Big Bang TaeYang’s backdancer Kim JiHye closes minihompy

Big Bang TaeYang and his backdancer, whom he had kiss performances with, Kim JiHye make topic.

Kim JiHye’s minihompy was recently closed down, but even so some of the posts she posted up on the minihompy were revealed by fans. There were netizens who posted up encouragement saying that she and TaeYang look good together while there were also netizens who commented that they wish she don’t debut as an entertainer.

Not only so, some netizens also left comments “(nickname: Dong YongBae) You really like it that much to kiss Dong YongBae?”. Even there were fans who commented like “If you are a fan, do not disrespect”, with other anti-fans’ comments posted up, Kim JiHye has closed her minihompy.

S:MedicalToday  & Kbites

This is definitely the dark side of Kpop.  I hoped this would never happen in the Taeyang fandom because most of Taeyang’s K-fans are not ones to do something like this.  According to me, those people aren’t his core group of fans (ie: hardcores & manias) because to my knowledge Taeyang’s fan groups/clubs/sites are very supportive of Ji-Hye.  As a matter of fact, DCYB (fanboys), for example LOVES Ji-Hye.  If they were to attack anyone over this kiss, it would be Taeyang himself!  It doesn’t matter if you ship these two or not, you can’t deny she’s a fantastic dancer and plays her role well in all of her performances for Taeyang.


44 thoughts on “Big Bang TaeYang’s backdancer Kim JiHye closes minihompy”

  1. Really sad to see some fans behaving like this. I know they are probably little girls but that’s still no excuse. I’ll make a point to send JH some love over twitter.

  2. Some fans are really stupid. I don’t even think that they can be called “fans”. 😦 I’m sure JiHye feels so bad right now. All she wants to do is be good in career, but now she has to worry about being misunderstood by others.
    Taeyang will be hurt that ppl are hurting his friend. 😦

    No one really thinks when they make hurtful comments on the internet.

  3. Omg I really don’t understand why they hate JiHye .. I really love her! She’s a amazing dancer and has a great chemestry with Taeyang .. So please don’t hate and make her personal life misserable!!!!!!! ^^

  4. What the hell is up with fan girls in Korea. I know alot of them like Ji Hye as do I but, it’s not like they were kissing on the lips. Even if they were grow up! He won’t ever be with you. Either way Ji Hye has been his back up dancer for years she is like an older sister to him that’s why he often calls her noona. On youtube some fangirl made a comment saying thhat he didn’t like that he calls Ji Hye noona. It’s like WTF?! He calls Park Bom noona are you going to attack her too? geesh

  5. those antis are just ignorant. Ji Hye has been dancing with a LOT of YG artists for a long time. it’s part of her job, and that job is to entertain. if they’re not entertained, they should just switch channels. and maybe take their puritan hangups somewhere else.

  6. awww!! gosh ANTI fans stay away! cuz i love JIHYE she did nothing WRONG alrite keep away shes doing wat she love and its dancing! plus taeyang FANS never act like this WE LOVE jihye and tae!! DAMN those JEALOUS and ANTI FANS! go and brag somewhere else HATER

  7. What a true shame I mean she is a superb dancer even more pro than Dara in the MV remake 4 INAG (no offense intended at all to sandara) all ms. Ji Hye gotta do is know she is 1 of the best YG has….just dust these shameless netizens off girl

    1. you need to understand that dara is only a singer not a professional dancer and she only got 2 days to learn the dance so plzz just aprecciate… and you need to understand theres alot of blackjacks that read this blog too ….

  8. Oh here we go again…sometimes k-pop fandom is so annoying (sorry, I just cant seem to find the right word)

    I agree, these people don’t seem like real (hardcore) YB fans,we all know Jihye is just doing her job as best as she could,these netizens are just jealous and decide to act on it in a really unpleasant manner. >.<

  9. Wtf are some people thinking? Oh yah they aren’t thinking. JiHye is a very good dancer she dose not deserve any hate. The fools that have disrespected her are not true YB fans. He is going to be so hurt by this and poor JiHye I hate that she has been treated this way. People need to grow up.

