TaeYang’s solo concert to be postponed, new international release album on 19th August

OMG MY GOD. YG are you reading this blog!?!

YG Entertainment representative Yang HyunSeok announces the postpone of TaeYang’s upcoming concert.

He posted up an announcement on YGE homepage on 2nd August about TaeYang who is currently promoting ‘I Need A Girl’ and also his upcoming concert.

He wrote, “TaeYang will end the promotions for this song ‘I Need A Girl’ on MBC Music Core on 14th August. And coming 19th August, there will be a new album release.”

According to representative Yang, the new album will be an international release album. And the album will include 2 new songs never released in TaeYang’s earlier album. And the title song will be ‘I’ll Be There’ composed and written by Teddy. There will also be English version of ‘Wedding Dress’ included.

Yang HyunSeok added, “The upcoming independent concert set to take place on 4th and 5th September will be postponed due to Big Bang’s Japanese promotions and CF filmings.”

Yang HyunSeok also explained that they have yet to find an appropriate concert venue for the upcoming concert, meant for audience aged 19 years and above.

Translations by Kbites

Additional information under the cut
Thanks to Silly

I’m sure a full translation will come later, but a quick summary for now:

– The final performance of INAG will be on August 14th on Music Core. This is because TY’s new album will be released on August 19th.
– The “International Release Album” will include two new songs. There will be a total of 12 tracks, consisting of TY’s songs that they feel will best appeal to int’l fans.
– Along with the two new songs, there will be an English version of Wedding Dress. YG goes on to acknowledge its success on itunes, etc.
– A few months ago, YGE began to branch out into the foreign market with their artists. As the next step, they plan to release MVs and English versions on iTunes, YouTube, etc – and TY is basically the first in line.
– As a sign of thanks to TY’s fans, the int’l album will include a bonus DVD containing all of his MVs and Making Of films.

– The new title song will be a Teddy-produced track called I’ll Be There. In contrast to INAG, it is a hip-hop R&B track with a strong beat.
– I’ll Be There promotions will begin with the albums release and continue until the end of September.
– The MV will be a different direction from his past ones and will be directed by the PD behind GD’s Butterfly and She’s Gone.
– YG says Shaun’s choreo for IBT is his favorite yet.

– TY’s solo concert will be postponed due to the fact that BB activities will not leave enough time to prepare.
– YG goes into a long explanation for having selected the KyungHee Univ Hall, even though it’s no longer really relevant with the postponement. I’m sure this will be covered in the full translations so I’ll pass for now. The important point here is:
– TY’s concert will be 90% with a live band.

That’s a very brief summary of the main points. Hope I didn’t get anything wrong – I’m still a bit in a shock. ^^


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  1. When I saw this on my Newsfeed on FB from Allkpop and then Allkpop was down for me I went straight here and it wasn’t up I was about to flip shit!

    I was supposed to be at work 9 mins ago!

    OMFG!!! I am supposed to leave the country in the next semester and I will be pissed as hell if this album ends up bringing TY to N. America.


      1. Ahhhh don’t leave the chatbox before I get there! I’m on my way home from running errands so I’m on ATY from my phone! I wanna spazz with everyone else too!!!


  3. OMG OMG y does YG continue to do this to me?!with every good news comes a fuck up then BETTER news n MY WISH FOR OFFICIAL ENGLISH VERSION OF WEDDING DRESS IS COMING TRUE.I TOLD U GUYS AND ITS HAPPENING OMG…I’m shaking and crying and late for work typing this but I’m just jizzing with too much excitement I definitely have to get SOLAR 2.0 now!!!

  4. I guess we all underestimated what a sneaky genius YG is. How could we all forget who he was?

    He gives us the most depressing news ever and then drops the most exciting news the next day! Doesn’t he know my heart can’t take all of this excitement?

    Man so us int’l fans get our own album with two new songs AND an English version of WD? And let’s not forget the bonus DVD? We were all getting pissed when YG limited the Deluxe album to Korea….well take that Kfans!!! Hahaha.

