08.01.10 – Taeyang steams up Inkigayo

UPDATE #2: Taeyang will resume his solo activities after coming back from Japan.  Thanks to YBmania and silly for the information.

UPDATE: So apparently this was Taeyang’s goodbye stage, now he’s getting ready for his concerts and activities with Big Bang in Japan.  Only after 1 month of promotions?  I have to say that is like the most pitiful set of promotions for a full solo album I have ever seen.  I feel bad for Youngbae.  He didn’t have enough time or opportunities to put his album out there.  I’m honestly kind of bewildered as well.  I don’t want to spread too much negativity here but excuse me if I’m a foul mood for the rest of the week as I sulk stuffing my face with marshmallows.

Can we all get an “Hallelujah” for the death of that apron/bib/halter top/whatever it was ?  But I have to shake my head at the leopard skin.

As much as I love seeing the performance of “I need a girl,” but I’m ready to see Taeyang promote a new song. Something with more energy where he can just rip the stage apart.  Superstar?  Move?  What do you all want to see him promote next? (That is if he gets too….)

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  1. So this was his goodbye stage? I’m sad but I do feel like it’s time for him to promote a new song.

    SUPERSTAR!!!!!! I’m so ready to see an epic mv and awesome choreo for this song!

  2. yep, totally ready for a new song. i’d totally go for ‘MOVE’ but that’ll totally draw awareness to the fact his album should be 18+, so ‘Superstar’ or ‘After you fall asleep’ are next on my list.

    1. She was less surprise this time. I seriously think he didn’t tell her that he was going to kiss her, it explains the mischievous smile he had one the whole time yesterday.

      1. nah, i think the kiss was planned. if you look she had her face tilted waiting for the kiss. i think she was only surprised due to the force of the kiss. normally she kisses him real gently but since it’s his first him, i guess he kissed her a bit harder than they practiced.

    2. hell to the yes to TAKE IT SLOW baby! (=

      but if he is having a goodbye stage, doesn’t that mean he is done with his album promotion?

      but only 1 month is totally not enough. seriously!!

      that is soo disappointing. )=

      1. If YB does an MV for Take It Slow it will get banned in South Korea due to sexual content. I have a feeling he’ll do a performance of it for his solo concert during his adults only show.

        1. yeah, of course it’ll be in his Adult Show.


          South Korea will never let that MV air if he did make one )=

          I’m just hoping with the little hope I have that it might be it. if not i want Superstar <333

  3. I’m all for new promoted track. He’s going to be gone most of next week in Japan so he be better comeback with a new track or else.

    I say Superstar, Breakdown or After You Fall Asleep. My money is on Superstar as that did really well on the charts and it’s his fav song. I love Move and Take it Slow but both songs are too sexual and too slow. INAG is a slow song so I think he should promote a more beat heavy and intense song like Superstar, Breakdown or After You Fall Asleep.

  4. i really want TAKE IT SLOW to be the next song YB will promote.
    i think if Shaun makes a choreography for it, it would really be dope!
    but i know, it might be a little too sexual for the Korean media.
    if that’s the case, i hope he promotes AYFA/JAF/Superstar.
    although i don’t think this is his goodbye stage.
    music shows usually indicate in their program if an artist is having his/her goodbye stage.
    besides, YG hasn’t said anything about it yet.

  5. Ugh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…

    Ummm…. WTF?!?

    According to the Korean fans (pissed), there’s talk that he’s ending his solo promotions with this performance. I didn’t see the whole show, but apparently the MC called it a goodbye stage? And someone on YBmania’s posted a news article announcing it, too (which I can’t seem to find a link to).

    If this is true…
    I honestly have nothing to say.

    I’ll hold off on my rancor until I hear confirmation, but for now… just no words.

    1. yeah saw the article on bbvipz

      this took vipz by surprised too
      they’re all like What are you doing YG?lol
      yg better come out with explaination soon
      cuz this also happened to Hot album as well

      i remember how his Hot promotion got cut short because of BB comeback that is why yg gave taeyang and vipz his solo concert as a way of saying sorry

      1. At least HOT was a mini album, and he promoted it for 2 months – which was still too short.

        This is first first full album, and – take away the week in Japan – he had basically 3 weeks of promotion. Which amounted to a a handful of interviews, a bunch of music shows, Sketchbook and Strong Heart. No radio appearances, no other late night music programs…

        I know BB has activities coming up in Japan, but… ugh. I really don’t wanna say anymore at this point for fear I’ll regret it.

    2. Is it the end of the whole entire SOLAR promotion? Or just an end to the INAG promotions?

      I want to see him end promotions for INAG, go to Japan to perform in Summer Sonic, come back and promote Superstar, and then have his concert. Hopefully that’s what YG is planning!

      Ending promotion altogether will not make fans happy and unhappy fans mean YG should be scared!

    3. WHAT THE F? >.>

      YG strikes again y’all. again and again…

      poor YB. He’s always the one getting it. and that wasn’t a nice goodbye stage, YB. You could have done something special. Oh my gawd.. i just don’t know what to say anymore. I’m so freaking disappointed. ish, =.= and no radio shows! all he did was sketchbook and strong heart!

      Is it because of the response towards INAG? I mean, LOAM was explosive but INAG seems average… maybe YG wanna stop before people completely lose interest in it? Oh i don’t know, YG whatever the reason is, YG should have not made this decision.

  6. Last stage for I Need A Girl… 😥

    I really hope that he’ll promote another song, though he might be busy with their Japan activities.. plus the preparations for his solo concert.

  7. Interesting indeed. Hmmmm I can’t wait for the concert though and hopefully he will be able to showcase more of his stuff later on~~

  8. Don’t worry Tofu! I’m with you on the marshmallows! We can have a pity party on ATY….complete with nonstop gallons of ice cream and unlimited bags of marshmallows b/c this news sucks ass.

    YG….I’m really angry with you at the moment. Can’t even begin to express some of my anger. Just know that stopping YB’s promotions after not even a month of straight promotions with no interruptions due to other duties (Japan actitvities for one) is unacceptable!!!

  9. what?? are u for real that today was his goodbye stage for INAG?? 😦

    why does it seems YB is getting ‘not-so-great’ treatment from YG when it comes to his album?? or was it just me?? erm.. 😦

    but if today was his goodbye stage; wouldn’t they like wrote something in the beginning of his performance like ‘Goodbye Stage TaeYang’ text??

  10. I kind of had a feeling that Taeyang wouldn’t get to promote for very long because ultimately, he’s not a solist but a member of a group and I guess that ultimately comes first.

    Hopefully this is all some sort of a sick joke and YG allows Taeyang to promote one more song after he comes back from Japan.

    If not then imma cry and cut someone up…….Yeah, I’m looking at you YG…..you better be prepared for the pitchforks aimed at you right now.
    *sigh* I really really hope he promotes another song.

    Anyway, I’m excited for his concert. Wish it was at the end of the year though so I could actually go to S.K to watch it live, but it’s in the middle of the school year so T_________T

    1. ohhh thank you for posting that, silly
      I was on the verge of going off into a rampage….considering I am already frustrated about the way his promotions/concert are currently being handled.
      I wonder how long they’ll stay in Japan for…
      To answer Tofu’s question, I would LOVE for him to promote Superstar…I also adore his voice in After You Fall Asleep…But I think he needs a fun, upbeat song…and I have a feeling it’ll be Superstar 🙂

    2. SUPERSTAR, SUPERSTAR, SUPERSTAR! PLS PLS PLS! (because I know TIS and Move won’t make it to public promotion)

    3. The reporter apologized for not being more clear and said yb will halt activities for a litte bit while, a really short period of time, while he is in japan . The reporter said that fans shouldn’t be too worried. So i guess and hope he will continue to promote when bb returns from japan.

    4. What? i didn’t see this earlier! I’m glad but i’m still not happy because YG can’t be trusted.

      Oh well, YG still needs to take me seriously anyway, as a warning…in case YG is thinking on changing his mind.

    5. I knew it! YG wouldn’t be so stupid as to give such a crappy promotionalperiod for YB. I’m pretty sure that he’s going to come back and promote Superstar then have his concert. If we’re lucky, YB will promote another song after his concert before resuming BB’s activities

    6. okay!!

      i’m not disappointed anymore!!


      let’s hear for SUPERSTAR or TAKE IT SLOW (which i HIGHLY doubt since it’s too sexual haha)


  11. I don’t know if i completely trust yg anymore. We will see if he continues to promote or not. I am not going to have any expectations.

  12. I’m really loving this sexier choreography that allows the other backup dancers their time with YB. As a viewer I love watching his interactions with them. The best part of this routine for me is his chemistry with Ji Hye. Together these two just have that certain something I can’t take my eyes off of. They’re wonderful

    It looks like stylist Ji Eun heard our pleas because YB’s apron is gone and in its place is this scrumptious looking leopard collared vest. That’s more like it. I’m having the hardest time picking a song I’d want YB to promote next they’re all so good. I’d love an MV for Move or Take It Slow but it will probably get banned.

    Since SUPERSTAR is the song most loved by us fans and YB himself I think he should promote this song next, and I want an MV too.

  13. I think with this kiss it was less WHOA or “OMG SO HOT!! *scream*” because it wasn’t a close up….XD

    Plus with YB’s innocent label, we were like Oh em gee!!!

    LOL, I feel like I’m making no sense.

    And this is the good by stage already!? =( I can’t get enough of this song, it’s like a drug or something, lol

    I would love to see him promote a new song, SUPERSTAR!!! It’s a hook song and one that YB likes, so I’ll be really excited with how he dances for that song…=)

    Move or After You Fall Asleep are good too.

    Despite my love for Take it Slow, I don’t think the Koreans would allow it to be broadcasted or heck even shown to teen audiences…@@

  14. Damn… So quick to explode. I know they updated with how its a pause on his promotions, but honestly yall were expecting this anyways. Up untill he started promotions people figured it would most likely be a month with Seven’s comeback and bigbang promotions(though it was thought these would be in Korea rather than japan). Dunno why everyone’s acting like this news is so unexpected and the end of the world. It’s just a situation your put in when you have other engagements to uphold (he’s already said the group comes first). Just chillax wait on fancams from all the concerts like you do for inki/musicbank n the rest and roll with the punches

  15. Okay, well it’s not his “official” goodbye stage however, this “break” that he’s taking isn’t making me happy either (it’s not even a break, its not like he’s resting)….WHY is his promotions ALWAYS thrawted by Big Bang~ I get it, he’s a big bang member, yada…yada…but seriously? Taking a break means you’re losing the momentum you’ve garnered with your promotions!

    AND HELLO. Is anyone thinking about Taeyang’s health here? The boy has been working non-stop, then he’s gotta go to some Japan concerts and comeback to continue promotions? I MEAN, who does that? I haven’t heard of any artists doing that….Is YG really thinking about Taeyang here or he’s just trying to keep the boat afloat in both Korea and Japan?

