47 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Real Sound- Chapter 3 “Love of Style””

  1. Been waiting for this! But because of my midterms I decided to just wait for the comments now. Will watch it on the weekend. =)

    Thanks ATY for being just awesome =)

    BTW why congratulate YG? did his beau give birth?

    1. Thank you so much guys for all your hard work getting real sound translated. Poor baby; never knew about the eye surgery; ouch >< Hope he's feeling a whole lot better now & is comfortable. Taeyang is a man of deep thoughts lol; he thinks too much & yes he worries too; don't try deny it Bae lol ! 😀

      Looking forward to the next episode XD

  2. Thanks for the subs ATY!

    I was wondering why he doesn’t do that many reps while exercising.
    I also applaud him for eating healthy and lots of self control.
    I hope his stye doesn’t keep occurring though it was a bit amusing and cute that he’s afraid of needles. You just want to comfort him!

    1. YB mentioned during ‘Choice Is Yours’ that he enjoys eating at buffets when he and the guys are in Japan.. Without Trainer Hwang SsaBu ssi keeping watch he can just kick back and eat the food he likes. 🙂

      1. Yeah, during the recent Japan mag. article that just came out they asked what they eat before a concert and YB said fruit and boiled eggs and then Korean BBQ for dinner. heheh

  3. Thank you sooo much for the subs 😀 I was really looking forward to this episode. To me, just seeing Taeyang work out, eat or get his make up done is fascinating. Poor baby he had something in his eye 😦

  4. Thanks ATY for the subs!

    aww his stye looks bad there,bandages and all anyway he is better now,at least that’s what I think! lol

  5. WOAH, so they actually brought Spotlight band to KBS for the Sketchbook performance?! YG seriously must always do things with his own team! HAHAHA…

  6. awww. it just melts my heart wen i see him smiling at the doctors office when i know hes really anxious. i wish i could be the girl to always be there for him and to comfort him when he has to go to the doctor and has to get surgery. i want to be the girl that would be the one to be with him when he is alone in times like that ><

    cute wen gd was imitating yb. i would do it too if i was gd to him. lol i always imagine myself dancing with him doing taeyangs choreo and him doing jihye's choreo. lolol

    "its not about me meaninglessly taking my shirt off"
    ^hahaha we like it wen you do tho~ 😛 i lurve the working out scenes ❤ lol

    man you would most want to travel with. "i don't mind who she is as long as she'll go with me"
    are you serious? you just sed a mouthful without knowing it. and if its not obvious enough, you can take me anywhere you want, baby~ haha

    ^my general thoughts throughout the episode 🙂

  7. As expected a great episode. I also am loving the super high high quality video. NICE! Thank you for the subs. I don’t know why, but I love the kimbap story. What discipline.

  8. Wow…so many thoughts running through my head for this episode.

    1. Man…his skin is really getting bad! Relax YB! And get some sleep!!!

    2. That is one giant backpack. I bet you could fit a baby inside it. I love it! 🙂

    3. Anyone else reminded of Teddy when they showed BB rehearsing in Japan?

    4. I want to see where YB got his shot! (Pervy thoughts again!) 🙂

    5. I’ll travel with YB anytime, anywhere, no problem!

    6. Does anyone know the song that plays in clip 4 from 0:20-0:38? I really like it.

    1. LOL I love how he mentions he got a shirt for a good price…..that red backpack is $600 -_-

      and the song is “Close to You” by JLS

  9. thank u so much for the eng-subbed of Real Sounds Episodes.. really appreciate it alot guys!! u guys are simply the best!! hehe.. *it sounds a lil’ corny* 🙂

  10. Aww~~~ YB baby, I so want to give him a hug!!! Our boy is so brave *sniff*

    Smiling throughout the whole thing, I’d be a nervous wreck if I was him~ ><

    Thanks for subbing this, love ATY!!!!

    I think the concept of the exercise for YB is good~~~ XD

    Not just for meaninglessly taking off his shirt, huh? XD Oh, but we love it so~


    YB is so cute with controlling himself with that seaweed roll, he looked so tempted to get one!!!! I WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TELL HIM NO IF HE ASKED ME, LOL.

    He is too cute~~~

    I can't believe it, but I love him more and more now.. Man, it's crazy…

  11. Thank you guys! I had fun with this episode.

    I want to know how many push ups YB can do in one minute hahahah…

    1. Yes it did! It’s the last episode too. I really liked Real Sound…i think it captured Taeyang well. I hoped they would follow him through his entire promo period….and since there’s a international release…it would be more interesting for the people here at ATY.

  12. Oooh! 🙂 Has anyone uploaded it yet and where can I view? (Even though I don’t understand one bit of the Korean language.)Thanks. And I liked Real Sound alot too. 🙂 We got to really know the real Taeyang and how hardworking/precious he is. Thanks to OnStyle!

  13. oh my, i didnt know taeyang went under the needle.
    omg, do u guys hear tht background music when TOP was on screen? i swear that music was sung by taeyang but its not in HOT or SOLAR!! the lyrics goes something like this “you’ve got my heart”

        1. yeah, ur rite. thanks:) (my bad guys)
          i havent really officially heard the
          song yet until last nite.hahaha

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