07.31.10 – Taeyang found his girl on Music Core?

Taeyang is back with his  bib on Music Core but with a little twist.  The choreography was changed a bit so that  Taeyang’s and Ji-Hye’s roles were switched.   So what does that mean for the famous kiss that all the ladies are fighting over?  All I’ll say is that if IU was considered incredibly lucky to kiss Taeyang, I dunno what you would say about Ji-Hye.

130 thoughts on “07.31.10 – Taeyang found his girl on Music Core?”

  1. I like how they went with the beat, nice change of outfits for the gals, a lot of bumpin and grindin lol.

    1. Hmmm if their starting to switch things up it could mean his probably ready to do somethin new maybe and once they remix the song then I’m pretty sure his getting close to ending his promotions for the single and on to the next one hehe

  2. Omg, you guys are fast! Ahhhh, im so jealous. 1000 times to the max. But i like this choreo better, or maybe i got tired of watching the same routine?! Idk, but i love it! I was totally spazzing out. Its so ironic how i told myself not to watch MuCore since its gonna be INAG w/ the same routine but i turned out to be completely wrong. Ohwelll, thanks ATY for being so fast

  3. I love this performance, I love the old dance but this routine was sooooo good.

    *and that bib line killed me. But the awesomeness of this performance more than made up for it.

  4. i like the change in choreo!!

    but the outfit… )=

    anyways, i thought BaeBae was gonna kiss her on the lips or something!! ahh – i’m a little relieved! LOL.

    it’s good they switch it up from time to time.

    thanks tofu!! (=

    1. maybe the kiss is for another performance. Maybe each change will be steamier than the last. And then on the goodbye stage, something will be revealed.

      Honestly I adore Jihye so I’m not made at her – really jealous though.

      1. A big girl crush of mine too. Not even jealous! hahah Since we’re all out looking for a girlfriend for Taeyang…Ji-Hye isn’t a bad idea. He likes noonas! lol.

      2. Ji Hye is extremely sexy ..

        I’m still in shock of how flirty BaeBae has been.

        His Goodbye Stage – i always thought he’d relieve his girlfriend.

        I bet you he has one right now.

        ahhh, the torture. but i hope he is happy ❤ lol

        1. If he “relieved” his girlfriend for a goodbye stage… that would really be a good bye from kpop.

          You may of meant reveal his girlfriend.. which the ways things are going I wouldn’t put it passed them. Or maybe just lock lips with a female Celeb or somethin. Make it a YG/bigbang tradition. Taeyang drops a album and a Member locks lips with a female celeb at the Gayo/Award shows

        2. ^ Now that would be EPIK LMFAO and the lucky gal is gonna be Joori BUAHAHAHAHA!!!

        3. ROFL J Quest….

          The possibilties for the year end Gayos are endless… imagine all the kissing possibilities…for kissers and kissees… BB could go on a spree…

        4. Forget Gayo….I just want to see what he’s going to do tomorrow to top tonight’s performance!

        5. Duet stage with IU’s I Need a Boy and Taeyangs INAG, at Gayo awards. With Bae kissing IU haha that would be EPIC! xD

        6. LMAO I didn’t realize I wrote relieved. Tha what happens when you’re up at 2am watching YouTube lol.

          Anyways if he duets with IU that’ll be adorable. She’s soooo cute! And if they did end up locking lips idk how her heart’s gonna take it lol (: she might faint or fangirl off the stage lol

          but all these ideas and possibilities are making me anxious for Gayo this year!! if he does reveal his girlfriend or lock lips with random female celebrity – yb is definitely not the innocent shy boy anymore =P

  5. GAH…..can’t believe I overslept!!! This would have made my day….watching it live!

    This has got to be my new favorite performance of INAG. The choreo shift was awesome! YB was feeling up on the girls…naughty YB. And even gave a kiss Ji Hye! What’s going on now??!??!?!?!! I’m so JEALOUS!!!!!