    This looks like it was planned too, since Shaun already did the choreo for IBT. I can’t wait! YG is so freaking sneaky, it’s scary.

    Awesome! This news has definitely just made my day, especially since yesterday’s news just depressed me. Hopefully this means that YB will do something in the US for his fans. Don’t want to see him debut in the US, but just give us the opportunity to sew his amazing self live too!

    YG…..I officially love you now!!!!

    1. hahahaha the love-hate relationship YB fans have with YG… 🙂 YG’s really sneaky… but you got to hand it to him, he knows how to read trends and even set the trend. Ah, I’m going to use my credit card for all the downloads of YB’s first international album! wohoo.. I can’t wait for the english version of Wedding Dress…

    1. Haha. YG is a pure genius!!

      I hope the bonus DVD will be available thru iTunes (:


      I can’t wait til august 19th (:

  5. OMG ahhhh.. U can’t believe this I know YG is reading this! Can’t wait for his album(I mean international) to come. Would be shocked if it’s here in the US:)) soo super excited thank you yg finally! Evryone must b freaking out by now . I am! *running around screaming**

  6. Omg omg omg. I spazzed so bad. I saw this o akp, but not with this amount of info. YG!! I KNEW you are a sneaky bastard. I LOVE u!!!!! Now all I need is this international album to stand next to my SOLAR deluxe on my book shelf 😀 go YB!!!! world domination baby!!!

    Ok, whatever hatred I had for YG is purely gone now.
    He FINALLY acknowledged the international fans.
    Soooo excited.
    Though I was hoping for a English version of WUA.
    But since WD was more popular, its k.
    Gonna go spazz now.

      1. ah, it’s actually a great song. honestly, it is.
        anyway, im glad they used the 1st MV for INAG. i love Bae, but whenever i click INAG 2, i tend to skip Your My.

        1. I’m glad I’m not the only one, I tend to skip over you’re my as well. As much as I love to stare at YB, I still prefer his interactions with other people. Even though it’s staged, u can see his personality shine through~

  8. Took some time off from writing my paper to spazz again!
    Now that I’m much more relaxed…and calm..all I have to say is
    What calm!?! Im still jumping up and down in my seat.
    Everything is so perfect right now.
    YG..you really know how to play with a girl’s emotions..LOL

  9. YG, thank you so much for this!
    my depression is all gone now.
    it made me anticipate YB’s comeback from Japan more.
    IBT sounds so epic to me.
    i know i have said this before but so what, this is YB we’re talking about.
    the song’s written and composed by Teddy.
    it’s choreography is Shaun’s most favorite creation (if i understood it correctly.) so far.
    so much to be excited about.
    it’s about time YG show us international fans some love.

    1. No, I think it means that out of all of Shaun’s choreos that he’s seen so far over the years, he likes this IBT one the most.


    ps. thank you ATY for making me feel like i'm part of a movement of international fans that are dying of excitement right now

  11. Our prayers have been finally answered lol but seriously OMFG in’l fans finally getting some attention. So it was true about their being a English version of WD. I don’t know if I have money to get this album or not….I’m broke *tear tear*. But YEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! IN’L fans for the win.

  12. I’m so happy! Even though I was waiting for the concert,
    I’m hoping they find a bigger venue so I can go 😛
    HAHAHA!! <333
    I can't wait for the international album..
    I wonder if they are gonna release it on itunes again?
    I'll buy the hard copy ❤ kakaka

  13. well,i just hope they will make a mind blowing MV for IBT this time.INAG MV really underwhelms.the director of that mv better not come near any YG mv.

    1. yes hopefully!
      WD mv is epic. :))
      but tbh i liked the first INAG mv better.
      the second one is obviously rushed.
      although i loved the choreography,
      a one-set mv is not enough for me.

