[Twitter Update]Guess who is Taeyang?

The boy updated his Twitter again with another picture and asks us to guess which one is him.

Finally a day off to play in the sun! Try and figure out which is me?

Durrrr.  The one with the rock hard biceps.  I’m glad to see Taeyang out having fun and relaxing like he said he wanted to in Real Sound.

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66 thoughts on “[Twitter Update]Guess who is Taeyang?”

      1. someone on his twitter commented that it was the shorts he wore when he was wake boarding with Se7en and GD last summer… Idk, and someone should confirm–but yeah, it *was* kinda creeper.

      2. Haha well it’s not that i recognize those shorts but he’s the only one who always shows his well… the band of his underwear/shorts even during performances sometimes.. ^^

        and yes, you are a bigger creeper ;p

    1. yep I agree! muscles and underwear! lol good thing he didn’t ask the reasons behind our choices,imagine how creepy-fan-like that would sound to him ha ha 😉

      and LOL tofumon 😀

      1. LOL I have no idea,since anyone can wear that type of underwear,but when I read ILOVEMYBAE’s comment I had a deja vu moment that I’ve seen him wearing it somewhere(cant re-call where lol) leaving the whole underwear thing behind (lol) you can tell its him by his physique 😀

    2. LOL, your comments about the shorts are so hilarious. Yeah, he’s the 1st one, can tell by the shape of his back and that head of his.

  1. yeah, i’m going to guess the first one too. i wonder if YB is reading people’s comments and thinking to himself “damn, am i that easy to spot?”

  2. he’s the 1st one lol bcuz of his arms x) he’s so eadsy to spot eheheheh ;P i wanna know who are the peeps with him.. =T
    anyways, im glad he’s resting n having fun. ^__^

    btw, his english looks good, unless someone else is updating us >_>

  3. To make you feel better ,YB , I won’t say that lots of us recognize your underwear…. Let’s just say those Yummy biceps are too obvious!!!

  4. hahahaha the first one, he just stands one… especially with the plaid shorts… so YB you like plaid polo and shorts now? hahahaha hope he went out with the rest of the bigbang guys… good to see him enjoying some beach time…

  5. oh so obvious. . .da 1st one of course!!! i can still see ur sexy back even wiid life jacket on =P
    just have one question tho. . .hus dat chic behind ya???

  6. lol other than just guessing which one is Taeyang, i’m sure many are wondering who are the two girls on that boat there with him. hahaha.. esp the one behind him. lol.
    warning: to those thinking, don’t go nuts figuring out who it is..

    just am glad Taeyang is enjoying himself! 😀 hope he’ll post many more pictures like these… fun to see him having fun. under the sun. lol.

    1. I would just guess that it’s his backup dancers…I really don’t care much about the girls behind him b/c it’s his life…why can’t he hang out with girls?! I find it so disturbing that u guys are starting to wonder about who BB members date and stuff…

      1. lol yea i pretty much guess it’s his dancers and staff too.
        i’m cool with him hanging out with girls too. actually i’m pretty happy… lol.

        1. The backup dancers and staff deserve some R&R too~
          But if I were them I wouldn’t go with YB (blasphemous I know) only because I’ve probably spent a whole lot of him during promotions with him and he with me and we’d be sick of each other…
          as it says “distance makes the heart grow fonder”.

  7. LOL looking closely you can kinda see his head/hair shape, its obvious he’s the first one without that anyway hehe

  8. omg. we are a group of stalkers.

    So happy he’s having fun – guess YG watched the last episode of RS and realized YB needed a break, you know he would never complain himself. Hope he took the BB boys along with him – and I’m betting that those girls are his dancers, they all seem close. And my Taehye ship sails on, jk.

    1. LOL! that’s what FANS are for!

      He so deserves a time out. I’m so happy for him that he can finally spend time with his friends. And he even shares this happiness with his fans, plus, in english! *2 thumbs up*

  9. YB needs to try a little harder if he wants to trick us. Of course we could all tell immediately which one was him. He’s reverting back to his hip hop roots as sagging them pants. YB is the only person whose underwear I don’t mind seeing. Hahaha

    I’m so happy to see him having fun! He definitely deserves it.

  10. taeyang has to be the first one!! super awesome he’s having FUN!!! now taeyang need to get a step father he needs to CHECK OUT: ALWAYSTAEYANG man it will be awesome RIGHT!!