  6. Glad that he switched it up a bit; was hoping for something different & he delivered that. I wonder if they’ll switch it up more often? xd
    Taeyang, you always look so hot love but please loose the bib! Thanks guys for the video xd

    1. He’s going fencing after the performance, and didn’t want to bother changing later. Or YG said wear it and he was like Yes boss

  7. Finally!! The dancers changed their outfits 😀 Why did bae wear the same ugly outfit again? I was a bit surprise coz the first dancer is not jihye but later realise that choreography was changed haha.

  8. OMGosh im cracking up of how surprised YB is getting to the bumpin n grindin and how into it he is 😀 !!!

  9. it would be nice if he’ll gonna do the same on his goodbye stage but with the girl in the music video…=)

    1. he will be in japan next week
      so i think this is his goodbye stage
      then comeback from japan with a new song

      cant wait for tomorrow
      but new outfit pls lol

      1. i doubt this is his goodbye stage. yg usually announces stuff like that before hand. also, music core would have labeled this his goodbye stage as well if it was.
        i think we’ll probably see two more weeks of promos max, then he’ll prepare for his concerts. it seems like the logical way to end things.

      2. this is the new song from japan, its called “Beautiful Hangover” Youngbae is back with his signature hats ❤

  10. OMG Ji Hye loves it. very obvious, i mean, it looks like she really loves it. XD don’t blame her though.. see his smile when he was about to kiss her.. it was like “yes! golden chance!” hahah

    I love this performance. cuz Bae seems to really love this new piece of choreography as much as i do and that was a really nice change too. Thanks to this performance cuz now i get to dream how YB would look like kissing my cheek hahahahah.

    One thing that caught my attention is when YB slides his hand over those thighs… flirty dude but the audience love it and so i XD

  11. love it^^ a bit jealous of ji hye unni cause well…she got that kiss from YB!!!! aigooo….but the performance was awsome^^ and i love the outfits^^ Not sure bout the tortoise neck shirt on YB but it does look fashionable in a defferent perspection^^

  12. OMFG this was HOT!!!

    I always feel bad watching every INAG performance. My eyes are always glued to Ji Hye!! YB I’m so sorry! Fail at being a fan, LOL.

    I love the chemistry these two have, everything just flows out and feels natural.

    Damn I was smiling like mad when they looked like they were about to lock lips rather than a peck on the cheek!

    Now I so want to be in Ji Hye’s place, lucky woman!!! I am so jealous!

    Not mad though, if Ji Hye turns out to be YB’s “the one” then I’m all for it. =)

    1. Me too. I love them together and I’m so happy they’re shining together. I always thought those two would be perfect together and this is just giving me so many Jihye-YB moments.

      And yeah, Jihye does steal the camera at times in INAG esp since YB cant take his eyes off of her either.

      Personally, my #1 choice for YB’s gf is Jihye followed by Dara. If it’s one of them then I’ll be a happy fangirl.

    2. same here! i can’t keep my eyes off of her. She’s gorgeous and such a great dancer~
      usually I don’t pay much attention to backup dancers like with se7en’s performance I tried watching the main girl who dances with him but she doesn’t keep my attention at all. I can’t even remember what her face looked like now that I think about it x:
      Ji Hye really stands out and Taeyang kissing her made me love her even more <:

    3. Great chemistry, they make it very natural to the point you think there a couple when they are not.
      I think even since HOT album his performances with her and even Big Bang promotions he dances with her, must make them both comfortable around each other.

      The part where YB stroked those 2 girls legs made me LOL

  13. That was HOTT!! haha. Maybe the change in choreography is to bring Dara back out. In the video, she wasn’t that great of a dancer, especially next to TY. Hopefully, she’ll be the one coming out! Ji-Hye is good too, though.

    That weird smock thing… makes me think of a priest. haha. He really does remind of Kwon Sang Woo in Love So Divine. KSW changed his personality and dream of becoming a priest for a girl. Taeyang changed his personality for this album.. hmm.

  14. i love everything about tonight except i wish i were one of those girls. YB’s touching them … oooohh hahaha
    his singing and dancing were really good!
    and omg, jihye gets a kiss!

  15. LOL i love the new twist on the choreography…..im totally showing Shaun this ahaha and see what he thinks lol
    I like the bumping and grinding!