  14. 0m0..wats diz? I was sh0cked since i got my solar deluxe ystrday n there’ll b intl version…arrgh! I need to buy diz 0s0..$_$

  15. Looking forward to IBT choreo since YG said its shaun’s fav one yet .This is indeed a joyful occassion for us international fans. XD

  16. what makes you guys think he read the blog for? maybe he didnt go on this website, maybe it was just his thinking of replacing the disappointment from all fans of postponing the concert with two new songs…?ever thought it that way.?

      1. Wow…it’s just a joke…although we can only hope that YG does read this blog.

        Can you blame us for being extra excited…especially since so many of us were depressed with yesterday’s news?

      2. Ever heard of the word “joke?” Man, people these days just doesn’t know how to joke anymore, makes me kinda feel sorry for them.

      3. dw guys, obvious he/she is trolling seeing as though he/she didn’t find it necessary to use a proper name and may i say different names both posts.

  17. This is soooo great. I’m super excited!!! An INTERNATIONAL ALBUM!!!!!! WD is in English plus there’s a new song!!!! This is great news to wake up to unlike yesterday! We get good news, then terrible news, then great news. YG I don’t know how much more my little heart can take lol!!

    1. I agree, YG can be too rash with this sort of transition for Taeyang. For an Asian artist to cross over into the U.S market is a very difficult thing, everything from promotions to the right marketing must be error-proof. No matter how appealing TY is and how talented he is, the wrong promotions could harm his career. I’m worried too, and I’m really gonna have to pray that all goes well and that America has as good taste in music as us YB fans.

      1. but the thing is…he’s not promo-ing in/catering to US/English-speaking markets. main targets for the time being is still gonna be SK and Japan. but it’s a damn sweet gesture granted the surprising and overwhelming response to WD and the Solar album success overall internationally (aka outside of Asia, period).

        just cuz it’s being toted as the “international” version of the album, bulk of it is still Hangul with one English (which Teddy better not fuck up as im having flashbacks on BB English Versions for Japan releases atm) track. meaning that if anything, the album’s just gonna be re-released in SK, YGEshop, all itunes and other web portals, with addition to maybe some bulk cases coming to the K-town/A-town areas that are NOT JUST ON THE COASTS OF THE US (that’s to YGE if they are reading…i would like to see it at my Borders, too plz cuz i don’t have that kind of area where im at).

        but, i agree about the way they handle promos…i think the icing on top of the promo cake would be if the day/all ages show of the Solar concert were live streamed…im just sayin.

  18. international fans are waiting for Taeyang! this is such a big news. Another album to get hold on to Aug 19. So proud of YB…go for it! we will be supporting you all the way. So excited. And what’s with the venue for 19yrs old audience and up? whoaaaa probably another super HOT concert in the making. getting all giddy with this development. TAEYANG FIGHTING!

  19. Finally you guys posted the lovable news! Plus with much more detail! So there will be an Mv? wow!!!!! I freakin’ love it.

    CONGRATULATIONS BAEBAE!!!! You deserve all of this. =)

    Crossing my fingers for an international tour…. =)

  20. OMG, I knew this boy was about to BLOW UP! I KNEW IT! Taeyang’s dream of being a superstar could come true if YG promotes it well. Congrats, YB!

  21. Ok, so someone help me out here…
    What do they mean by “international release”??
    Does it mean that it’ll be available in HMVs and BestBuys across the world (or only across hotspots like N. America and Japan?….UK? Netherlands?) OR
    does it mean that YG will be selling and delivering it worldwide from their website?

  22. I don’t know what to say. Part of me is excited but the other is worried. The last album stressed the mess out of YB, with this album coming on the heels of the last and with BB’s Japanese promotion I can’t help but think this will stress him out more. I’ll do what I always do and pray for him (now I sound like some religious nut but whatev).

    1. I think we’re all a bit nervous about how all this is going to be handled. I am resting faith in the fact that YG has this all planned out and knows exactly how to proceed so that all the energy and effort Taeyang puts in does not go to waste~~

    2. Yes.. And there’s also Big Bang’s comeback. Ya I’m worried about him too but I think there is no better time than now.

