Taeyang launches his official Facebook!

Yes.  The man has arrived.  Being the Facebook junkie/addict that I am, I’m content.  (More like batshizzles off the wall crazy happy.)  Next stop: Youtube.

Follow him…LIKE him…support him, but as we’ve said before restrain the creepiness.  Feel free to be creepy here though.


For those suspicious, I was too.  I’ve been liking this “Taeyang” on Facebook for a while now, but with Facebook’s new liking feature where you automatically like a page when you type it in your profile, there’s over 100,000 people liking Taeyang already.  I got a tip from a K-fan who got it from a tweet of a person who works for YG Entertainment.  Other reasons why I think it’s real is that it’s super updated with Taeyang goodies and has an ad for YG-music.net.  So as far as we know, it’s real.

51 thoughts on “Taeyang launches his official Facebook!”

  1. Same here! I’ve liked this page ever since I became a YB fan since I remember searching for any FB page related to YB. Glad to know it’s legit and another means YB to reach out to his fans.:)

    Tofu! I need your FB expertise. How exactly does Facebook’s new liking feature work? I’ve been trying to figure it out when you mentioned it in this post. 😀

    1. Okay. So when you write in your profile under interests or music or etc, notice how whatever you write turns into a link on your profile? That’s because it automatically links to a generated “Like” page with the same name. So for example if i wrote “Always Taeyang” under “Interests” facebook automatically generates a “like” page with “Always Taeyang” even if no one actually made an “Always Taeyang” page. That explains why “taeyang” has so many likes already even though he just launched his FB page a few days ago….that’s because so many already have typed “Taeyang” in the “Music” section of their profile.

      Notice that all of the old updates from the old “Taeyang” are gone. All the wall posts and stuff are gone. I’m almost certain that its real.

      Ask me anything. I’m on FB enough…I’m a FB-guru.

      1. No wonder I started getting Avril Lavienge and Taylor Swift facebook updates when I NEVER added them/liked them before. I was like, “WTH?” when I first saw it, lol

        Then I figured out that it was cuz my profile wrote them on there..hahahahah~

      2. WOW thanks for the Facebook lesson Tofu! 😀 you’re the FB-master!

        So the old updates from the old “Taeyang” page are from a fan and not really from YB himself, right ? 🙂

      3. Generally I dislike when FB does this (no, I don’t need to see updates from Tori Amos, no matter how much I like her), but seeing YB in my feed was a nice surprise. 😮

  2. I’ve been a fan of the page too. who knew it was the real him?? 0.o Good thing he has facebook, because i still have no idea how to really use twitter ^^

    1. bae! let me know if you want me to help you with twitter. i’m no twitter expert but i think i’ve got the hang of it already 🙂

    2. wooo thanks amanda!!! will ask something if i catch u in the chat. thanks ya? 🙂

      @skyhigh: high five girl!

  3. OH F– Yeah!!!!

    I use faceboook a lot more than I use twitter, and this is just FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kind of effed that I was liking a fake account, but oh wells…LOL

  4. Alot of people has been kinda creepy…but that’s the normal reaction lol! But I’ll save my spazzing here. Thanks for the update! I wanted to join one on facebook…but I wanted to join one that was real…so I never joined one. I’m glad there is one now.

  5. Good God I was about to sleep… I’ve got work in the morning but now I’m like WIDE AWAKE. Better than a shot of espresso.


  6. oh My! love ya YoungBae!
    go go go worldwide YoungBae!
    i love it when k-artist or musician has more than me2day account. coz i don’t understand to use it! and i don’t understand korean language! LOL
    i love YoungBae’s tweet, he’s using english! i know he care about his iFans who lack in korean language!
    and now, you’re in Facebook! i rare use my FB account recently. but now, i think i’ll FB addict again!
    love ya youngbae! XD

  7. Hey Tofu,yeah i was confussed because as i scrolled down the page to “like” him i found out i already did,and i’ve never been to that wall before,trust me i would know im such a fb junkie myself i have every ppl’s wall i’ve visited stuck on my head xD

    if it is him,i just spazzed like crazy in there,so forgive my creepiness,i just clicked on the link as soon as i read facebook,keke! thanks! ♥.♥~~

  8. Lol I typed in the link & found out that I’ve already liked his page. I just liked it for a few months now not knowing if it was really him or not. This is great; 1st twitter & now fb XD
    Thanks for confirming it ^^

  9. I saw the link yesterday but I was too lazy to find out for sure, thanks for the confirmation Tofu. For the past week I’ve been hanging out on Twitter (just joined) and now YB’s on Facebook. Like I’m not spending enough time as it is on the computer……. 🙂

  10. Yay XD I’m on a HIGH right now ^o^
    I was excited when Bae joined twitter, but that’s nothing compared with how excited I am now!!!!!
    Lol I hardly ever go on twitter, I’m addicted to facebook tho XD

  11. AWESOME! I’m a FB addict myself so this is pretty cool especially since there’s so many random crap of people pretending to be him on FB,now there’s an official one woohoo!

  12. okee. so i left like a paragraph of a comment on his fan page.. i want him to read it because its really heart felt and not creeper fangirly at all haha. aww wut are the chances he will though?

  13. I dunnoooo….in the little about me box, it doesn’t seem like YB would write that. If anything it sounds more as if he got some YG staff to make this page for him. Also the pic are just the pics he uploaded on twitter. So im still not sure yet

  14. Awesome! I’ve been a fan of this page for a while so it’s cool to see that it’s qctually him! Thank goodness he hopped onto FB because I really didn’t want to make a Twitter.

  15. one thing i think is weird is that y would taeyang have time for facebook? or twitter? that pik of him was a long time ago on twitter that he “supposedly” put
    i am totally a taeyang fan no doubt but i really dont think that taeyang would have time for facebook and twitter cuz he has such a busy schedule

  16. YES! *spaz attack* im such a facebook junkie too and yay! my prayers have been answered 🙂 omg omg omg 🙂 im so happy right now yeehaaa!! 😀

  17. Theres still no news about his international album release? I wanna know where i can get it!!! Im really looking forward to it 😛

  18. I’m one of Taeyang’s creepy followers ^^ and I wan him to, at least just answer one of my comments, that I always leave him, how can I make him answer me? -.- please if someone knows let me know, please

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