal to it. And also You’re My is a good song not a let down in my opinion.

        2. @benji

          Yeah I get where you’re coming from. He’s going electropop and I’m scratching my head. We loved him for his WD and his slow R&B, not his dancepop. But at the same time I like the song but I don’t like the direction – same with Se7en.

          You and I will just have to agree to disagree about You’re My. I think it’s a great song too but not for YB.

  25. ok too much auto-tune
    so far not feeling it but properly will like it later
    is this song not going to be on itunes today or we’ll have to wait for next week along with the full album?

  26. I was never a fan of autotune before but I love the intro! I don’t know, it may sound weird for some if you first hear it but I love it. and the beat too.

    Baebae has always been my guilty pleasure, haha. There are a lot of autotunes here but it worked for me. “I’ll be there” is my LSS now. hehe.

    I wish Teddy though would stop using their autotune machine and use some raw instruments. Since here in the phil I grew up listening to bands and even if sometimes it sounds too noisy, I like it. I know with Baebae a band is the best to accompany his great voice.

    I really love IBT though from the 1st time I listened to it. It could have been the beat that has captured me, hehe. The bridge though sounds a bit off for me, like it could have been better in a different arrangement or something.

    When will the MV come out again?

  27. trust me, i’m no hater but this song is just… argh! its frustrating! its kind of good… but just kind of… or maybe it’s because i was expecting something with the same caliber of “take it slow” or “move”… r&b?… O.o I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW AND ITS REALLY FRUSTRATING! T_T

    1. lol i get what you mean.
      well, for this song, i let it slide that the artist is TY and i’ll listen to it for the catchy-ness and view it at the same level as other kpop songs… trust me, a whole lot better when you do that. haha. i think it’s because we’re wanting more r&b from him that gets into the way of really enjoying the song.
      so as a normal kpop song? yea i love it. i really really really do. haha..

      1. actually, that’s the thing that frustrates me… because if i listen to it as just an “ordinary” kpop song then it’s all good… and imo, when an artist is labeled as “ordinary” then it’s like stabbing him right at the chest… the song is ok but not great. and since we know YB’s capabilities, then we know that he can do a lot better…

  28. YB really lives up to his name as “the creeper”. His songs might take two, three, or even ten listens to before you love them….but it happens (although YM is still iffy). The first couple of listens, the autotune was 😦 but after a while you notice that there really isn’t that much autotune to begin with, it’s mainly in the first 35 seconds of the song. That being said, I still expected this song to be a little bit more RnB/hip hop but I love it nonetheless. I do have to say, as with all of his songs, the choreo definitely makes the song 100x better than what it already is. Shaun is a freaking genius and I hope he never stops working wth YB.

    Also, is it weird that I love the Korean version more? It just seems that he’s able ro convey the emotions so much better in Korean, I guess because it’s his first language. But props to YB for doing an amazing English version as well, you can tell he’s definitely been studying.

  29. omg guys…so there’s news going around that Taeyang will be getting his own youtube channel!!
    OMO…I think our wishes have been answered..(well at least mine πŸ™‚ )

      1. oo that’s true…so will they be putting it on his channel AND the YG channel…b/c I dont think LOAM was put on the YG channel (only the BB channel). ok, now im confused..

    1. wow really!
      2ne1 already has 2ne1 tv but yg will uploads videos that he toke that never since before in youtube and they will start with twitter too becausethey want to be closer to the fans.

  30. mmMMmm I don’t know how to react…..
    Well I definitely like the Korean Version better than the English version..but something is lacking the way YB is doing the choreo, compared to shaun but its all good! he is also singing so he can’t go all crazy. Maybe you guys can see what I’m talking about after the episodes come out, I wonder if YG would let us show it.

    LOL you guys pretty much had the same reaction as me when I first heard it. But the lyrics to the Korean Version is different from the English Version right? Cause i know Shaun choreographed to the Korean lyrics.
    Well its something different… lol ahaha

    1. ^
      It’s his first time doing it live so I understand. INAG choreo was better the 2nd time around.

      I need to see it in the MV before I really judge but I like it a lot.

    2. i cannot understand korean but i also think that the korean lyrics is different from that of the english version… cause i think i head something like “kajima” or is it “hajima”? anyway… which i think means “don’t go” or “don’t leave”

  31. IBT… It’s not really my cup of tea stylistically, but it’s catchy, I admit. I have to concur with those saying that Teddy’s arrangement is pretty pedestrian. I’m more annoyed by that stuttering effect he keeps employing though! Am I the only one? de-de-deep, ki-killing, ru-ru-run… Geez, does he have some kind of a speech disorder? >.< I hated it in Break Down – partly because it reminded me too much of 2ne1 – and I don't care for it here either. Anyway…

    I'll wait for the MV, but LIVE the choreo has to grow on me. He's understandably nowhere near as comfortable with it as he is with INAG and WUA. Love the freestyle! The difference in live quality between BIT and INAG/WUA was really apparent to me.

