I’ll Be There TEASER!!+ More Info/Tracklist

I’ll Be There will be released online on the 19th, Korean in Korea and English for the internationally. The actual album will be released on the 25th. The delay is because they want to include the IBT MV in the bonus DVD. The MV is being done in both languages and not yet completed. Promotions will begin with Music Core on the 21st and likely end with the 9/26 concert [Translations by silly@alwaystaeyang]

What do you guys think?
I’m not sure whether this was a legit teaser or someone sneaky on the sets filmed this and released it online. I really hope this was intended but I guess I’m grateful for the little spoiler. The song sounds…hmm interesting? I guess we’ll have to wait for the OFFICIAL release on the 19th to see how the video and song turned out!

▶ Reservation Period: August 17, 2010 to August 24, 2010
▶ Reserve via: YG E-shop and other on and off-line music stores
▶ Selling Date: August 25, 2010
▶ Price: 14,800 won (may vary depending on point of purchase.)

▶ Configuration
– DISC 1 (CD) + DISC 2 (DVD)
– Family Card
– Poster

▶ DISC 1 Track List
01. SOLAR (Intro)
02. Superstar
03. Prayer (Feat. TEDDY)
05. Wedding Dress (ENG.)
07. Move (Feat. TEDDY)
08. Where u at
09. I need a girl (Feat. G-dragon)
10. Look Only At Me
11. Take it slow

▶ DISC 2
01. Prayer (Feat. Teddy) M / V
02. Look Only At Me M / V
03. Where u at M / V
04. Wedding dress M / V
05. I need a girl (Feat. G-dragon) M / V
06. I’LL BE THERE (KOR.) M / V
07. I’LL BE THERE (ENG.) M / V

Source: YGE via Bestiz + BigBangUpdates + Yesasia.

224 thoughts on “I’ll Be There TEASER!!+ More Info/Tracklist”

  1. DUDE already shaking and crying. and 2NE1 comes back next month too?! OMG YGsus, i am indebted to you. FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY FIGHTING FIGHTING FIGHTING #imhere4SOL!

  2. as one of the directors of prayer mv said, “ORGASMIC”!
    this gon be one epic mv. i bet it’ll top the mvs taeyang has done so far. cant wait. taeyang ftw! taeyang hwaiting!!

  3. I get this Adam Lambert feel to it~ maybe its just me LOL but I watched about half of the video and then stopped it, i just didn’t want to spoil myself too much LOL


  5. It’s legit – filmed and released by YG himself. ^^ Also in his latest message:
    – I’ll Be There will be released online on the 19th, Korean in Korea and English for the internationally.
    – The actual album will be released on the 25th. The delay is because they want to include the IBT MV in the bonus DVD. The MV is being done in both languages and not yet completed.
    – Promotions will begin with Music Core on the 21st and likely end with the 9/26 concert.

    That’s the main gist.

      1. Yep~ sorry, my grammar deserted me for a moment there.

        IBT will be released in two versions – in Korean within Korea and in English on other international sites (iTunes, etc I assume).

        1. i hope so!! cuz i don’t wanna buy it from yesasia, ygeshop, etc.

          please be on itunes!! and please have the MV on itunes as well!! (=.

          thanks for everything guys!

  6. OMG!!! love it ❤ once again, taeyang is gonna kick ass XD it sounds amazing, choreo looks great, the video is gonna be EPIC!! Aaaaahhh!!! I can't wait!!
    And, is it just me, or does the rock he's stood on in the beginning remind you of the lion king?!…it's probs just me…it's 4.30am, I really need to sleep! But omg I'm sooo hyped atm!!

  7. This makes me think of The Nightmare Before Christmas Thriller WUA Prayer. I love the feel and sound of it. Does anyone know if the album will be sold in stores in the U.S that specialize in world music, like Best Buy or FYE?

    1. I hope if it does get sold in stores like Best Buy, people will go buy it there and make it sell out. Show others how popular Taeyang is.

  8. Track list, thanks to YBmania:

    ▶ TAEYANG [SOLAR] DISC 1 Track List
    01. SOLAR (Intro)
    02. Superstar
    03. 기도 (Feat. TEDDY)
    04. I”LL BE THERE (ENG.)
    05. Wedding dress (ENG.)
    06. CONNECTION (Feat. BIG TONE) (ENG.)
    07. Move (Feat. TEDDY)
    08. Where u at
    09. I need a girl (Feat. G-dragon)
    10. 나만 바라봐
    11. Take it slow
    12. I”LL BE THERE (KOR.)

