Jay Park, “I want to work with Big Bang’s Taeyang”

Jaebum met with reporters in front of a hotel at Kangwondo at 4:30 PM on the 7th before he got on stage for Summer Week&T 2010. He was asked “Which singer would you like to work with together”.

Jaebum answered “To prepare for my upcoming album, I worked with Brave Brothers, Dok2 and many other artists.”

“If I was ever given the chance, I would like to work with Kim Jo Han who can sing very well”, “Since I’ve always liked Taeyang, I think working with him would be fun too.”

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| Translations by jennying@2ONeday

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88 thoughts on “Jay Park, “I want to work with Big Bang’s Taeyang””

  1. I would NOT MIND at all. i just might die from the hotness overload, though. & if he were to ever work with all of big bang, say bye bye to my life, i’d be in heaven!

  2. ROFL. It’ll be interesting to see this happen. And can you believe Jay mentions Kim Jo Han then Taeyang? More celebrities liking Taeyang….the list goes on and on.

    All the fangirls would die…hotness overload indeed.

      1. All I know about his is that he featured YB in one of his songs. “I Should Have Loved You Less”
        Great song *goes off to listen*

        1. oh wait.. featured. i didn’t read properly. sorry.

          *goes off to listen*

          I hear YB!! oh… nice XD

  3. not to burst ur bubbles; but NAH!! dun wanna a collaboration between these 2 to happen.. cuz once they do it; people are gonna compare who’s the better singer, better dancer, blah blah blah, etc.. if these really happen & YB got to know abt the comparisons; he’s gonna worry/think too much.. wahaha.. 😀

  4. i was always weary that Jay Park could be rivals with YB when he was still in 2pm. like they have the same style, the same hair styles (at the time) the same small but built physique, can dance and their voices are very …..”black”. however, now i realise this wouldnt necessary be a bad idea collaboration since YB is obviously a sunbae to Jay (but really a hyung) and they both awesome…so why not! i dont think it’ll happen tho to be frank. YG too ………..closed with who YG members can collab with.

    1. i agree, dont see YG ever letting it happen. Even though i love Jay Park, i would rather see Taeyang collab with Usher or IU first. Although Jay and Taeyang are both Rnb hip hop influenced, i still think their singing style is way different. Jay tends to rap alot whilst YB is more smooth and soulful

      1. but you have to remember, YB was a rapper first before he transitioned into being the main vocals. GDYB was supposed to be a rap duo. 🙂 just saying. actually, i spazz whenever i hear YB raps or whenever he gets the chance to do so.

    2. i thought so too…hahaha.. but i was all.. ‘hey, taeyang had the mohawk first!” :p

      a part of me says okay, why not.. another part says..whadda.. no way and another part just don’t care enough. hehe

  5. I have to say, and PLEASE Jay fans…don’t brick me over this but you will have to admit. Jay has a LONG way to go before he reaches Taeyang’s level. I’m glad he likes Taeyang and wants to work with him but I also hope he knows he can learn a lot from him…..while Jay is obviously a hot commodity right now, no one can deny that Taeyang has got a skill of artistry almost everyone in the industry is envious of (i mean, JYP wanted to work with Taeyang despite having Jay in his company)…

    I’m not a Jay fan, simply because he hasn’t shown me anything to become his fan. I am disgruntled that he’s welcomed with open arms in a country he once insulted but hey, that’s a whole different story so to each their own but I think Jay Park has a long way to go before he can be considered an artist like Taeyang. It’s one thing to be wildly popular, but popularity is only fleeting….I’d like to see Jay live up the hype he’s garnered…..

    As for a collab….it would be interesting indeed. Maybe they can be brothers or something in the MV….LOL…

    1. Jay Park isn’t at TY’s level by FAR.

      I’m surprised at how popular he is in the US.

      I’m actually happy he is welcomed with open arms in Korea. I think Korea took it overboard considering the circumstances surrounding the myspace comment. I don’t want to get into it, but I’m glad he’s back in Korea. Also, things happened for a reason – this helped him break through a little in the US market. I believe he is gonna be a key to help Asian artist come into the US market.. Kinda like an Asian buffer =P


    2. I agree with you Kay.

      Jay Park seems to be really talented, however he is still improving on how to use them so he has a long way to go before he is a true match for Taeyang’s artistry.

      but a collab is still pretty epic! 🙂

    3. I half agree with you there. Taeyang probably does not have the number of fans Jay Park does…mainly because he was 2pm’s center man as well. But artistically, Jay hasn’t really shown what he’s capable of. Taeyang has carved himself a really unique position in the music industry – he’s a mainstream/popular artist that has the acclaim and respect of and underground artist. To some extent, the kind of music Taeyang is doing, he could be considered underground. But yes, musically Jay has a long way to go.

      I think a collaboration between the two would be more of fanservice than anything. Everyone’s just looking forward to two smoking hot dancers to rip their shirts off as well as the stage. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

      1. I think a collaboration between the two would be more of fanservice than anything. Everyone’s just looking forward to two smoking hot dancers to rip their shirts off as well as the stage. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

        couldn’t agree more. my sister would love this.