    This is certainly not fair, I don’t care whether these performances in Japan were scheduled years in advance, fact of the matter is, Taeyang is always shorthanded with his promotions and the care he receives. And I’m sorry, gonna bring GD into this, G-Dragon got to promote almost 4 songs off his album, from a period of August to October with nothing else BUT his album to focus on (oh and let me throw in the fact that he got to promote by himself, no se7en or any other YG artist)…….that’s fine for GD but is it FAIR to Taeyang?and Taeyang gets 3 weeks? Maybe 3 more after wards, and 2 songs max promotions, unless he’s shipped off to Japan again.

    YG, an apology concert is not going to do it. You suck, you really do suck, when it comes to fairness with you’re artists….

    *Raving, lunatic, mad Kay*

    YB, stand up for yourself, goddammit! How can you agree to something like this, you’re not a machine!

    1. yay i’m not alone!

      I’m just waiting for “Taeyang hospitalized for exhaustion” hitting the news.

    2. Kay; i agree with u.. seriously; YG seems to ‘favor’ GD more compared to YB (in my opinion).. it’s YB’s first solo full album & he only got to promote it less than a month?? WTH!!! 😦

      plus; YB’s promotion is also interrupted by BB’s Japan activities (i’m not complaining but; can’t they do it some other time).. why can’t his promotion period runs smoothly for himself & his fans(like us)?? i’m really sad by the way he’s being treated.. 😦

      and; i do hope his health wouldn’t be affected by his hectic schedule (which i highly doubt so).. whatever it is; please take care of ur health YB!!

    3. GD got to promote an extended time cuz their Japan Schedule got shot with Daesung’s Accident. If that didn’t happen he would’ve had a month or so to promote as well. Didn’t yall notice once Dae was healed up they were back in japan trying to tie the loose ends. Taeyang’s promotion times just end up getting the short end, it’s all good with me though. here in the US artists just drop their albums and hit the road touring maybe do one or 2 shows. Since i’m still relatively new to kpop (1 year) I think these 3+ music shows a week that a lot of artists go on are a huge privilege compared to what’d they’d get here. If YG wants these guys to hit japan and get there name out promoting at all kinds of events go for it Taeyang just needs to learn to PR himself a bit better. IMO Fuck the weekly award shows n hit up the clubs and do the Events makes no real difference than a quality cam for us INT fans

      1. Well thats the difference between US and Korean promotions. With 3 shows a week, it allows the artist to interact with their fans more and promote album sales, thats the way things are done in Korea. Artists train to prepare themselves for the energy they’ll need during these 3 weekly shows, it’s just, he barely got on the shows this time cause he was in Japan right in the middle of his promotions.

        Club don’t do much for promotions in Korea~ YG owns clubs, if he wanted, he could perform every night, but they don’t do as much as tv shows when it comes to selling an album.

        And to clear up ….
        Daesung car accident = August 11th
        GD promotion period begins = August 18th

        ^ Daesung’s car accident had little to do with GD’s promotion time period, which was scheduled way in advance…….

        1. Bout the accident the day of it doesn’t affect much but the stop on their japanese tour and other japan promotions had a affect don’t you think? didn’t you notice once he had a cleared bill of health they were back to recording/practicing/promotiong in japanese works(ELT LMHYV) and big show

        2. Like you said, they already scheduled everything in advance, and Dae’s accident happening right before GD’s promotions start threw everything off track. If not, GD would have had to end his promotions earlier to promote Gara Gara Go!

        3. The date of the accident had nothing to do with it. Dae’s accident pushed back Big Bang’s schedule a lot, so yes actually it did affect GD’s promoting time.

      2. If you’re been around as long as some of us were, you’d realized that in Kpop, people can promote up t0 3 months if they want to and YB’s promotion this time around is considered very short. and promotion period is important in terms of popularity and exposure… which I think is what YB needs since he more famous outside of his own country. and his music isn’t what you’d call THE music in Korea right now. a longer promotion period is needed for him and for his music.

        1. well; YB needs to have a longer promotion period in Korea cuz like what onmyYB had said; his music ain’t well-received by the audience cuz his style isn’t like the mainstream K-Pop.. shouldn’t YG know this long time ago?? erm.. *i really wonder what is YG thinking*

          seriously; YB is so under-rated by the audience & maybe even by his own company staffs (maybe ‘m wrong).. he needs to show the peeps what is MUSIC exactly!! cuz music nowadays are so bubble-gummy & poppish plus; the lyrics don’t even make sense sometimes!! haizz.. WHY are all of the people attracted to this kinda music?? 😦

      3. @ADFAS Hehe! Fans would have a cow if YB missed the weekly music shows. But Kay is right, the music shows are the way to go to reach out to non fans and to get them to listen to the lead single. Its the most efficient way to promote in a short time period. The BB boys also do club dates and private parties but those are income generating rather than mass promo for the song. In the end, radio and TV is still what gets the mass market to buy your song.

    4. Seem like the same issue is being discussed in everywhere.
      “G-Dragon got to promote almost 4 songs off his album, from a period of August to October”,
      yes he promoted from Aug to Oct, but he appeared only 11 times in music show. He only promoted only 3 songs(1 year station is for sbs show), and YB got to promote 2 songs until now. And I believe follow-up song will come up. Being a BB members, BB activities will always come first. And like other people mentioned, the events that they are performing are all BIG events. We can’t totally blame on YG as well. YG is already so nice to give them a chance to produce solo album. No other company will have this opportunity.

      1. I’m not concerned with the fact that GD got a lot of promotion time, that’s fine, if anything, he deserved it, he worked hard on his album and got the time and space he needed to promote it properly without any other commitments and stress from external commitments…

        Is it unfair to expect the same for YB?

        I think that’s the main concern, no one disagrees that GD shouldn’t have gotten his time but I think it’s more that Taeyang’s promotions have to coincide with his Japan activities and not only that, his comeback has been plagued with so much drama (first the MV, then the articles and the concert drama). Just when finally things were going smoothly, he’s pulled out again for Japan….

        Japan is great, don’t get me wrong, but is their contract so tightly bound that Taeyang can’t skip one performance to promote in Korea? Then again, does he even want too? In that case, I’ll say he’s jipped his fans with this promotions period.

        1. Good heavens, YB couldn’t miss any of the Japan performances. He gets such good parts in the songs! (Seriously, he does though.) And BB is too new in Japan to go to major events missing a member.

          For the sake of discussion though, its normally the case that album promos end with a concert. But this may not necessarily be the case for YB right? He may stop going on weekend Music shows, but he can still do radio, club dates and special shows and events all the way until BB actually does their comeback. It can happen, so we can keep our fingers crossed. (We don’t even know when BB will do their comeback since 2ne1 might even go ahead. ) Think positive!

          And keep fingers and toes crossed for a new MV. I seriously think we are due another one and YG is just going to surprise us by dropping it out of the blue like TMG.

        2. @bluemaid
          u said it 🙂
          and yes, it looks like 2NE1 is next to Se7en in YG’s line up but i feel too that YB will promote another song. coz didnt Shaun have a choreo ready for him?
          but really, he has already promoted WUT (tho very briefly) and WD, so… I think YG has really been fair to him.

        3. @jangy I’d have to disagree with you about the WUA and WD promos though. Those were really badly done as far as schedules were concerned. Shouldn’t count really except we got some really kick ass MVs out of it since most kfans barely remember thpse songs are part of Solar. The only saving grace about launching them early is that it gave YB some more international fans. Which was purely accidental rather than good marketing.

        4. yup, i agree w/ bluemad and jangy. i really want YB to do a few radio shows and perhaps ‘running man’ since i feel YB does better in competitive settings. what show was it that BB was on and TY had to go against a guy (i think they had to try & see who knocked each other down off a bar first? i don’t know, it was like a strength test or something. don’t really remember too well but i do remember daesung competing against a kid to see who was able more flexible..)
          if YB does promote another song that would be a really big bonus for me

        5. @bluemaid, i think jangy just meant that in total YB did promote a lot of songs. Off his Solar album he promoted/sang WUA, WD, INAG, YM, JAF.
          true, the promotions were horrible and sporatic, but technically you could say that he “promoted” almost half of his album

        6. yes, thanks @darkasnight
          plus YB has Real Sound, equivalent to 2NE1tv (or GDtv, if that’s more comparable). it still has 2 more episodes left. am i right? so he’d still be visible in weeks to come.
          then he appeared in SB, Sketchbook, and Heroes, and then all those magazine interviews. so yeah.

        7. But badly timed promos are equivalent to no promos at all… The WD/WUA promos last year aren’t going to help push Solar with the kfans at all. With international fans yes, but not in the Korean market where the serious sales are supposed to happen.

          I agree that the month long promo blitz was a big help, but it is not enough to sustain sales for the rest of the year if it just stops right now. Which is why another single would be a huge help, and sustained radio play and other promos are still needed. (I seriously want him to break at least 100K in album sales, and he’s only halfway there I think.) He’s not doing straight pop so the promos are really necessary so people can become more familiar with his music.) So an MV, a guesting on Chocolate and radio shows, plus more variety shows would be really helpful. We can only pray he has the time to do it.

        8. ^ Yes, I agree…..as I said before, the choppiness of his promotions is not helping…it’s all over the place really…he’s trying to establish his place as an R&B artist and promote this kinda of music, but it really just goes against everything when he’s singing “Beautiful Hangover” in another country….

          And as I mentioned before, momentum is everything…..its like approaching the climax of a movie only to have it shut off suddenly…then 3 weeks later, you come back and start watching again, but you’re not that invested anymore cause you’ve lost the hype/momentum from before….this is not for YB fans, we’ll always support him but its non-fans that he’s trying to promote too because they are essentially his biggest target~

          The only thing I see now, is if he comes back with a new music video and song, some fresh choreo and re-does the whole comeback anticipation (which actually makes no sense, you’re can’t really “comeback” twice) but I guess we’ll just have to see….