    1. LMAO hahahahaa… stuttering impediment. that was funny.. But i gotta disagree with you cuz the stutter works in Break it Down, it gave the song interesting dynamics. But it is DEFINITELY overused in IBT. LOL at the way you word it.

    2. I actually don’t think it’s surprising that they put stuttering in there. I mean, Usher’s song DJ Got Us Falling In Love, or something, is really popular and he stutters after like every line. It’s repetitive and easy to remember. I like the song a lot and I think it sounds really similar to the top songs in America right now.

    3. I can understand that it’s the trend right now. Maybe I’m setting my standards too high, but I’d like to see YB setting trends instead of following them – especially crappy ones! ^^

      Anyway, I agree that itworks better in Break Down. I might not have even minded it much if it weren’t for the instant 2ne1 “Fire” flashbacks – it’s used on the exact same word (mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-chi-getsuh)! In IBT, I honestly don’t see the need for it at all. Personally, it actually takes away from the delivery of the lyrics.

      YB does the “stuttering” once in WD, too, and it’s actually one of my favorite parts in the song, because it intensifies the lyrics and actually creates a lovely rhyme later in the verse. I just hate when a technique is used just for the sake of it, which I feel is kind of the case in IBT. IMO, of course.

  32. so, i listen to IBT before reading the comments first.

    all i can say is that the song is catchy but a little bit repeatitive.half walf through the song my mind wanders off.ugh,maybe i am just sleepy.iono.

    anyway,i listen to the english version without reading the lyrics.annddd i can understand him.:D
    i expected less and he surprise me.i say good job for doing your homework,Bae.:D

    good thing i didn’t set my expectations so high.coz when you first listen to the song it’s not really mind blowing but i have the feeling that it will grow on me.
    YB’s songs were afterall,a grower.

  33. Yeah… first time i heard it , wth is this ? , 10 times later, hey this is pretty goood πŸ˜€ haha, so another creeper song by him huh? Liking it πŸ™‚ cant wait to see the choreo if its as epic as YG says it’ll be .

  34. To be honest, I don’t LOVE it but don’t HATE it either. It is definitely a song that might take a while to get used. I was disappointed in the auto tune…I thought it wasn’t necessary and at times the auto tune made everything seem scattered and everywhere. It is catchy, that is I can say right. I’ll give a couple of more tries and see the MV before I say anything more. But I must say Bae’s English pronunciation is good, totally could make out what he was saying.

  35. I like the song,but I wish there was less autotune, never liked too much autotune, so I agree with a lot of people on that one.I’m not too sure if this song is a very good choice to be used if he were to, say debut in the U.S,not that anyone said it would be.Anyway I’m not gonna say anything more until the MV comes out πŸ˜€

  36. yea i like the korean version better than the english version. it’s not a song that would be able to breakthrough the international market by storm but its a catchy song. I really want to see him make it all the way tho. ugh keep trying yb! πŸ˜€

  37. Yeah…. I guess I was expecting more R&B than mainstream. From the teaser, I figured it was leaning a bit away from R&B but still, I had some hopes… From the comments, I was expecting a lot more autotune, but there isn’t a lot, except for the chorus and some parts. At least entire verses aren’t autotuned. But I don’t know what YG was thinking. If he knew that Wedding Dress, WUA and songs in SOLAR were what the international fans liked, why did he choose this kind of song for the international album title song? And yeah, Teddy is somewhat limited in the type of songs he makes. There are some that I still love, but the man, IMO, is overworked, and that’s why some of his songs sound alike in some ways. I wish Taeyang would continue to work with different artists, like he did for SOLAR, in the future. ^^

  38. I understand where you guys are coming from. We are R&B fans and that is the type of music we enjoy Bae doing. I’m all up for seeing him grow and experiment as long as his roots remain in place.

    I actually do really like this song even if the autotune had me groaning as soon as I heard it. I was jamming to it the first time and continue to do so. But I do hope to see him go back to his roots in the future. Doing that type of music is how he shines best.

  39. Looking at the fancam, I really hope hes gonna sing more in the music programs. I love his dancing n all, but I love his voice. So Im hoping for that.

  40. I actually am loving the song – just after a few listens, and will be on my playlist right now. I will agree that I think this plays more into the Kpop mainstream flavor and I don’t know if this would really chart in the US. Nonetheless, this is so much more enjoyable than all the Taio Cruz lyrical nonsense all over the radio, haha.

    Just a counter note to people who think Teddy’s production is too simple – after paying attention to the music in the background and I feel like the mixing / arrangement of the song is incredibly complex.