    01. 기도 (Feat. Teddy) M/V
    02. 나만 바라봐 M/V
    03. Where u at M/V
    04. Wedding dress (ENG.) M/V
    05. I need a girl (Feat. G-dragon) M/V
    06. I”LL BE THERE (KOR.) M/V
    07. I”LL BE THERE (ENG.) M/V
    08. M/V MAKING FILM 1
    09. M/V MAKING FILM 2

    1. haha!
      im actually a lil surpirsed of the price
      it’s pretty affordable. i was thinking it’ll cost twice that amount

        1. what has YG done to us?? hahaha.. 😀
          where are u gonna get it?? YG e-shop itself or Bay or Yesasia, etc??

        2. Yesasia ^^
          i have to ask my friends if theye getting so we can avail of the free shipping. im pretty sure theyll get one as well ^^

        1. i’m so excited for the release!!! seriously!!! i cant wait!!! aarrgghh!!!! plus; it comes with a poster!!! hehe.. :p

        2. it’s like $17bucks for my side.. erm.. did they indicate the wrong amount?? cuz i can’t believe it’s so cheap..

        3. yeah!
          it’s so much cheaper than the deluxe Solar
          but then that has a shirt with it
          but still for a CD+DVD, it’s a really great price!^^
          i guess they want a competitive price against American/international artists

        4. @jangy: could be.. hehe.. i’m so excited!! wahahaha.. i’m literally jumping up & down now!!! hahaha.. 😀

        5. aww.. i havent seen it yet… YT is blocked… i dont know how to get a way to unblock it or those proxy sites.. ill have to wait when i get home ^^

        6. i dont think yesasia will sell it for that price
          properly going to be more expensive cuz they do free shipping

          im actually hoping for more songs at least 16
          but oh well
          i’ll buy it on itunes for sure

        7. OMGGG, for Canada it’s like $20.48!

          lol, it’s still cheap i know xD

          but tht’s lucky to get it in 13 bux lol 😛

  9. ►the teaser sounds great…what more of the full song?…gawd!…can’t wait to hear the english version!…really…bebes’ english is improving…and it’s awesome!…

  10. Omg 3 songs in English AND an English version of the wedding dress mv?!?!!!!! Aaaahh I love YG! and taeyang of course ❤

    1. Oh btw, does anybody know, is there only a limited amount of the int’l album (like solar deluxe) or is it just like normal?

    1. i hope it is. Wedding Dress was EPIC. any altering may ruin the original vibe it gave.

      if they do, i hope it can hold up the standard wedding dress already made.

      i also hope they dont use a white girl just because it’s in english. lol. i’ve seen it happen before lol.

  11. I actually like this. I cant wait to see how the mv turns out. And im so gonna get my hands on the international album. 3 english songs!!

  12. omg they’re releasing the actual album on my birthday!!!!! i’ll regard it as taeyang’s personal birthday present for me hahaha!!! (please excuse my silliness) haha! can’t wait!!!!!

  13. Do you guys know if they remade the eng mv of Wedding Dress or if they just dubbed over it and if they’ll release it?

    1. erm.. not sure though.. but hopefully; they’ll remake one.. cuz the original mv didn’t turned out well for YB (in the storyline).. hahaha. 🙂

  14. i can’t wait for the MV & the release of the international album!! hopefully with this album; more people are gonna take YB seriously as a solo artiste..

  15. THERE BETTER NOT BE A LIMITED AMOUNT >.> I hope they’re expecting that more than 100,000 people (hopefully) are gonna buy this!

    1. I know, I was so upset with the limited amount for his deluxe edition and that it wasn’t accessible to international fans. I realized that YG has a weakness when it comes to marketing. They should do more homework or just hire me. j/k.

  16. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!! Way hot………….!!!!!!!!!!!! Dang!
    Can’t not wait til I see the video.
    Why isn’t YB showing off his abs like the dancers? hehehe

        1. yeah.. seems like someone shoot it secretly when YB is filming the MV.. hehe.. sneaky lil’ person!! hehe.. :p

  17. Apparently, YB’s recording Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate tomorrow?

    Well, I envy the fans there who’ll get a chance to see/hear the new song. So we may be able to see fancams before the actually release. Kind of a strange situation…?

