Message FROM YG [2010.08.02] translated~

This is the official message YG put out regarding Taeyang’s International Release Album, translated. It’s pretty much the same, however it explains the concert details and some other things.~

News about release of Taeyang’s new album and activity schedule, postponement of concert from President Yang

Hello, this is Yang Hyun Suk. Bows ~~

I gave my last FROM YG announcement this past May, but it seems that I must make a few more announcement regarding Taeyang’s affairs.

We are planning to wrap up on-air activities of Taeyang’s ‘I Need a Girl,’ which was released this past July 1st as his first full-length album, on this coming episode of ‘MBC Show! Music Core’ to be aired on August 14th.

The reason we will be putting fans’ expectations for a follow-up song and regret towards promotions for ‘I Need a Girl’ behind us is that we are planning to release Taeyang’s brand new album on August 19th.

Release of Taeyang’s brand new album {International Release Album}
As this album will be an ‘international release’ album, it will hold a total of 12 tracks including two new tracks that were not included in the official album and those of Taeyang’s songs that were most popular abroad.

The two new tracks and ‘Wedding Dress’ will be included in its English version. As you all know, as soon as Taeyang’s first full-length album was released, it rose to the number one and two spots on iTunes’ R&B charts in the U.S. and in Canada, and we have been shown much love from international fans, especially in the case of ‘Wedding Dress,’ which received over 10,000 views on YouTube alone.

Since a few months ago, YG has been making our artists’ tracks available through international iTunes, and the next step is to produce our artists’ future tracks and music videos in English versions, and we are planning to release these tracks through iTunes and YouTube and other famous international sites.

First up in this plan is Taeyang and the first trial looks like it will be Taeyang’s ‘international release’ album.

And as a thank-you to all fans, domestic and abroad, who have supported Taeyang, we will include with Taeyang’s ‘international release’ album a DVD of all of his music videos that have been released thus far and a making-of film.

Taeyang’s new title track and promotional activity plans
The title track for Taeyang’s album is called ‘I’ll Be There’ and was written and composed by YG’s main producer and Taeyang’s closest senior Teddy, and if ‘I Need a Girl’ was a smooth, medium tempo R&B track, ‘I’ll Be There’ is a strong, fast-tempo hip-hop R&B track.

We are planning on holding promotions for ‘I’ll Be There’ from the album’s release until September.

Because we are in the midst of planning a music video concept that is completely different from what you have been seeing from Taeyang until now, Taeyang has been working with director Kim Hye Jeong, who was in charge of G-Dragon’s ‘Butterfly’ and ‘She’s Gone’ videos, for the first time.

The reason I am telling you that the concept is different is not only because the dance put together by our choreography Shaun is unique, but also because its uniqueness is to the point that after seeing the choreography in completion about a month ago, I told Shaun that it was the best routine I had seen from him in years.

Please anticipate Taeyang’s new album and promotional activities, which will be coming to you soon.

Taeyang’s solo concert postponed
Taeyang’s solo concert, which was originally to be held on September 4th and 5th, has been inevitably postponed. We had to make this decision seeing that with Big Bang’s promotions in Japan and filming various commercials, Taeyang lacked enough time to prepare for the concert.

Since it was a decision we made because of a desire to put on an even better stage, we appreciate your understanding and patience.

A small excuse regarding concert hall negotiations
As was the case for Taeyang’s solo concert for his mini album, we are looking to hold two separate performances, one for the mature audience (19+) and one for all audiences, and we believed that a maximum capacity of 3-5,000 would be enough to ensure that no one in the audience will be too far from the stage.

Though we first thought of the Fencing Hall, Olympic Hall, and the Jamsil Gymnasium, but as you all know, aside from Olympic Park, the other two locations are under construction until next year, and so the competition to secure a concert hall is that much higher and more difficult.

If it were the case that, like school events or office events, the stage did not have to be grand and all we needed was one day on location, we could be accommodated, but because a singer’s stage requires much construction and rehearsal time, at least one week’s time is needed on location. Requests must be made 6 months in advance to reserve such a space for a concert, and the final decision is made after much review by those in charge.

