[Eng subs] Real Sound – Chapter 4: Charisma on the Floor

Onstyle really saved the best for last, this last episode brings to a wrap, what has been a treat for all us Taeyang fans. A glimpse into the man of mystery, I think we’ve all gotten a chance to learn more about Mr.Sunshine, and this last episode is really the most fun and interesting~ Enjoy. Big THANK YOU to Sylvia for diligently working on the translations for this entire series and Patra, for helping me encode and typeset 🙂

44 thoughts on “[Eng subs] Real Sound – Chapter 4: Charisma on the Floor”

  1. why did they blur out daesung and only showed his hand movements? lol taedae is so cute

    i hate that this series is over. grr. i’ll just have to watch them a hundred more times to compensate. lol

  2. This makes it official. ATY has the best staff ever! Thanks to Sylvia, Kay, and Patra for subbing all of this for us!!! We LOVE you guys 🙂

    This episode was the perfect way to end the show, although I still wish that it had been longer. 😦

    DS is so funny. Love the SunDae relationship. They described Break Down perfectly. It’s a fresh song…no wonder I like it so much.

    Wow….one hundred wife beaters? YB makes sure he stocks up in the stuff he likes! Loving that YB fans made a shirt specifically for the Real Sound crew. They’re just awesome like that.

    Also, anyone else wishing that YB kept his facial hair? I want it back 😦 It made him look so much sexier and mature, although him shaven is still hot as well.

  3. Thank you!! too bad this show ended cuz i would like to watch behind the scenes for I’ll be there. Oh well… I’m happy enough to be given a chance to get to know what’s been going on inside the boy’s head, BTS for INAG performance, a lil bit of peeking at the life in YG. watch Taeyang talking to Shaun in English, Qui and Richard, and Big Bang.

    Thank you again to you guys who worked hard to sub the episodes. ^^

  4. Thanks so much!!! Love you all Kay, Patra, and silly~~~ >w<

    This is really the best episode out of all. Awww, YB love you too!! Gosh, this man is just so down to earth, honest, and sincere!!

    I love pizza, spaghetti, meat and steak too YB, WE SHOULD HANG~~~ LOL

    Can't believe it, YB Mania is featured on here, twice in this episode! Hahahah~~~

    YB fans are the best, ATY rocks too~ Love you all ATYers~~

    He's really the inspiration and motivation for me to try harder =) Since I'm socially awkward and quite introverted…LOL Though I'm not sure how that's to do with YB and academics, but yeah… Hahaha~

    Boss is so cute~~~ and YB!!! OMFG~~ "Haaand~" awww~~~~

    He is so adorkable~ ❤ and the fighting stance he took when he said Boss is actually a fighting dog…. CUTE!!!

    Dae Sung's fingers are so long~~~ That's what really made his hand wave so cool, LOL

    And YB ah, SOULMATE??? XDDDD Not that I'm against it, Sundae is awesome, it's just LOL because people use that between boy-girl relationships, no? "XD

    It's the first time I've heard it as bro-mance, heheh~

    There's so much I can gush about this episode, LOL

    I wish it could've been longer~
    Thanks for subbing this whole series again!! ❤

    1. He’s called both Teddy and GD his soulmates as well. Guess that’s what he likes to call his best guy friends. Though I agree, I love the relationship he has with those three. GD is his brother from another mother, Teddy is his musical soulmate and Dae is the one he pours his heart out to.

  5. lol we totally misinterpret “take it slow” hahahah
    i knew it’s something about taking the relationship slow and savoring the moments together and not about sex….lol
    i dunno why some people think of that. >.>

  6. Thaaank youuu for the suuubs!!

    Yep, the last 2 episodes were the best.
    YB has totally figured his fans out: we worry so much about him lol!!!

    Part 2 @ 3:24: I think I was in Heaven for a second…
    Someone be my hero and make a gif out of it, please lol!!!

    Well it’s a shame there’s only 4 episodes, I could personally have watched a few hundreds more.

    Overall, just 3 words: YB IS LOVE…

  7. Thanks to our subbing team! Loved this episode as well. I think I can gush and gush about it if I could. Haha. Real Sound producers are such big fans aren’t they? Ahh I wish this was longer!

    And I was so excited to see Ybmania featured! So awesome!

    And FYI: The producer of Real Sound knows about ATY’s subs for the show. He/she tweeted it! Wooohooo! All your hard work has been recognized!

  8. thanks you guys for doing this for all of us Taeyang fans… you guys have been great…

    taeyang, u will be a superman dad.. and that special someone will love you deeply! 🙂 best of luck in the future in finding that special someone… all we want is just for you to be happy and stress free.. shine on…

  9. Thank you sooo much for subbing=D. YB is so wonderful and he works so hard. I wonder if he know how loved he is around th world, and if he dosn’t how would we let him know?
    Once more with a big haert full of love for YB Thank you. ❤ =D

  10. Thank you ATY team for subbing this video. This really showed a very endearing part of Taeyang. 🙂 Taeyang hwaiting!

  11. That was great! Thank you so much for all the subbing! I appreciate the hard work. It was so special to see him in his world…he needs to relax a little but his hard work has paid off!

