Kanauru Adventures to Korea: Richard’s Story

Last time we posted up Qui’s story of traveling to Korea and now we’ve got a more in depth story from Richard~! Richard and Qui both went to Korea last month to film for Movement Lifestyle (subscribe!) and will be posting up videos of their documentary soon, however, Richard decided to give us his side of the story of meeting Taeyang, Big Bang, Se7en and 2NE1 along with some great pictures. THANK YOU Richard! 🙂 Also subscribe to kanauru

Hey everyone. This is Richard Che of Kanauru Productions ( Director, cameraman, editor etc ). If you don’t know me then that’s because I’m invisible ;D By the way to clear things up, no we’re not a group of choreographers or dancers, we’re a video production company We however do have friends that dance for fun so we place them in our videos ( the remakes anyways ). Also we don’t work with YG, we work for Movement Lifestyle who was hired by YG. Clear? Okay. I’m typically the type that doesn’t blog much but when I do, I write a lot ;D  I tend to be detailed but at the same time I’ll try not to keep it too long and redundant so bear with me. Though since It’s about Taeyang etc it shouldn’t matter too much 😛

Prologue –

So I still remember the conversation I had with Shaun a while back. Actually I still have it logged!

February 02 2010
shaun: i brought her over to korea as well
richard: neat.
richard: perhaps you can bring us over next haha.
shaun: that would be dope
shaun: if i go, lets find a way to make it happen
shaun: you’ll be my film crew

I was excited but then I took it lightly because I wouldn’t want to get my hopes crushed. 6 months later he asked us if we wanted to fly to Korea. Mind you we were asked this a week before we had to fly! Pretty sudden I’d say so we had to make our decision quick.
We had to pay our own flight and so that was a pretty big decision ( Expensive! ). We decided it was a once in a lifetime chance and took it.

Day 00 / Arrival –

So we were stuck in a taxi for a while because our driver could not find where the YG building was. He kept driving around in circles and stopping to ask other taxi drivers or random people on the streets.
Eventually we arrived at street where a group of girls were just standing in the middle of. Apparently they were hanging out in front of the YG building and it took me a while to realize that they were fans waiting for a celebrity to come out. It was somewhat of a surprise to me since the YG building isn’t surrounded by a bunch of expensive buildings. It looked like an office building surrounded by a bunch of residential buildings.
Qui and I went past the fangirls and went straight to the door. I’m sure the fangirls were wondering who were since I had my camera out and we headed straight for the door haha. Upon arriving at the glass door we saw the awesomely glowing YG elevator that was replaying a bunch of YG music videos. We didn’t have Shaun’s number so we couldn’t get in. Qui and I attempted to use the building’s phone to call one of the offices but no one picked up. Eventually Shaun came out because one of his friends had arrived, so lucky for us we got in because of her. At that time we were also introduced to Jae, YG’s in house choreographer.
We went down stairs and saw 2 doors , YG Dance Studio A and B. There was a paper on Studio B’s door and it said something about 2NE1 so I assumed Studio B was primarily used for 2NE1. We went Dance Studio A and look who was there. Youngbae himself. He was taking a break from practice and was leaning on the huge speaker next to the door. Upon entering the door he just extended out his hand and smiled. Qui and I shook it and took a seat in the back where we were greeted by SE7EN.
I remember when I shook his hand and he said I’m SE7EN.
I said, SE7EN? And so he repeated again, SE7EN ( He might have thought I didn’t know who SE7EN was XD )
I asked because I guess I couldn’t recognize him ( It’s been a while since I watched his stuff ) and I guess I couldn’t believe he was Se7eN since he was chill and didn’t give off a superstar type aura.

As for my first impression of Youngbae, I thought to myself hey he looks cooler not shaving and all. Really, that was what went through my head first haha.  But it was interesting since I wasn’t exactly star struck or anything because he had this aura of a cool, friendly and very humble guy and not of a superstar. Not an intimidating but more of a welcoming and charming aura. So even if you didn’t actually know who he was, you’d be like, hey I like this guy! Whenever he smiled or messed around. you couldn’t help but smile back.