  18. the teaser is of course intended, it was uploaded by YG (or through his message anyways xD)

    i am soooo damn excited for new taeyang!! and 2NE1.

    14800 krw is so cheap for a CD + DVD (hope it’ll be similar price for us international fans who purchase it, you know how some sites love to raise it -.-).

  19. EEEEEE!!! -jumping around happily- yes yes yes ! this is gonna be EPIC! definately buying it no matter what 🙂 *daddyyyy i need your credit card!!* 😀

  20. Wow, another song in english! And a new one at that! I’m interested in the song “Connection”, I wonder how it’s gonna sound. The teaser looks pretty interesting and good , but I still want to see the complete version to form an opinion about it. Now, I really want to see it!

  21. DAMN TAEYANG! SO ITS LIKE THAT. That was hardcore. ❤ I really am spazzing just thinking about the Full MV!! ahhhhhh TY you making me crazy first kissing girls and now looking all badass!! madness absolute MADNESS and I love it all.

    1. Big Tone is a rapper that has collaborated with Minwoon from Shinhwa before and Se7en recently with his Digital Bounce album. I don’t think he’s all that famous…but I really don’t know much about his solo work. I think he might be a new addition to the YG family.

  22. I feel like YG has got to be reading this site and other english fan sites because the tracklisting for the international album is definitely all the songs I loved between both albums and ones that I agree are best for the English-based market 🙂

    (especially because they kept Take it Slow, even though apparently, the company wasn’t so keen on it)

    1. im glad Solar intro is in it too.. i eally like it even though it’s so short. wouldnt it be great if they made it a whole song? hehe im asking too much. i wouldve liked if Breakdown was there.. but fine.. it’s all good.

    2. I wouldn’t be surprise if YG is reading this. I was thinking that it could be possible because Richard and Qui knows ATY and they also know Shuan who cheorographed some of YG’s dance. There’s some connection there. Small world after all.

  23. Bought to be so broke after buying 2NE1 and TY’s albums, but I Don’t Care, I’ll Be There for my YG artists 🙂

  24. Love it that he fell down at the end of the clip. I just want to walk by, trip and accidently fall on top of him.

  25. totally different. defintely a diferent concept compared to i need a girl (MV setting i mean) i can’t wait to hear it all (And fully understand the song without looking for translation lol).

  26. 2ne1 & YB news in one day. I’m soooo happy right nowwww :] I’m seriously gonna be so broke.



  28. Wow this is really happening!? I’m just really happy for Taeyang right now, he has come very far and all the hard work that he put into his music wasn’t for nothing. I know that he will be more known in a couple of years or so because he is really amazing! Lol this also makes me want to become a better person and work hard to reach my dreams.

  29. These past two days have been nothing but awesome…..

    The teaser looks damn sick~~~ Gaah!!! So excited! THERE’S ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT!!!! When did time fly so quickly!!!

    *dies* (but wait, I shouldn’t…LOL)

  30. damn…..that got me hellllllllllllllllla excited.
    I don’t even know what to say…
    I need to buy the album too ahahahaha

    1. “damn…..that got me hellllllllllllllllla excited.”

      That line coming from you who has already heard and seen the dance moves for the new song… I don’t even know how I should react now… I am dying of excitement already!

  31. Ahh the dance moves look really good.. that’s all i can say for now. I’m just gonna have to wait for the real thing to be out to comment.

    i think i’ll buy the international album instead of SOlar.. but i gotta work right after high school is over this year.

  32. OMG!!i just got back home and then BAM!this news exploded in my face.

    hmmnn,idk about IBT yet.
    gotta listen to it 5X more.
    yay!can’t wait to listen to the full track tomorrow.:D

  33. As planned, this coming August 19th Taeyang’s new single “I’LL BE THERE” is expected to be released in Korean in Korea as well as the English version in foreing-related sites.

    “I’LL BE THERE” broadcasting activities are scheduled to begin during this weekend’s Music Core on the 21st however, the album release date has inevitably been postponed for nearly a week, until August 25th.

    The reason it was delayed was because two versions of the music video for “I’LL BE THERE” will be produced.

    Source: YG 엔터테인먼트
    Translations: alee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com

    1. Because of you Richard….I totally imagined YB in Lion King at the beginning of the teaser when he was on the giant rock.