          I expect a PHENOMENAL music video from YG (one that doesn’t get removed and need to be re-filmed) to make up half of the annoying things YG has done for this promotion period

        9. Kfans arent so warm to his album. it’s really the kind of music YB is making. promotions is only a part of it. i think tho that radio guestings will really help. and maybe kissing more girls. maybe a stage with Yuri. he really shouldnt have been so clear and adamant about denying it. he’s just too honest. lol

          as for another MV, my vote goes for Breakdown ^v^

    5. tbh, i don’t really understand why it’s always necessary to bring up GD but here we go:

      – GD promoted three songs, not four. YB promoted WUA, WD, and I Need a Girl. Also three. He’ll probably be able to promote one more too (…at least, I hope so! ;_;)
      – GD’s promo time was probably expected to cut off early in October because Big Bang was supposed to have a concert in Japan, but then Dae’s accident happened. His promotion period didn’t start until the very end of August and ended in the middle of October instead. It’s still the usual two months that most idols do. YB is pretty much half way there. Actually, if you count his WD and WUA promos (yes I know they were half-assed on YG’s part and unorganized and will constantly be brought up by fans when they feel like complaining about YG…but they’re still considered a part of the promotion time for Solar), he’s had way more than two months.
      – GD’s promo time wasn’t affected by Big Bang’s Japanese schedule the way YB’s is. But you can’t say that he wasn’t affected at all, because on the flip side, YB had ages to make this album and it was probably partly his decision to delay it. GD, judging from the amount of last minute prep going on in GDtv, had to prep for his album in between promoting Gara Gara Go in Japan. So no, YB isn’t the only one whose solo activities coincide with Big Bang’s activities in Japan. When the other members start up their solo activities, they’ll probably have to deal with this as well.
      – GD promoted while 2ne1 did, and he cut off his promos when YB started his.
      – As for fairness…YG promoted Solar a lot more than Heartbreaker. (lol okay, I can hear some of you laughing at me already…) But seriously? GD basically promoted himself through me2day and GDtv. YB has Real Sound which is pretty much the equivalent (and actually dedicated to him. GDtv was sometimes delayed/cut off because of 2ne1tv), and both Dara and GD advertised YB’s album on their personal me2days. YG also let YB go on multiple variety shows early on in his promotional period whereas GD didn’t get to do one until the end of his promos (which is…kind of pointless as far as album promotions go). There were official teasers released everyday leading up to his album on the YG site. There were posters of YB’s face plastered around Seoul and all over the YG building. Countless articles of YB interviews came out when his album did. YG did all he could, imho.

      1. *agreed. The only reason why GD got extended promotions is because of Dae’s accident and the fact they had to cut some of the Japanese promotions. However, I think they both have been treated equally. In fact, YG has been very very good to YB. How many CEOs would let their artist up and decide he didn’t like his album (a completed album from what YB has said) in order to completely redo it. A lot of people seem to be under the misconception that YG doesn’t like YB as much as GD or something but from what I’ve seen of their interaction he favors YB a lot – not necessarily more than GD but I say treatment is equal. What YB needs to do is learn to take matters into his own hands sometimes. And I don’t get the comparison – YB does YB and GD does GD and nothing more.

        Anyway at the end of the day BB comes first. While YB loves doing solo stuff he also loves working with BB and since BB’s Japanese songs are really ballad heavy he is really needed. Plus, YB must have know that his promotions would be haphazard since he was the one that decided to delay his album.

      2. I agree that GD didn’t really have a long time to promote his album either, and it just seemed like it b/c he had a lot of events (clubs, radio shows, end of the year events).

        In total i do think YB had more promotions combined but it is in my belief that people think of “WUA/WD” and “Solar” promotions as separate entities.

        Most if not all artists promote their singles/albums continuously for a certain amount of time. YB had to promote “WUA/WD” 6 months ahead of his album. (who DOES that?) 6 months is a looong time in the kpop world. When YB dropped his full album, his ‘album’ promotions would only be a month.

        So I guess it is a little unfair since YB’s promotions were done very haphazardly which gives us the illusion of YB barely promoting his album

        1. I think the momentum was already lost when he promoted WD/WUA ahead of the release of his own album. If i were not a fan i would have lost interest back in Korea.. on the other hand, internationally, WD saved him and his popularity.

    6. Are you effing serious right now? Taeyang got 2 ALBUMS. He was the first to become a solist so doesn’t that show that YG favors him the most? Tae himself said his album was due earlier in the year but he was having a rough time and had to redo his whole album. He is the one that set back YG’s whole plan. If it wasn’t for him, all the other artists would’ve been out earlier too. GD did promote more songs but he only promoted on like two shows a week and even left a few weeks in Japan and missed some of his award shows. He had to prepare for his concert,the Big Show, and ELT all at once. He should have had his album out first since he’s the leader. I hate when Taeyang fans whine about all this BS when three other members don’t even have a mini album out yet. You guys are sooo selfish. Jumping down YG’s back all the time when they don’t even know the whole story yet and when Taeyang comes out and clears it up they still don’t believe him. Taeyang IS Big Bang so deal with it.

      1. I don’t think we’re being selfish at all, and certainly not whining. I don’t think anyone is denying that GD shouldn’t have gotten what he deserved, we’re simply saying that Taeyang is not getting, what we believe, is adequate promotional time for his album….

        It’s TIME we’re complaining, nothing to do with the artist itself.

        And to make it clear, it’s one Mini album and 1 full album….
        Secondly, GD did get the first full album of the group, not YB. YB had a mini, not the same thing. And I think it’s unfair to say the “leader” should get the first album? Why? Are any of the other members any less capable? Also, as bluemaid mentioned before, Taeyang & GD really only have their music, while the other members have other things they can promote themselves with (TOP & Seungri extensively act, and Daesung has numerous variety gigs)

        And, I think there’s a lot of inside stuff we don’t know about…we all know how much WD was not liked in Korea..I bet the reformation of the either album had a bit to do with that as well….business is 50% of this whole industry

      2. I hate it when people bring up that this is his ‘second’ album. It was SR’s, Top’s, and DS’s choice to explore other areas and go into variety shows/musicals/acting instead of putting out a single/album.
        GD was helping 2ne1 produce their first album so what was YB supposed to do, twiddle his thumbs while everyone else had other activities? No, instead he chose to continue making music and release a mini album.

        1. *agree
          I only dislike it when people make it seem like YG has some agenda against YB. From my POV, the main problem YG has with promoting YB is that what YB wants to do and the music he likes isn’t really popular in S.K. so it’s difficult for him to promote him. And YB didn’t make it any easier by suddenly changing his mind halfway through. YG has been more than generous with YB and while WD promotions were haphazard you have to understand that YG money makers are 2NE1 and BB and that’s their focus. Before YB is a member of BB before he’s a solo singer.

      3. Its unfair to say that YB’s promo schedule moved back the schedule of all the other YG artists. Se7en and 2ne1 could have come back in the first half of the year at any time, its just that they needed more time to get their material ready. The only real conflict YB would have were with Big Bang activities.

      4. forget about quantity for a second. it has nothing to do w/ who released an album first, and who created more albums. the main issue that (i think) most people are concerned, or frustrated w/ is the unprofessional, and inconsistent way that YB’s promotions are being held.
        It’s choppy, and rushed, to say the least. Honestly, I have never seen anyone promote an album this way, and its bewildering how an artist is supposed to get decent exposure, and keep the interest of non-fans (b/c fans will support no matter what) when there are such large gaps in-between.
        I really like the movie example Kay explained earlier. Watching half of the movie first, and then stopping to watch the rest a week later…its obvious that you feel less anticipation and interest. Same scenario here.
        And we’re not frustrated only b/c of this one event. This is another issue that is added onto the growing pile of problems that have occurred w/ regards to YB’s promotions.
        Same reasons why Kfans are concerned and upset as well.
        And I honestly don’t see anything wrong w/ complaining or being frustrated (just like every fanbase does, GD/TOP/DS and SR as well). Maybe it just seems like that b/c we’re an international (eng) fansite. But for ex. when TOP’s single was released incred. late, his kfans were upset. When GD was in controversy, his kfans were also very vocal to YG. We all obviously have opinions on it, some stronger than others. We have obviously seen how vocal fans can actually change YG’s way of thinking (ex of the first mv for INAG taken down b/c alot of fans didnt like it).

        1. that’s the main problem I’ve had with YB’s promotions. I personally don’t have a problem with the shortness of it (though I’m not happy either) but it’s the inconsistent on-off-on-off that gets me.

        2. Yes, exactly Dilani.

          I have never seen album promotions as erratic and sproadic as these. If you’re not going to promote properly, why release at all? Just keep releasing digital singles then, that’ll keep the fans happy right? Also, you won’t give rise to any unnecessary expectations for bigger and greater things, no pressure for YB, no pressure for YG, everyone’s happy right? Who needs new fans? And really, who cares about promoting R&B music in Korea, it doesn’t matter really, does it? No, not at all, why give us a full album. I sound cynical but as much as it hurts me to say it, sorry, I wouldn’t be so worked up if YG/YB hadn’t given us the expectations to be so.

          I don’t have the capability to run a music company, so I wouldn’t know exactly how it is to be in YG’s position, but I can say, there are definitely areas where YB and YG could have made better decisions.

          Fans are upset, but they’re not irrational or unjustly upset. I think we have a right to be concerned about what’s going on…

          As you can see. I am very upset.

        3. What is YB supposed to do? He can’t tell YG to screw it while he continues his solo promotions. He’s a member of Big Bang first, his priority is to the group. If he was a solo artist this wouldn’t be a problem but he isn’t. He’s released his album it’s done well. As fans we can’t expect more than that. The only way YB could truly put his all in this solo is if he were to leave Big Bang and try his hand as a solo artist. If he were to do that how would he fair in Korea? He’d have to go international and many think he’s not ready for that yet. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place no matter his decision.

        4. ^ No, I am not telling him to “screw” YG. That’s stupid, he obviously can’t do that. *rolls eyes*

          However, constant commitments to Big Bang have led to the inevitable, which is, we fans get jipped on his promotional activities on the pretense that he had these “other” Japan commitments.

        5. THIS!

          Thank you Dilaini!

          I think our frustration stems from many things not just this particular issue. From what has happened with Youngbae’s solo in the past year, it paints a very clear picture to me on what happened and is happening. Youngbae missed so many opportunities..big ones…and it’s happening again.

    7. yeah, that’s true, isn’t it?!?!

      YG – you can tell he is prioritizing money making machines – right? Cuz GD appeals greatly to the Koreans more than TY and the rest of the people, right? or something of that sort.

      It seems like EVERYONE is coming back this year – and i feel like he is bringing everyone from his company just to compete and make money – not concerned with the health of his artist and not concerned with the best for them.

      it’s so sad )=

      1. I think that’s taking it too far. My problem isn’t with the # of people coming back so much as the timeline. A lot of ppl should have come earlier in the year, Taeyang included.

        I’m not sure why the schedule was compressed like this but I refuse to say it’s just money. To be honest, not that many people are coming out – we have Gummy, YB, Se7en, 2NE1 and BB. If that was spread out within 1 year instead of around 6 months then it wouldn’t have been a problem. Problems grew because of the ship sinking and because of the World Cup which took 2 months out. Before we complain remember Se7en and Gummy both had a compress schedule too.

  16. It’s kinda of hard to be shock when we knew YG wanted TY to promote in the first half of the year b/c 2ne1 and BB were making a comeback in the second half of the year. That’s why YG had to tell TY that if his greed/depression to make a perfect album keeps up he’ll never be able to release it :/ GD was able to promote longer b/c BB wasn’t making a Korean comeback last year :/

  17. I think YG is doing his best by YB. The limited promotion time sucks but what can we do? The context was different back when GD was promoting since they were scheduled to do a Japan concert in October BUT Daesung had his accident so everything had to be shifted around. (So the 3 month promo was more accident than design.)