    Some examples: At the moment YB sings – there’s a nice mix of beats + piano chords
    Beginning at 0:33, you can hear soft, but very distinct higher pitched notes in the background
    The donald duck sound (as people are calling it) happens at 0:05 and again at 1:09
    And around 2:30, there’s just a lot of chords, donald duck sounds, beats, like it’s nicely done

    I don’t know if producers really need to switch up because like Dr. Luke, or Max Martin – their songs all sound very similar (you can identify what songs they produce as well), RedOne, etc. I like Teddy’s style.

    1. I dunno, for me there’s a difference between complex and sophisticated. INAG’s arrangement, for instance, is sparser but really sophisticated, IMO. IBT just feels… messy. There’s too much going on. Like you said, there’s some interesting layers – I like the high bell-like sounds and the piano chords – but they’re all muddled under the other stuff. I have to strain my ears to hear them much of the time, whereas with INAG, every track sings out to me while blending together beautifully. I feel like INAG was a song that, regardless of popularity, other musicians could appreciate. I don’t know that I can say the same about IBT. JMO. I guess when YB said it was “different” (for him), he meant mainstream.

      And you know what, I’m okay with it. For now. ^^

      1. i love everything u said about INAG coz thats exactly what i feel with the song. it’s “tickling”. i dont know a better word but that quite describes how i feel when i listen to it.
        IBT is different yes but even i am digging it

      2. I see what you’re saying about it being muddled under all the other sounds. Hmm…I’m going to have to listen to this song a little more and watch the music video before I make my final judgments πŸ™‚

    2. as for Teddy.. im not a huge fan of Fire compared to other 2NE1 songs but i absolutely love listening to everything mixed on that song. it’s beautiful! i could cry^^Teddy shouldve won an award for it!!!! even with all the love from YG fans, he is underrated for these award giving bodies and his peers, i believe. but yah, some people easily dismiss it for the auto tune and being “trendy” and whatever, but really, it’s a beautiful arrangement. really. ^^

  41. Okay,

    i like the: “You are so beautiful beautiful, wonderful wonderful” part! LOL

    I’m just a little worried, how can taeyang sing this LIVE?
    with all the stuttering lyrics…?lol

  42. Ok, so after much debating..with myself… I’ve come to a conclusion.

    It doesn’t suit my particular taste, but I have a feeling that it’ll do well in terms of popularity..esp if the mv doesn’t disappoint. I agree completely w/ Jayvu’s statement about Teddy. He is awesome, and incredibly talented, but his beats and style of producing are getting repetitive. He doesnt have diversity in his compositions. I was actually kind of hoping that Choice37 would have composed it, b/c he’s really unique. If I’m not mistaken, YG’s recent statement said that Teddy’s gonna be away, getting more inspiration, and working w/ other composers/producers which I think will be really good for him, hopefully get him inspired to try some new things. As for the autotune, the korean ver isn’t bad (somebody said that it’s kinda like Prayer in terms of autotune, and I agree).
    I said this earlier, but I feel like if they were gonna for an electro/pop/hip hop route, they should’ve made it more explosive, there isnt really a wow factor.
    Maybe I just have too high expectations for YB, but after WUA, and WD I was hoping for another R&B / Hip Hop hit, but I guess you can’t always get what you want.
    I don’t dislike it, but at the same time, I don’t love it..it’s just kinda sitting there. LOL.
    But of course, I will support YB, just b/c I can’t get enough of the man πŸ™‚
    Btw, what’s up w/ the DVD being only for region 3!? hmph -__- I thought this was int’l release, YG. region 3 wont work for me 😦

    1. i guess we’ll just have to wait for his next solo album.
      i’m also more of an R&B fan but i listen to different types of song as well that’s why i still like this song.
      hope he will not venture out too much in terms of genre and stick to R&B, it’s why i love him as an artist.
      i also hope he will write and compose songs more because apparently, he’s good at it (ex. WD, WUA, TIS).
      i feel that if he does that, his songs will be more R&B because that’s what he likes and it shows in the songs i mentioned.

      still, good luck to YB and his promotions!
      i’m praying for his album to do well in sales and for IBT to win awards.
      having said that, i’m buying his album even though i’m having money problems recently. hehe..

      1. ^
        I really hope he composes more too cause I love the songs he compose and I have a feeling he’s gotten some recent inspiration with Ms. Girlfriend (he’s been so happy recently). I can’t wait for more from him. Solo activities wont come around till 2012/ late 2011 at the earliest but I can’t wait.

    2. if your dvd doesnt work for region 3 then just hack it
      that is what i did
      google/youtube have the answer to everything

  43. “when rain or thunder comes along”

    Unless I heard wrong, I think I heard something different. What I heard was “when good or bad comes along”.