As for my impression of SE7EN, it’s similar to Youngbae but still different. Most likely because there was this sense of maturity with Se7eN. Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m not saying Youngbae is immature but think of it more along the expression of, still a kid on the inside in a positive way. Then again SE7EN is older and trains some of the other artists like Big Bang so he is a role model. Perhaps it’d a tad difficult to explain but anyways back to SE7EN. He spoke English also so it was nice to have someone to communicate with in the studio, especially we’d be spending a majority of our trip with him for the next few days. Like Youngbae, SE7EN was also very friendly and asked us questions.

Click to Image to Enlarge
Taeyang and Jihye performing "I Need a Girl" with YG crew filming in the studio

We pretty much sat around watching Youngbae perform. The YG film crew was constantly filming and so as most of you’ve seen, we’re in the background of some of the Real Sound episodes. It was awesome to see him perform live though.

Taeyang and his army of dancers

He always gave it 100% when he was singing and dancing. They did it several times and so it must of been tiring ( especially since “Just A Feeling” uses more energy than “I Need A Girl” ) but nothing seemed to slow him down. I was also surprised his voice held up pretty well after all that dancing. Well he is a professional after all XD

Taeyang in serious mode

One thing I found out is Youngbae is a pretty funny guy. He had his headset on while he’s practicing so whatever he said or breathed it would come out of the speakers . So Taeyang would at times say random and amusing things over the mic. One of the things I definitely remember is him saying “I promise you..” An inside joke by Youngbae for the day. It’s a bit vague to me how it got started but it might of been when Shaun told Youngbae to do something and Youngbae responded with “I promise you Shaun”. Well something like that, but the point is he kept saying “I promise you”. He said it seriously but you can still hear the humorous undertone. So throughout practice you could hear him saying “I promise you” over the speakers whenever he could. I’m sure girls would of loved it if he said it directly to them ;D You just had to be there, unfortunately I wasn’t able to film it since it was pretty random and I didn’t know when he was going to say it 😛 Sometimes he’d breathe loud on purpose for everyone to hear haha ( I was able to record some of that ;D ) . Also at one point Shaun wanted Youngbae to not face the mirrors but face the people sitting down.

Taeyang and dancers facing the opposite of the mirrors

It was a tad awkward since sometimes he’d move to the side and was dancing only like 5 feet from our faces haha XD. Shaun wanted Youngbae to pretend it was the performance and make eye contact with us. So yea, that’s pretty close eye contact haha Eventually there was a break and he talked to us a bit and asked Qui and I where we were from, how old we were, and what nationality we were.

Sol dancing Just A Feeling

Also we befriended one of the Taeyang’s dancers named Sol since he spoke English fairly well ( he said he learned his English from watching TV shows lol ). Upon learning his name I thought it was pretty amusing, I think most of you should know why :P. Some of you may recognize him since he is on of the dancers in the Wedding Dress MV also. It sort of became vague after that, except for when it struck midnight Youngbae sang something special for someone ( You’ll find out in the videos 😛 ) We also met Kush, Master Wu ( or that may have been another day ), and some other artists before we left. I believe Youngbae and his dancers went to a party while Movement Lifestyle went to eat BBQ.

Day 01 / MNET –

SE7EN, Keone, and Shaun

So it finally begins, day 01. We hung out with Se7en and Keone for most of the time until we had to leave for Taeyang’s MNET performance.

When we got to the MNET building there were a line of girls outside. Upon entering the building I was pretty stoked since the interior was awesome. There was almost a door everywhere and each door required a card, so security was tighter this way ( but also really really annoying we found out later when no one around had the keys). We were led to the room where all the dancers and Taeyang were getting their makeup done. Shaun told us not to bother Taeyang since he needs his own space to think and prep for the performance so we went downstairs to eat. I got pho, which was pretty disappointing since it was nowhere near the Pho I eat here back in San Francisco. Anyways, while we almost finished our dinner? We saw G-dragon come over to some of the other YG family who were eating next to us , I forgot who was there. But once I saw G-Dragon I was star struck. He definitely gave off a different aura compared to Taeyang. G-Dragon had this super star aura which was pretty interesting, not in a bad way. Intimidating initially but once he was around us more it was more comfortable.