    This time around, BB has to do more promo in Japan to build on all the hard work they put in before. And the events they have to do now are special events/festivals whose scheduling is beyond YG’s control. (And they really can’t turn down the opportunity to do the USJ/Mezamashi/Summer Sonic events since these are big ones.)

    And as to YB’s health, he’d be pushing himself either way whether on his own or with BB. Its just the regular life of an idol. If we don’t see him on shows, he’s likely to be in the practice room anyway. At least this way, he’d be performing or recording – which he loves to do anyway.

    1. practice room or the gym.

      seriously, that guy needs to sleep. stop the body building already, we love your muscles to bits, now get some rest.

      someone please send my shoutout to him. Thanks.

  18. Im all for Superstar! Its got so much energy in it, so the crowd cant help but joining in!!! PLEASE LET IT BE SUPERSTAR!!!!!

  19. this is just so unfair!
    how could they cut YB’s promotion after only a month (or 3 weeks since he flew to Japan amidst his promotion)?
    this is his first full solo album.
    as much as i love Big Bang, YG should give YB a fair amount of time to fully promote the album.
    one song isn’t enough.
    seeing BB’s schedule for August, i don’t think YB will be back promoting in Korea again.
    that means he will be on “break” for a month which may lessen the interest of the Korean audiences.
    damn, why does it have to happen to YB?
    he’s so hardworking and passionate about what he does and yet this…
    YB doesn’t deserve this!
    how could you YG!
    GD was able to promote 4 songs when his first album came out last year.
    even 2NE1 had 2 songs, considering they were newbies.
    this is just so unfair!

      1. i have no problem with 2NE1’s promotion just making a comparison on how short and inconsistent YB’s promotion time is.

  20. maybe fans shouldnt complain much coz YB had said its his fault the album took a long time to be completed. YG did their best to help him out of his depression. just my thoughts. stop blaming everything to YG

    1. Agreed. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. Back then everyone was angry and mad at YG but then it turns out that Bae was going through a very dark time and YG did what was best for him.

  21. whether the album took longer to finish or not, i don’t believe it’s enough reason to cut the album promotion short. as a YG talent, he should be given the artistic freedom to perfect his craft. he brings money to the company so it is just fair to give YB his share of things, that is being able to perform on stage.

    1. time constraints is enough reason. had he finished the album earlier he wouldve had the chance to promote it while BB took a break from Japan promotions.

      1. It’s not his fault, it’s not YG’s fault it’s just that damn, why does those Japanese activities have to be on those crucial dates?

    2. he is given the freedom.
      this music he has out now is the direction he wants to pursue.
      but he has to make time for BB’s Japan promotions so… if we dont want him stressed then we must welcome the end of INAG promotions.
      it’s just INAG, right?

  22. u know, the thing here is, there’s only 5 mos left for 2010. 2 months til summer ends. Se7en only started promoting this week. 2NE1 fans have been waiting, the dates keep getting pushed back. we were promised of another album last yr. when 2NE1 fans complain im like, i understand u guys but u have to understand too that Taeyang, Gummy, Se7en, and BB fans waited for so long as well so we have to be patient. u know.
    YB fans should think the same.
    and yes, YB is very hardworking, maybe the most hardworking, but everyone else in YG has been working hard as well.
    i just really wana say that everyone has made sacrifices, not only YB. so, just maybe, dont complain too much.

    1. You said it yourself, YB probably works the hardest. that’s why we want the best for him, surely he would want a longer promotional period right? the main issue here is, why does it always has to be him in between?

    2. thank you, you took the words out of my mouth.

      while i was shock and angry as the rest of you when i first heard he was going to stop promoting, circumstances do change and nothing is ever set in stone.

      and considering this is tae’s SECOND solo, compare to top/daesung/seungri(promoting one single is not a solo gdi) who haven’t even gotten the chance to release one ep yet, i don’t think yg is being unfair to tae at all.

      1. It’s not really fair to compare the BB members in terms of who gets more solo time because YB and GD only have their music solos while the other boys have acting and TV gigs apart from their music work. So all of them have been keeping busy and we can’t say that it is “unfair” for YB to have had more opportunities for this solo album. Also remember that GDYB have been in YG the longest and would normally come first in terms of getting solo music work. (As to Seungri , he will get his turn eventually. Remember he’s a lot younger and still has to decide what kind of music he wants to do. )

        1. let me just compare GD vs YB promotions

          its just that GD’s promotions sort of coincided with yearly stages so it seemed like he was everywhere. but he only really promoted HB and Breathe. Hello, only in small stages and when 2NE1 is performing on the same occasion, tho not always. same with The Leaders. he released 2 more videos, but some parts were shot/made in Japan. ah, he did promote A Boy briefly.
          but really, a lot of it were special stages, and he got them because his album sold really well. #1 last year

    3. I must be in my happy place because I’m not freaking out about this news. YB having to stop his promotions to continue his group activities in Japan is a win for Big Bang. Last time we fans were pissed because we were waiting for his album to drop. Now it has and he’s had success with it. Internationally it has done incredibly well. Would I have liked his concert to happen later in the year? Sure, but I have a feeling that his solo concert is happening in September because Big Bang plan to make their comeback sometime after that.

      It’s not like his Wedding Dress promotions although it might feel like that to some. I don’t know what YB is feeling at this moment. I’d hope that he is happy with the way his album has been received. When he comes back from Japan I’m hoping he can promote at least one more single (fingers crossed for Superstar) before he has to start preparing for his SOLAR concert. I love YB’s solo work but his commitment to Big Bang comes first. Until then we’ll just have to take a wait and see approach.

    4. Well then, we have no one else to blame but YG for not spacing out his artists properly….in Jan, when he knew BB was going to in full promotions in Japan, why not release Se7en’s album then? Time wise, he had the most time considering he’s been back in Korea for over a year now~~ If he’d planned correctly, Se7en could have been done his promotions a while ago and given way for Taeyang to promote. If Japan was an issue, why didn’t Taeyang release in June? I believe most of the album was done by then, Taeyang’s photoshoot took place a week before the album release, the MV was “filmed” a week before…..sounds like rushed preparations to me….what I don’t get is WHY there is all this rush, the first half of the year was empty with no YG, and I think injustice is being done to fandoms of all YG artists by compressing his artists in the later half of the year~

      Main problem with Taeyang = choppiness of his promotion periods….he’s been so on and off on the scene with WUA and then WD and then a huge break and then INAG and another break……you don’t get a steady stream of his music, instead we’re left with all these digital singles and this album doesnt feel like full album promotions..

      no disrespect to anyone opposing my views, I think people are making valid points, there’s a whole lot of “what could have” been done as opposed to what has been done….

      1. I think there is just too many missing pieces we don’t know about BTS stuff that we will never know hmmmm. The business side of things is quite an interesting yet bothersome aspect indeed.

        1. i came across an article at Nate that YG is planning to push for IPO before the year ends.
          i believe they really have their hands full.

      2. well, maybe the recording wasnt done until end of June?
        or maybe it was always the plan that Taeyang will start he YG domination.
        well, actually, make that Gummy.

      3. You have to lay the blame more on YB than YG. Taeyang was suppose to comeback in Feb-March. He was the one that decided to redo his album, YG probably argued with him about it by Tae is hardheaded and wanted to do it his way and I understand. Because of this the album wasn’t done till around June. This is why promotions seemed so delayed. He was suppose to promote WD in Nov -Dec and follow up with a full album in Feb. Gummy would have come out earlier but the ship sinking incident shut down music shows for a month, and we had the world cup that year.

        I think it’s unfair to blame YG since he’s been extremely generous to YB. Lay credit and blame where it’s due.

        1. You make a good point but I kinda take the reason for the album change with a grain of salt. As Kay said, the fact that WD didn’t do well in Korea probably weighed as much as the press release that YB wanted to go with a different mood with the whole thing after his depression lifted. But we’ll never really know.

          I kinda think that YB dodged a bullet with the March promo thing. He would have had to go straight into promos right after ELT so he wouldn’t be in the best condition. Plus have to do Big Bang Lotte concert etc. And then the Cheonan sinking was end of March so he would have had to suddenly stop promos. And then slug it out with Rain and Hyori and 2pm (and Gummy) in end April. World Cup was May-June. July was conceivably the most logical date for him to actually start.

          I can sympathize with YG’s scheduling headaches because he doesn’t want his artists to go head to head. But saying that YG is extremely generous would be kind of a stretch…

  23. woowww i love this videoo but i really wish he could perform in america soo many girls love him and they dont even get an opprotunity to actually see him in person well unless they fly to japan. taeyang is an amazing person and i think the whole world needs to see what he is all about not just japan and korea.

    1. I can’t speak for anyone else but I totally agree with you. YB should tour outside of Asia. Internationally he is a star and he should have the opportunity to perform for his fans. But he needs time to do it and with BIG Bang’s comeback on the horizon I don’t know when he will be able to do it. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I want YB to come to Canada.

        1. I agree. He has a long way to go but he’s at a start. Not yet ready to take the world by storm but give him a few years and the right promotions and keep the “don’t try too hard” feeling and he should be golden. I’m sure we’ve discussed this somewhere on the site before.

        2. ^The words “right promotions” don’t apply to YB anymore

          -_- that won’t happen…just like with Se7en, YB is doomed if he goes international with YG.

          don’t mind me. I’m supremely bitter.

        3. In my eyes as a solo artist he isn’t ready to promote internationally. And his English is the farthest thing from my mind when I make this statement. I view it in more of a sense where the world is still pretty closed minded. Acts from international markets need to come strong if they want recognition. Sure he’s still developing and depending on it by the next album he drops (BigBang or Solo) where his vocals become more solid and can keep his breath a bit better during performances. he also has be ready to throw away his pride as a star in korea and be ready to open show after show in the shittiest of places night after night no real music shows just night clubs. I know YG got their connections and will prolly use them but he should be ready for the worst instead of what he’s been used to the last couple of years. When he gets that mind set (atleast) he’ll be ready to start. I know he has his followings now in hotspots around the globe but in my mind this is what he’ll need to break through.

          Unless he goes and ends up with some drama that makes him a break out star like other celebs in this world (which usually ends horribly for all parties involved) so I’d rather not this way

        4. I want YB to stay true to his own vision of where he wants his career to go. Right now his international fanbase wants to see him perform. I want him to bring his music to fans that don’t care about the language barrier because they love YB and his music. I think he’s ready for that. What the general public is ready for pertaining to his style (R&B) or race (Asian) has no bearing on me. For it to still matter in this day and age hurts my heart greatly. I don’t want YB to pull a Se7en and release an English language album in hopes of making it big. I just want him to stay true to who he is, do the music he wants to do and hopefully tour internationally.

        5. Who says cutting an English album wouldn’t be true to who he is? YB has said that he wants to be an international superstar and he that he wants to be on the world stage. He can only do that with an English album. And I would LOVE for YB to tour internationally too. I don’t believe that his race would be a burden to him if he ever did decide to hit the US market. If he stays with YG, I hope that the promo team learned their lesson with Se7en and does right by him.