    Anywho, I’ve loving both versions of the song! Can’t wait for the MV. πŸ˜€

    1. me too. πŸ™‚ “when good or bad comes along”

      love both versions too. but i can’t wait for the MV to be out.
      Qui said it’ll be released TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I think this is an good song….for someone else. For Taeyang I would expect a bit more. IBT was kinda lackluster to me. It sounded really average and it’s frustrating because Taeyang’s so ABOVE average. I didn’t believe what he was singing. Like with Take it Slow or even INAG,I believed that he really felt what he was singing about, but with this song it was like “Okay Taeyang I HEAR you singing about how much you love and want to protect me but I dont FEEL like you mean it.”I hope im making sense… I feel like im not lol But maybe this song wasnt meant to be deep and emotional. Maybe it was just meant to be a catchy pop song.

    1. you said it perfectly. The thing I love about YB is his emotions. Even in Prayer you felt it. – I’m not getting it from IBT.

      I got so much emotion from WD and from TIS and even LOAM. There is very little emotion in this song.

    2. I agree! Taeyang’s ability to channel raw emotion and make you feel you what he feels is what initially attracted me to him….and what has kept me so long. Even if it’s a happy song I can feel his joy like in “Superstar.” I don’t think this track lets him do that. I don’t think that song was all that powerful in that sense.


    when will i receive the confirmation e-mail from YG e-shop?
    i’ve signed up last monday, but still haven’t received any.
    and what’s in the e-mail?
    and after i received th e-mail, do i still have to do something to be able to purchase anything at YG e-shop?

    1. i didn’t get one, so just try to put in your username/password. it should work. you can’t pre-order if you’re a foreigner

  46. this made my day!
    i was so tired when i came home from work.. BUT! this totally took away every tired fiber of my body.. πŸ˜‰
    4pm: just came home from work, can’t even move to change and get some lunch so i just turned on my laptop and checked alwaystaeyang. THEN i saw in the headlines that my baby Taeyang released I’ll be there already! so i clicked on it.
    4:15 pm: totally energized and dancing to β€œi’ll be there” hahaha.. it doesn’t even feel like i worked 8 hrs. today..
    so yeah in other words Taeyang and his songs are my energy booster…
    so who else is with me? come on don’t tell me i’m the only one.. ^^,

  47. Wow, I read all the comments.
    Some love it , some like it, some hate it??
    Well, as a YB fan, it tears me apart that I’m definitely not in the group that loves it.

    I have a big old issue with autotune, more specifically when it’s not necessary and here, it’s the case.
    Moreover, it’s not that present in the song, so why even bother using it???
    I don’t know who invented the autotune stuff but it sure does killing me, killing me…
    I’m also wondering if autotune is even that trendy right now, cause I know a lot of people are getting sick of it.
    Well, let’s give it another year and I’m sure the Mighty Autotune will disappear as quickly as it appeared…

    YB should stick to RnB, plain and simple IMHO.
    But I know that , at the same time, singers should have the right to sing different type of songs and experiment…and that’s what happened here.

    I just don’t understand why, knowing that International fans loved WD and WUA, YGE didn’t decide to release a song with the same vibe than these two (cause this was what attracted international fans in the first place).

    I’m not going to be harsh, cause I know it was a treat to the international fans so I guess I’ll just say “thanks” and listen to IBT again and again and try to like it even if it clearly doesn’t have the WOW factor some of us waited for (include me).
    Hopefully his performance on Music shows will make this song grow on me…sigh

  48. At first I was like “ehhh ATUTUNE”
    then after 4 listens I was like “this is my JAM”
    I even went and painted the words “I’ll Be There” on my sidewalk…in 3D paint!

  49. unfortunately, listening alone, i dont understand some of the words… but i love it ^^ 4th listen now ^^
    He’ll be there to protect me??? hahahaha i love YB

  50. i so love, love this song! its growning on me! both korean and english versions. the autotune isnt that bad… i think it gives it a kick in the song… thank you YB for thinking about us internation VIP fans. we do love you! thanks ATY for always keeping us updated on the man we all adore… “i’ll be there, always for TY”

  51. I lo lo love both version of this song ^__^, very catchy indeed. And I can not wait for the MV.

    YB ❀

  52. Quite honestly, I don’t hear anything remotely near R&B, all I hear is electro-pop. IBT is “meh” to me. IN my opinion, the reason why YG put IBT as the second title is because in IBT there’s A LOT of repetition; which people will remember more easily, especially those people that are just “passerbys” . Sorry, but YG just had to go to “that route” with YB, smh.

    And I’ve been noticing how he hasn’t been singing that much live, either. I’m upset about that.