    4. Im a Jay fan and even i admit as an artist and musician he isnt at Taeyangs level. But he knows thats and hes just as humble as YB.

      The whole popularity thing is a bit about the people you know. For example the Wonder Girls did well in US, unlike Se7en. But i would hardly say its because the WG are better singers/dancers then Se7en. WG were just promoted better, touring with Jonas Bro. and everything.

  6. I don’t mind a collab between them. I mean, who would resist seeing a hot, HOT stage with both of them?!
    Plus both of them are very influenced by western music, so in some ways, they are alike.
    Maybe Tae can sing the hook lines, and Jay rap? hehe.

  7. DUDE. YES! Work with Taeyang. Jay Park is breaking through in the US – i remember mentioning him in a previous comment.. but I think Jay Park is gonna pave the way for Asian artist in the US market.

    let’s do it!!


    It’s gonna be H-O-T. Jay Park is gifted in his dancing and his rapping skills. I think it’d be EPIC if they work together (=

    1. Ohh interesting comment. I’m curious to what Jay Park could do for Asian Americans in the music industry. It’s been so hard for them to break into the market here. The closest we’ve been was with Far East Movement who just got signed on to Lady Gaga’s label. (Woohoo!) We still have to see what they’ll do. I dunno if Jay will “pave the way” per se, but he’ll be a stepping stone for AAs.

  8. No offence, but no. I never liked Jay. Hes an awesome dancer tho, I’ll give you that. At times, it feels like hes using peeps as stepping stones for his ultimate goal.

    And we know YB is hot stuff so meh… Dunno.
    If YB and YG are cool with it, who am I to complain?

  9. I’m honestly torn in half by this. On one hand, I feel like a collabo b/t YB and Jay would be epic. They’re so similar so their styles would suit very well together. Although I do agree that Jay has a long way to go before he’s up to YB’s level. On the other hand, I feel like this would create a whole bunch of unneeded drama. I can already see fanwars from comparisons of the two. Since they have such similar styles, they’re going to be compared endlessly. Fans would start to argue who’s better and what not.

    1. I mean, they’re already getting compared as it is. Just imagine how crazy it would get if they actually worked on a project together.

    2. I actually don’t see how Taeyang and Jay can even be compared…..besides that they’re both short, sport the same hairstyle and are good dancers, besides the “LOOK” I see nothing in terms of music that’s similar…Taeyang, to me, is a veteran, being in the industry for 13 years, the man holds his own no matter what he does…Jay is still a baby in the industry (compared to Taeyang), to me, he’s got a lot of popularity in a short amount of time….musically, he’s taken an inch in some direction by doing a cover but in reality, I know nothing about what kind of music the boy does….

      You just can’t compare….

      On another note, I would love for Taeyang to tell us which Korean artists he’d like to work with right now~

      1. Trust me, comparisons can come out of anything, even with the most ridiculous reasoning and logic, and will come from stubborn people who are hardcore fans of one of the singers but not fans of the other.

        Others will compare how either one sings – not in terms of style, but just the way the voice sounds with the music. Even though both singers are also great dancers, they both dance differently, and that will get picked on.

        I’m curious about this collaboration idea and think it would be interesting to see what kind of song they would agree on producing/performing, especially if it’s live. However, I don’t think it’ll happen.

      2. i agree, maybe on the outside they are similiar cos of the height and the build. But their vocals and dancing styles are so different. Jay does more popping whilst YB has like a Usher/Shaun Evaristo style.

      3. true that.. how come he rarely mention which Korean artist he would like to work with despite all that attention he gets? o.0

        there will be comparisons.. i mean, even JB got compared to Taeyang no matter how ridiculous the idea is.

  10. It’s a NO for me, something about him scream “oh I’m not liking this dude”. I really hope it never happen T__T

  11. AWESOME!

    Jay seems to be pretty talented so that would be cool,although Jay still has a long way to go,its nice if he is inspired by Taeyang.

  12. I like Jay, and a YB-Jay collab would definitely be a hit, but drama still seems to follow Jay wherever he goes. YB doesn’t need that.

  13. that would be the most flawless, most perfect duet ever. OH MY GOSH, if that happens, i’ll cry of joy. my 2 favorite boys.

  14. It would be interesting since they are both into the same style of music but instead of simply appreciating the duet, I can already see people only focusing on who was better or who’s not good enough…

    Jay is just starting out his solo career and still has a lot of improving/growing to do. And as much as I love him, so does Taeyang. There are lot of things he needs to work on.
    As long as a duet is between two people who share a passion for music and are talented at what they do, which both of these guys are, I will be interested. I think they’d compliment one another well. Anyway, this is probably not going to happen so lol.

  15. ehhh…no. Jay is a good dancer and he has some nice abs, but he isn’t as great as some people are making him out to be. He isn’t terrible, but I don’t think he is that great of a singer. I’m not saying YB is the best caz there is need for improvement on his end, but I’m not feeling Jay’s vibrato when he sings. Some people put Jay on this pedestal as if he is the best thing since sliced bread [cliche I know].