        6. If YB wants to release an English album he can but people keep talking about Se7en and his failure to make it in the US market as a reason why YB shouldn’t try. I support YB no matter what he wants to do musically. I love his Korean music. If he wants to release an English album that’s his choice but I’m talking about right now. International fans that fell in love with WD and WUA did so not because of language but because YB’s music spoke to them regardless of it. It was his music that made people sit up and take notice of him. His artistry on stage and his ability to convey emotion is what sets him apart from most K-pop acts. Whether he sings in English or Korean is not the point. International fans want to see him perform outside Asia because they love YB’s music. Language is not a factor.

        7. Obviously language is not a factor for the international fans that he already has. I meant in terms of his comment of becoming a global superstar like his idol Usher.

        8. In that case I think YB should release music the way BB do in Japan. They release albums where they sing in Korean, Japanese and English. If YB wants to become a global superstar like Usher he should do so gradually. Being an Asian man could be a huge factor if he tries to break into the US market. In Quebec where I live Celine Dion for most of her career sang in French until she released her first English album in 1990. It took her 10 years to break into the international market. SOLAR is a good start because YB had the international fans in mind when he recorded it. I just want to see YB in concert and not have to fly to South Korea (although I will if I have to) to do it. 🙂

    2. YB needs a winning condition and I don’t see any here. You’re pissed because he has to cut his promotions short due to his commitments to Big Bang but you don’t think he should go solo (international) because he’s not ready yet. Then what is the answer?

      1. he waits.
        he does what he needs to do with BB, what he needs to do for his concert, a few radio shows maybe…
        that’s it.
        and maybe get the girl before the yr ends. 🙂

      2. Those are two entirely situations. Him going international is separate from having a respectable promotional period in Korea. I’m confused by what you are saying.

      3. it’s like putting a little puppy in a cage full of big dogs.

        YB is no where near ready for international promotions. And sorry to say, but YB has no where near the ambition to go international. I see nothing ambitious about what he’s doing and wants to do.

        And yes, how does it have ANYTHING to do with promoting in Korea?

      4. Two separate conversations going on at once Tofu. Another blogger was suggesting YB should do some concerts in the States other bloggers disagreed about his readiness……

      5. It has everything to do with promoting in Korea. YB has an uphill battle there musically. The style that he’s drawn to is not popular there and is a hard sell. Internationally he’s fairing better, but many of you think he’s not ready for that type of exposure. Seeing as he is not a solo artist and he is in fact a member of Big Bang we have to expect that the group WILL come first. And that’s where we are. He can’t turn his back on the group to continue his solo promotions. YG gave him time to promote and we knew going in that it would be short. It’s a shame that we didn’t get ample warning that this particular performance was his goodbye stage but that’s how it is. We can’t change that.

        1. Compare it to his last promotions.

          You’ll see exactly why we’re upset.

          And that was his mini album. This is a FULL ALBUM.

          I did not wait 2 years for 3 weeks. As I am sure most his diehard fans either. It’s no wonder K-fans are pissed.

          And the international fans, is only a small portion of the people who can put aside the language barrier just for music….if he wants to go international, officially, sorry but he would have to release an English album. Just cause we love him without understanding the language, doesn’t mean everyone else will.

          By not telling fans this was his goodbye stage, its just disrespectful. Both on YG and YB’s part. I’m sorry, but you want to keep fans, show them some respect. We put in hours, sweat and tears into representing you…heck, we build fandoms for you, and hope a little bit of you can shine for the rest of the world to see.I’d like a little more courtesy and I’m only one force representing him internationally, god knows how K-fans feel~

        2. Kay, I’m a new fan I don’t know how YG handled YB’s promotions for HOT. I discovered YB in November the same time I discovered Big Bang. I didn’t realize YB was feeling so conflicted with his WD promotions until his GQ article. I enjoyed the time he got to perform with BB in Japan as well as doing his solo work in Korea. I had no idea of the problems he was having within YG about his full album. I know die hard fans have been waiting two years for his full release and it sucks that he isn’t getting the time he needs to promote properly. But we can’t put all the blame on YG and BB. YB put a lot of time and effort into making the album he wanted to (which took extra time because he dumped the songs YG wanted him to release) to make the album that spoke to him. The success that BB are having in Japan was unexpected and I’m sure YG wants to strike while the iron is hot for this particular market (which is larger than Korea in terms of $$) Hopefully when YB comes back he’ll be able to do some more promotions for SOLAR until his solo concert in September. I know this sucks for die hard fans who have followed YB since his debut but what can be done to change something that is already done?

  24. After thinking it all over, I would prefer if he did end his promotions. In exactly one month he’ll have his solo concert and will now have to start preparations for it if he hasn’t already. Furthermore, he has to also concentrate on BB’s Japan activities and will most likely be flying back and for btwn Japan and Korea (much like GD when he was prepping for his concert). YB also has a few concert dates to attend to at the end of this month. He’ll be exhausted if he were to continue promoting his album.

    As for after the concert, well.. who knows, but promotions for the song would probably be short anyways so why bother?

    1. i agree with this. if they were they were planning to make yb take a break only to continue his promo’s later, i’d rather they didn’t and just end it here. BUT, the problem lies in how they have abruptly ended things with NO prior notice. THIS is what really bugs me about it all. only AFTER his inki performance did they announce it was a goodbye stage, or as it stands ‘see you later’ stage … things like this should be announced a week in advance or a couple days in advance, not AFTER the performance has taken place.
      all i’ve got to say is that i’m very disappointed, i’m not even angry coz this really isn’t anything new, they’re just repeating the same mistakes they did with the WD promos.

      1. they don’t have to announce, if the artist isn’t going to be on the music shows after a certain date. they do that out of courtesy, if anything they can just leave you to find out when the show gives the list of performers during the middle of the week.

        1. you do know that just makes it all the more worse and furthers my disappointment. if they didn’t feel the need to notify us fans beforehand whom most of us are ‘consumers’ people who support yb/bb/yg financially as well then that is just completely disappointing.

  25. I nearly cried after hearing that this was YB’s goodbye stage, but I’m glad to hear it’s just a break, whatever that means. Hopefully, he promotes a new song then. Ugh, I really don’t understand YG sometimes. Why is he making all of his artists comeback right on top of each other and then rushing their promo or not giving them promo at all? It’s not fair to anyone!

  26. Yay! Some good news… apparently Kim Yuna is using Superstar as her background music for her Cyworld.

    Sigh. I’m easy to please. (“Look, shiny object over there”….runs after it…)

    1. LMAO! Bluemaid…ahhhhh you crack me up.
      And that’s awesome! Seeing that Yuna is called “Korea’s Goddess”… yay for YB!

  27. Resuming activities after Japan…when exactly are Japanese promos over? The single doesn’t come out until the end of August, so does that mean we won’t see him again until September? So long… :/

  28. i felt dissapointed as well cause its only a month and the promotion suddenly stops there..but look on the bright side…at least YB can rest all his worries and forget bout the pressure for awhile before performing again…isnce before his comeback, he faces lots of troubles such as always feel pressure a lot and lack of sleep…he is still a human though so lets just think positive^^ besides, the BIgbang also needs to shine right^^ i cant wait for the comeback and the beautiful hangover song was totally awsome^^ all i wish is that success will always be beside YB and the BIgBang^^ YB & BIgbang FIGHTING!!!!^^

  29. i’m a huge yb fan and i love seeing him all the time but i really didn’t like his promotions for i need a girl
    i prefer wedding dress and where u at promotions
    he only performed a limited number of times but each time was explosive and got the fans extremely excited
    he didn’t need to perform every single week for wedding dress and where u at to be a massive success
    the music spoke for itself

    so i think a little bit of break is nice so when he comes back for more songs we’ll be built up with anticipation and excitement

    the only thing i don’t approve of is shoving one artist after another
    it’s ok for other companies but for yg the fans have waaay too many crossovers and it’s hard for us to concentrate

  30. Its actually a bittersweet thing. Since its about time the boys make a comeback. I honestly miss Big Bang as a whole group. Its been awhile since theyve all been busy with their solo activities. So im anticipating their comeback as a group. And like you all said hopefully after, we could hear YB promoting a different song. Like superstar! Sooo its pretty bittersweet to me. I cant wait for the boys to come together. I waiting to hear new songs from them. 🙂

  31. Okay, this is disappointing and I wish he had all the time in the world to promote but Taeyang is NOT a solo artist. He doesn’t have the freedom to promote for months and never will be as long as he is a part of Big Bang. GD got lucky with their schedules getting screwed up. So this is completely expected.

    His concert is not that far away so he’ll now have the time to plan it out, practice, etc. Doing this while continuing with his solo promotions AND Japanese promotions would be too much.

  32. Well, all this is nice and interesting, but what would honestly be the follow-up single? Other than Just a Feeling and Superstar( which if they get strict about wont cut it either) The rest of his songs on the album Korean broadcast stations I doubt would let him perform, the lyrics are way to suggestive of things they’ve been censoring.

    Btw I thought most of yall realized the promotional time would be short from the earlier announcements of schedules? whats the big shock…

    in all honesty I’d rather him stop his own promotions for the month all together – maybe a radio show or two since you don’t have to spend almost your whole day at that location.
    And do the japanese concerts (no way in hell would he pass up performing on same stage/day as stevie wonder)
    and prepare for his own.

    N Quit Bashing on YG it isn’t as much of his fault for the blame you give him. They know the music style isn’t wildly accepted in Korea, they know how much work he’s put into it, They also know he’s under contract with another company for his japanese activities, there’s only so much time and we don’t have a second by second log of what they are really doing behind the scenes. and its better he stops his own promotions for now instead of ended up in the hospital from having all that extra work piled up.

    like he said BigBang comes before himself.. and the time he put it working to improve and give a good show is the same as the time you have to wait. Anticipate it or not, love it or hate it. This is how it is. If you can’t accept it buy 51% of YG’s company and change things to be as you see fit. You’ll soon realize almost nothing will go as you plan when it comes to creating sound music a solid album and a stage you’d be proud to perform all in the sense of scheduling it all around the same time. Especially when your artist is part of an even bigger act.

    1. Thank you! People seem to overlook the fact that their upcoming Japanese promotions include performances along side artists like Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder. I mean, hello? That is HUGE.

    2. Lets be BFF’s XD . Hmmm about the possibility of which songs to promote im really looking forwards to Break Down if it is at all possible but knowing how strict they can be about lyrics hmmm might not pass. I cannot wait for the concert!!!! I read somewhere that Shaun himself want’s to use other choreographers with him so the possibility of kick assery choreo Gahhh I cannot wait Yall!!