  34. Im extremely excited about this!!!!!!!! the MV looks sooooooooo sick!!!!!!!! it’s like unreal,and YB,wooow….gosh he looks so smokin’ hottttttttttt!!! burnin’ like the SUN he is! <333

  35. Wait Wait Wait

    04. Wedding dress (ENG.) M/V

    How the *uck will they make an english version? Lip-sync under the original korean one? Entire New music video?
    Or just a typo, and wel will the the original version?

    1. i dont think there’s much changes to be done if they stick with the original MV.
      but ive a feeling the english version is diff in that it wont be so sad…. just a feeling… i think a happy love song will make a bigger hit than a sad love song, dont u think? because people will want to sing the song to their loved one ^^ but that” need a completely new MV, more work for YB, and since the orig is epic as it is, theres really no need changing it, it if aint broke, dont fix it, right? ah, im just thinking too much^^

    2. MV is not the english version. That was a misunderstanding with the translations. We should’ve double checked our sources before posting. Sorry!

      Original MV!

  36. AM SUPER STOKED ALREADY just by looking at the tracklist and that teaser!
    YG really picked out the best songs to put in this album. damn. gonna go broke. lol.

  37. omygawdd i seriously can’t wait for the official MV and for the international album with those NEW SONGS! yeaaah
    i think we are gonna like the mv cuz i think there is a great choreo in it ;p

  38. well,hell!thank God ‘your my’ is not included.
    couldn’t stand the whining part of that song.
    but YES!YES!YES!GKFJTGKFL take it slow’s still there i love you YG!that song’s forever and ever my jam.lol
    it should have an english version so i could her YB’s baby making song in english.lol

    1. hahaha ur mean lOL
      but it’s what i thought too.. i mean it was sort of a title track since it got an MV and performances BUT… it’s beautiful without that part, even without the half-naked Taeyang ^^

      1. lol yeah,we’re brutally honest around here.
        admin actually encourage the bloggers to say what’s on their mind.no pussy footing.

        if YB didn’t perform well,we won’t kiss his ass and say oppa’s performance was the best.instead we speak up our mind and say pointblank that YB messed up.
        and were hoping he’ll do better in his next perf though.
        or if he wore rediculous clothes we’d say it don’t look good on him.

        i’ve been on this site for so long coz i like it here.you can be yourself and you won’t be afraid someone will bitch slap you if you speak up your mind.best effin site in my book is all i can say.

        1. Whhhhhhat. Best effin comment in my book! Thanks for the support. Your dislike for “You’re My” is not without reason.

          I’m quite happy with the tracklist. I think those are some of the best songs – representative from each album. I’m glad “Take It Slow” was included. That song is the shizzles. One track I could’ve done without was “MOVE” but Teddy’s english rap I guess was probably the rationale. Would’ve replaced it with “Sinners” any day.

        2. love the freedom on the site to – You’re My was a no no no no no for me.

          Wished AYFA was there too, one of my top three songs on SOLAR. Love move a lot but that song is amazing. However, AYFA is 100% in Korean, barely any english in it so I can sort of understand.

  39. will get one for sure hehehe two YB albums for this year nice! i love that they are recognizing the international fans. hurray!

  40. Through the ‘Message from YG‘ corner on YG Entertainment’s homepage, a new post was uploaded on the 17th. YGE’s founder and CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, expressed:

    “After Taeyang’s solo concerts have been postponed, plans have been finalized for the concerts to take place on September 25th & 26th, at the Hall Of Peace. Taeyang’s solo concerts will be carried out with a 90% live band.”

  41. ———————-

    I found a shop here in Hungary which can get me the album á la “preorder”.

    So you have to try your country’s online CD-shops, maybe they can get the album too (if you don’t want to use Asian CD-sellers)

    So, it’s not impossible to get the album in Europe.

    Best Luck

  42. finally saw it
    a little eh on the song
    but the MV is WOW!!!!
    just look at that set! I thought they were just on a green screen ^^

    1. same…the song is a bit ‘ohh’ but to be fair we haven’t heard the full song. And i didnt like INAG that much when i first heard it, but now i love it

      1. on the second listen it made me want to dance ^^ but it didnt make me wanna listen to it more
        but yeah, some songs are like that… im still a little high on 2NE1, ill listen to it again when the hype goes down lol

  43. i love it…….
    so excited……(nervous)
    hye i knw this is random but have anyone of you watched Ne-yo’s monster MV…the dance from 2:00- 2:30 is a bit like taeyangs…..just wanted to mention…….hehe

  44. Doppee choreography props to Shaun. Song…err i’ll decide once i listen to it all. I didn’t love INAG once i heard it for the first time, but only after a few days I started loving it, so maybe IBT will be the same.