    I have seen comparisons bet the two guys, esp when Jay was still part of 2PM last year, which annoys me. As of right now i have to agree with medirin about drama following Jay and YB not needing that. I just don’t see them working together. I’m not a hater and if YB actually does work with him than that’s fine. I’d be open to listen to the collab.

    Maybe after all this hype cools down a bit since Jay just returned to Korea. I believe the major part of the recent hype has to do with people just wanting him to succeed, which is understandable after all that has happened.

      1. sentiments exact.. i dun fancy the idea of these 2 collaborating…. it juz doesn’t click for me.. 🙂

  16. This collaboration has a nice look to it; would like to see it take place one day. They would definitely heat up the stage.

  17. i’m curious, what do YB’s fans think of Jay’s statement? Mostly positive or negative response?

  18. I never really liked Jay even when he was still in 2PM because he reminded me so much of YB, like he’s “copying” the ‘feel’ of YB. But of course, that’s his company’s problem, not his.

    I think a Jay – Taeyang collab would be a hot topic but no. I don’t want a collab between these two. Taeyang’s singing is on a different level than Jay’s. Jay’s style of dancing is also different to Taeyang’s style and while Jay can rap, Taeyang also can and even raps clearer than Jay does. It just wouldn’t work. I’ve listened to Jay singing and rapping (even dancing, of course!) and his voice wouldn’t compliment YB’s style.

    But then, he just said he thinks it would be “fun”. He better line up then, a lot of other artists want to collab with Taeyang.

  19. I’m not sure how this would work – either epicness or total fail. However, I’m sure that between the two of them (and if Teddy helps out too) then something brilliant would come out. All depends on how YB feels on this – if YB wants this and YG says ok and the same happens on Jay’s side then I’m really cool with it.

    1. but i thought YG is very family-oriented?? even if there’s collaboration; it’s alwaz within the same company.. erm.. i dun know but somehow; deep inside of me dun wanna this collaboration to happen.. haha.. dat’s pretty selfish of me (i know)..

      1. not really. GD worked with outside ppl on his album, YB collaborated with Swings. They do the least outside collaboration but it’s not unheard of.

  20. Hmmm…. I’m not sure how I feel on this…. I’ve never really got into 2PM or Jay. I only know him because of the myspace scandal and the whole fan hype that happened when he decided to return to the US….

    Yeah, nice impression…XP

    I have watched him dance, and have (XD) seen his abs and all… but I don’t know… I can’t feel him musically like I can with YB… (or Big Bang)

    I’d be interested in seeing a collab, just because I’d like to see what the two can come up with. (or what Teddy can? LOL)

    Though I do know if there ever was a collab, it would feel more like, as tofu said, fan service more than anything. Two hot men with abs that can dance, hot stage and screaming fangirls galore~

  21. I think TY and Jay would make some hot music together, I wasn’t really feeling Jay until I heard a cover he did on Youtube lol
    This kid is talented, no doubt and I know he’ll reach TY’s level someday lol Even though TY gotta impove a lot right now, did ya see what he did in the Alica Key’s concert, ah that was maddd crazzzzy xD I luv him still though xD & the cover song I heard Jay sing is ‘Love’ by Musiq soul child, damn I even have that cover song in my iPod, good stuff right thur’

    1. yes, what did happen at the alicia key’s concert that makes you think yb needs to improve a lot ?
      the only incident worth noting about that opening performance is that his ‘fly’ was open, but other than that, his performance was solid.

  22. there’s some really good pics of YB at Summer Sonic on bigbangupdates. He’s looking really good. I’ll share my fav

  23. Hey Ji Hye and Se7en have been tweeting to each other and YB’s name came up several times. I was wondering what they were saying. Here’s her and Se7en’s twitter
    @jhs7987 and @officialse7en

    1. yeah i noticed that too but too bad; i can’t understand what they’re tweeting.. anyone care to translate for us?? hehe.. :p

  24. i wonder if it b’come true…
    they r looks similiar in a few things (body, abs, dance, rap,…), but i agree about they music’s feels.. it’s quite different if we pay more attentions to them.
    but still, i wonder if it bcome true…

        1. ILOVEMYBAE; are u a malay?? just curious cuz u actually know what ‘kuchingdekil’ means.. 🙂

        2. haha.. naughty cat sounds good…
          ah… all of this outta YB topic.. hahhaha

        3. I’m from malaysia but I’m not Malay, chinese or Indian… I’m from East Malaysia. ^^

  25. I gotta no to this! I personally dont think Jaebum is that well of a singer. He is and still is overhype.

    Taeyang on the other hand has work hard not that I’m saying others dont but its time he shines!

  26. wow…jay park+ YB=awsome^^…its a great idea if they can work together as well^^ you’ll never know what they’ll produce if got that chance…^^

  27. This would be a GREAT IDEA!!!! Both Jay Park and Taeyang is very beast at everything they do. They should really work together. They should produce other version of wedding dress

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