  33. This is so frustrating.
    It is only when Taeyang goes solo that I can actually stan someone from YG and now you tell me that after 3 weeks of appearing on 2, 3 shows, his promotions are being paused.
    Someone really needs to check what credentials does YG’s CMO have because they fail at marketing and management.
    If he decides to promote another song after he is back from Japan, then I hope it is either JAF or Superstar since I love them the most in the album and did really well on the K-Charts too.

  34. ahem kinda late here *I’m a bit slow these days* its great news he isn’t stopping promotions yet! but wow poor boy will be tired as heck,coming back from promoting in Japan and then getting ready for BB’s comeback soon after his own promotions end.

  35. One word BS.
    I’m sure he’s not happy with just promoting for one month for his solo album.. WTH?
    Well, I want SUPTERSTAR to promote next.

  36. Awwww…to be honest I didn’t like this song all that much either :-(…I think it is time to promote another one..didn’t know why this pick this one first? I just didn’t really feel like this song was really him..I guess he didn’t win the battle with YG so he just ended up doing what they wanted ..oh well…he should do a album that comes from his heart..uhh he is the artist..YG should let him put out stuff that he likes instead of trying to turn him into a puppet just to make money..true and the really good artist that I know young bae wants to be are the artist that bring stuff out from the heart…can’t imagine how fustrated youngbae can get from all this.

    1. SOLAR is the album YB wanted to put out. The problems he was having within the company last year was because he wanted to release a straight up R&B album which is a hard sell in Korea. Because WD didn’t do well they were giving him songs that would fair better in the South Korean market. The album was completed but YB had a change of heart after he came out his depression and decided to re record the entire album from scratch. That’s why it took so long to come out.

  37. last one already! i wanted him to perform with sandara in one of his performances~!!
    oh well i hope he do best on bigbang japan activities he might perform i need a girl on special event but done prmoting it right?.

    hope him the best,very busy man.

  38. YG has had problems promoting SOLAR since WUA and WD. I personally feel like he’s chosen YB as his experiment in other ways of experimenting with other promotions.

    I can’t help but feel that the general attitude towards SOLAR in YG is that it’s just something that YB did for himself and for his diehard fans more than the general public. There was very little done to target the general audience that YB usually does – such as radio programs, club appearances -even TV appearance filming occurred only during the 1st week. Like I said, YB did radio promotions for HOT, he did it for WUA and WD and so it isn’t like it’s Japanese activities that make him unable to go on radio shows. If he could do it last year he could do it now, if GD could make radio appearances for HB in the middle of japanese promotions YB has time to do it now too.

    It’s pretty known that YB fought pretty hard with YG on the direction of this album. From him complaining about the promotions for “Where You At” that makes use of his lack of dating experience, to YB’s complaints on WD promotions and it got even worse this year when YB threw out more than 1/2 his album in January, to no one in YG liking Take It Slow. YG wanted YB to make an album that would be very similar to HOT and cater nicely to Korea’s taste and make something more pop-R&B. YB didn’t want that but something more like old school R&B from the 80s and 90s. From hearing YB speak about the album, he didn’t expect anything explosive or for the general public to fall in love with it – take a look at him introducing the album during the 1st day. Part of me sees that YG was letting YB experiment with SOLAR and explore himself as an artist and I applaud them for that -they had issues with the album clearly but they let YB do it his way. Knowing how hard YB fought with execs on this album and the difficulties he had with it made me very proud of both YG and YB.

    However this doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed with the haphazard promotions. There is a lot of songs that the general public would fall in love with if they heard it and a few radio appearances would have helped a lot. But as long as YB is happy (and he is 10x happier now than during WD and 5x more happy now than during any time I’ve seen him) then I’m happy – maybe it’s cause he got to do it his way or maybe because of *possible* girlfriend but I can’t ask more than him being happy. And that what happened with SOLAR doesn’t happen again with either YB or any other YG artist. On-off-on-off promotions doesn’t work for anyone.

    1. This is the statement released by YGE on June 16th when YB’s album was announced.

      “This first full length album contains all the determination that Taeyang had to become a singer since he was 13 and he gave it his all to convey 10 years worth of passion into this album. As much as he has worked and prepared for this album, we hope this will be a great gift to the fans.”

    2. what i dont understand is WTH is wrong with the general public in korea? R&B is like, the BOMB! yet they prefer those pop songs, which dont get me wrong, i like them too, but it just baffles me how YB’s music isnt well recieved by them . WD was an amazing song, why didnt the korean’s like it? (im from america btw) & i love his music .

      1. In South Korea the music that YB does is put in the category of ‘fringe’ music. The musical landscape is very bubble gum pop. Teens rule the world musically so record labels cater to them. But YB is not your typical idol. YG doesn’t cater to that type of music so it’s a tough sell for them as well. That’s why BB has to keep changing their style with each album they release. YB has always been drawn to R&B music. But in South Korea it’s called ‘Black’ music and being such is not readily accepted there. So YB being a Korean man doing Black music is going to be a tough sell.

        In 2008 he releases HOT and it does well but YB is not satisfied because that album wasn’t his creation. So as he’s putting together his full album the fans are getting restless so to make them happy he releases WUA and WD which both did poorly. YB wanted to showcase the music he loved. He wanted to showcase his style of dress and his type of choreography. It crashed and burned, but Internationally he’s blowing up.

        Recognizing this YB scraps the album YG wanted him to put out in favor of his own creation which is SOLAR and Internationally it blows up. I believe it’s done well in South Korea but not like it has abroad. Now here we are. As long as YB continues to do Black music in a market that doesn’t accept it (The company didn’t even want him to release Take It Slow because of that fact) YB is going to continue to have have troubles.

        1. well, those korean teens are weird :D, imma teen too & i love his music, i wish he didnt have so many troubles because of this , cuz i want him to continue with the music hes doing . Solar was off the hook amazing . its just too bad they didnt think so /:

      2. Taeyang, “I’m the same whether I’m solo or with Big Bang”

        – We heard that ‘I Need a Girl’ was recently #1 on Canadian iTunes and #2 on American iTunes. On top of that, there are lots of videos up on YouTube of foreigners making remakes with English versions, male and female versions. It seems like you’re more popular abroad than in Korea?

        ▲ ‘Wedding Dress’ didn’t gain that much popularity domestically but it received a lot of love abroad. I saw a lot of remake versions uploaded online then as well. I think ‘Wedding Dress’ is why ‘I Need a Girl’ is receiving so much love abroad too.
        There’s one thing I realized then. Even though I myself don’t go abroad, the music I make now is worldwide and the stage I make is worldwide. It’s a global generation now. I realized while working on ‘Wedding Dress’ that I have to be of the mindset that my music has to be heard by people all over the world. If I work with that kind of heart, I think people recognize it.

        That was my ultimate goal while working with Teddy on this album. Let’s make an album that can hold its own wherever it goes, let’s prove that there’s someone who can make good music in Korea even if Korea itself doesn’t recognize us, is what we thought while we worked.

    3. you make some good points toozdae.
      But at the same time, I dont think I can agree w/ Solar is “something that YB did for himself and for his diehard fans more than the general public”
      If we start from the beginning, during WD promotions, YB had said that it isn’t his title song…that there’s more to come. OK, that brought hype. Then before INAG was released, YG said that the song will be more popular than LOAM, and that it’ll be a big hit…more hype. Before the release of the mv, Dara released small hints/clues for fans…..add some more hype.
      Plus, what’s the point of releasing an album if you’re not trying to cater to new people?
      But I agree wholeheartedly that on and off promotions doesnt work for anyone. Lets just hope he really is happy
      I dunno, I feel like this topic’s been discussed alot, and Im glad it is..nice to see all the differing view points. ATY is seriously like a debate team. Also, Im glad we can all keep our cool 🙂

      1. During WD it wasn’t his title song -that’s the truth. According to YB the original title song is still siting somewhere in YG (the Real Album song). I don’t think what was planned during WD can be followed into SOLAR since there is such a gap musically and time wise.

        Personally. I see the over hype for SOLAR as a way to gather as many people to to take a listen as possible as well as a way to prepare people for the change that was SOLAR. Also because YG knew that promotions wouldn’t be long. Tae said that he just wanted people to listen and some of the hype was to get people to listen and see if they like it.

  39. Wow….look at all the craziness this has created!!!

    I admit, when this news first came out, I went ape-shit crazy. But now, after calming down and thinking about it, there is really no use in getting mad. Nothing we do or say is going to change the way things are. And after reading everyone’s comments, I just have a couple of things to say.

    YG….I do hope you know what you’re doing. I can’t even begin to comprehend what it takes to run a successful music company so I’m definitely putting my faith in you.

    I do have to say, though, that this stop-and-go promotional style YG has going for YB doesn’t seem to be the way to go though. I wish YG would have just waited until BB finished their Japanese promotions if YB’s promotions were going to be broken in half like this. However, as much as we can all complain, YB is first and foremost a member of Big Bang. Their activities trump his, ALWAYS. Some people are complaining but really just think about it. The way his album was going, YB just took too long to complete his album. This made it possible to only release it during a certain time. Se7en, 2NE1, and Big Bang all had comebacks planned as well. I’m sure this was probably the only time that YB could comeback that didn’t interfere to much with their Japanese promotions as well as the promotions of his label-mates.

    That being said, I, along with a lot of you, seem to be more angry at the way YB has been promoting lately more than anything. No performances besides Sketchbook, Real Sound, and the weekly music shows. I wanted to see him on radio shows but apparently that’s not happening anytime soon. And now that he was just starting to win awards with INAG, he stops promotions after not even three weeks of full head-on promotions. Hopefully this will not be the case with the next song YB promotes, which will hopefully be Superstar! As choppy as the promotions for INAG has been, YB deserves the opportunity to do complete promotions for his next song.

    For those that are complaining about GD’s promos vs YB. I can honestly say I don’t blame YG for going all out with GD like he did. GD is his money maker and his music is aimed at a bigger, younger audience than YB’s. YG, is first of all, a businessman. Sure he loves both of the boys, but he does have to look out for the bottom line. Money is what allows him to give the artists the opportunities they’ve had. Because BB were such big money makers, it’s allowed YG to let GD and YB produce albums that contain the music they’re truly about. Also referring to GD’s promotions (correct me if I’m wrong b/c I didn’t really follow his promotions) didn’t he only perform like once a week? YB has been allowed to perform on at least three shows a week for INAG. And although I don’t even feel like WD and WUA were truly a part of SOLAR (they seem to me like another separate mini album from YB) he did promote those songs on radio shows and with performances. So technically, he has had a pretty long promotional period already. Although since I don’t even consider WD and WUA to truly be part of the album, I’m personally going to scratch that technicality and only focus on INAG’s promotion length. And let’s not forget the YB will be coming back to promote the album again. His activities have just been put on pause due to BB’s activities. So if we add in his future promotions, they might actually turn out to be longer than GD”s promotions.