    3. well, hopefully, IBT will be a HUGE hit in Korea, that’ll help ease things out not only for YB, but for fans as well.

      as for international, so far, the news only says YG will begin to release full English songs, and this’ll start with YB. and i quote above:

      – Along with the two new songs, there will be an English version of Wedding Dress. YG goes on to acknowledge its success on itunes, etc.

      – A few months ago, YGE began to branch out into the foreign market with their artists. As the next step, they plan to release MVs and English versions on iTunes, YouTube, etc – and TY is basically the first in line.

      so yeah, i think they’re still testing the waters, and see where this’ll get them. well, that is as far as YB is concerned because 2NE1 went to the US to collaborate with an American artist, so they must have a plan for them already.
      for me, personally, after seeing Se7en live, i think YB still has a lot to go like he needs to sharpen his vocal skills more, but there is no doubt that his music and talent is loved. so i just wish him all the best.

  23. if its a 19+ kinda concert…not hating on Jihye but i think Aimee has more than earned her spot on that, those 2 have ridiculous chemistry methinks and if the choreo is anywhere near ‘my girl’ they’re gonna have one happy noona on their hands!
    come to UK TY pretty pls!

  24. SOMEONE FORGOT TO POST THE DANCING BANANA! (: freaking out …. !@#$%^&*(*&^%$#@#$%^&*() . ahh, so happy right now, man YG is one sneaky fella . 😉

  25. OMG. i will order. I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t care the price, I WILL order.

    If I paid 70 USD for Ayu’s NEXT LEVEL, I will pay for this one, too!!!

  26. OMG! i’m hella excited! hahahaha. *^^*

    i hope he actually performs in other countries, but with big bang’s activities in korea and japan, the time it takes to travel, him preparing for a concert (even though it’s been postponed), and then promoting this new song…poor bae is going to be tired.

  27. This is so exciting! I will be dropping money for this album. International tour with an East Coast stop please?

  28. Awesome! So the international album will be an actual physical album right? Articles on other sites kind of suggested it was a digital album.

    Can’t wait!

  29. I think YG is testing INTERNATIONAL FANS to see HOW MANY INTERNATIONAL FANS will enjoy and like Taeyang new song : I’ll Be There

    so i must say that this is for INTERNATIONAL MARKET not for US only

    coz… if this succes and INTERNATIONAL FANS LIKE it… there is a possible to make a bigger movement for Taeyang, BGBANG, 2NE1 and others to debut in US

    YG don’t want to failed again after SE7EN

  30. OMO!

    English version of Wedding Dress?!
    finally, an official english version!
    so excited!

    i’m looking forward for “I’ll be there” and behind-the-scenes cuts too! ^^

  31. OMGOSH!! This is a BIG news for us! I’m happy for Taeyang. However, I would like him to improve his English more. I’m glad to know that his branching out his solo activities. I hope he’ll be more successful so that he can come to Canada. haha

  32. OH MY GODDDDDDDDD….I READ THIS 40 MINUTES AGO, BUT JUST NOW LEAVING A COMMENT CUZ I FAINTED FROM SHOCK!! I’m studying abroad this sememster in Korea partially for Taeyang (mainly for Taeyang), so if he comes to U.S , i’m withdrawing due to enexpected emergency

      1. I’m SUPER FOR REAL!!!! I scheduled everything around his promotions. I’ve been applying since January when Wedding Dress was released. I knew I had to be in Korea for either his album release or his concert! Or not, I know i’ll be there for the BIG SHOW concert in Jan 30th. So with that aspiration in mind, I did all my paperwork and will be attending Korea University of Business School starting September 1st, 2010.

        You guys have no idea the extent I went for this man. A part of my house has been remodeled into a dance studio (I dance too) usings the color Red for the sun. Our group is called After8 and if you look up “after8dance” on youtube, you will see all our covers of his songs!

        I’m Vietnamese and I coordinate the choreography for a lot of VIetnamese events, and every Major Viet holiday in Atlanta that I’m a part of, a song is Taeyang is ALWAYS performed!!!

