This gets my stamp of approval

Taeyang’s international release is just around the corner- another great milestone in his solo career and especially for us international fans.  Seoulbeat’s Ellie just released another one of her Kpop Vlogs and this time it was on Taeyang and his solo career.  I (frequently) watch her Vlogs because like her sense of  humor, even if I disagree with her.  However, Ellie brings up really great points about Taeyang’s music and work, like the choreography of “I Need A Girl” and the popularity of “Wedding Dress” outside of the normal Kpop-fandom.  For the sake of being nostalgic, lets think about the past two years, with all of Taeyang’s unexpected successes, as we watch him take on a greater challenge.  I’m looking forward to it.

*Disclaimer: This is video contains Ellie’s opinions but does not necessarily reflect mine or ATY’s opinions.  I found her honesty compelling, worth sharing, and the theme appropriate for the upcoming album.  Think of it as Ellie stopping by to leave a comment…in video form. Also, its always fun to see a fangirl fangirl.

Share your thoughts on the video or whatever it prompts you to think about!


44 thoughts on “This gets my stamp of approval”

  1. I totally agree with Ellie. The finger scene that taeyang did in the mv was really sexy.and this fangirl knows whats ses talking about..hah..

  2. Loved it; the Ellie “preached”! Although I slightly disagreed with WUA’s MV being boring etc. Other than that, I enjoyed it XD
    Taeyang fangirl’s are the best ~

  3. Her videos are always pretty entertaining I don’t necessarily agree with everything she says but she is funny nonetheless lol ^^

  4. I love Ellie! LOL glad to see she finally did a video on Taeyang and ONLY Taeyang haha….

    Anyway, I pretty much agree with everything she said, almost took the words out of my mouth…..except for WUA. WUA was epic. LOL.

  5. It was funny watching her complimenting Taeyang and then to the side, there’s Taeyang shaking his head under the ATY’s welcome sign.

    Haha. xD

  6. I agree with everything she said except the WUA MV, the choreo was sick but I liked the simplicity of it 🙂

    Tae Yang is really the whole package, he’s definitely someone in the Kpop industry that the juniors could look up to. ❤

  7. this made me laugh a lot. xP i could listen to her talk about taeyang for hours. lol watching fangirls being fangirls is so fun to watch 😀

  8. I have been putting up some comments on her blog to make a vlop on Taeyang’s solo career.. just Taeyang you know. and she kept coming out with Beast and Shinee and i kinda almost gave up but when she posted INAG’s performance on her blog, i asked her again. And finally here it is!!! Yay!!

    I’ve always love her Vlogs because it’s so her and most of the times i find that Ellie have the same opinion like i do. I respect her for coming with videos where she just expresses what she feels and think. She’s funny too^^. But when she said Taeyang was her favorite in her Big Bang vlog, i was like ‘forreal??’ cuz i’ve always thought TOP’s her fave hhaha.

    I quote back everything she said because i agree with every single thing again. ^^

    “we can respect,love and learn from(Taeyang)”
    love this last part XD
    Thank you, Ellie for making my morning!!

  9. thank you for sharing this video. i’ve watched a few of her vlogs before and i do think that they’re pretty interesting. and i’m pretty happy with the way she talked about tae yang. and now i’m excited for “i’ll be there” because of the hype of the choreo. :]

  10. i watchedsome of her vlog,too.although i don’t agree much about what she said about BB,i still respect her opinion.and she said great things about YB that i thought was pretty accurate.

    imo,WUA MV was epic.
    i’ve watch WUA mv more than i watch his other mvs.
    coz the mv really shows how great a dancer he is.
    if you wanted to introduce TY to your male friends,then this is the music video to watch,and you’re like very proud to show it to you’ll never be embarass introducing a kpop mv to them.

    i put TY in a high pedestal
    he’s just such a great guy and a great artist and deserve all the respect that he’s gettin at this moment.

  11. Man, Ellie just said it all . I couldnt have said it any better (: lol i got a picture in my mind of YB in a wedding dress with stomach part cut off showing his abs.. 😀 ha, i wouldnt mind that.. AT ALL

  12. WOW. I actually agree with her for alot of things. I started watching her stuff awhile ago, sometimes I do disagree with her stuff like the situation between the groups how she thinks that Seungri and GD aren’t really friends. But I can understand where she’s coming from. ANYWAYS! lol..I love her humor, it’s very much like mine, so I can’t stop watching her ‘coz of her humor and particularly her honesty..the fact that she can be VERY honest yet respectful is something I like about her.

    Go YB fans!!

  13. I think Ellie got the music video of look at me wrong. In the mv YB’s gf was cheating on him with other BB members but turn out it was just a dream. LOVE this concept for the mv because many guys get inscure over their gf and all but the real reason behind the inscurity is that they are the one who is doing the cheating.

    WUA was a great mv with bomb a$$ cheoro. He showed off a lot of his dance skill in this mv. My cousin who is a guy liked YB after seeing this mv and thought his fashion was dope, then he tried to dress like YB.