After eating we got back up to the Taeyang room and waited for a while. While waiting I talked to Sol since he was the only other guy that knew English. He talked to us about how uncomfortable his outfit was, especially the boots 😛 but you’ll get more details about that later in the videos.

While we were waiting for the elevator G-Dragon was dancing a bit of wedding dress ( This will be in the video ;D )

After seeing G-Dragon around more frequently, I realized Aimee was right about him. He is how he looks he is. He has this hyper personality to him as if he’ll never run out of energy. A very positive and upbeat aura. He reminded me of a little kid.
We shook also G-Dragon’s hand at some point, I think it might of been before the performance to wish him luck.

It actually took a while for us to get from the room down to the stage since the elevator was extremely slow and we had so many people. Once we actually got down stairs I was surprised because we had to walk through a room where a bunch of Korean girls were sitting down. It almost looked like a class. I’m assuming the fans were waiting around and receiving instructions.

Taeyang performing Just A Feeling

It was pretty interesting to see how things worked behind the scenes. Youngbae was still at it again and he’d like to make jokes or say funny things over the microphone even on stage when everyone was preparing for the performance.
During one of practice sessions Youngbae goes from the front platform and walks all the way back to the stage. So Qui and I were filming and taking photos next to the stage. As he was walking by he said hi to Qui and he looked at me and pointed and so I took a photo of him.

Taeyang saying hi and pointing to me after performing

We also sat with G-Dragon and Shaun when they were watching Youngbae perform. It was amusing because during the breaks girls would keep staring at G-Dragon in awe.
I’m going to skip to the end of the performance since I’m lazy.

Taeyang watching a replay of his performance
I told Qui to pose on the set. Pretty cool no? We should of tooken a piece of it and had Taeyang sign it haha
G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Shaun on the set of "I Need A Girl"

So it finally ended, it probably was 3am or later. Everyone started leaving the room. As I was leaving I heard Qui shaking hands with someone behind me. That person went past me while I was picking up something and then extended his hand out so I shook it. I looked up and it took a few seconds to register that it was Youngbae. I initially thought Qui was shaking hands with one of the dancers so that pretty much delayed my process of thinking haha. I was like, wait that wasn’t one of dancers hand I shook it was Youngbae’s.

Outside waiting trying to figure out how we're getting back tot he hotel

We eventually got downstairs and were standing outside trying to figure out how we were getting back to our hotel. I think Taeyang’s manager/driver said we could ride in their car, Shaun asked Taeyang if it was cooll, and he gave the okay so we went into the car with G-Dragon and Taeyang. Qui and I got in and sat in the last row. G-Dragon was sitting shotgun and Shaun and Youngbae were sitting in the 2nd row. G-Dragon still had a bit of energy, he was exhausted but still had his hyper energetic personality so he was clapping GOOD JOB!! and then yelled “I’M OUT!” ( Maybe you’ll get to see this video  😛 ). We arrived at GD and Youngbae’s place. Amusingly when we entered the parking lot there were 3 girls or so standing at the entrance of the lot. GD and Youngbae were dropped off directly in front of the entrance of the building and so the girls missed them ( it might also be that they aren’t allowed to stand right in front of the building ).

The rest –

I’m just going to combine the rest of the days since it’s easier that way and especially since I can’t remember what happened when.

So Keone, Qui, and I found out SE7EN likes to randomly sing. He randomly sings parts of random YG songs at times. While we were in the room watching Dara and Youngbae practice “I Need A Girl” he was singing it. SE7EN did a pretty good job at it. I forgot why I didn’t record it, might be because I didn’t want to disrespect him and also we might be allowed to do so. I definitely remember him rapping G-Dragon’s part, that was awesome 😀 Oh well. Anyways every time SE7EN sung around Keone, Qui and I, we would look at each other with amazement in our eyes and go wow haha. SE7EN was the artist we got to talk to most since he was there pretty much all of the days. He’s pretty chill and funny so I was quite comfortable talking with him. It’d be fun to hang out with him back in the states.