    1. So this isn’t a Shaun creation? I thought he may have had a hand in this. Is he not still in Korea? Is it ok to even ask, lol?

      1. I would assume Jae Wook, the resident YG choreographer, switched up the choreo. I believe Shaun left soon after the first few perfomances caz looking at his twitter he has been in the US teaching classes and being busy with Movement Lifestyle

    2. Was pretty sure this wasn’t Shaun’s work because it lacked all the detailing that Shaun’s particular about. And the other back dancers were left hanging several times. But its great fanservice and a pleasant switch nevertheless… and boy is it sexier (though I’m surprised the ratings people didn’t catch it.)

      I’m trying to imagine YB’s input into the new choreo as well. Boggles the mind if this was all his idea….

      1. A lot of the music shows have raised their ratings recently so I don’t think it mattered. It went from 12 to 15. Seems like YB is taking full advantage of that.

    3. I wonder who choreographed it, maybe Jae or even YB himself. Glad they switched it up a bit, the standard perf was getting a bit monotonous

  16. omg!!
    loved the small changes in the choreo!
    soo thankful for the outfit changes as well (been waiting for that)
    but omoooo when he kissed her, I almost fell off my chair!! LOL
    gosh they’re so sexy together….but he’d look better w/ me ..just sayin..LOLL ;P

    1. just a thought….I wonder if that’s the first time he’s kissed a girl on the cheek?? (mom/aunt doesn’t count! LOLLL)

      1. i thought about that too. it was soooo sweet. and the way he was singing before it, you know he was anticipating something. :)))) im sooo giddy!!!!

  17. whoa, that was totally unexpected but still HOT!!!!!
    You can see he was pretty awkward w/ the first dancer, okay w/ the second, and then when jihye came on the chemistry was off the hook.

    wonder if YB’s giving us a hint as to what his 18+ concert is going to be like. ugh, i wanna goooo…

    i really liked the background too.

  18. Awesome performance by our Bae ^_^.
    I love the girls outfits, somehow it makes them looks like Goddess. Some parts of the choreography looks like the one in the MV..hmmm, and that kiss? It got me clapping (with the woohoo) like he just got a touchdown… ^_^.

    YB ❤

  19. Great performance. Vocals and choreography were all on par. The chemistry was great too. I like it when he smiles more….looks more like hes just enjoying it and having fun.

    Even the stage was cool ‘i like the LED light colours’ hahaha

    Glad they switched it up a bit, the standard performance was getting a bit predictable

  20. awww YB that was too close @0:58…this time he kisses Jihye. I hope he gets to do live performance of this song with Dara. i think YB is able to pull that outfit up. something different and its not that bad compared to some outfits and style of other idol boy groups.

  21. Oh my god I think I almost died from all the spazzing. I’m happy with the change in choreography, good to see something new. And man, JiHye, you’re not just lucky, you’re FREAKIN’ lucky. Not only does she get to kiss Taeyang but he gets to kiss HER. Jealous to the max. LOL.

  22. Wahhhhhh…soooo gooodddd….but sooooo saddddd….(that kiss) whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol.

    Im kidding. welll not totallly. BUt i guess he can’t be innocent forever.

        1. 😀 hehe

          kinda off topic but is it just me who feels there’s a reason behind the change in choreo,like YB finding a girl? or it could just be coz they felt like a change…lol

        2. I like the change too, I cant help but wonder if he’s found a girl yet,I’m crazy lol

  23. omg.. every fangirl was dying to be Jihye.. haa
    and we can see TY can’t hold his smile during the ending pose.. haaaa.. thinking “I did it! :)” in his mind. lol

  24. and obviously TY is taking Seungri’s advise in Strong Heart.. in the touching the girls’ legs part.. ha

  25. I am so in love with this performance!! This was the best one yet!! I loved the kiss part! Aghhhhhhh! I wish that was me dammit!!!LOL!!