  14. Hahahaha. She’s funny,oh my,where does she come from? lol,up to this day i never knew about her,yeah sick of me,i only visit certain blogs,erm,lol,but anyways i am the same as a lot of you,i do not agree whit everything she said there,like the oatmeal part,i mean hello,acquired taste? no,no,no,from the min. i saw Bebe he totally had me,i mean not literally
    (i wish),lol,but you know.. I fell for him ASAP,and like her,he was the only one i noticed..the rest is history.He’s just fine and either you like him or not.

    Now about the WUA mv,yeah…it wasn’t boring or plain,i mean c’mon,she said it Taeyang’s dance was so hot,so,quote…flaming hot,lol,that he didn’t need a fancy vid to go whit that,it was just him and his art,and that was SICK thing about it!

    About WD,yeah well there’s not much to say here,i agree whit everything,i mean it’s freakin’ WD!! I definetly would get down whit it,even if Oppa wore a dress and veil,yeah that’ll be pretty hot,haha.

    On INAG, i still feel the same about the original mv,the whole Dara thing and whatnot,still bugs me,but that’s kind of left in the past now,lol,on the other hand what’s not left in the past it’s definetly the touching part of the choreography hahahaha,i died when she went there,and i even did it on my arm..yeah…im going mental,but i just pictured it was Youngbae,actually..*cough cough*

    All in all she’s hit the right spots on Taeyang (eeh?) and i enjoyed watching another die-hard fangirl spazz freely about our Sunshine,it’s the best feeling in the world other girls feel and think the same stuff as you.

    Thanks for sharing it,Kay!

    *LMAO at ther lipsync of WD xDDD

    1. Hi irma~

      Ellie’s a Korean American 😀

      She really is a funny and outspoken person. I love that she’s herself in her vlogs and her sense of humour is totally floats my boat XD

      I don’t agree with everything she says, but she knows what she’s talking about and can back it up =) It’ll be cool to chat with her.

      1. Hello Chanting ^^

        Ah,she HAD to be korean,haha. She’s just too nice,i also loved her sense of humor and altough i don’t agree whit everything either,i think she’s entitled to her opinions and i respect that.

        Yes,it’ll be fun to have a chat whit her. 🙂

        @YBISMYBF™: yeah i was like oatmeal?ooooooook -_-

  15. Ok…I am a dara fan. You’re opinion of her is respected but my opinion you have to hear out as well…i think the reason why most fan girls were not too happy about her on the music video was because they cannot accept that bae will be going for those looks, the sweet innocent type, cinderella-like personality. A rude wake up call for obsessed fans. If you watched Real Sound, as I know you would if you’re a fan, it is so obvious that he wants people to see that he feels something special about this amazing girl. You can even tell from the music videos alone…so please…if Taeyang thinks he needs a girl like Dara, maybe he knows better than all of us fans. But I do symphatize with the disappointment.Peace!

    1. I agree with Pinayzai! If its not Dara its the next girl his seen with. Jealousy can make ppl turn ugly. I hope that 1 day when he DOES find the girl he has been waiting for I hope that his fans are mature enough to be happy for him. Of course the ATY readers are the beyond that! 😉

    2. I like Dara, and ship Sundara (with other pairings too). My main problem (and fans main problem) with the 1st mv was there was too much Dara, not enough story, not enough dancing. If they somehow incorporated Dara into a story line or something with added choreo fans would have been really happy. Dara is the girl next door type and I always thought that would fit YB’s type.

      1. You might be right about the video showing more Dara than the actual artist but this just confirms to me that Bae really likes Dara, imagine, you would allow this girl to take over your music video? He was very happy about that video according to his interviews.
        I have recently moved from being a GD fan to a YB admirer. And yes Ellie was right in saying he is a well-rounded artist. I love the fact that he is able to showcase his talent to the world as himself. He is not manufactured or molded…yet…the reason I am saying yet, is because I feel he will be corrupted sooner or later, after all it is a part of growth as a musician, I just hope he stays true to his moral values and still knows what he really wants in the end, which is to be a great Dad…i would love to see that one day!

    3. LOL he never said he wanted a girl exactly like her,what are you talking about,the reason she’s on the MV,it’s because she’s a part of YG. They just keep using her for a reason it’s still uknown to me…either way,peace.

  16. Is she the same girl who said she looked like 2ne1’s CL and that Dara didn’t deserve to be a member of 2ne1??? good to see she’s still alive lolz…


  18. This is actually my first time watching Ellie’s vlog. Personally, I kinda agree on what she said about everything. She took everyhting out of my mouth.

    Re WUA. Yes, the song was AWESOME and DIFFERENT and the choreo was sick and Shaun and Lyle were there to make it even more epic and awesome and hot BUT personally I think YG should be more grand with the video since it was a comeback for Taeyang. Simplicity does not necessarily means minimal. But Wedding Dress was just THE MOST AMAZING SONG EVER, THE MV WAS EVEN AWESOME AND DON’T LET ME START ON THE CHOREO.