I will honestly tell you that during the time when the release of Taeyang’s album was continually being postponed, it was impossible to look ahead and be able to submit our request 6 months in advance. Furthermore, because the concert halls’ requirements and review has become even more strict, changing the date or canceling is not permitted, so we were being extra cautious about making reservations.

After the release of Taeyang’s album, our staff made extreme efforts to book a concert hall and the space that we secured was the Hall of Peace. And the reason I thought that this location was suitable was that over 90% of Taeyang’s performance will be done with a live band.

I’ve communicated by pessimistic thoughts regarding the reality of national concert halls, but if you take into consideration the quality of national singers who are leading the Asian music market and their musical content, aside from ‘AX Korea’ which holds 1,000 seats, you can think of professional auditoriums as more executive.

I want you to know that the reason musicians and singers prefer a professional hall is not because they want to put on an awesome stage, but because they want to present the audience with a good sound.

Many people who aren’t specialists don’t know the difference between ‘soundproofing’ and ‘absorption.’ To put it simply, ‘soundproofing’ is blocking sounds and vibrations from going from the inside to the outside, and ‘absorption’ is preventing sounds and vibrations inside the auditorium from ringing. Just like the sound rings when you sing inside a small bathroom, loud music that is played in a large gym also rings, bouncing off all the walls and ceiling. It comes back with a time delay just like an echo, so realistically speaking, it is impossible to present the audience with a satisfying sound in such a space.

Telling you this may not be helpful since the concert has already been postponed, but the reason YG deemed the Hall of Peace as a suitable location for Taeyang’s concert is of course, there was the difficulty in securing any space at all, but in the case of the Hall of Peace, it is a concert hall that is furnished with ‘soundproofing’ and ‘absorption’ in mind, so we were anticipating that we’d be able to present an excellent sound quality to Taeyang’s fans who would come to see the show.

I hope there will be no further misunderstanding, and we do look ahead to many more difficulties, but we will put all our effort into it. Thank you..

2010 08 02 From Yang Hyun Suk

Translations by Seungie


117 thoughts on “Message FROM YG [2010.08.02] translated~”

  1. WHEW! that was a loooong read but I’m glad YG clarified a few things for us. I like how he’s so in tune with what’s going on with his artists’ fans and he releases statements like this that more or less answers the fans’ questions and concerns.

    So does this mean his performance on Music Core Aug14 is going to be his goodbye stage? Hope it wows us all! 🙂

  2. Glad, he acknowledges us international fans 😀 . Well, that certainly clears things up, super excited for the album! (:

  3. if only YB can hold a concert here in the Philippines… *sighs*
    i know it’s far from happening but i can just imagine a small concert with only 500-1000 audiences.
    *wishful thinking*

    1. Hey there! Also from the Philippines and you’re right a small intimate concert with YB would be perfect but the chance of that happening is…..nearly impossible! Haha! Unless we smuggle him in secretly and only inform select people to attend the concert! 😀 we can dream. haha

        1. we should start scouting for such a place with soundproofing and absorption…. 🙂 I hear the auditorium in RCBC plaza where Repertoire Philippines holds most of their shows has excellent soundproofing and absorption… 🙂

        2. The C.P. Romulo theater? 🙂 Yes most plays are held there or in Meralco Theater. I would love to hear Taeyang there instead of in Araneta or MOA Open Grounds! but the seating capacity is way small. haha!

  4. Finally YG releases some news, even if it’s mostly stuff we already know. Now I can’t even be mad at him.

    See YG? Look how much easier things go when you just take the time to explain things! Please make future note of this YG!!!!

  5. So correct me if I’m wrong but the follow up song after INAG will be “I’ll be there” and not another song on the 1st Solar album right??!! Sorry to ask silly question but I’m a bit confused right now and it’s late…

    1. That’s my understanding. He’s going to comeback and promote IBT with Shaun’s new choreo…..hoping for EPICNESS right now!!!

    2. Yep it’s technically not a follow up song anymore since he’s going to be promoting “I’ll Be There” from the new album after August 19. I’m hoping he’ll still get to promote follow up songs from SOLAR that are also in the new album. Seems like such a shame if he doesn’t get to promote the other great songs in SOLAR!