  10. Why would anyone want to be mean to JiHye? I don’t understand. She’s just doing her job. She’s a fantastic dancer. I always enjoy watching her performances. Bad form netizens. Leave JiHye alone.

  11. what! oh nooo. I was really hoping this wasn’t going to happen…damn.
    I love the girl. Hope this won’t affect her too much personally. I was always under the impression that YB fans in Korea loved her. LOL. Everytime I visited YBMania, or DCYB, they would always have pics/gifs of her..ahhh but I guess there’ll always be those who get jealous, or disapprove of other.. 😦

    1. Honestly Dilani these people don’t seem like real YB fans like fans at DCYB or YBmania,as you said they’re really supportive but these netizens are nothing but jealous people taking it out on poor Jihye.

      1. Don’t say that. They are real fans of YB(some of them at least), its just they’re those jealous obsessive type fans. Every artist/idol has them and thats why most of them aren’t the same on/off screen. Cuz they know and fear certain things of the netizens. Though YG’s been pushing/crossing that line and I hope this doesn’t make them stop. There stages been all kindsa sexy. and only get better.

        1. of course everyone has fans like that,you cant stop different types of people from being fans,what I meant by “not real fans” was that they don’t seem like hardcore fans,I should have elaborated that,sorry.

  12. This sucks… What kind of people would say bad things about her? She’s just doing her job [and she’s very good at it!].. And even if there is more shouldn’t fans support them?:| Geez, Honestly…

  13. I personally don’t think she closed it because of haters but because more people are interested in her. It’s not like she hasn’t been kissing YB or vice versa for the past month, people are generally ok with it and YB’s fans adore her. However they have amazing chemistry together and by all accounts she isn’t dating anyone either. Ppl are wondering if they are more to each other now or if the change in choreo means more, with minihompies you can hide pages and make things public and not public, she may be scared that ppl will hack into her private pics and stuff.

    Since INAG promotions started she’s been a hot item, she’s topped search lists like 2 or 3 times (most recently yesterday). Most of YB’s fans love Jihye and the INAG dance isn’t the most scandalous dance they’ve done together so I don’t think fans are too bothered. It’s just that ppl outside the BB/YB fanbase are now taking notice of her. She just wants to maintain privacy and I understand.

    1. I think that makes sense as well and I understand if she wants more privacy because she has become very popular or at least people have began to notice her other than…”oh she’s that dancer.” For example me! Lol I didn’t take much notice of her until INAG…major girl crush alert. lol.

    2. Yeah, I think you’re right…..from Real Sound, you could even tell she didn’t really like the camera on her much (except for when she’s dancing) and she was really shy…I think she just wants to avoid anything escalating….

      I honestly didn’t catch onto the whole Jihye-Taeyang thing (like seriously, I must be the only one on ATY or any fandom for that matter) however, I do think it’s immature for anti’s to attack her…..its definately anti-fans…Taeyang fans are mature and know better…if they had a problem, they would have attacked years ago~

      Their body language from Real Sound shows nothing more than sibling type relationship~ who knows, maybe she’s in a serious relationship herself with someone and he doesn’t like this whole thing about her and Taeyang being blown up so she shut it down for him….anything is possible

      1. “you could even tell she didn’t really like the camera on her much”

        So true and this isn’t the first time she’s hid from the camera – I remember the first time I really paid attention to her and it was b4 INAG, it was BB’s Great concert’s backstage footage and YB tried to introduce her and she just hid her face -she doesn’t want to be a celeb.

        Now, not only do ppl known her name but she’s even had articles written about her. Anyone who follows YB or BB knew who she was pre-INAG and *most* don’t have any issues with her, but INAG just made her 10x more famous. Before to the general public (when they even bothered to pay her any attention) she was just YB’s main dance partner. Now ppl outside the BB fandom actually know her name – she’s Kim Jihye. And judging by the search results, people are very curious about her and want to know more. I would have done the same thing and closed down the minihompy.