Qui is sleeping on the bench in the studio, I'm taking a photo of myself and Shaun is practicing. We spent many hours a day in that freezing studio.

on the other hand was a different story. At best I’d only be able to say Hi them XP Most of the time whenever I said Hi it was directed to CL since she’s typically the one to notice me first or the first person I see when I walk in. It was pretty uncomfortable being in Studio B initially since 2NE1 TV was in there with all their cameras and Shaun was really strict about when I should be in the room and when I should be recording (  Qui wasn’t allowed to be in the room until 2 days later or the next day ).

Studio B, primarily 2NE1's room. It was always warmer than Studio B. Also it smelled very girly because of 2NE1 😛

So whenever I was around 2NE1 I was more tense, unlike when I’m around Se7en and Youngbae I can simply relax and chill. That was pretty much my mindset for the entire trip so I didn’t really try to talk to them because I felt I wasn’t allowed to or wasn’t “worthy” per se. Kind of sucked always being in that room and not being able to talk to them, it’s just awkward haha. After awhile I did feel more relaxed but still couldn’t really bring myself to talk to them. Anyways CL definitely acts as a leader and gives off the leader type of aura. Minzy has this fun and upbeat energy about her, especially since she likes to randomly dance at times or do her own thing. I can’t say much for the other girls , especially since I didn’t get to talk to them so I can’t fully grasp it. But Dara certainly did an excellent job for “I Need A Girl”. We were watching Dara and Youngbae dance during practice and it looked really good in person ( the music video didn’t do it justice unfortunately ). As Mari previously said, Dara is perfect for this dance since it’s more of a “gentle” dance and it fits her more. While the environment with 2NE1 was initially tense since I did feel more comfortable after the first day. By no means were they stuck up or divas. Just like Youngbae they were chill, humble, and silly even though I never had the chance to have a proper conversation with them XD

While Qui and I were filming SE7EN’s practice I heard someone open the door behind me. He greeted everyone in Korea. I turned around and couldn’t really tell who it was, but I’m pretty sure it was Daesang. He was all sweaty and had a towel around his neck, probably came down from the gym. After he said hi he left right away.

I also saw T.O.P at one point. While I was filming practice I saw someone peeking through the door ( the door is all glass ). He was looking around the room and then looked at me and then left. The way he was looking around the room was amusing, sort of reminded of tLollipop where T.O.P is lipsyncing and looking left and right before he says dynamite.

I didn’t see him at all.

So Minzy walked out of Studio B to do something, I don’t remember for what. I also walked out, I don’t remember for what reason either haha. As we walked out I think someone’s Motorola phone went off. So Minzy said “Hello Moto” . I was behind her and repeated the phrase but in the HELLO MOTO voice and she laughed. I asked her if I could take a photo with her later and she said okay. But I never asked her again later because I didn’t want to bother her so it never happened XP However I later bought a plush Hulk Fist for her / 2NE1 to sign ( Some of you may know, Minzy was dancing with a Hulk Fist in the “FIRE Space Version MV ).  Unfortunately Keone and Shaun don’t know where it is so I can’t take a photo of it…hopefully it’ll turn up somehow.


I’ll just let him remain mysterious haha

Secret. Though I do have a somewhat amusing story to tell. We were all standing in the recording room when YG watched the “I Need A Girl” video for the first time ( I think? )  and decided that he didn’t like it and that they’d refilm it next week haha. We also got him to autograph our Taeyang Deluxe Edition album so that was awesome of him.

Youngbae and YG autographed my photo album thing. I told Youngbae to sign on the box but the pen didn't work very well . I probably should of had him sign the tshirt also XD
We were sitting around the recording studio with Teddy. Then one of the managers came in with a stack of Deluxe Editions of Taeyang's Solar Album for us. Surprise!