    Please, just bring back the LOAM and WD “genre” lol

  53. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! oh my gosh. i don’t know what the hell you guys are complaining about! The song is damnnnnnnnn goooooooooooood!!!!! autotune or not, rnb or not, Teddy’s repetitive beat or not, it’s still freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  54. OMG! The dance is amazing!!! i love it!!! and I lovee the English version of this song!! I prefer it to the Korean version. I can’t stop listening to it and singing along! πŸ˜€

  55. looks like i’ll probably be with one the few people that actually LOVE this song!… the autotune doenst really bothers me that much since i’m already freakin used to it and the autotunes werent as horrible as you guys were complaining about it was only the intro and the verses the chorus was obivously taeyang’s voice well either way i love this song so much( well the first time i heard it was kinda okay for me but trust me go listen to it a few more times and you will for sure love it!!!!) even better than wedding dress when it first came out b4 the MV becasue wedding dress didnt appeal to me as much after the MV/choreo came out so i really think that IBT’s MV/choreo will make me love the song 100x more! :))

  56. the song is a good song, it just isn’t ‘special’ IMO. with that said, when yg/yb said that the song will be different, i had already threw all my expectations away, i was 100% sure that it wouldn’t be a traditional ‘taeyang’ rnb track. instead, i was thinking along the lines of the ‘trendy’ stuff that’s being released in america nowadays, like mentioned ‘DJ got us fallin’ in love’ and ‘OMG’. and that’s pretty much what we got.
    about the autotune, i barely even noticed it until people pointed it out, it isn’t being heavily abused as some may make it seem. although a lot of people have their beef with autotune, i personally see nothing wrong with it as long as they keep it honest. by that i mean a fair balance between raw voice and digital voice.
    the discussion about whether or not yb is going mainstream electro pop, i think it’s a bit … with a lack of a better word, ridiculous ? it’s ‘one’ song in an album packed with ‘traditional’ yb, it’s like when people discredited the entire ‘solar’ album because none of the songs met the standards of ‘WD’ they completely forgot ‘WD’ is in the solar album.
    in regards to teddy’s producing, i’ve already shared my views somewhere in the comments earlier, it’s true a lot of his work sounds similar, but i honestly think it works. it would be nice for taeyang to write his own stuff or work with other composers, but again, he has, reference ‘solar’ album, and if you think about it, taeyang probably has no problems his teddy produced tracks. i think we can expect ‘traditional’ taeyang in ‘CONNECTION’, BIG TONE is known for featuring in a lot of rnb based tracks.

    anyways, i’m dying for the mv already, watching the ‘chocolate’ perf, the fancam doesn’t do the choreo enough justice, MV please YG.

    1. Believe it or not, most people that hear the title song will judge the whole album based on that title song.

      I, for one, will check out an artist’s whole album if I like their title song to get the feel of the whole album. AND THEN I BUY IT. πŸ˜€

  57. Meh, imho I like INAG better than IBT. Lyrics nice just the beat im not feeling. Sound so overused. I mean atleast with INAG he tried going more R&B. Surprised how many people dont like INAG. Oh well.

  58. this song is like YG’s baby…it has his favourite choreo, so he’s expecting a huge succes from it…and so do we πŸ˜€

    I like the song…and choreo…it’s growing on me…but it’s already good πŸ™‚

    and another good point of this dark, sharp concept is that…we can say goodbye to those waiter-like costumes from INAG πŸ˜›

  59. yeah too much autotune, it hinders his natural beautiful voice from shining. oh wells, still supporting our Taeyang!! πŸ˜‰ I really like the beginning of IBT though. I hope he’ll improve on his english so that we can fully understand his pronounciation.

  60. the song is creeping slowly into me.i can’t seem to stop listening to it now.:D
    some people might not like the stuttering part (run,run,run)but it’s my favorite part.
    yes,i love IBT now.:D

  61. this is a nice song to go jogging with…it keeps you moving…lol…I had it on repeat for a whole hour!!! that’s how long I jogged…

    1. AGREES, I preordered as soon as i heard the song. I was unsure before about his English and the lyrics, but i have to say, i was pleasantly surprised!

  62. i love the chorus part πŸ™‚
    buut… it hasn’t grown onto me yet….(only on 2nd time listening)
    but i dislike that right now, im only listening to this song cuz taeyang is singing it….i want to like it as it is, a song :\

    and there’s SOO much noise in this song, u almost focus more on it than his singing :\

    eh…we’ll c…its not that bad of a song. i feel bad cuz i know he works SOOOO hard and stresses so much over perfection….i’ll try young bae >.< i just really dislike autotune, and i thought asian music didn't use it much…so eh.

    1. i actually like the chorus the least coz it reminds me of Where U At and i didnt quite like WUA… dont try.. dont force urself.. it’s ok ^^

      1. heehee actually i think ive listened to it at least 7 times by now, from watching his MV and watching it live. downloaded it too.
        i actually like it now πŸ™‚ even though its not really my type of music, its pretty nice. maybe its just cuz taeyang sings it well and im being biased…hehe oh wells ^o^

  63. An extra point that I wanted to make: I really love the diversity within his last album effort and hoping Connection continues the different feels in every song. IBT screams nostalgia of Prayer, which is certainly not a type of song in Solar, which makes it a nice addition.