  14. First, what’s a minihompy? Second, Jihye is only doing her job, and a fine one at that, therefore she has nothing to be ashamed of. Third, to the people who complained and said mean things to her: Deal with it! They’re just jealous since she can dance with him and they can’t.

  15. That’s a sad one… I mean, Jihye is an amazing dancer, why do this to her? She was just doing her fantastic job… i mean imagine INAG if it was another female? Unfair… but you never put a good woman down, so Jihye, hwaiting!

  16. It’s a shame when stuff like this happens. I hope that Ji Hye didn’t close her minihompy due to haters because so many people love her! Hopefully those haters out there realize that she’s just doing her job and she’s doing a great job! She has great chemistry with YB and that’s why they’re able to do such an amazing job on stage. I just hope the kfans appreciate her for the job she does.

  17. This Sucks, imagine if he had comeout and said she was his Girlfriend it would have been even worse… I admit to being preaty jeolouse of her. lol what die hard taeyang fan wouldnt be after she got kissed by TaeYang but I would never never write rude comments like some of the fans did. Just cuz she gets to kiss taeyang and dance with him and hangout with him (^^ awww getting jeoulouse again lol ) doesnt mean that I automatically hate her. I actually like the fact that she dances with TaeYang because they have alot of chemistry when they dance. And honestly the I Need a Girl performance wouldnt be the same if she wasnt in it. Since the chemistry these two have on stage makes the performance even better. I just hope she didnt take the rude comments fans left to heart.Since some fans like me dont hate her

  18. The kiss is part of the choreography. It’s not her fault that she has to kiss him. Plus, the kissing scene is the crucial step in the dance routine as it signify her acceptance to be his “girl” according to the song. The kissing scene is what binds the song and dance together. Without the kiss, the song and dance will have an incomplete gap and the whole thing will be meaningless.

    Those “fans” overreact and def. are not true TY fans. I’m not angry that she gets to kiss him, it’s her job to do it. But I am jealous that she’s lucky to kiss him. I mean, who isn’t? But I don’t hate her for getting the chance to kiss him. Plus, if you look at some of the performance, it looks like she’s kissing his mic instead of his cheeks.

    Hurting her is the same thing as hurting TY. Those fans should stop writing bad things to her and reflect on their bad behavior and give her an apology for their child and immature thinking and words.

  19. well, for sure that wasnt me. lol. but really, this is the reason why even if these idols are really dating in reali life, their entertainment company will try their best to deny and hide it. i hope everthing will cool down for JiHye. she’s a cool girl. totally doesnt deserve the hate

  20. It seriously sucks to hear stuff like this. They want Taeyang to be happy, but they hack his main dancer with such mean and unecessary words just because she’s dancing with him. . These people’s jealously; it’s ridiculous as well as terribly selfish. What the hell. Leave the girl alone, dammit.

  21. I’ve always loved Ellie and her videos. She’s brutally honest and I respect that. I agree with most of the things she said and lol @ oatmeal analogy (random but I get it). I understood where she was coming from about the whole Dara thing (but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still a fan of Dara). Ellie FTW!

    P.S. Keep up the good work ATY 🙂

  22. Like some people have said, I think it’s more to do with her wanting her own privacy more than avoiding antis…

    Really, there is just too much hate in this world sometimes… =\ It’s rather immature for them to bash her in her personal website, whether it’s minihompy or not…

    I can imagine YB feeling guilty about this, but I hope he takes it in and just shrugs it off and not over analyse it too much. It really isn’t his fault. Some fans are just like that.

    Ji Hye and YB fighting!!!

  23. those pepole who discriminate her is not a true yb addict,bcoz if u really are a yb fan you’ll support him all the way ryt?kekeke,,anyways lets give oppa a big FIGHTINGGGGG!!!for d international release album:))))))))0

  24. hose pepole who discriminate her is not a true yb addict,bcoz if u really are a yb fan you’ll support him all the way ryt?kekeke,,anyways lets give oppa a big FIGHTINGGGGG!!!for d international release album:))))))))

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