  26. haha EPIC! I love this new twist,it was refreshing.

    and thank goodness for the change in the girls’ outfits lol but Taeyang’s still holding onto that half apron thing 😀

  27. I’m sorry but that bib has got to go but at least the backup dancers got new outfits.. Love the new twist in the choreography…it was nice to see. What is this now, I think thats like the most leg stroking, bumping and grinding I’ ve seen from YB. Hands down, the best performance to INAG so far. Everything was just awesome.

  28. it’s FINAL!! YB is dating JiHye!! hehe.. just joking!! :p

    i like this coupling more compared to YB+Dara; i dun know why.. hehe.. sorry if i offend any SunDara fans.. 🙂

    i FREAK out when i saw the peck!! AARRGGHH!!!! i was literally SCREAMING inside my heart when i saw YB gave da peck on JiHye’s cheek.. 😀

    seems like JiHye didnt expect the peck from YB.. is it un-plan?? erm.. YB definitely UP his performance stage!! :p

    1. oh my! when i read the 1st sentence i was like YES! but then i saw u were joking.. -.- lol (: i wish thye were a couple so bad!

      1. if only i can confirm that sentence of mine.. hehe.. 😀

        seriously; their chemistry is OFF THE HOOK!! makes u feel as though there’s REALLY something going on between the both of them.. haha.. 🙂

        but YB once mentioned in his interview; the relationship he & JiHye had was platonic; to a point whereby they can’t develop anymore feelings beyond their friendship.. maybe; YB is just trying to conceal his true feelings for JiHye.. haha.. (i think i sidetracked a lil’ too much)

        whatever it is; YB & JiHye should really hook up one day!! cuz they’re perfect for one another; though many of us would feel sad cuz we’re not the girl whom he picks to be his girlfriend.. but still; he’s our Bae-By & he needs to be happy!! 😀

        1. totally agree with you 100 percent! They’d make an amazing dancing couple . (: and oh, if only you could confirm it! haha

        2. I don’t know. YB had a pretty big personality change this year so maybe the way Jihye views him has changed too. YB is so different this year and his confidence is really attractive. Jihye has my vote as YB’s potential gf.

        3. i think their views on each other has changed.. maybe that’s why they’re getting EXTREMELY close during INAG performances.. hehe.. 😀

          i agree with toozdae abt JiHye being YB’s potential gf.. hehe.. they’ll be the cool dance couple.. 🙂

  29. I have a feeling that Taeyang might like Dara. I am not sure so I made a video about it. I am not the best at videos but it is just a hobby but what do you guys think about the Dara Taeyang thing. I could be wrong but I love this so much!!

    1. dude, Sundara shippers need to give it a rest…I’m like a key away from deleting this video…

      fantasy videos is like…the last straw…..people…@.@ ya’ll scare me sometimes -_-

      And I really hope he doesn’t date someone inside YG ent~ can you imagine the utter awkwardness if you broke up and had to be in the same company as you’re ex. There is a reason why in-house couples are not allowed.

      1. Well, that’s what shippers do. They make videos, write fanfics, create graphics, speculate, etc. It’s part of the whole shipping extravaganza.

        With all the flirting Tae does with Dara and even Seungri stepping in to talk about the two of them dating, it’s only natural that people would read into it.

        Personally, i’m still all about TY/Aimee :X

    2. I just don’t see them together.. Dara seems so awkward around Tae Yang. IMO I don’t see them being more than good friends.

    3. This was just humor too!! I made some errors with grammer and spelling. Forgive me. ATY, I hope you forgive me. I used your clip because you guys have the best subbing ever. Don’t be mad at me!*wincing*

      1. Not mad. It’s just, people are blowing this whole Dara-Taeyang thing out of proportion~ Maybe cause I’m not a shipper, I don’t see anything in the way they interact that indicates a relationship….some shippers are just taking this wayyyy too far……..

        1. I didn’t know that there were others doing The Dara-Taeyang thing. Now I am curious about the other vids and how bad the shipping is in them. I didn’t realize that so many people are doing that with the Taeyang Dara thingy.