        1. Wow, epic!! I wish I could do that!!
          well good luck to you! Hope you’ll see him and give us a fan report in ATY lol

        2. Lucky. I feel I should do more as a fan. If I do get to travel, definitely going to S.Korea to see him.

  33. Phew! Just finished reading all the posts here and on the inkigayo thread. Guess I slept through all the fun and spazzing, LOL. When the news broke last night, there were like 5 of us going WHERE IS EVERYONE?!? ^^

    Anyway, woke up this noon with a smile on my face. I’m still happy, happy, happy. I’m most thrilled about the extended promo time. It’s what I’ve been praying for. Oh, and the rescheduled/relocated concert and live band… and the 2 new songs… and bonus dvd… and… LOL.

    A quick note:
    There appears to be a slight mistranslation in the article above: “meant for audience aged 19 years and above.” What YG said was that there will be a separate concert for 19+, so no change from the original announcement there. There will still be a concert for the general audience, too.

    Also, “YG says Shaun’s choreo for IBT is [YG’s] favorite yet.”

      1. I think Korean.

        Kay~ Guess you went to sleep right after you sent me the >.< email last night? The news broke literally minutes after! ^^

  34. LoL this is fucking awesome, they finally announced I’ll Be There. I have to say that the song didn’t really catch my attention at first but when I read the lyrics with the combination of Shaun’s even more freaking crazy choreography / concept..the song is very intense. I saw Shaun build of the choreography from the ground up and its nothing short of amazing. When YG said it is a totally new direction…he reallly means its a TOTALLY NEW DIRECTION even in the world of KPOP. I honestly can’t wait for the Music Video.
    It is my favorite choreo from Shaun also ahahaha
    You can see the Choreo process after the documentary comes out ahaha.
    But Im stoke for Wedding Dress in English also!

    1. ahhhh Qui you’re getting us even more excitedd! now we’re stuck wondering what totally new direction in the world of kpop means….

    2. Qui….you always kill me when you comment on ATY! Always teasing us!!!

      Shaun’s crazy choreo? Do you think it’ll top WD? I’m guessing from your words that the choreo is going to add to the song’s awesomeness.

      And also, how’s the song? When you’re saying a totally new direction, you mean a good one right? One that’ll change kpop as we know it? I can’t wait! I knew YG had something up his sleeve when he released yesterday’s depressing news!!!

      And Qui….dude you could have given us a heads up. We were going crazy up in here! We were all ready to kill somebody before this news came out! Haha

    3. didn’t catch your attention first.hmmnn…
      why do i have the feeling that it’s gonna be another INAG kind of music?i hope with all those high expectations,IBT will not underwhelms as much as INAG.gosh,now i’m really,really nervous.

      1. that’s what I thought too, but a lot of people didn’t like Wedding Dress at first either..


        we’ll just have to wait and see…the only advice I can give you – have no expectations, then only will you be pleasantly surprised.

    4. my gosh, your comment about the song/choreo is now making me super excited to listen and watch it!!! Ah…. I wish Aug. 19 would be here already, even if it means that school is only 2 weeks away!!!

      It’s even new direction for K-pop?? Ahh!!!! I can’t even imagine what it’s gonna be like!!! When YG first said it’s his fave choreo thus far, i had a doubt cuz maybe he’s hyping us up, like when he said that INAG is the best song, or something like that. But since another person who has heard the song and is also a fan of TY has said the same thing, I’m really super duper hyped up!!!!

    5. lol I’m not shitting you guys….the choreography is dope….
      The song isn’t on the same page as WUA and Wedding Dress..at all ahahaha
      Is the choreography better?? mmm I say the choreography and concept blends in together so well that the dance itself made me love the Song 10X more ahahaha
      When I originally heard it… I was like what the heck is this ahahaha

      @ana It isn’t like Lyle G6 choreography ahaha I don’t even know how a person can sing and move like that at the same time.