  11. “ohh those sexy arms ;),”
    “what is the prize?? a date with you!?”
    “Oppa, if you have made us a question, you have to answer it. Love u babee Tell me HELLO please♥”
    “U’re the first, your body recognizes miles away.”
    “u are the first one, the green shorts u wear is the one u wore last summer lol”
    “i wish i had been there with you…………………”

    You guys, don’t be creepers. haha.
    Did anybody of you write this comment. oh god. i’m cracking up so hard right now. lmfao.

    1. This is the exact reason why I/we tell people not to creep him out. These tweets make we cringe….lol….but laugh. hahah

      It’s fine here….but to him? No no.

    2. love your name. A CasinoRoyale myself. In fact it was 2NE1 that led me to BB and YB.

      And no, I make it a point to not scare him from twitter.

    3. Hahaha were these really tweets sent to him? Those fans need to come on ATY to read our warning not to spazz on him with their tweets!!! Hopefully they don’t scare him off.

      1. these fans really tweet these to YB?? wow!! they seriously need to hold their reins & not scare him with their endless tweets.. haha.. i wonder how will YB feels when TONS of comments were leave by the fans when he only asked ONE simple question.. hahaha.. 😀

        1. i do check out tweets sent to him and i notice this particularly one girl who tweets him stuff abut love, about being fated for each other, about waiting for him.. hahahaha.. she creeps me out! i hope she handles herself well should news of YB getting a gf goes out.

        2. jangy; how do u know what the others tweet to YB?? are we allowed to see it?? haha.. cuz i’m rather new to Twitter as i juz got it beginning of this year & i’m not familiar with their features & everything.. haha.. i bet that particular girl is a stalker & one who idolize YB too much.. hopefully she can handle the truth when YB is attached in the future.. 🙂

        3. @miLa

          yes, on the search box on the right, type @realtaeyang and u can see all tweets to him
          its really fun… lol

        4. i find those tweets copied by CasinoRoyale harmless. i wish YB would reply to them. ^^ it’d be fun. Se7en’s replies are realy full of humor. i wish YB would spend some time to do that as well.
          the ones the creep me out are those that talk about love and u can tell theyre serious about it.

        5. thanks jangy!! i do hope YB will leave some funny comments!! hahaha.. 🙂
          btw; do u’ve twitter?? maybe we can exchange & be friends?? haha.. 🙂

  12. I’m still to scared to reply to him, so many brave people out there

    what I would have said: You look like the first person, but the important thing is that you don’t fall off and drown. I can’t swim, so you’re going to have to save yourself there buddy!

  13. definitely the FIRST one!! haha.. i can see his prominent veins in the pictures.. wahaha.. plus; if u look carefully; u can see a lil’ bit of his mohawk protruding out from his safety gear.. 🙂

  14. Hi everyone who got the deluxe version, I really need some suggestions here. I got 2 copies of the deluxe version and sold one on ebay. However the buyer said “there was many starches on the CD case and the CD itself like it have been used and 2nd I think is a counterfeited item”. Could this be possible?? I mean, it’s the real package shipped from Korea, any comments?

    1. i don’t know, but i don’t think so. ask her to take pictures of the cd. my cd case had some scratches on it too but nothing major

      1. I really have no idea.. because my friend still has my copy, so I dont even know how the CD case or the CD look like…. worst case would be i refund him… but the CD would already be open and stuff………

    2. where did u purchase them? u have to make sure u got them from trusted sellers if u didnt get them from YG or sites like Yesasia and dvdheaven

      1. I got it on ebay, and the seller has 99.8% rating…. which I’m sure some people here also got it from the same buyer… but there is no way they can create a fake copy of the entire album…right?

    3. Don’t worry, I have scratches on my CD case too. I feel sad that it’s not in the best condition, but I got it from a credible music store (the music store took my order and ordered it from Korean music shops).

      I know for sure that my CD hasn’t been used…. It looks brand new (and awesome) to me.

      1. Hi Chanting, I have a question, we can registered the YG family card online, right? so could that proof the CD is real? or is there any barcode on the CD too?

        1. Thanks everyone!! I just send the buyer an email explain him about the scratches is a well known issue and also about registering the card on YG website…. will see what he thinks!


        2. Thanks Jangy!! i was sweating in the pass hour just trying to figure out what’s going on….LOL~

        3. Hey tsoi4cabbage =),

          Yes, the number on the photobook (lyrics booklet) is the number you use to enter in the lottery for one of YB’s exclusive items

          I think the time to enter it has ended though… I remember it was from July 1~July 31 =\

          I didn’t get to enter mine.. *sniff* since I got mine from my mum’s turtle parcel by July 29… and I was really preoccupied and stressed out… “XP (round the time my laptop messed up due to my stupidity [spilled water on it @@] and waiting for the new one)

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