  64. Is Taeyang gonna turning into a kinda of werewolf or vampire in this upcoming MV ??
    but yeah i love it xD
    hope Indonesia is counted as INTERNATIONAL so i can buy this album here …

  65. ok…IBT doesn’t give much a good impression on me the song is a bit mediocre for an international single but for me i like the korean version better, i dunno but the english version is not as polish when it comes to his pronunciation with some of the words i feel there’s lacking, maybe his not that comfortable yet speaking in english or maybe b’coz of too much auto tuned parts…they should’ve released something like WUA if they going International it leaves more impact to the international fans…i mean if i don’t know YB and i first heard his international single IBT english version i won’t be impress at all and i’m not gonna be interested…

    1. i think he’s being too cautious with his english pronunciation which hinders him from just singing with the heart… i think that’s why a lot of people like the korean version better, cause he sounded more comfortable and thus sung it with more emotion (compared to the english version)

      bottomline – let’s give him some slack with his pronunciation so all he could worry about is how to really sing the song :p

      1. well…yeah the whole album i think is great enough, i know there’s a lot more good stuff in it…than IBT…though~

  66. LMAO gotta love the critical ears of greedy fans. I wish he would do more songs like “list previous hit” . I wish he would release a more upbeat song, but he should try something different….omo…he tried something different “i dont like it…its not Wedding Dress pt2 or Where U At pt2” keekekekekee

    its all so psychologically interesting. I like the song so far and it totes the line of trends in the US and Korea but i make it a habit not to over-evaluate the song and let it at least take flight before shooting it down….i guess its been out for several hours, i should grab my pitchfork as well! /sarcasm

    1. so true. Just listen to the song and stop being critical. But these are YB fans and this is how they all are. In fact, the critique isn’t half as bad as SOLAR’s initial reception.

  67. the funny thing about IBT is i feel like it suits more to be a bigbang song rather than his title track for the international album.

    not that i dont like the song, i do. only it takes a few listens to get the hang of it. catchy yes, r&b much, no.

    in any case, im still buying the album (even though i have his solar limited edt). :):)

    Young Bae fighting!

  68. I don’t know it’s just me but doesnt this reminds you of michael jackson’s video, Thriller. But it’s more modern. you know? But anyways LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Can’t wait to hear the whole album! yay!

  69. I honestly don’t like the song…I don’ tknow but so far this year, YG has been disappointing me alot!…i don’t know…

    1. its probably because taeyang is experimenting with different kinds of music genre’s and stuff.
      he said (if u follow this site) before, when his solar album first came out and INAG got #1 on charts, that he doesn’t care if his songs get #1, as long as he’s singing songs that he is passionate about, he likes it, and confident, he wouldn’t mind if its the last thing people would listen to.

      well actually i think he would mind if it was that horrible lol…but u get the point. πŸ™‚

      its true, his SOLAR album had a completely different vibe from his past songs, WD, WUA, My Girl, Look Only At Me, big bang songs. so for that reason i was kind of disappointed s because i was anticipating something similar….but i guess this is how artists grow~ then i actually started liking the songs haha πŸ™‚

      let it grow on you πŸ™‚ even though this song is DEFINITELY not his usual >.<

  70. Stop being downers ppl! This track is hot! I know the ppl who ain’t feeling it right now will get hooked on it later lmao This song got a dance vibe to it, it makes you want to shake your bumbum xD I’m glad TY chose to do something different xD

    1. yes^^
      im a Boyz II Men fan ^^ they were really huge but then they took a break for so long and when they came back, the world has changed. lol.
      in one interview during that comeback they expressed frustration after a concert coz people only sang to their previous hit songs. that was so sad for me. they were still pretty young then and well, they sort of never recovered. they still had their fans, like me, but the music they do was no longer mainstream.

      i dont want that to happen to YB. dont want him “resting on his past laurels” by doing LOAM all over again. that’s why i’m open to him experimenting.
      i do agree that he is best with plain RnB. he is a very basic guy. but he needs to get out of his comfort zone too and take risks and not always be safe

  71. I have to say I like the song a lot – it’s very catchy without a mv. A lot of YB’s songs needed a mv to be catchy – WD for instance wouldn’t have been the hit it was without the mv. This song though is good without the mv. I like it.

  72. O man I can’t hide it anymore.. YG is starting to lose me. I could endure INAG, but this? I don’t know what this is. I mean I like both of INAG and IBT’s lyrics but their beat is something an amateur would come up with. Tae Yang is a hip hop/’RnB’ artist trying to beat Usher right? Then why oh why is he using a techno beat for an RnB music? This is my first time seeing such type of music and I’m not liking it. YG, please hire a new producer who specializes in RnB. I understand Teddy is a very good friend of YB but if Tae Yang really wants to be successful internationally, he’ll have to be more ‘greedy’ to achieve his goal.