      @ygtaeyangbb I couldn’t give you guys a heads up for IBT ahaha I didn’t even know it was suppose to an International Release. The news helllla threw me off

      @BEBEluv it isn’t going to be another INAG video ahaha…Shaun’s concept doesn’t allow the song to take that direction.

      All in all I’m as excited as you ALL!! TEDDY LOVED the choreo also yea… GO YOUNGBAE GO SHAUN GO MOVEMENTLIFESTYLE GO YG

      1. Qui, I swear, you are a one man hype machine for the YG Fam. YG should get you on the payroll. You do know that all your comments here are picked up by the Korean fanboards right? They are spazzing as hard as us about the possibility of revolutionary choreography….and you and Richard are becoming famous, dude.

      2. Oh mygawd…. 0.o This was what u were talking about the other day right? when u said that Shaun was working on a doper choreography than INAG and JAF. Man, and i thought it was for Seven’s song.

        Can’t wait!!!!

        But i’m still scared. :/

        Reminder to self: better not be overexcited and expect too much.

        YG is SCARY.. i mean he’s put us through a roller coaster ride of emotions on and off.

  35. So does that mean I can drive over to WalMart or Best Buy or Target and buy it or do i still have to buy it online!? @_@

    1. I don’t know about that. Obviously, YG hasn’t gone into detail yet, but I’m thinking of this as more of a gift for the int’l fans, not a full-on US release. I think they’re just testing the waters. But it would be awesome!

      I’m kind of torn about the english WD. On one hand, I wish there were even more songs in english – this is the int’l album after all. But then again, how often does an english version live up to the original? I don’t doubt YB’s ability to capture the emotion of the song, but I’m holding my breathe a bit re: his pronunciation and the lyrics translation. As a fan, I love his accent but I hope he really worked on his english! And there have been some amazing english covers of WD – let’s hope the lyrics live up to/surpass them. I’m assuming Teddy wrote the english lyrics, so that ‘s good. ^^


      1. I kinda feel the same about the WD dress version: in MY opinion, there’s no need for an english version cause no version can surpass the korean one.
        And unexpectedly, it doesn’t prevent international fans from loving the song (when the majority of us don’t understand korean).
        I think one of the main purpose of an english WD is to attract non Kpop international fans maybe…
        but yeah, YB needs to work on his pronunciation lol

  36. OMGGGGG~!!! feaking out here
    so then we could find his album next to usher or something at the music store ;O

  37. MAN SHET. I was at work when the news came out! D<

    Anyhow definitely buying the new songs AND the English ver of WD. BTW, YG is one amazing person forreal.

  38. and just yesterday everyone was being pissed off

    …come on guys have a little more faith in yg
    he isn’t about to screw one of his own artists over

  39. Hi everybody, this my first time commenting here. I’ve been visiting this site for some time now and I REALLY liked it, but I never commented. When I read yesterday’s news about YB taking a break from his INAG promotion I tought it seemed reasonable and that it will probably work out for the best. And now I read this news and I’m like YEEEEEI, THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! OMG WD ENGLISH VERSION, A NEW SONG AND MV!!! And, since the album is going to be an international release it’s going to give a lot of people the chance to get to know and love YB like we do :D… Oh YG is going to give me a heart attack one of this days lol!
    ps. Excuse my bad english, I’m not a native speaker 🙂

    1. Welcome to ATY, Sunny. Thanks for commenting. Yesterday was a pretty rough day for many of us here at ATY, but today it has definitely turned around. No worries about your English it’s perfect. 🙂

  40. I wanted to comment before but I had to process everything, read all the comments, think, ponder and digest.

    I am cautiously excited. I have been on the YG roller coaster for years now so I can’t let myself get too too over hyped. Then again, its TY first Intl release, waahhhh I am dieing.

    All I can really think about is the concert. The concert I know must come. I am a concert fiend. I attend at least 10-20 concerts a year (and I am in my thirties lol). So for me after the music its important to have great live performances, no matter how catchy or cool a song if its horrible live its hard for me to like it.