  6. Ok, thanks for answering.
    I was still desperately hoping that he would have perform at least “Superstar” or “Move” with Teddy on stage!! yay!! (but seeing the lyrics…lol)

    I can’t help but thinking that YG is bringing some hype all over again (just like when he says INAG will surpass LOAM) with Shaun’s routine. BUT it’s Shaun so it will be EPIC of course… I trust the guy lol

  7. Glad YG cleared things up. All is right in YB world (for now, heh)

    Anyone else think YG’s explanation of the concert setting was kinda cute? So does this mean he’ll still keep the concert at the Uni but just moved the date?

      1. yeah, i know. when i started reading that section I was like ‘whoooa’ lol

        I can imagine fans backing him into a corner and YG going “Wait, wait, hear my explanation!”

    1. haha! yes, YG’s telling us fans to trust that he has good reasons for his decisions! haha love the additional lecture on what makes a concert hall great and worthy of the level of performance Youngbae wants to give his fans 😀

  8. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared that when I wake up tomorrow that YG will drop another bomb on me. Maybe it’ll be YB related, maybe BB, maybe 2NE1. It’s so hard being a YG fan sometimes.

    I just want the best for YB and I don’t want him overworked cause soon after he finishes up with SOLAR 2.0 promotions he’ll have a max of 2 months to prepare for BB’s Korean comeback in the middle of Jap promotions. I guess it’s good that he had a long break earlier this year.

    1. IKR? It’s tough blogging for YG/YB too. We can’t prepare ourselves! They need to stop pulling our heartstrings like that!

      But I understand the angst from the fans. It’s rare to see Youngbae do this thing. We’ve waited for such a long time….and it’s been postponed so many times too.

      1. Gawd…Come to think of YG should pay us…and all the fansites out there. We’re giving him free PR abroad. He never has to worry about internationals not know about his artists. lol.

        1. LOL. Considering all the things we actually say about YG personally (not unreasonably though) I’d figure he considers the PR a mixed blessing. A very mixed blessing.

  9. Ahhhh YG seems to be responding directly to the complaints of the fans…I mean directly.

    I have no qualms with the concert hall….I just hope YG makes tickets more available for YB’s fans who are not registered as a VIP since they deserve to see him considering how much they’ve supported him all these years. Hopefully YGE gets this sorted out somehow. I buy his reasons though…they were honest and they do make sense. I would want to see Taeyang perform in a acoustically sound concert hall too. LIVE band is a must. I wouldn’t expect otherwise from him.

    1. Agreed. YB does a thousand times better with a live band. Hopefully YG is able to find a place that will live up to the standard of hosting a YB concert.

  10. yay! i love Yang Hyun Seuk!
    he’s sooo like a real father and a boss!
    he really knows what he’s doing…hehe

    and i’m really glad he finally acknowledge us international fans! yahooooo!! 😀

  11. C’mon YG…Amazon is the way to go….

    There seems to be a perception in some quarters that this is some sort of international debut for YB. I don’t get that impression at all. I think that the assumption is that the Korean Market has already been following his work, so this new album is more of an introduction of YB’s work to new fans who are mostly international and don’t own any of his work at all (like a greatest hits album only earlier in his career.)

    It’s a little cautious since it has some old things for new fans, some new things for old fans, and an English WD as a thank you to the I-fans who loved it inspite of the lukewarm reception in Korea. So he still wants to hit all bases. Its like saying – “if you’ve never owned a TY album before, this is the one to get. But old fans should look into it too since we are giving you 2-3 new songs…”

    But it doesn’t mean he will start touring abroad and will go for the mainstream US market (yet.) Its just making his existing work more available for purchase outside of Korea. I already own all his work to date (and I will buy this album) but am more excited about being able to get my non kpop friends into YB through this album. (I am hoping for english subtitles and translated lyrics in the album jacket though. That would be a big help.)

    1. I just tweeted these exact sentiments on ATY’s twitter. Reading the comments from other sites, I think people are taking this international album as an international debut like BoA or Se7en or Wonder Girls. I don’t believe it is. It maybe the first step to an eventual debut…but I think YG is just trying out a new PR strategies. He’s finally recognizing and doing something about the mass of international fans his artists has. It is not a debut. Taeyang is not gonna hit up American radio shows anytime soon. He’s just reach out to us. That is all. I am not trying to be a party pooper either…I think we all should be cautious and not misunderstand all this news and then get our hearts broken.