    Hhahaha mannnn I pratically have all those songs on the solar deluxe edition, yet i still think i’m gonna buy the new album anyway haha. YG YB Hwaiting!

    1. erm.. some said that Dara was wearing the black-and-white shirt while CL was the girl who wore shades & the one who sat opposite GD.. while others said that the pics are taken form the CF which BB are rumored to be filming with SNSD.. haha.. 😀
      what do u think jangy??


  46. oh and i absolutely cant wait for i’ll be there! i’m like in love with this song. its funny because i wasnt as fond of ‘i need a girl’ as quickly as ‘i’ll be there’. omg i cant wait!

  47. the song so far is ‘okay’ for me, like mentioned a million times, it’s different, it’s borderline rnb, kind of has a WUA feel but not as intense. i think it’ll take the full song for me to sorta sink into this new ‘sound’ of yb.
    as for the actual mv, looks like yg has invested quiet a bit, i’m hoping there’s more than one set, coz so far only this single set has been revealed in both the promo pics and this preview video. (i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a single set mv though, since yg hired the same director who did gd’s ‘she’s gone’ and that was a single set mv, but brilliantly edited may i add)
    as for the choreo, again, i’ll wait for the full mv/song to make conclusions, but from what i’ve observed so far, the WUA choreo still beats this.
    also glad he’s decided to work with another rapper outside of yg, i’ve only heard of big tone once through minwoo, so i’m glad to be hearing more of him. ‘CONNECTION’ … just from the title, feels like it’ll be another dance track.
    curious as to how they’ll approach making an ‘english’ WD mv, whether they’ll just plant the english audio over the original video, or have recorded small excerpts of film and mash it together with the dance segments.

  48. I’m annoyed they have to hold his concert so soon. I was contemplating going, and flying to Korea. It’s even more annoying that YG said that this will be YB’s last solo activities for a while. I’m guessing 1-2years. =/ not happy

    1. President Yang look so cute in that vid!! haha.. 🙂
      i must say; he really loves his artistes.. he even went to the set personally & plus; he video-taped the filming of it.. haha.. what a cool President!! 😀

  49. I hate myself for being such a party pooper but the teaser did nothing to me. Too much techno for my taste.

    I’ll still wait for the full version to be out before making any final judgments though. Who knows? The full track may end up impressing me…

    1. I see where you’re coming from – I was expecting more hiphop and got more technopop, but after an initial WTF moment I fell in love with it really quickly. Love what I hear so far and woke up with it in my head. It’s pretty catchy and I’m not sure how I feel about that (lol). YB suddenly making catchy music – not going completely commercial are we?

      1. My first reaction was also a huge wth is this? Lol.
        Like you said, it just sounds like a techno-pop song and unfortunately, I hate techno (not exaggerating). That’s why I can’t see myself getting into this.
        The MV looks epic though. I can’t wait to see what the choreography will be like.

        1. ^
          understood. I like technopop (no straight techno for me) so I”m down with this. This looks like it’s just the chorus so I’m hoping for more of an R&B feel throughout. However I’m liking YB’s variety – he’s trying so many different things and experimenting with his music so much, loving it.

          Makes me sad that we wont get a new album from him till 2012 probably. I’ll be satisfied if we get a digital single or two and some more composing.

    2. You’re not the only one. YG said that the song would be hiphop-ish. It seems like it isn’t. I was very much into electropop two years ago. I’m over it now. I hope the song has more of a R&B feel than it appears in this snippet.

  50. this doesnt look like a teaser it looks like the real thing on set someone must have recorded on set and leaked it but it definitely looks amazing i cant wait taeyang is doing soo amazing and he needs to keep up the good work love u taeyang with all my loving heart 😀

  51. so .. THREE English songs … TWO version MV of I’ll be there … and probable an ENG wedding dress MV .

    will here’s the problem HOW the hell am going to convince my brother to lend me money !!

  52. I want to pre-order this album now!!! I went on YesAsia but the package doesn’t include the poster! There is a big blank wall in my room that is demanding Tae Yang’s hot body! Lolll For realz!
    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this album in the New York area or online? Thanx ppl

    ps. since it’s an international release, does that mean it’ll be in north american music stores?