    Taeyang totally outdone himself with WD. Up until now, WD remains as my favourite song from TY.

    Re INAG: I totally agree with Ellie on the finger thing. THAT IS JUST fjklfjklfsdfhejf. Ok back to the song. I Love . I mean I LOVE THE SONG. I can listen to that song over and over and over again and never get bored. THe music is fresh, the choreo is just sick. Shaun, you are just too awesome for words. I don’t understand why people don’t like the song and strongly against the song to be the title track but seriously people, the song is just daebak.

    The MV. I don’t understand why YG put Dara in the MV seriously and please don’t get me wrong. I’m ok with Dara. She might be more suitable for sad song but not in dance song. We must admit, dance is just not her forte.

    Like the girl above mentioned that TY might like someone innocent, sweet personality. Don’t get Ellie and me wrong or any other TY’s fans for that matter. We have nothing against if true TY likes Dara. It just in this MV context, someone with sexy, mysterious vibe would be more appropriate. Don’t mix reality and fantasy dear.

    So yeah this is my 2 cents.

  19. i really like WUA. i thought it was Simple & hot. D:
    and although i got majorly jealous of Dara, i still like her. She may be the cinderella of YGE but the way INAG’s lyrics are said, its sorta similar to Dara ^0^ soo… i think she fits the MV.
    when she Lypsynched to WD, i was like WOAHHHH DOES SHE SING LIKE THAT?!?! only to figure out after 5secs she was doing that for fun. xD
    seeing Bae in a wedding dress that shows his Abs arent bad either (:

  20. I both understand and don’t understand her YB oatmeal comment.

    YB was the first in BB to catch my eye and it wasn’t even a BB song to. It was 2NE1/BB’s lollipop song and even with 9 fierce people on the stage, he caught my eye the minute he step on the screen. I didn’t pay attention to him again till earlier this year (was pretty 2NE1 obsessed) when my house got snowed in for a week and I had nothing but youtube and kpop to keep me company. Looked into BB since they were 2NE1’s bros and they kept being called the female BB. And during every single song and mv my eyes kept straying to YB (from Lies, to Last Farewell, etc). Even Haru Haru where he was on camera for a grand total of like 10 sec and it was all GD/TOP I still found myself glued to him when he came on. Then I learned the names and looked him up and found out he had solo songs, and the rest was history.

    However, I also personally love oatmeal and always have. In the grand context of kpop, YB is oatmeal in that he’s not grand or flashy. He doesn’t make a lot of noise and is usually very quiet. He’s good for you and wont get too spicy or sweet. You never have to worry about him being controversial and you can trust him to remain fairly consistent. Lots of people say he’s “boring” and doesn’t have much flare. However, he always taste good and rarely leaves a bad taste in your mouth. He’s oatmeal – very good oatmeal.

    1. love your comment.

      “Even Haru Haru where he was on camera for a grand total of like 10 sec and it was all GD/TOP I still found myself glued to him when he came on”

      so true.. i wish he had more parts 🙂

    2. Ohhh I loved Ellie’s analogy of oatmeal. It’s obscure but it makes sense. (Iono how she comes up with this kind of stuff on the fly like that) It’s definitely acquired. Taeyang’s music doesn’t grab you right away for most people but the more you listen the more it grows on you. The word “grower” has been thrown around a lot here. For me personally, I find his music very timeless – it may not be the “hot trend” at the moment, but it would never go out of style. I see myself listening to it years later – it’s one of the qualities that is consistent with his music. Kind of like how once you like oatmeal, you eat it every morning. Plus it’s very healthy! (lol)

    3. I joined a Taiwanese forum, and to be fully registered I had to answer some questions.

      One of the questions were, if you had to describe BB as food, what would they be?

      My answer regarding Tae Yang was….

      APPLE – that’s weirder than oatmeal i must say….

      I has a strange mind….=v=

  21. its funny how a lot of YB/BB fans(myself included) didn’t really get the best of impressions of them at first but later on like fell in love (lol)

    I agree with everything she said,apart from the where u at comment (now way,WUA,including the mv,was awesome!)
    and the last bit about why she likes Taeyang as an artist and a person,that bit I would have said myself.

    LOL at that part about Taeyang singing about balloons,cherries and popcorns haha 😀

  22. I’ve always loved Ellie and her videos. She’s brutally honest and I respect that. I agree with most of the things she said and lol @ oatmeal analogy (random but I get it). I understood where she was coming from about the whole Dara thing (but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still a fan of Dara). Ellie FTW!

    P.S. Keep up the good work ATY and thank you!

  23. wedding dress popped my kpop cherry…lol…i’m obsessed with kpop…but…why does she put dara down everytime she mentions her?….to be honest i think she’s a great singer/dancer…not as strong but she earned her spot and i really disagree that it was just because her beauty that she got into 2ne1…just my opinion…

    1. ^^
      i love Dara
      i honestly didnt watch this coz i think i saw one vid where she dissed her… i just had a feeling it happening again.. aigoo it hurts… so better not to watch ^^

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