    Another reason why I’m disliking YG.. You only have 2 groups and yet other entertainment agencies do better promotions than you do..

    I live in Osaka Japan and honestly guys Big Bang is only doing fair in Japan. They need to step their game up if they don’t want to lose to the new comers.

    1. Sorry for ranting. I still like Where U At and Wedding Dress the best. I hope Tae Yang finds his cup of tea soon. I also hope that I will like whatever he ends up with.

    2. aww,give it sometime.

      actually a while ago,i don’t like it that much but i dunno when but suddenly started humming to the song.
      now i can’t stop listening to it. ^^

    3. Oh really, I live in Tokyo Japan. They are extremely popular. Okay, we can say whatever you want in internet. Nobody knows lol

  73. i was reading the comments and kinda expecting a bad song where the auto-tune completely disfigured his voice or something. but it wasnt that bad, they didn’t autotune his voice that much and its pretty catchy. i admit that it caters to the mainstream but still. the chorus was good, and his english was ftw (i think they used a little bit more autotune in the english ver. though) and the pic where his shirt was off looked cool – his eyes looked completely black. im still happy i get an extra MV and international album.

  74. read all the comments and like wow, I am happy if YB is enjoying it. NOTHING he does will satisfy all his fans with their certain favorite style. some want LOAM some want WD some want even more r/b others want more hip/hop. He is experimenting, his songs are not all the same, I personally love the diversity in this album,,, it has everything and ends with the stunning take it slow. can’t ask for anything more. oh wait COME TO THE STATES RIGHT NOW!!!! lol.

    fyi from the very second I heard it I love. Listened round the clock sing about 11am and yeah LOVE IT. I kinda like the english a tinge more cuz i can sing along and understand and empathize to ever single word… TAE + ENGLISH + TEDDY = content fan.

    1. ah, Tazanya, i love you, my fellow Blackjack ^^ your comments on 2NE1 Soompi even gets a ribbon. did u notice? ^^

  75. I’m a proud fanboy of Taeyang and his music.. While this isn’t anywhere near WD, it’s still quite a catchy song. The english ver. has been on repeat the entire day! Haha. I’m eager to hear the English version to WD though!

    1. i cant listen to it since im working right now. music is a no no in our office :/ but i keep humming it even though i only listened to it 5 times this morning ^^ it’s been 9 hours now ^^

    2. FANNNNBOY! ATY loves fanboys. Please come back!
      I’m more interested in Wedding Dress as well. I’m sure for the international community Wedding Dress is the real title song of this album. I hope the lyrics will do the original song some justice. A big lot of us will be disappointed. It’s gonna be hard though.

  76. Above all, I like I’ll be there. The song’s sound is unique and the beats are good for Taeyang to dance. It didn’t sound that much nice when I listened to it first, but the more I listen the more it sounds better, I feel. The song’s style may be strange, but I think it’s a good song, too. I just skimmed over ATY, and it looks like many international fans were expecting the style like Where u at or Wedding dress. Korean fans’ responses and international fans’ those are alike. They were surprised at the new style, but like me, some say the more they listen to it the more it sounds great, and some say it will sound greater when they watch it with the choreography and the MV. Many people expect him to sing R&B songs and seem to deny other styles. I think it’s because Wedding dress and Look only at me were so wonderful songs. But I like I’ll be there that is a fresh and intense song. I like Look only at me and Take it slow amongst his songs, but I’ll be there is not disagreeable to me. This hip-hop style is also one of his experience he should build up, and anyway I like it. Actually I don’t like After you fall asleep even though Taeyang’s vocal and Swings’ rapping are outstanding in the song, because I think it doesn’t suit Solar’s overall atmosphere. And I don’t like Just a feeling “SO” much even though Taeyang’s dancing is outstanding on stages with the song. Of course, I realllllly like the rest songs in Solar. Especially Move, Break down, and Take it slow. So it’s not pleasant that Korean fans sometimes compare I’ll be there with After you fall asleep and Just a feeling. Now, other Korean fans as well as I got used to the strange song, I’ll be there. Now I feel it sounds nice. Watching his stages, I think I will begin to like it more and more. To tell the truth, Where u at was not well received as well when it was released first. I’ll be there is like that. I believe some doubtful responses are because of its unfamiliarity. Also, I’m really looking forward to Wedding dress English version, its lyrics and his English pronunciation.