    2. I agree too. I keep telling ppl that this isn’t an American or international debut but just YG realizing that a lot of his artist have a lot of fans internationally and reaching out to them. YB just happens to be the first. He doesn’t have time to make an international debut nor is he ready. He still has a lot to improve on. I’ll wait till he has a 3rd album and knows himself better before the thought of an international debut enters my mind.

      1. I know right! it’s not a deput for America but an he is just reaching.he will be sucess and big international without coming to watever place it is.

  12. Has anyone actually sent a copy of our poll on favorite ATY songs on Solar to the kfansites? Maybe we could tweet a link to Sean or something….just to be sure our favorites are on that tracklist (like Take it Slow.) Just to be sure…. (SOS Myokoon – maybe you can post it to bestiz?)

    And is there any way we can send the message that we wouldn’t mind getting a couple more tracks from the hidden Real album? You know, just in case they are open to sharing….

    1. They did their own poll, it was much like ours, I don’t think YG will change a tracklist for us lol

      K-fans fans are interested in what we think, but they don’t care a whole lot~ sorry. I’m such a downer lol but its the truth! Posting on bestiz, doesn’t really matter…..

    2. LOL, I was more interested in YGE getting the message actually (since they supposedly read bestiz.) Since this is supposed to be an album of “things international fans would like the most.” And what we like is not necessarily what the Korean mass market likes…

  13. ok so what I’m getting from this is that 9 of the songs in the new album will consist of songs from the “HOT” album and “SOLAR” album right? and then there’ll be two new songs, one “I’ll be There” the other one untitled yet and WD english version right? that’s what I’m getting from the statement but I’m not sure if it’s correct. Please do help me. thank you in advance!

    1. Yep that’s right.
      2 spanking brand new tracks. Wedding Dress will be in english and the rest are YB’s songs past and present that international fans loved. I’m guessing Where U at and Look Only at me will be on there. Dunno. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  14. 12 more FREAKING days ❤

    sooo excited! I'm assuming IBT's choreography is the one Qui and Richard were talking about – or hinting about.

    Congratulations BAE!!

  15. Wow, that was such a loooong explanation YG gave there lol! but I accept it. It’s sad that they had to postpone the concert but YG’s explanation for it was very reasonable. I’m sooo curious about the choreo for “I’ll be there” and I sooo want to see the new mv, can’t wait <3.

  16. I say, let’s enjoy Taeyang without having any expectations. remember what happen when we had such high expectations on the album? Some people were left disappointed, some were happy some were taken aback because the album came off in a different direction than what they though it would.

    Let’s just sit back, chillax and see what happens first shall we?

    1. *edit
      Some people were left disappointed, some were happy and some were taken aback because the album came off in a different direction than what they thought it would.

      1. hehe agree. plus “I’ll Be There” is not on the same page as WUA or WD so it’s like another new direction. i’m looking forward to it though. =D

    2. I agree. Let’s just take it as it is and have no real “high” expectations from him…..its hard when you’re a huge fan, but i think, after INAG, that’s the best thing to do

      1. exactly. I’m pretty much cautious now for every single thing YG told us…after INAG. Taught me a huge lesson, that one.

      2. Oh yes,INAG was like a wake up call not to have sky-high(see what I did there 😉 ) expectations,I mean whatever Youngbae does we know for a fact that it wont be absolute crap that belongs in the bin,so the best we can do is take it as it comes,as hard as that may seem as fans.


    Now all my friends here can own YB’s album too!!! Yay!!