    He can do like a small venue tour (house of blues style) like Kim Tae Woo and Son Ho Young, only with more dates. Its a win win, Tae’s diehard fans can see him perform live and he can perform IN KOREAN without the extra pressure of trying to cater to non-kpop fans. Just my dream is all. But that is months and months away if it even ever happens (crossing fingers nevertheless).

    Don’t care where I have to go to get this album, I will be there August 19th with bells on.

    Anyway thanks as always ATY for the translations, thanks ATY followers for your great insightful comments.

    1. Seeing as I’m new to all of this (just discovered YB last November) I’ve been on a roller coaster ride of emotions since YG dropped the bomb on all of us yesterday. How die hard YB fans deal with YG and his announcements is beyond me. In the beginning I was calm but as the day wore on the doubt crept in and I think a lot of us were left with this feeling of hopelessness until this announcement this morning. It’s all a little surreal. I’ve wanted to see YB perform since I discovered him last November. In the letter that ATY mailed off to him last December I remember saying that with the release of his full album that I hoped he’d get the opportunity to perform outside of Korea. I never thought I hoped, prayed and wished but I’m not sure if I really thought that it could be a possibility. I got a passport this April solely to see YB in concert. My plan is still the same. I’ll travel any distance to see YB perform. But this news just makes that dream seem possible. I love SOLAR and I’m so happy that YG is giving YB this chance to bring his music to more people not just us who already love him. It’s a happy day. 🙂

      1. For some reason I always expected for BB to come to the states again. (they came for HB2007 and YG Fam Tour) so I never felt like I wasn’t going to see them here. Now the reality and th possibility is so clear, its distracting me. Of all the solo BB work I just kinda expected that TY would eventually spread out beyond Korea, maybe I am too naive. I am hoping that day comes sooner. But I really want to attend his korean concert. Like really really badly. I have a passport hmmmmmmm

      2. I know it’s a long shot seeing as BB is in the process of coming back but I really want YB to do a tour this year. I’ll wager to guess with the success of his new international release he’ll be touring abroad as soon as next year. I would also like to see BB in concert, hoping to attend Big Show 2011 in January. 🙂

    1. the international post would have a total of 12 tracks.Two are new songs, one is called I’ll Be There (title track) and the other is a mystery so far. And then the remaining 10 tracks would be an English version of WD, and then other songs from SOLAR and HOT,

      Someone correct me if my math’s all wrong. Haha!

        1. Haha! I’m just going by the post:

          “Along with the two new songs, there will be an English version of Wedding Dress. ”

          Not really 100% sure! My brain’s not working now with all the spazzing taking up space!

    2. According to the info YG has released we know that the album will be a mixture of YB’s past tracks from SOLAR and HOT plus a new track called ‘I’ll be there’ and an English version of Wedding Dress.

      But we don’t really know anything else,everyone’s waiting for more info from YG.

    3. This is how I read it. 12 tracks. 2 new songs. The title song “I’ll Be There” the other we don’t know the name of. and an English version of Wedding Dress will also be included. 🙂

      1. 1.Solar-Intro
        3.I Need a Girl (feat. G-Dragon)
        4.Just a Feeling
        5.You’re My
        6.Move (feat. Teddy)
        8.After You Fall Asleep (feat. Swings)
        9.Where U At
        10. Wedding Dress *International Version?*
        11. Take Is Slow
        12.I’ll Be There

        that’s the tracklist with just 12. and I’m almost inclined to think that the English Version of Wedding Dress will just replace where the original is, and if there is gonna be another track, it’s hidden and it better be a slow jam…or a MJ cover…I’m just sayin…English Version of Sinner cuz that’s my shit!!! again, just sayin.

        1. yup i’m agreed wiht you… SINNER but in ENGLISH VERSION must put on his International Album…

          i’m still remembered SINNER dance at Taeyang HOT concert… it was so WOW

        2. hm, don’t know if Solar will be on there since we don’t know the name of the album yet..
          i think instead of You’re My they’ll put either LOAM, Sinner or Baby, I’m So Sorry instead.

