Pictures of Taeyang at Korean Music Festival

Updated with fancams under the cut!

Both Taeyang & Se7en performed at the Korean Music Festival in Sokcho recently, here are pictures of the rehersal and performance for “Just a Feeling”…will update with fancams when they’re available~

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32 thoughts on “Pictures of Taeyang at Korean Music Festival”

  1. His mohawk is getting taller LOL…. I like it and from the sides, it looks good. ^^ oh and of course, the man himself is looking HOT.

  2. Yup….YB is definitely giving GD a run for his money. I’d take YB fashion over GD fashion anyday. Loving his outfits! Especially the mask shirt and the Jesus is Lord shirt. And do I even need to say that he is looking handsome like always? Hope he gave a good performance and wasn’t too tired!

  3. SO cuteeeeee! I can not wait til his next MV. It’s gonna be so hot.
    Does anyone know where or what website I can buy
    Tae Yang’s t- SHIRTS with is logo on it or face? I want the one that Dara has. Hehe! it’s cute. I totally wear it too.

  4. does anyone know what time taeyang perform his last i need a girl performance on the 14th which is yoday,please help
    thank you very much!

  5. he really looks good in casual clothes. even in just a simple tee, he looks hot! i like the black shirt with the mask.

  6. OMO….love that mask print shirt….love love love all the pic^^ awsome^^ jihye unnie are so lucky to dance with him^^

    1. JAF was a better performance despite he obviously didn’t sing some lines at the second first.

      Kfan love the kiss.. haha screaming away when he kissed her cheek.

  7. Where can I find a list of his upcoming appearances?! KPop artists are always doing little appearances like this (most of them are free too!!) but I never learn about it until they’re over 😦

    also, some little pitch problems in there, YB, clean that up before the concert!!

  8. i notice something,that yg backup dancers are really pretty so pretty i was looking at them instead of youngbae but im mostly envious jihye she get to dance with taeyangb also taeyang kiss her aaahhh!!!!

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