Youngbae is a very social and friendly guy, he acts in a way that made me feel like he’s been a friend of mine for a while. While Qui and I were eating dinner in the cafeteria Youngbae finished his first and so he came over, stood at our table and talked to us. I forgot what we were talking about but I know we talked about Chrome Heart. At one point Shaun was working on choreography for Youngbae, Qui filmed it and so Shaun took it and played the video back for him and the dancers to watch. We all hunched over to see the video. While I was hunched over I suddenly felt someone use their arm on my back as a arm rest. I turned my head around and it was Youngbae, he was trying to take a peek at the choreography also haha. Though once Shaun noticed Youngbae was watching the footage Shaun turned it off and told him he didn’t want Youngbae to see it yet. So yea again, he’s really a cool guy 😀

On the last day we ate BBQ with the SE7EN, Dara, the dancers, and the managers. I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to upload the group photo we took together :[

That ends my long long rant. I really hope to meet all the great people at YG again, they’re all good friends. Props to the managers for taking great care of us. Shout out to Youngbae, SE7EN, 2NE1, Jae, YG, Teddy, Sol and the rest of the YG Family and dancers.  I look forward to going back to Korea in the future 😀 Though I doubt if anyone will remember us haha XD

I kept mentioning videos. I’ll be releasing episodes of our trip to Korea ( with bits of 2NE1, SE7EN, GD and Taeyang ). So if you want the scoop on what’s it like in the new YG building, MNET performance, the making of choreography and teaching it and more , definitely subscribe to Movement Lifestyle and Kanauru and for updates!

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoyed my very long diary 😛

– Richard

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    read their story, really heart-warming, and YG family are just so awesome. i watched the Real Sound, i found them on the video, just a small clip. mostly i recognized is Qui LOL
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    1. Shaun wanted Youngbae to see the performance with his own eyes instead of through the camera.

      Hmm I’d elaborate on that but I’ll just keep it a secret.

      Not much really, usually all we did was shake hands and greet each other. But I think we told him we were from San Francisco. That’s all I can remember.

  5. That was long, but it was all worth it! Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us about Taeyang and the YG family. It’s cool to know what they’re like off the set! ^_^ I want to meet Youngbae someday even more now. @_@…

  6. Wow! I totally read every word of it! I am soooo jealous of you two’s experience!! I think every fan would just love to even spend a day inside that building and follow the artists around. I will be rewatching Real Sound so I can find clips of you guys. XD Anyway, thanks for sharing your story, and definitely looking forward to the video clips and episodes!

    Maybe they were strict about 2NE1 cuz they might be preparing for their comeback, right? And they don’t want any of their songs/dances/concepts to be released beforehand. 🙂

        1. The girls definitely weren’t stuck up. They’re really just people like you and I but with exceptional talent and opportunities I would say 😀

  7. Thanks to Richard and Qui for giving us this in depth look to the YG family!!!

    I love reading about our experiences. I can only imagine what would happen if I were able to meet them! It’s nice to see that everyone is pretty chill though. You guys let us see that they’re normal people, just like us.

    Thanks again to ATY, Kanuaru Productions, and Movement Lifestyle for these peaks into YGE! Now I can’t wait for the videos to be released!

  8. WOW Richard. Awesome! Yes, it was long, but I am glad it was! So detailed, you answered a lot of my curious questions. Youngbae seems like a genuinely sincere, and humble man…..I want to meet him too!! LOL
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  10. GD & 2ne1, at first glance, have this very intimidating aura about them. If I ever see them walking down the street, I think I’d be too scared/intimidated to go up to them or even say Hi. They dont seem like the approachable type. I’d probably yell out their name when I’m like 10 feet away or so… just enough to catch a glimpse of them.

    Taeyang, on the other hand, seems like a chill and laid-back type of guy.
    Can’t wait to see the vids. It was an awesome read btw.

    1. that’s the funny thing.. as a shy guy, i thought it would be hard to approach YB and make him talk and GD would be much easier to have a conversation with since he’s more of the playful, outgoing type. But Richard’s post proved the oppostie of what i thought. Now i really wanna meet these guys in real life!!