    I can’t wait to see how the choreo, MV, and song is like for IBT~~~ >ww<

    This has made my day even better~~~~

    I always seem to miss the party, lol

    Despite how excited I am though, I am only cautiously excited… After so many covers, some really amazing ones too, I don't know how YB's WD will be…. 'Course it'll be epic, with Teddy there'll be no wrong…XD

    I'm trying to not get my hopes up, so like ILOVEMYBAE, I'm just going to let go of any expectations and speculations, and see how YG has got up his sleeve…=v=

  18. a international album….GYAAAAa~~ cant wait to buy one^^…and i cant wait to hear ‘i’ll be there”….and i totally agree with Acee…with all the concert being held continuesly YB are surely gonna be very exhauseted and it will surely cause him health problems and we all dont want that to happen right^^….and whats up with (19+)???i thought 18 was the age of maturity…huhuhu.tho i’m 18 now..LOL 😀 and its awsome that they choose somewhere as bigger halls to make the sound more better to be heard cause of the echo…i’m sure it will be awsome….anyway, i hope YB will be healty always and performed the best concert EVER!!!!!! YB FIGHTNG^^ 😀

  19. I think IBT is not an ‘wow’ song like LOAM was, by judging the reaction of Qui and Richard on twitter who find it good but not more however the choregraphy will be completly EPIC i think it’s the choreo that Qui tweets on twitter end Jun/debut July and some of us though it will be for se7en, coz the choreo for se7en was mostly directed by Keone Madrid and Jay of YG(DgetalX!). So I hope that the song will be at the level of WUA or WD ^^’ just personal taste, but i don’t worry for the Epicness of the dance routine, i trust kanauru taste and more I trust Shaun!

  20. Has anyone heard anything about YB guesting on Lalala Music Travel? I saw some pictures but no idea when the show will be broadcasted…

    1. LOL, that was photoshopped by the fans at YBmania. (Look again, and you’ll notice that YB’s outfits are… familiar. ^.~ ) They sent a sort of care package (SOLAR cds, photos, treats…) to some of the music programs, variety shows, and radio shows that they’d like to see YB guest on. Those pictures were part of the package to the Lalala staff, who tweeted that they really enjoyed them!

      I would LOVE to see him on that show, btw. YBmania also sent packages to Mnet’s A-Live and EBS Space. A-Live, unfortunately, is finishing its run and won’t be able to invite YB. T.T I really want to see him on more of these music programs – less Chocolate, more Madame B style – so I’m still holding out for the others!

      1. Thanks silly…. 🙂 I was wondering about that since there is usually some sort of press release even before the recording.

        And yeah, it would have been so cool since it would be more singing and less dancing. No news if he will be on any of the premium music shows? (For real, not just wishful thinking.)

      2. yeah it definitely would be awesome to see him on one of those shows!

        and LOL those “care packages” sound like bribes to get YB on the shows haha I’m sure they weren’t 😉

  21. thank you sooo much for the info YG ^^
    i am looking foorward to the new song and especially to the choreo *___*
    and it is stilk AMAZING that he will release it INTERNATIONAL *__*
    i just hope i can buy a copie of his album, and not buy it at iTunes. cause they will release an album too thou.

  22. While I always have very moderate expectations, after SOLAR I’ll try to have none this time around. I was one of the few who wasn’t initially disappointed with SOLAR because I could tell right from the 1st preview that this was going to be different. I’m keeping my mind and expectation open with IBT since that usually works for me.

    YB has said repeatedly that he doesn’t yet know himself and I’ve definitely seen that with SOLAR – he’s still searching for his sound and what makes him him and I think IBT will be part of that journey. With him now entering the dating world (which by all accounts seems to be going well) and opening himself up to new experiences I’m really excited to see where he takes things in the future. I hope with all this growth that the next time he’s asked if he knows himself he’ll be able to answer yes. Forever a YB stan.

  23. I agree. I was disappointed with SOLAR at first. I think YB is still searching for a sound that suits him. IMO, I think hiphop/R&B suits him the best. I’m still excited for ‘I’ll be There’ though, since YG said it has a hiphop-ish sound.

  24. Hi Guys! I think this is my first comment here but I’ve been an avid follower of ATY for many months now because the environment and the people here are so great! 🙂

    “Shaun’s choreo for Just a Feeling and I Need a Girl has nothing on his next one. One word, epic.” Remember this tweet from Richard?? :)) I can’t imagine how YG told Shaun how he really likes this new choreography the best. Is it in english? If it is, I really want to hear him speak english! I wonder how his voice would sound like. :)) I find this long read very entertaining really especially about the “soundproofing” and “absorption”. It’s really great of YG to acknowledge international fans. I’m definitely buying that album! YG for world domination baby! :))

      1. Hahaha.. sorry for not making it clear. I was talking about YG speaking in english.. XD I wonder how his voice would sound like. Will it still sound tiny like how SeungRi imitates him? I’m curious. 🙂

  25. I’m so glad YG took time to explain things about the concert,it makes sense now,but still waiting for more info about the international album 😀

    1. woah lol they quoted Qui and you can see Bluemaid too haha but they cut off ILOVEMYBAE.I wonder what she’ll think 😀

      1. LOL haha.. Qui is the focus, why would they care what i wrote(which i don’t remember). Not that I care.. unless they start attacking me for something i said then that will be a different story. anyhow, it’s cool seeing my name on a korean website kekeke.