        2. i heart you Kay

          i think Dara fans really like shipping
          last year it was Dara-GD, Dara-wooyoung and now this year Dara-Taeyang

          i wonder who will be their next target ? lol

        3. @xx…”i think Dara fans really like shipping” ….. NOT ALL THO, same as u, YB fans, and if ur YB paired to somebody u just feel its cute eventho not true… if Dara paired with GD just becoz they hav that song hello, wooyong as well, he gave that flowers and etc. things… and now to YB…. sorry for those ppl dont like dara tho… actually for me only Dara, i hope no pairing but i think u cant help it.. (even to others celebrity it will happen)…. All of you here dont like shipping, sorry for that person who gave her video tho… BUT STILL I LOVE YG FAMILY! THE BEST COMPANY! and by the way i always read all the comments every now and then here… its all cute to read…. peace!

    4. there not much videos of fanvid of taeyang and dara if you search it on google its all about love triangle bettwen gd,dara and taeyang and the rest are all news about i need a girl.
      seach it on youtube and the videos are only i need a girl music video and there just 3 fanvid are like a year ago fanvid of them i only saw like about 3 or 2 very new fanvid and there like 30 second.sundara isnt any strong compared to the others sundara fanvid etc are not a strong couple.i seen fans of sundara and they all just comment on taeyang and dara related things but doesnt start a whole big thing b/c most of them use to be a daragon which they still are.i honestly think dara wouldnt be taeyang first to date because dara seems to like him but wouldnt date him you know why because she said that there were in the same company.if he were to just not be in yg then she said that she consider it.i got my source from real sound by taeyang when suengri was asking dara if he would date taeyang.its not like a one sided love but i honestly love these couple but anything will happen you know because lots of yg people dated people from there own company like YG date someone in s.w.i.t. a yg girl group and now they getting married.Se7en and Park Han Byul dating have never stopped.They were also YG Entertainment trainees and spent a lot of hard times together over the period of 6 – 7 years and maintained close relations.Sean from a old yg boy group jinusean is married to a yg actress,jung hye young they have a family now a there son harang is called mini taeyang. well i hope taeyang get a great girlfriend this year.

  30. the best perf. ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    hah hah
    dat kiss.. well done boy!!!!!!
    to be honest.. i prefer ji hye than dara..
    but…… seems taeyang really like dara
    and… sad to say dara seems has no feeling about tae..
    poor guy

  31. Kay, I did not mean to ship. it was just for humor and I thought it was cute. That’s all. I am not much of a shipper. I would be happy when he does find his girl though. Please forgive me for that.

    1. no no, you don’t have to apologize, you’re entitled to ship or be a fan of whatever/whoever you want so don’t be sorry~ I just think people are taking it to the extreme and so many people keep talking about it~

    2. Don’t apologize. I’m a shipper but I ship everything just as long as YB appears happy. I fangirl if it’s Yoobin, Dara, IU and esp Jihye (adore her). I just want YB to get the girl.

      1. I felt kind of guilty because I have seen some videos that did not make sense but when I saw his reality show, I was like how cute!!!^_^ I wanted the video to be humorous. I thought I would make it funny. I am just glad that YB seems so happy this year and he is so proud of his new album. I feel proud too. I am rooting for him to get his girlfriend.*smiles*

  32. This new choreo is soooo good, I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling at how YB and Jiehye really enjoyed it at 2:08. It totally made me forget that he was wearing an apron…hope it’s the last time I’m seeing him with this lol.

  33. The more I watch this video, I really think that the kiss was a spur of the moment kinda of thing and unplanned. If you look at JiHye face after the kiss, she had this kinda “shocked….OMG…did that just happen” expression. And when TY went to go kiss her, his voice got kinda of giggly…like he’s about to do something unplanned. Also at the end, he had that “accomplished” look on his face. Okay, I’m stop analyzing everything like a crazy fangirl. But who knows whats up with this two lol but I think they would be cute together.

  34. I’ve watched this like a million times (yes, I exaggerate, LOL) but still my heart can’t stop beating like crazy. Be still heart. Be still. I approve of JiHye!!! Get together you two!!! YB’s smiles 0:45 onwards, 0:57 – 1:00!!!! that’s the closest i’ve seen them do that!!, 1:35 – 1:50 weeee at his “Wooo!”s. 1:54 I’d kill to be JiHye touching him, him holding my waist. At 2:00 – 2:11, look at their faces!! And of course THE KISS, & b4 that, hear how he sings. THEY WERE ON! Really on. ❤ ❤ LOVE!!!