    1. Thanks for posting πŸ™‚
      I agree, a lot of us were expecting something like WUA and WD and that can’t be done again, I think this was more surprising than anything….everyone has expectations of their own from him, so I guess, we must step back and let him do his own thing though WUA and WD did have more of an international appeal

    2. This is wonderful to read. it’s quite encouraging.
      I wish him the best. one request on his perfs is that he wears his outfit from the MV, not the one i saw from Chocolate perf. i was hoping that was just rehearsal ^^

  77. i just got my solar deluxe album in sydney aus, there are actually alot of them in the shop where i bought them which was a suprise to me =D =D

  78. I read a line by line translation of the Korean lyrics on YBMania and my mind is blown. It’s so different from the English version – much sadder and more visual, poetic even. The English version gives the feel of a couple of teenagers whose parents don’t want them to date, while the Korean is like one of those epic tragedies of lovers separated by time and space. (and I exaggerate only a little.) I can see why the concept of the Korean version would translate much more vividly into a dramatic choreography and MV.

    The link for anyone who wants to read it :


    1. ah, that answers it
      coz i finally got to listen to the songs again ^^ and then i got to thinking, how could have

      1. ooops sorry
        i was saying i was wondering how Qui couldve imagined something dark (darker than the MV teaser photos and vid) to this lyrics???
        hmmm…. maybe they shouldve gone with the Korean lyrics coz wasnt Shaun’s choreo made to fit that????

        1. and that storyline he made with the dinosaurs LOL but he did put there that Taeyang had to travel time for the sake of love or whatever … LOL

    2. Yeah, I was surprised by that, too. The basic premise is supposed to be the same, but the translations don’t match up at all. The main problem is that Teddy’s English seems to be limited to ghetto English, unfortunately, so it kinda gives that “kids rebelling” vibe. It makes me fear for the English WD. -.-;;

      The Korean lyrics definitely go better with the choreo, too, literally.

      Having said that… It’s funny – for me, the line-by-line translation reads more poetic and epic than the original Korean, LOL. It’s very true to the original, but I find that in the original, the “stuttering” and random English words kind of take away from the potency of the lyrics. But that’s just me…

    3. Thanks for this… true, the Korean version is much more poetic (base on the translation)… Still, Congrats to YB for his international release… πŸ™‚

    1. awesome! thanks Jan πŸ˜€

      now I’ll have the re-uploaded MV’s on his channel on repeat,gotta contribute towards the view count lol

  79. the lyrics are very good. i totally understand it ❀
    although you dont love it the first time.. so listen it over and over again! and u will! can't wait for the mv.
    thumbs up for yg & yb . international album ghehe!

  80. I actually liked the song at the first listen. πŸ™‚ Yes, it was autotuned quite heavily. And I understand the sentiments of some fans regarding that because YB has a really, really beautiful voice and autotuning it seems like sacrilege. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. His voice was not distorted too heavily, plus the beat’s so danceable that I just can’t wait to see the matching choreography.

    But really, that is one of the reasons I admire YB as an artist. He’s not afraid to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. R&B may be his niche and I also think that’s where he really shines. But that doesn’t mean that he should stick to that forever. True artists are never really contented with the “tried and tested,” and they love to push the boundaries. I think that’s what YB’s doing with this one. πŸ™‚ He kind of did that with Solar so it’s not too surprising that he’d pull off something like this.

    As for the comparison between the Korean and English version, seeing this comment made me understand more the reason why the Korean version seems more heartfelt. Both are good in their own way for me, though. πŸ™‚ I do hope that the English version of Wedding Dress will be as awesome, if not more awesome than the original.

  81. Now I understand when Qui (or was it Robert?) said something along the lines of, “The song is good. And the choreo is dope!”

    It’s like saying the song is good, really. But not great or amazing or HDJJJJMANKSHJQAKSJKMDJ!!!!! But the choreo will make it all better somehow, like redeem it. Cause I got to admit, I give a fourth or more of the credits to Shaun when it comes to YB’s popularity outside the kpop fandom. I mean, LOAM, WUT, WD (especially) and even Sinner and INAG… these are really great songs made greater by the choreography.

    Also kind of got YB when he was talking about this in Real Sound. He didn’t seem enthusiastic about it. Like, “The song is a nice song.” Not like when he was talking about SOLAR where he was practically ‘glowing’.

    I dunno. I like the song, if let’s say.. any other singer will sing it. I wasn’t expecting anything so I can’t really say I was disappointed. Still, my fave songs of all times are Sinner and Take It Slow.

  82. LOL, commented yesterday and WOW, this is getting alotta hype! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ β™₯β™₯β™₯
    i didn’t like it when i first listened to it. but usually, for good songs, i don’t like it when i first hear it on the radio or when im watching a show they replay it over and over, but then it grows on me and i like it (only if its a good song :D)

    idk y…but for some reason, good songs that i dont get sick of quickly~ i don’t like it first few times >.< i guess its a good thing O.o

  83. OMG~ I like it damn much laa…………………… Taeyang oppa is the best…. I love it so much and I’ll Be There forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. well!what can i say,oppa you make us proud again and again:)keke,,well cant w8 for the mv,,fightinggg:))

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