    I also came to another thought when I was having a chat party with some of the other members. It’s easy for us to be mad at YG and YB for the stuff that’s been happening. But we should all take a step back and realize something else. We have no idea what is really happening behind the scenes within the company. They are privy to details that we can only imagine. Who knows? Certain activities in the company might have forced this stuff to be played out the way is has. Instead of being so angry at YG, we should be happy that he has even given YB the opportunity to produce the music that he so loves and appreciates, seeing as how it is definitely not one of the more popular styles of music in Korea. Let’s be honest, if YB were in another company, he wouldn’t even have had this chance. At least YG lets YB make the music he wants, knowing that it’s not going to be that great of a money maker.

    Wow, so that was a little more than just a couple of things, but they were just things I had to get off my mind.

    To Kay, Tofu, and Janelle Marie…..I propose a new post to get our minds off of this! Anything!!! Sweet/sexy/cute pictures of YB…..adorable pictures of his biggest fans, Hareum and Harang….a post about all of his celebrity fangirls and fanboys….heck even just pictures of him and Boss. ANYTHING!!! Haha…..I’m just ready for the ATY community to stop being so depressed and arguing/debating about this topic since there’s nothing we can do anyways.

    1. I wish I could erase the slap in the face I’ve gotten from YG and YB with a single post but I can’t…..I’m much to depressed about this.

      I’ll consider posting something later…..if I ever feel like posting at all.

    2. Hi :)! I think the debates are pretty cool since they allow everyone to rant and let off steam and indulge in all the YB discussions we can never do in real life. (Cause unless y’all got YB fans as RL friends , the ATY community is the only one who will listen to us go on like this. And we’re a pretty eloquent bunch doncha think?)

      LOL. I was just going to congratulate most everyone on bringing out all these different POVs while respecting that we’re coming from different places on this. Maybe we’re not going to change YG’s or YB’s mind — (looks around for spies) — but there’s a comfort to be able to share all our YB angst with people who love him too. Everyone has a theory and a half on how he should have done things or what he should do going forward but at least we all want him to do well right?

    3. I agree with you. While I’m disappointed in INAG promotions I have to say I love that YB even gets the opportunity to make “HIS” album. This is the album he wanted to make – 100%. And I’m very thankful -despite the choppy promotions – that we even get this. So I’m not too angry at YG, just hope that they (both YG and YB) take this as a learning opportunity about album promotions and not saying you’re going to produce an album till you’re good and ready.

      1. So unique that we should all think about the possible choreographies for the songs in his album. A person said to me Take it slow would be like impossible to perform as it is pretty much close to being soft core P*%^^ if performed, I mean maybe a lil MV during the concert would be coo. Like imagine the slow motion in the MV (cause you know damn well KPOP are the beasts at Slow-mo) now add in some teaser shots of the……… and the crowd will go bananas. Now for “Move” that I am really enticed to see cause I’m not sure how you can choreograph Teddy’s lyrics but then of course Art can be interpreted in many ways soooooo I can’t wait for fancams. A KEKEKEKE who knows we might get English versions of WD and WUA 🙂

  40. Okay, so i read all the comments…heres my 2cents

    1) promo for SOLAR = handled well initially but ended abruptly

    2) time constraints = real artists dont release by a date but make music they want to convey. SMH at blaming YB for scraping and delaying the album (props to Mr. YG for allowing him to do that..mad respect) . YG should let his artists perform side by side or make better use of the 52weeks in a year.

    3) He belongs to Big Bang = YB fans will always get the short end of the stick and feel disappointed while he is a part of Big Bang…a bread and butter idol group for YG. This is the fact of the situation he is in. He’s someone that loves Big Bang but personally, it pains me when i see his face when they perform overly pop songs nowadays. He looks like he’s thinking “dang i sold out ” (totally my minds sight im sure) If you look at the Big Bang that prepared hard and debuted, it is nothing compared to the Big Bang post Lies that they are now musically. Though I love them, they had to change to be popular. Go take a look at how happy and energetically he performs when they do songs that are more to his tastes versus, lets say, oh my friend or haru haru!

    4) I think he wants to perform his music and fans are being too concerned over sales and promotion on his behalf. IF he really does get to continue promos after Japan , I think its okay with Taeyang because he’s still performing his music. If a new song is released, people who didnt pick up the album or didnt like INAG will have a new song and it will still push sales i think. I think fans have become more obsessed with sales, polls and charts to be happy for YB and allow him to perform and release a full album. Maybe its because we enjoy his music so much that we are greedy but negativity breeds negativity when this should be a time of well wishes and awaiting his next performance.

    5) Japan = bigger opportunities even as recognition as a solo artists than he can obtain in S.Korea performing on some music shows that teen girls who prob want to hear a pop song dominate the viewership. So I agree with YG that Japan activities trump his INAG tv promos. He can still promo, just not the weekly shows. He has given this song all the leg space, its up to audiences rather it continues to run or fizzles out. I don’t think a couple more weeks of INAG would help SOLAR imho.

    6) Good or bad, I’ll be here cheering for the guy that i think defines integrity, humility and raw talent. I personally dont think we’ll see him in the US/internationally because of Big Bang commitments, but I’ll still wish him luck domestically and internationally as he grows and undoubtedly gets better and better.

  41. OMG! YG announcement: YB is releasing an international ALbum on Aug 19. 2 new songs. With an English Wedding Dress. I am shaking so hard I cant type….

    1. The concert is postponed I think. Something about the venue….

      Also a new MV. For a new song…

      Sorry not quite coherent…

      1. Yes fans were signing petitions demanding it be held in a larger venue. And they were complaining about the buses that take them to the venues as well. I saw one of the petitions myself but then it was deleted.

      1. Silly…I was hoping you could translate. I am a blubbering fool right now. And I want to reach Kay but can’t….

  42. Gimme a few minutes, and maybe I’ll settle down enough to translate the main points, LOL. My hearts thumping, and I can’t think coherently yet either! You got the main points, although there are many more details.

    1. Don’t blame you. I can’t sit down and am one tick away from baying at the moon. I used to laugh at fangirls talking about shaking and crying. Now I know the shaking part can be true….

      1. Kfans are in shock too –in a good way. It’s all like ” Is this for real?” “Pinch me — I might be dreaming…”

    2. 19 is the BB 4th year anniversary *sigh*. Why YG? why YG? I don’t mind YB new english album but not this time.

  43. I’m sure a full translation will come later, but a quick summary for now:

    – The final performance of INAG will be on August 14th on Music Core. This is because TY’s new album will be released on August 19th.
    – The “International Release Album” will include two new songs. There will be a total of 12 tracks, consisting of TY’s songs that they feel will best appeal to int’l fans.
    – Along with the two new songs, there will be an English version of Wedding Dress. YG goes on to acknowledge its success on itunes, etc.
    – A few months ago, YGE began to branch out into the foreign market with their artists. As the next step, they plan to release MVs and English versions on iTunes, YouTube, etc – and TY is basically the first in line.
    – As a sign of thanks to TY’s fans, the int’l album will include a bonus DVD containing all of his MVs and Making Of films.

    – The new title song will be a Teddy-produced track called I’ll Be There. In contrast to INAG, it is a hip-hop R&B track with a strong beat.
    – I’ll Be There promotions will begin with the albums release and continue until the end of September.
    – The MV will be a different direction from his past ones and will be directed by the PD behind GD’s Butterfly and She’s Gone.
    – YG says Shaun’s choreo for IBT is his favorite yet.

    – TY’s solo concert will be postponed due to the fact that BB activities will not leave enough time to prepare.
    – YG goes into a long explanation for having selected the KyungHee Univ Hall, even though it’s no longer really relevant with the postponement. I’m sure this will be covered in the full translations so I’ll pass for now. The important point here is:
    – TY’s concert will be 90% with a live band.

    That’s a very brief summary of the main points. Hope I didn’t get anything wrong – I’m still a bit in a shock. ^^


    1. International album!!!
      English Wedding Dress!
      Two new songs, new MV!!!
      Promotions till end of September!!!
      Live band concert!!!

      The only thing I’m a sad about is… no Superstar as the follow-up, I guess? I ain’t complaining though! happy happy happy.

      YG better not be messing with us again, or there will be hell to pay!!! >.<

    2. This basically tells that BB won’t be coming back until end of Sept. I am happy for Taeyang. I know he will do well.

    3. Bless you, Silly. I am beside myself since the rest of ATY seems to be asleep. This is EPIC. I am convinced someone from YG visits ATY and the chatbox from time to time. Either that or I and a few others are slighty psychic because I know we’ve sort of talked about how YB would be reaching out to the I-fans soon. I just didn’t think it would be THIS soon.

      I am having kittens. Seriously, what do you do when you have so much joyful energy you don’t know what to do with it?

      1. Seriously, where is everyone?!? LOL

        YG certainly knows how to pull our strings. I swear, he put us through hell on purpose. I could just picture him reading the boards going berserk and rubbing his hands in glee. >.<

        I guess it worked though! I'm spazzing about 10x more than I did when he announced SOLAR.

        I think we finally know what that "something big in the works" is. Was it Qui/Richard that mentioned it? I can't remember who anymore.

        1. Btw, let me apologize in advance if the RS Ep. 3 subs are a little late this week. Still only partly done – yesterday I was too pissed off to continue, and tonight I’m too high to focus on it! -.-;;;;

        2. Don’t worry about it Silly! We are patiently waiting 🙂 Super thanks to you for doing this!

        3. no worries! we’ll patiently wait for that! thanks in advance for translating it for us.

          and thanks for the translations on this good news about YB’s international album.

    4. Tears are actually coming out of my eyes right now. I am in complete and utter shock. If all of this goes down as planned then YG will officially be elevated to Legend status in my books. I am over the moon right now.
      *fingers crossed* that everything goes as planned.
      Thank you for the brief translation.

    5. Ohmygoodness. I’m so glad I stayed up for a few more hours. Now I can’t even calm down enough to form words!

    6. seriously, i’m really shocked right now! after the epic discussion about his concert venue and supposedly pause in his activities, YG drops the bomb again for an international album!!!

    7. Silly! I got chills reading your post! So many huge incredible things in store and as a non-Korean fan, I’m finally feeling like part of the “center of attention” so to speak and not just fans on the sidelines!

      I’m guessing this would still be called SOLAR, or would there be a new album name? and the Bonus DVD should have english subtitles now right???? I’m so excited I’m pressing all the wrong keys on my keyboard!

      I can’t wait until the ATY staff reads about this! 🙂

      1. Oh and some more spazzing! “I’ll Be There” as the new title track in the new album got me singing MJ’s I’ll Be There. 😀 The new album would contain only 2 new tracks, so the other 10 tracks would be a combination from SOLAR and HOT! Sigh, this has turned into a happy day for me. Although I am slightly regretting buying DELUXE since I want this new album badly!!!!!! Time to think of some new money-making schemes! I really hope YB gets to promote this album on a more international level (i.e. promotions in English please so that I can appreciate what you’re saying firsthand and not just spazzing over your smile and facial expressions!)