  54. If anybody is looking to buy online and not from YesAsia, try Ebay there are a couple of people selling with the poster.

  55. am i the only one who’s sad Just A feeling isnt included? i loved it. T.T

    anyways i cant wait for the 19th! ^__^

  56. OMO…the song sounds awsome^^ i love that it has a lil mix of electro there^^(am i right??) LOL^^ listen to it makes me feeling excited and cant wait for it….” I’ll Be There” ^^

  57. I’m like SUPER excited and I haven seen the teaser yet (don’t want to for some reason O_O) but gonna get this album no matter what! seriously!

  58. Hello, Usher just tweet that 2h ago
    @UsherRaymondIVIf you could see Usher perform live with anyone – who would it be?
    I reply with Taeyang and youtube link to wedding dress
    I don’t know if it’s going to work but we can still try, by the way jaywalkers are tweeting like crazy !!!

    1. Jaywalkers are tweeting like MAD!! every tweet i saw; it’s Jay Park!! what about TaeYang?? 😦
      should people promote him as well?? i think he deserved it more than Jay Park..

    2. I just tweeted Usher with my choice duh…TaeYang for the win^_^ and I sent him a link to Where U At. I figured everyone was going to send him a link Wedding dress, might as well, get all of TaeYang music out. haha is sounds like I’m pimping TaeYang out.

  59. yesasia isnt selling the poster with it and i just checked ebay and there are only 5 available selling with posters (& i dont think im lucky enough to get one of them!) does anyone know where else to buy the international package WITH the poster?

    I LOVE THE TEASER. SO HOT. i am so excited i cant even type correctly.

    1. u can try to look for this user : grapemusiccd..
      cuz he mentioned that he’s gonna ship the CD+DVD+poster (folded) to the buyer.. i thnk he still have 10 more copies available.. u can check it out! 😀

    2. ALSO, does anyone know what the poster will look like? 🙂 i would totally love to see what it looks like!!!!

      1. thanks! do you know how much shipping to the US would be from them? i havent made an account with them to buy it because i read on some reviews that they have some really high shipping costs. =/

  60. OMG I thought today was the 18th!!! but it’s only still the 17th in the USA and I got so excited thinking it was the 18th! I feel so stupid!!!! wth man!!! ugh!!! still have about 35 more hours to go when I thought it was only 24 hours….grrr!!!!

    1. My bad.. didn’t complete my sentence. does anyone of you know what time the MV is gonna be released tomorrow?

      1. I’m only guessing due to the release of his MV’s/Songs from the past ~ Thursday 19th August 12.00AM.

        Anyone correct me if I’m wrong.

  61. #happyGDday is already in 1 spot!vip love ryt?kekeke..really buying this album,!omo president yg,youre really making me broke,,keke,but i know its woorth it:))plus this is cheaper than the deluxe edition of bae:)

  62. Hey can someone post that DVDheaven is accepting preorders with poster, they are very reliable cause I got my deluxe from them in perfect condition

    would link but can’t. Preorders are available till the 24th.

    1. just preordered mines from there and it was around $26 with shipping to the US East Coast. and this was the more expensive one with the poster.

  63. YB finally has his own official youtube channel up – YGTAEYANG – with all his MVs on. Drop him some friendly comments if you have the time. The IBT vid will also probably be uploaded here too.

      1. The channel is still unavailable, but the videos are up. Do a search for YGTAEYANG on youtube and click on a vid (probably INAG since it has the most views so far.) You can access the other videos on the little drop down menu with the number of videos on it (click it and YT displays all the uploads on the top of the screen.)

        1. hahaha.. at this hour?? wat time is it over @ Philippines?? shouldnt be sleeping now?? hehe.. 🙂

  64. i’m soooooooo going to buy this…it’ll be my first korean cd…hehe… =) well not my first but the first one that i bought for myself…

  65. Damn! I’m so getting this! Just waiting for 2NE1’s album to come out to buy both. I’m still a bit pissed off that they included ‘Prayer’ and ‘Look Only At Me’ instead of ‘Just a Feeling’ and ‘Breakdown’ (two of my favorite songs from Solar replaced by two songs that are on the HOT cd I already got), but it’s totally worth it because of the DVD and the new English songs. Can’t wait!!

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