    YB, your fans love you for your generous nature and your love for what you do…music! Try to enjoy the times you have and we look forward to see you for many years to come!

  12. MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE was when he stated his ULTIMATE GOALS in life as a person and as a singer. HE IS ULTIMATELY MY IDEAL GUY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. ♥♥♥

    “My life’s ultimate goal is to become a really great dad. *smiles* Really, its the hardest thing. More so than being a really great singer with a great image and great music, I think being a great dad is the hardest thing to do in the world. I think the coolest man is who has their kids’ respect and seems like Superman to them. I think that’s the coolest guy. That’s my ultimate goal.”

    “My ultimate goal as a singer is…When I first decided to become a singer, honestly, I didn’t think in terms of being No. 1 in Korea or getting No. 1 in music shows. When I made the decision to become a singer, I was already thinking of being No. 1 on Billboard. *laughs* Billboard — it sounds funny to say it, but its just to say that I wanted to become the best in the world. My thoughts have changed a bit now in the sense that, of course, the world’s best, No. 1 in the world is all good, BUT I THINK WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT IS TO BE No. 1 TO THAT ONE PERSON. I think this stage here, today is the world stage. To not lose that feeling and continue to do my best, and through trying my best, showing the best — that’s my ultimate goal right now.”

    Here’s a toast to you and your international album youngbae. Godbless!!! ♥♥

  13. So much great stuff in this episode! YB is so well spoken and comes across as such a mature and well-grounded person. Nice to know that he appreciates his fans so much.

    Thanks Silly, Patra and Kay!

  14. big thanks for the subs !! Love you guyss ❤
    thanks to onstyle too , i get to know more about Taeyang . he's such a nice , adorable guy, who put so much effort for his fans and works . I do wish YG will give Taeyang a break so that he can goes to a place of grenn & blue ..
    i heard the song "i'll be there" for the background music . it's so niceee . cant wait for itt .!
    thanks again !!!

  15. thanks for the english subb… I wish him the best and I hope he does well!!! 😉 I think the best artist are the ones that have been given the chance to express themselves TRUELY.. I dont know how much YG will allow it because in the bussiness world there are certain rules and limitation but I hope he gets a chance to get his way more often. I think fans and people can reconize if the artist is being true or not, people really feel the vibe. Like Micheal Jackson.. We all know he was an true artist that really expressed himself, loved and enjoyed his own music, keep his own style regardless of what many would say about it. A word for Young Bae; I know this bussiness can be so stressful..But prayers are out for u and I wish you the best in your upcoming future. You are a definate positive role model to younger generation, and that alone already makes you special. Hummmm…. that facial hair…what you you think young bae? If you like it keep it! You good looking either way 😉

  16. Thank you guys so much! when he said his goal was to be a great dad, all i could say was AWWWWW 😀 that was so sweet haha

  17. wow he said he wants to be a great dad WOW I JUST CANT BELIEVE that he is just amazing woowww
    after watching this episode makes me really sad bcuz after he finds his ideal woman ahh but then im really happy for him bcuz he will have an amazing life but its really sad if u just keep thinking in the future he will have a girlfriend which is NOT me 😦

  18. In the first part, when TOP is doing the interview. I heard TY and DS’s singing… I have no idea if it’s for TY’s international album or not, but wow that 20 second teaser of that song sounds amazing o_o

  19. you guys are really cool and great… thank you for subbing the whole episode of realsound by taeyang….
    really appreciated it…
    thank you very much.

  20. I just cant believe how unbelievably late I am -_-

    this was my favorite episode and definitely the best was saved till last! :).What YB said at the end of part 4 about his fans is kinda true hehe 😉 . Oh finally we understand the meaning behind those pictures,that came out, of him holding a camera lol

  21. Can’t believe that was the last episode, I wish there was more T___T but, oh well. This show was AMAZING! Thank you so much for the subs!! you guys are AWESOME 🙂

  22. its sooo sweet that he wanted to be a great dad in the future…the way i see him now, i know that he definitly will be one great dad in the whole world someday^^..its just sweet on how he said it…awwwww..YB that’s why i love you^^ LOL *blush* :3

  23. Hello, this is my first time commenting on one of your article, but i’ve been following up with news about Taeyang thanks to this website ATY, So a HUGE Thank You for the whole ATY group! 🙂

    Also, A BIG thanks for Slyvia to translate the whole Real Sound by Taeyang series. I enjoyed watching them! ^^ Thanks! =P

    I remember seeing a post where Tofumon couldn’t spot ATY’s iPod for Taeyang, and I wondered if Taeyang is actually listening to ATY’s iPod whenever he’s going to places, i spotted a iPod Touch at 2:45-2:47 Part 5/5, You can also see the back cover of the iPod at 1:34-1:38, and then right after he’s probably playing with it. ;D
    This is just my guess afterall, i’m not sure if it’s actually ATY’s iPod, hopefully it is! =]

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