47 thoughts on “[Twitter Update] Taeyang gives another sneak peek”

  1. Aww~ He looks so cute!! BUT SO HOT!! At the same time, gosh~~~~ YB what you do to me….XDDD


    ‘kay, i’m done spazzing. XD

  2. He’s looking like one HOT badass !!!
    Lovin’ the bandana too; looks custom made for Taeyang~ Getting more & more excited for the MV !!!!

  3. It’s official….YB’s going to be the mob boss for the underworld :D. I want to see him play a bad guy for once!

  4. He still has his boyish charm but his manliness is really coming out. I cant stop staring at his hands and how strong they look /sigh

    THIS is how you tease a mv… the anticipation is building up for me soo much.

  5. Chrome Heart was made for Taeyang to wear. I really miss his hats though it feels really weird that he hasn’t being wearing them.

      1. LOL but he’s ripping that to shreds! so this must be a another one,which is obviously what you meant, right Kay? πŸ˜‰

        1. We know that if he likes he fit of a white tank, he’ll order 100’s of it, according to him on Real Sound, LOL!

        1. I don’t think so cause he just seems to like the same thing in slight variations. The jacket in the previous pic looks like the Prayer jacket but I looked it up and it wasn’t, just looks like it. Same with the tank top, it’s not his fault he has like a hundred of it. Just like with the plaid shirts – I’m sure he has like 50 but only 5 colors so they all look the same.

  6. i like him as a gangsta!
    hehehe..notice how his scarf or
    watevr coverin half his face is his lito
    taeyang sigh like on his shirt..cool πŸ˜‰

    *ahh..yep, i drew that sigh b4..

  7. all i can say is he is oh-so-sexy-adorable-cute-amazing, i cant think of a word that just describes him. haha i love this picture XD

  8. man!! this guy is amazing! What a G! πŸ™‚ Love you and best of success to you.. past,present&future… πŸ™‚ God bless his heart… cuzz hes stolen all ours!

  9. OH, BABY!~

    u can feel free to jump me anytime in a dark alleyβ™₯ just do it slow…LOL jkss xD
    but not bout the jumping me part…..heeheee

    1. yeah; it was held yesterday (12th August).. πŸ™‚
      iBigBang uploaded some of YB’s photos @ the music festival.. go check it out!! πŸ˜€

  10. Love it!!! LOL I get a good laugh at some of these comments ” he can rob me anytime!”, I laugh because feel the same way…Muahaahaahaha.. He so HOT!!!!

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