      1. actually,Richard was pretty accurate about his description regarding GDYB.
        i think back in ’08 when they had a concert in thailand,i read a fan account in BBfansite before about YB who walked to where they were and wants to approach them(she’s malaysian)but security restrained him.YB’s the most gorgeous from the bunch.and GD looked aloof.
        heard a bunch of fan accounts before that GD was really unapproachable in person(of course you have to take this with a grain of salt)

        i didn’t care about GD being like that though,i still stan him.^^

        1. oh why can’t i be that Malaysian?? (cuz i am a malaysian too)

          Anyway, i thought that way because everyone’s been saying how shy YB is etc.. so naturally i had thoughts like “how do you become close to a guy that is so shy?” i was wrong and i’m glad he’s not like what i thought before. Richard’s account made me feel better actually. ::)

          I have to say i’m a bit surprised about GD because i had never expected him to act that way. i mean, on interviews he’s always so hyper and looks easy to approach. Doesn’t matter. i’d still like to meet the both of them. 🙂

    2. @kim
      2NE1 isn’t really intimidating, but Shaun just made it feel like so for me haha XD Though I guess if you saw them all together at once then it would be. Though if anyone, it would be CL because I was initially intimidated by CL because on the first day she had her hood on so I couldn’t see her eyes. So when she said Hi to me or whenever she looked at me I thought she hated me lol ( since eyes tell you someone’s emotion but hers was sort of hidden by her hood ). But after spending more time with them they’re all cool people. Dara has more of a girl next door aura. Minzy again has that fun and upbeat aura. I’m not sure how to describe Bom’s though XD

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    And I thought it was really cute how you didn’t feel “worthy” enough to talk to 2NE1. xp Could you elaborate why?

    1. I felt that way because of the huge fuss Shaun made with, I need to talk to the girls first about you guys filming and only one of you can come in to film etc really made me feel like being around 2NE1 was like privilege ( but I guess it is? lol ) unlike the more chill environment with Se7en and Taeyang ( though 2NE1’s studio became chill after the first day ). It may have been harder to approach because they were 4 artists instead of simply just one. So as you can see, I was able to approach Minzy but I wouldn’t have been able to approach them all at once haha. It didn’t really help that I didn’t get to greet / introduce myself to each of them individually so it was hard to approach them without feeling like a creep haha . Perhaps next time.

      1. maybe too it has something to do with you being a guy, cuz with me Bom was very like chatty and inviting. I think they are def naturally shy, and probably the staff/yg peeps are really protective of them. I can imagine they take a sec to warm up to new people that aren’t in the immediate circle. I am sure next time things will be way way more comfortable.

        Plus you yourself will be more comfortable because you won’t be as nervous/anxious?

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    1. It’s not exclusive to 2NE1 but since 2NE1 doesn’t typically require any additionally dancers then it’s pretty much theirs haha. It’s also much smaller than Studio B. Shaun also used the studio for Taeyang’s stuff whenever 2NE1 wasn’t there ( since Keone was typically in Studio A with Se7eN )

      1. Does YG only have 2 practice studios? I would think w/ BB, 2ne1, and solo artists/activities and such they would have more?

        Thanks for answering my previous questions!

    2. I think BB, YG and 2NE1 still live in that apartment building shown on 2NE1TV, the one overlooking the red bridge. The YG building is only for work and I read an interview saying that they walk to the building all the way from their dorms sometimes. The apartment shown on Real Sound was just for Taeyang’s party and at the end, you saw them leaving the place to go home.

        1. When 2NE1 visited GD’s place to see Gaho, GD already said that he lived with Seungri. I think the BB boys already split up by that time. They live in the same building but different floors.

        1. They moved apartments. Like they said in sketchbook they all have their own rooms now, before Dae and Seungri had to share a room. Also the apartment seen on Real Sound looks nothing like their old apartment, they even have 2 levels.