  35. I was shipping IU&Taeyang…until I saw this…

    Now I’m definately 100% all for JiHye and Taeyang.

    If I ever see Taeyang I will beg him to go ask JiHye on a date.
    She beautiful, charming, dances well. And there is definately some chemistry going on between them. Normally,Taeyang fans would say that they are jealous of their closeness, but I wish fans would look at what is best for their idol.
    Taeyang would do well with JiHye.
    ^^ I hope to see more interactions between them.
    YangHye hwaiting!


    but…..taeyang looks happier than usual.
    maybe he liked this new choreo huh?


  37. btw, did u guys see taeyang smile/smirked at 1:13 right after he touched those legs!!!!

    OMO OMO taeyang seems to be enjoying this more than he should….


    1. Why wouldn’t he? …he a freaking guy…lol..since he look like he was having a good time both him and jihye..still think they are just friends..when you work with someone for so long things just can’t happen for some reason..u become like family.

      1. Ya but they seemed too comfortable. But hey, atleast this stops other shipping. Tae Yang cannot possibly be the type to make a girl jealous.

        I’m thinking right now that it’s either JiHye or no one.

        1. I feel sad for those who like him tho because that must’ve hurt.. seeing their ideal man kissing someone else.

        2. IU probably had a fan girl attack. She was probably wishing, “WHY COULDN’T HE DO THAT WITH ME!?” haha.

  38. HAHAHAHAHA. i usually just lurk here. BUT i just had to leave a comment about that bib thing. that line is epic! :)))

    i like that they made some changes in the choreography, but it would’ve been more awesome if taeyang just wore a tee and jihye was there the whole time. i didn’t like the first two girls that much. 😐 haha!

    taeyang, fighting! 🙂 oh. and THANK YOU alwaystaeyang. not just for this. but for all your updates and hard work. 🙂

  39. i like the new choreo too! but i’d be cooler if the back up dancer girls stuck with their new dress outfits but then ji-hye wore another outfit but with jeans since that would go more with the lyrics. but anywho i still love it! =) taeyang <333333

  40. so; YB is performing in Inkigayo today.. i wonder what kinda choreography is he gonna do – the new one or the old one.. erm.. is he gonna give a peck to JiHye again?? i can’t wait for later!! hehe.. :p
    *sounds like a lil’ fangirl*

  41. It may be his first time kissing a girl on the cheek(which is highly unlikely), but hes already kissed two seperate girls in two music videos…ON THE LIPS! My Girl and Wedding Dress. 🙂 ahhhh, my sweet Ji Hye looks like an angel(as always), hope the women keep these outfits and put Taeyang back in the jeans/jacket/white t-shirt like he had in inkigayo.

  42. guys!! i just watched YB’s performance @ Inkigayo on USTREAM.. guess what?? he pecked JiHye on her cheeks AGAIN!! hehehe.. i really LOVE this 2!! 😀

    plus; his outfit today is pretty normal & nice!! hehehe.. he ain’t wearing the apron anymore.. but instead; he wore a white shirt with a black sleeveless jacket & a pair of black jeans.. gosh!! he looks so HOT there!! 🙂

    his performance is like always – SUPERB & SOLID!! 🙂

    can’t wait for someone to post his peformance on YouTube.. 🙂

  43. Oh snaps, YB is pimpin. He doing what every young bachelor is doing and that is exploring his option. This also mean there is going to be lots of hearts being broken by this player. Yeah I said it, “Player”.

    YB explore the other species but don’t get too naughty or your noona here might have to spank you. J/k.

    1. I died reading your comment. lol -the spanking part. I’m too naughty.

      But yeah – it sounds like he’s exploring his options. According to GD’s recent statement, he’s been talking to several ladies late a night (1st Seungri, now GD – the BB boys are letting all his business out). Boy is PIMPING. Can’t believe it. Is it bad that I’m proud?

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