      2. “the Bonus DVD should have english subtitles now right????”

        It better! And printed english lyrics for all the korean songs, too!

    8. OMG OMG.i can’t hardly type,after being down the whole this news is like manna from heaven.
      omgggg shaking and crying rn.please,let this be real.

    9. Oh My Goodness! is this for real?? an international album with ENGLISH songs? and made especially with us international fans in mind? *goes crazy and tries to calm down but fails*

      the beginning of WOLRD DOMINATION!? Ahhhhhhh

      where is Kay and Tofu?

      1. I think only WD is in English. The new songs are probably in Korean and the remaining 9-10 songs will be the original Korean versions from Solar/Hot. It will be like a YB introductory album for international fans (like a greatest hits album…but really early…)

        LOL its still early in the morning in North America. I’ve just been waiting for people to show up so we can have a party post…this calls for a celebration don’t you think. And a game plan so we can spread the word…

      2. ^ Oh man…even-though no one said anything about other English tracks except WD I just took it upon myself to go that extra step and assume there will be more! hahaha lol now that reality check kinda burst my bubble,lol anyway WD English version is more than enough happiness just there! 😀

        Oh LOL still morning? that explains their absence then! hehe and yep definitely a celebration! so I’ll be hanging around too celebrate properly 😀

    10. Ahh

      -As the next step, they plan to release MVs and English versions on iTunes, YouTube, etc – and TY is basically the first in line.

      Whoaaa. HOT/SOLAR in English?
      Ahh very exciting

      With all the WD covers though, I wonder if our expectations of WD eng version is too high? I don’t think the eng version would contain a rap though…

      -YG says Shaun’s choreo for IBT is his favorite yet.

      So they had his planned @)#$@# Sweet!!

    11. Thanks so much for giving us a brief summary silly!!

      OMGG!!!! So happy and excited for this upcoming album right now!!!! This is for reals!!!!

      OMG!!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!

  44. So… your guess for the 12 tracks?

    I’ll Be There
    (other new song)
    Wedding Dress (English version)
    I Need A Girl
    Where U At
    Take It Slow
    Look Only At Me
    Baby, I’m Sorry

    (I can’t believe YG’s suckered me into buying 4 versions of basically the same music – Deluxe, iTunes, Standard, and now International. My wallet!!)

    1. is this English version of Wedding Dress considered as the other new song aside from I’ll Be There?

      me too! my wallet is crying hard right now! but all for the love of YB!

      1. No, YG specifically says: *along with* the two new songs, there will be an English version of Wedding Dress.

        I’m hoping it’s a full track and not just a new intro. ^^

        1. sorry my mistake… 🙂

          i’m totally excited to hear the 3 songs. Yup, hopefully it’s a full song, not just an intro.

    2. I KNOW RIGHT!!!! I should have just left the DELUXE Edition to the Korean fans to fight over since it’s more for them anyway! Now the International Release album is for the international faaaaaaaaans! That’s us! Now I feel noticed! 🙂

      I wonder how much the new album would cost.. sounds like it could cost more than the SOLAR deluxe since this has the Bonus DVD and all.. YG have mercy on my wallet please! 🙂

      1. Me too! I also got the Deluxe Edition. The YB Shirt and the Photobook makes it more expensive but still worth it.

        I think this international album would cost MORE. Hopefully, we’ll get info on how we can get them soon and how much would it cost.

        Total splurge for YB! hahaha

    3. @silly

      Hmmm. AYFA should be on the list though. Maybe instead of Baby I’m Sorry? And Sinner (though there was a remake by an American singer so I guess not.) Heck, I think all his songs are good so what do I know?

      I think its a choice between Move and Breakdown, but not both. JAF instead.

      I’m actually wondering about distribution though. It wasn’t clear if there would be a physical album or if it was purely digital. Hope there are physical CDs.

      I’m excited and nervous though. Nervous because would fans be willing to buy another copy if they already bought Solar? I feel a strange responsibility as a longtime YB fan to somehow promote him to non fans especially non kpop fans. Any tips on how to convert listeners to YB?

      1. when the teasers for his album came out, i posted some on my FB wall, and a friend became an instant fan 😀

      2. i’m sure they’ll have a hardcopy to sell since they did mention a bonus cd and of course, it’ll probably be on itunes

    4. I’m all nods for that title list you came up with! 😀
      haha LOL yeah we’re gonna be poor as heck once all this is done and over with! but totally worth it.

      1. title list? what the heck lol I meant ‘track list’ sorry about that,still haven’t calmed down from the excitement! so a bit crazy…lol

  45. wahhh
    i was gonna write a response to some posts here that irked me, then my boss called me for a meeting, and when i got i back, i thought, ah, never mind….
    so i refreshed the page and woooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    there you go!!!
    now everyone’s happy!!!!

  46. Woohoo i hope i can buy it from my local bestbuy lol if not fuk ima cop this piece of crack woohoo

  47. I am in tears. This is the best birthday gift EVER. YB makes me so proud, I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore. I NEED THIS ALBUM IN MY HANDS ASAP!

    1. that’s what i’m guessing since they specifically mentioned english version of WD but none of the other tracks

  48. SORRY for being late!! am i reading the correct news??
    gosh!! YG is really burning a pocket in my wallet!! i bought the Deluxe & Normal Edition of SOLAR & he’s gonna release an International album of SOLAR soon?? Tsk tsk!! YG; u’ll be the death of me!! wahaha.. 🙂
    i can’t wait for it to drop; seriously!! does anyone know whether can we pre-order it or not??

  49. IS THIS FOR REAL ??? i can’t believe is !
    am an idiot for not going through the 200 something comments and getting to the good news faster 🙂

    i think this is the best news that ever been posted here and i honestly think this wouldn’t have happened with out the awesomeness that’s ALWAYS TAEYANG ( where else could international fans be seen as the force of International fans beside here )

    this is BIG and i am really happy someone has finally taking notice of us , this might be the smartest move YG has ever done in his life and even thought i got the album ( and the fact that I’m broke ) i will buy this one without a doubt , i mean it’s an international album for god sake .

  50. i’m so happy with the news i can’t contain myself.
    i wanna group hug everyone.offers cookies for everybody.dance to breakdown and everything.LOL
    i’m just too happy.:D

  51. Wow first thing in the morning (well noon lol) since I woke up was the news from Silly about the international album! what a great day I will be having now! 😀

    I feel so proud that we’re finally being appreciated as international fans,to be honest I kinda hoped it would be YG who would take the first initiative to do something like this out of all other companies because he’s a clever man and well he has the artists for it! 😀

    but this also means saving up some money! haha wow summer 2010 is one heck of a summer for me! and its not just YG family!

  52. OMGGG. I am soooooooooo incredibly ecstatic. I am literally trying to find the right words to express how unbelievably over the moon I am right now.
    YG, you’ve given me so many ups and downs….but this…man oh man…..this is a new high.
    ahhhhhhh i cant even comprehend…………i’ll come back later once I become more coherent….

    1. LOL haha bluemaid and I are releaving(is that even a word?) our spazzments at the chatroll! you can join us if you like! 😀

    2. LOL where were you all? I’ve been waiting for you guys to show up so we could get a party started…

  53. OMG I JUST DIED…can’t think straight
    This news is just too good, I’ll come back and spazz when I can breathe right

    1. I went upstairs to properly spazz a.k.a run around screaming.
      Then told my mom what was responsible for my sudden craziness, then promptly returned to spazzing.
      All my happiness was cut short when she said to me, “Who said you were going to get one, remember you have no money left”


      1. ROFL.

        well for me, i’m just gonna settle for the international album instead hahah since i still haven’t gotten my solar yet(poor student here). still needs more money..

  54. omg. what the hell. i am like surprised at this sudden outburst of comments. guys, chillax! we have the international album coming out (:

  55. imo,i think YB should include the tracks in the REAL.i mean we got solar already.so,if this new album contains the one in solar so,this is like repackage or sth?
    w/e i still buy the album.

  56. I am so late to this party. I can’t even form words right now and I can barely write. I’m too happy. YG must read this blog because after what went down yesterday this news has completely floored me. I sent Kay the translated article so hopefully we’ll have a new thread to spazz in. I’m so happy. Thank you YG and YB. This album is going to be epic! WORLD DOMINATION. WHOO!!!!!

    1. no no your not late! the party hasn’t started yet! its just that some of us have been getting things ready for the party,we must wait till others join us LOL

      yeeeahhh baby WORLD DOMINATION indeed! 😉

  57. this is the best news ever!
    finally, an album for us international fans.
    YG, how could you do this to my heart?!? have you planned this all along so as to see as suffer in depression then make us go crazy in ecstasy?!?
    as much as i wanted YB to promote TAKE IT SLOW when he comes back, promoting an entirely new song which is I’ll Be There is totally awesome!
    i hope this time it’s not going to be on-off promotions again. i want a full-blast promotion for YB.

    this is my tracklist:

    1. IBT
    2. new song
    3. INAG
    4. JAF
    5. AYFA
    6. TIS
    7. Superstar
    8. Move
    9. LOAM
    10. Prayer
    11. WUA
    12. WD (english version)

  58. Oh my freakin’ lord… IS THIS FOR REAL!?!??!?! OH MY GOD!!!!!!

    Wedding Dress English version.. EPIC AWESOME…..

    and another new album!!! OMFG

    YG you really get us fans to our extremes, first you frustrate us yet again with the lack of proper promotion for our YB, and your crammed schedules for all your artists…

    Then you give us teasers for SOLAR album that made us bat shit hyper and high for a week or so

    Now you give us this piece of news… YB the first in line to reaching out to international fans!! Really, I don’t know whether to jump in joy, cry or all of those at the same time!!

    Argh~~~~ My family spent dollars on the SOLAR album and a new laptop. I don’t want them to help me spend more on my fandom….. “XD

  59. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WD in english version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People.. omg.. i’m spazzing write now and why am i tearing up so much??? Move away covers on youtube. the real english version is here!!!! XDDD

  60. Wow YG is definitely the sneakiest bastard ever!!!! (in the best possible way of course!). Putting us through the he’ll we went through just to gives this awesome news later? I don’t know if my heart can take all of these ups and downs!

    International album!?!?????!!!!! I’m so excited to are the we have been so acknowledged by YG and YB. To think we were complaining about the Deluxe album not being available to us but now we get our own album plus two new songs and an English version of WD! Can’t wait to hear that one; after hearing so many covers, I’m just ready to hear YB’s version. And call me selfish, but I’m so dying to hear the English version of WUA.

    Man we were all completing about the choppiness of YB’s promotions but YG has obviously proven that he is still the genius we all knew he was. Making us all super depressed just to make us ecstatic with news like this. Best promotion tactics ever! YG, what are you doing to me? I already bought the normal and Deluxe versions of the album…..looks like I have to buy the int’l version too!!!

  61. i want to see him perform take it slow…it’s not a fast song but i am dying to see how taeyang will put on his performance with this one.

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