      2. It’s not a repackage of SOLAR but a new album.

        As this album will be an ‘international release’ album, it will hold a total of 12 tracks including two new tracks that were not included in the official album and those of Taeyang’s songs that were most popular abroad.

  41. Just wanted to join the spazz party here at ATY again! I’m all hyped up and starting the countdown til August 19! I feel it’s July 1 and we’re all waiting for SOLAR to drop all over again! And to think that was just roughly a month ago!!!! Only YG, the drama and excitement never cease. 🙂

    After sleeping on this news, I’ve calmed down a bit and as usual I have so many questions about how YG and YB plan to release/promote this new album. I don’t think this would be called SOLAR anymore since YG’s calling it a “NEW” album, not a SOLAR extended version/international version. I wonder what it’s called. This wouldn’t be the rumored REAL, would it? Haha! Speculations..

    I just want to really feel the YG love for us International fans. It’s about time!!! 16 more daaaaaaaays!

    1. If this is REAL then I want more of the hidden songs. I can’t wait. YG will be taking over my life this year. How am I suppose to pass my classes.

  42. Finally… YG did something right ‘internationally’.

    He should have done the same to SE7EN too before sending him to US

    And yes.. I’m excited for the album…

    and YG.. it’s about time you make your site in English…. you should take care of us too,,,

  43. I seriously think YG’s been lurking around here!!! IMMA get this album fo sho!!!! OMG!!! I’m so freaken happy!!!!

    gah!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  44. This is gonna be dam epic! Tae Yang will be promoting I’ll Be There!! ^^ NOW I can wait for Big Bang’s comeback.

        1. lol they just translated your comment, I bet they’re gonna translate you’re other one too and add in some more space odyssey music

        2. Qui…you’re almost like a god in the YG fandom. Immortalized forever. Hahah Thanks for always giving us updates. ❤

    1. ROFL.. talk about over-dramatic..

      Some of them comment on “TAKE COMPLETELY NEW DIRECTION’
      wonder if they would like it…

  45. im a newbie here but sometimes i enjoy reading the comments more than the articles themselves. you guys are too funny. =D

  46. i hope eng. WD can live up to expectations.i mean,thinking about BB songs that they turn to english,not so good.

  47. Sorry Mr. YG for saying “YG SUCK, big time” yesterday ^_^.

    A little late here, but I’m really excited for the “new” album (don’t know what to call it), I hope WD English version is as good as the original one =D, and I can’t wait for the new tittle track.

    YB ❤

  48. Wow I never comment on here but this is just to good to be true! I’m so freaking happppppy right now!!! I’m gettting that album even though I got the iTunes album already lol Damn this is what I call goooood news xD

  49. Late to the party, but I’m so happy with all these news!
    A lil skeptical regarding the English version of WD, but still happy nonetheless if it means getting that song out there even more. Hopefully YB’s pronunciation will be ok. haha..
    I’ll wait till ‘I’ll Be There’ to come out then only comment… hehe. don’t wanna have any expectations as of right now so that i can be pleasantly surprised. =D and if it’s real good, i’m so gonna buy that new album!

  50. after the international album release, maybe he can have a world tour concert someday??? ahahahaha come come to melbourne YB aah~~

  51. Hmmm the only way this could get any better is if they released his unheard of ‘Real’ album but that would be asking for too much

    haha yg are you Reading this…keke

  52. when one door closes another opens…

    we were all caught off guard for the end of promotions for INAG, but surprisingly YG gave taeyang an opportunity to shine even brighter by giving him an international release of his album with 2 bonus songs…who wouldn’t like that!? that would be a boost for sales and more publicity for SOLAR 🙂

    since taeyang is ending his INAG promotions in a few days…i hope he ends it with a BANG! perhaps a cameo of the INAG girl DARA would be one heck of a farewell surprise to everyone right?! well one could dream 🙂

    nevertheless, i am so stoked upon hearing of the international release along with the dvd (music videos)…would love to buy that solar album now!

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