      1. I don’t think so…I know BB moved apartments as they’ve mentioned that they’ve moved b/c each of them now have their own rooms…2NE1 is probably living in the same apartment though…we don’t know probably not until 2NE1tV comes out to confim everything…

    3. Didn’t they say YB/Daesung /Top’s room is between YG’s and GD/Seungri’s room? With YG on top and GD/Seungri’s below.

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    Did Taeyang went shirtless when you guys were there? XD

  21. I thot gdragon woulda been easier to approah (: random twist in my book! Hehe

    I’ve always wondered how you guys were able to get the opportunity to go to Korea! Thanks for explaining it! You guys are so blessed (:

    thanks again for letting us in on you experiences!! I’ll be waiting for the videos!!

    Thanks aty (:

    thanks richard!

    1. He’s easy to approach after the initial contact or once you get introduced to him. I think it’s the same with any celebrity. Unfortunately we only saw him that night only so we didn’t really get to chill with him :[

    2. Also on Sketchbook GD said he is much more shy around fans other people. Whereas Tae is more comfy approaching fans and saying hi and being outgoing off camera

    1. At the moment you can only get them wherever the Movement Lifestyle booths show up. We’re going to have an online store but I’m not sure when it’ll be up. If we’re lucky, then perhaps sometime in August!

  22. angawwwww! why are you leaving Teddy as a mystery? LOL

    Thank you for this, truly. YG on the whole is pretty reclusive imo so it’s hard for fans to get to know how they are everyday D:

    Thankyou soooo much! Hope to hear more from you guys 😀

  23. Thank you so much for posting. It was a very fun and insightful read.
    Aaah, so sad that you kept Teddy a mystery. I have a huge crush on him and Danny lol Just going to have to wait for Teddy TV I guess *sighs* haha

    I’m definately looking forward to the videos you release and thanks again for posting this.

    I hope you guys get the opportunity to do something like this again!!

  24. wow they have time to party?

    I guess Big Bang don’t live in the YG building then. Do they still live in that same apartment then near Mr. YG and 2NE1

    Mann i wanna know the mysterious life of Teddy now. Can’t wait to see Teddy TV, and watch the musical genius in action

    Thanks so much Richard Qui ATY really appreciate all the work you guys do!!

  25. omg,i was spazzing like crazy the whole time.
    your post is so detailed.makes me feel like i was there experiencing all that happened .thanks for sharing,Richard Che.

    our YoungBae is definitely worthy of our adoration.
    a down to earth SUPERSTAR.

  26. Wow congrats >< This post is in bestiz, korean message board haha.
    How lucky they are! Next time I shall work for moment life style so that I might I have a chance to see BB. Pls let me know if you have any opening 😆
    Anyway thank for sharing. It is interesting and really exciting to meet them up-close.

  27. You guys are so lucky! Thank you Richard for taking your time to write about your experience! I read every single word =P
    Haha I dunno what I’d do if I were ever able to meet Taeyang. Can’t wait to see the videos!

  28. When Richard mentioned the aura, i couldn’t help but keep thinking about the dragon ball manga. lol.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, Richard. I am looking forward to the videos.

  29. wow! that is so cool! getting to meet youngbae and hanging out with him and the others must be a really great experience! you’re very lucky! thanks for sharing, it was really good! 🙂

    1. OMG even all the comments are worth reading…cause you reply to some of them!!!!!!!l
      so generous…keep it up!!!!
      thank you very much!
      and congratulations on your awesome experience…

  30. Wow~~~ You guys are so lucky, Tae Yang seems like a really awesome guy now! XD

    Can’t wait for all the videos coming up!!

    I would’ve thought GD was the approachable one compared to Young Bae since the humble guy is shy and all, hahah~

    Looks like he is though! Can’t keep his excitement and hyperactivity to himself XD

    Since it seems like Young Bae grows on you, that’s what I seem to be getting from your story XD

    Thanks for sharing this lovely experience with us Richard!!!

    1. lol it’s kinda like noodle soup? gah I don’t know how to explain it…lol

      but Richard when I read about the PHO part I cracked up so much…

    2. Pho is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup with beef. It’s usually served with bean sprouts, basil, line and cilantro. To make it extra spicy I usually add chili pepper sauce.