        1. haha yeah attacking you for something you said sounds scary…anyway it is cool seeing your name all the way in a Korean website!

  26. I’m mad excited but I wonder how TY’s WD english version will sound like. I remember Lyle teasing YB about in english in WD(original?)…~Amazing Grace~

  27. Okay, this may be a dumb question, but if it is an international release, do you think he’s going to use the name Sol? ‘Cause that’s going to be confusing when he has all these names. I think most people outside of Japan know him as Taeyang (and all the fans call him YB anyway), but he’s been signing himself as Sol recently so I dunno…

    Gonna be confusing for the newbies.

    1. I always thought he should have just stuck to Young Bae. Love his name. I also like Taeyang too. SOL is just too much.

      1. I agree! I always loved Young Bae more than Taeyang…for some reason Young Bae just sounds more “tough” and “street” if you know what I mean lol and it would cross over well…

        But anyway, he signs SOL on Japanese stuff, but he’s been going by SOL on other things too, so I’m not really sure exactly…..

    2. And both Solar and Hot were under the name Taeyang…but the new album will be under Sol? Or is that only in Japan? I think I just confused myself…

    3. Me three. I love his name. Youngbae just sounds so sexy. I still find it hard to call him Taeyang because to me he’ll always be YB. Maybe for the release he’ll use his various stage names. I don’t know how YG is gonna work this out.

    4. I love his real name Young Bae more. Sexy and tough, like Kay said XD

      I’m going to go into astrology again and just say that SOL than the Korean characters “Young Bae” or “Tae Yang” takes a lot less time and energy on his part when he may be signing at fan events and that sort of stuff…. Taurus can be lazy when they want to.. =P

    1. Back in 2008 during his HOT concert YB did two shows, one general and the other adults only. It was mostly due to the choreography which can get pretty sexually suggestive.

  28. Question: so does this mean tickets AREN’T on sale? I’m about 14 hours late, but when I checked the sale website on GMarket it was just a forward to the YG family website. I know it’s postponed, but I haven’t seen anything about ticket sales…

    1. as far as i know the concert’s been postponed indefinitely, so since no there’s no set date yet, tickets can’t be sold yet. 🙂

        1. haha you’re welcome! i’m sure we’ll find out about the concert details once finalized in ATY! 🙂

  29. people of alwaystaeyang if you had been always coming here to check if there new news every single mnute well i found a interveiw of taeyang about his solar album and sorry if this is nothing to do with the article but i have to say that im exciting for his international album,please people go buy it and i will too

  30. WOW two alblums in two months.. Im glad they are thinking about us, but then Im confused..I liked Solar alblum just didnt really like “I need a girl” song. I hope this new alblum represents Taeyang in a way that he is pleased with..It needs to reveal the artist from within. I’m excitied and I know that the pressure will be on on YB again as before. bUt if he gets a chance to reveal the artist from within..Im sure he will be satisfied. im not sure what is going on but I hope it goes according to YB goals as an artist. Not sure if he has any say in this decision whatsoever. My prayers will be with him..MUCH LOVE from your International fans..XOXOXOXO

  31. Question: in which stores YB’s international album will be released at? I wanna know so that when it comes out, ill know for sure where to get it 😛
    please replyyy 🙂

    1. at this point in time no other info but YG’s message has been released. No one really knows how this is going to be handled or if there will even be a physical cd and not just digital. I’ll say this before and I’ll say it again, this is not an international debut but more of a fanservice for his international fans who have been really supportive. I’m sure ATY will update us as soon as they have more information from YG. On that note, I’ll say congrats to Mr. YG on his new baby daughter.

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