Taeyang says goodbye to “I Need A Girl” but hello to world domination!

Okay Okay.  I kid. Maybe not world domination yet, but Taeyang does officially say hello to the world and us international fans this upcoming week.  I’m both ecstatic by nervous as well.  Taeyang’s been giving us sneak peeks in to what his new song, “I’ll Be There,” will look like from his twitter. He promises a new unique style and a equally unique MV to accompany it.  Nervous?  Well, I”m nervous by default.

August 19th.  Be there.

It was raining during today’s, but does that stop Taeyang from wearing sunglasses? Nope because he’s hot like that.

Until next time Taeyang!  Next time we see you, it’ll be in a totally new context with fresh set of eyes watching you.  Best of luck.

31 thoughts on “Taeyang says goodbye to “I Need A Girl” but hello to world domination!”

  1. is this live guys? i know im slow but i think they just did the exact performance and stage on sok cho fest.. O_o

    anyway, YB!! im waiting for your int’l release!! (is that limited edition again? i hope not.. )..


      1. i thought the same haha
        so Music Core filmed this episode during the Sokcho festival?

        im happy too that INAG promotions is done and we can look forward to I’ll Be There! yey! then 2NE1 too please haha

        i wish all the best for YB!!!

  2. The fangirl screams are just epic lol
    Ah I’m gonna miss him on the weekly music shows but boy i’am hyped up for august the 19th! Go Young-Bae <333

  3. i’m honestly happy too that INAG is now over. time to move on y’all 😉

    Let’s wait patiently for D-Day. It’ll come in no time. 🙂

  4. hei guys!! apparently; someone tweet that YB & Se7en are at SuJu’s concert.. they’re one of the few guests who attends the concert.. some of the guests include SNSD, Boa, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, SHINee, Kara, etc.. what is YB doing there?? did Yuri invite him?? hahaha..

      1. the hell would u b scared of? be happy he’s out interacting more and watching them LED’s he likes so much

    1. Don’t think he went, cos I know for sure BoA tweeted to the boys & said sorry she couldn’t be there. Mostly SM artists are there supporting Suju; Oneway is there too. ~
      Correct me if I’m wrong; he might have went, but I see no connection.

      1. hehehe… YB isn’t there.. hahaha.. the person who tweet it gave the wrong info.. sorry for the confusion.. :X

  5. gahhh I’m soo excited for the the 19th…nervous as well.
    Man oh man…its gonna be one hell of a week. Gotta get mentally prepared for the coming storm 🙂

  6. His performances get better and better as he goes but I’m so ready for him to promote IBT! Then he will be one step closer to world domination!!! Hmmmm guess that means I have to make sure to have money by the 19th to buy his int’l album.

  7. OMg. I love this choreo. I’m so excited for him (;

    Taeyang hwaiting!!

    I love his ‘jesus is lord’ shirt (:

    1. That and the GDYB moments made that video for me. He’s been so happy lately (special lady?) and he’s taking it out on GD and that Doll. I would happily receive kisses from YB.

  8. omo.the kissing parts.i was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..(i wish i was just that girl)kekeke.well lets support againoppa at 19th!.fightiing.ya.ya.ya:)))

  9. Awwww gosh this really pulled a string on my sensitive heart “with fresh set of eyes watching you. Best of luck” it’s like we’re leaving our little boy go out and explore the world,literally,for the first time!!! isn’t it? ssshsh,i feel both nervous,nostalgic,excited,and yes i admit it,a bit jealous of those hundreds set of eyes,keke! Fighting babe,IBT!!!~~

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