  31. I really want to meet 2ne1 especially Dara.. She was my least favorite before but now I more follow all about her compared to the other members

    Waah You’re so lucky to be able to meet and talk comfortably with Taeyang (Yay!) and eat BBQ with Se7en and Dara 😉

    You mentioned that Dara is the girl next door type, but you weren’t able to talk to her?… Is it hard to approach her?

    1. i think he did mention before (if not mistaken @ YHY Sketchbook) that there’s something growing in his left eye (but i dun know whether is it that serious or not)..

  32. i think he did mention before (if not mistaken @ YHY Sketchbook) that there’s something growing in his left eye (but i dun know whether is it that serious or not)..

        1. Styes are caused by bacterial infections in the glands of the eye, they can be stress induced though…hygiene, sleeping patterns, diet are all factors~ you can even get them if you use old makeup like mascara or eyeliner…in his case, I think they drained the stye to avoid it getting any bigger~

        2. wow! i never realize reading aty can be so educational.. ^^

          i had stye.. but for some reason i never got to ask the doctor how i got them.. removed them through minor surgery… i got them after wearing contact lenses…

          and i think i have one now, again..

          oh wow! really thanks! haha!

        3. wow!! thanks for the info Kay.. didn’t know that stye can come from all of these sources (eg: mascara, eyeliner, etc).. well; i think YB got it cuz he’s under too much stress.. hopefully; he’ll relax himself now cuz i believe he wouldn’t wanna get another stye.. 🙂

        4. thanks Kay for the info.. i bet he got his stye due to the stress.. hopefully; he’ll not get another one!! 🙂

  33. wow… qui and richard you all are AWESOME… keep posting like this in the future : )

    can’t wait for your video ^ ^

    anyway here in indonesia… i found shop ON fACEBOOK that sell TAEYANG DELUXE EDITION album… only 2, one already sold

    and it cost Rp. 550.000

  34. a million thanks to richard for the full story…i wonder why YB said the “i promise you” word over and over again…i think all fan girls would die to hear him said that infront of them..i would cry if he said that infront of me..LOL XD well who wouldn’t….i love this article the most^^ and hope to hear new story from them both soon( richard and Qui)….you both rock!!!!^^ and so lucky…

  35. Qui and I went past the fangirls and went straight to the door. I’m sure the fangirls were wondering who were since I had my camera out and we headed straight for the door haha. Upon arriving at the glass door we saw the awesomely glowing YG elevator that was replaying a bunch of YG music videos. We didn’t have Shaun’s number so we couldn’t get in. Qui and I attempted to use the building’s phone to call one of the offices but no one picked up.

  36. Hello ATY!

    I was kinda “away” from ATY and “YBness” for the past couple of days(for some abnormal reason) and ta-da what an awesome way to be welcomed back!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story too Richard 😀

      1. LOL actually I have no idea why myself…I was kinda busy the whole week doing volunteer work at church but its not like I was doing that 24/7, I guess I was just too tired to switch the computer on and look at anything…

        1. me too,I’m quite a newbie YB/Big Bang fan (long story but finally there lol) and I only started to comment at ATY and get involved properly,although I lurked around here a LOT,when SOLAR was confirmed to released.

          (I feel like I’m spamming this page *sorry*)

  37. thanks for sharing your experiences. I had fun and laughed reading the story. so cool I find new little tidbits of them from you who personally saw and meet them.
    so I guess aside from BB and 2ne1’s reality show we watched theres still something else we ddnt know bout them from off and on camera.

  38. I don’t mean to go off topic or sound like a fat a$$ but they got Pho in Korea? Woah, Richard you said it taste nothing like the the one in San Francisco, well what was in it?

    1. Yes they do have Pho places in Korea. But it’s very bland tasting, mostly because of the broth. It’s extremely plain and meh :[ nothing like the real flavorful broth.

  39. I love these stories. I don’t mind them being so long. I even like to read them all the way down xD The longer the better. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience.

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