07.29.10 ~ Taeyang still looking for his girl on M!Countdown

Another solid performance by Taeyang on tonight’s M!Countdown. The only question that crossed my mind while watching….what is Taeyang wearing?

Source: BBSHINeeWorldKR@youtube


73 thoughts on “07.29.10 ~ Taeyang still looking for his girl on M!Countdown”

  1. my god … what do they have this man wearing ?!! why ?! this has to be the worst outfit so far for his INAG promos. i’m really starting to miss old school yb with the baggy jeans, beater, sneakers and signature cap … bring him back ! huhuhu …
    anyways, congrats se7en for winning mcd, TOP was beast in his rap.

  2. solid performance from YB but; what in the world is he wearing?? O_o

    gosh!! the stylist really need to think thrice or more before asking him to don this attire.. geez!!

    if only i’m his stylist.. i bet i’ll dress him up better than this.. hehe.. juz joking!! xD

  3. yeah i agree with you two…he looks weird in that outfit…but still he did not fail us with the performance XD Youngbae Fighting!!

  4. I am not feeling the outfit, its distracting, I kept trying to “understand” what it was , a vest, choker, an extended tie? Its not cool, but I feel like him and jihye got even closer today lol. her leg was like almost touching his goodies at one point and his hands were awfully close to her. Love the chemistry they have onstage. His voice sounded much stronger than last week’s inki. Good job Tae.

  5. It almost look like he is wearing a black apron. BAAAAMMMM!!!! LOL!! Damn Tae! What do they have you wearing?

  6. I guess everyone is of the same opinion….stylist unni totally failed last night. YB’s outfit was a big no no. What happened to the plain tee and jacket!!!! On the other hand….it was still a solid performance.

  7. Much has been said about the dancers lack of variety when it comes to their outfits maybe Ji Eun decided to take pity on them and dress YB as their waiter. At least their matching. 🙂

    1. on the other hand, his outfit or apron to be exact..reminds me of Seven’s back up dancers outfit in Better Together performance… minus the white long sleeve t..

  8. Forgetting about his outfit for a bit…

    It’s been a month of performances already and I’m still not tired of these performances. LOAM and WD had outstanding choreo as well, but there’s something about the INAG choreo that makes me look forward to the little variations YB and JiHye bring to each live that makes it unique. Sometimes the energy and mood is different, their expressions change, sometimes the way they communicate make it seem they have a private joke going on. Its unlikely, but I almost think they might switch it up and end the “story” differently. And their outstanding chemistry and the way they’ve gotten more comfortable with the routine has made it watching it even better, not stale as it might have with doing the same piece repeatedly.

    That being said, I am ready for YB to start promoting another song off the album (as I think most of us are.) Superstar by next week? Or the week after? (When is Boa’s comeback btw?)

    1. So Se&en, Boa and DJ Doc will be promoting at the same time (with Tasha dropping her album in August too supposedly.) Its really gonna be exciting for old school kpop fans. I really hope YB keeps promoting throughout the month, and with another Solar song too to keep things fresh. Never mind about winning the music shows — its enough to keep interest on the album high so that sales continue despite all the comebacks from other artists.

      1. OT…..but Bluemaid 😦 TOP and YB weren’t on Se7en’s encore stage. That ruined my night. I guess they pre-recorded their parts but man…..it would have been amazing to see them onstage together!

        1. Shucks….fancams didn’t show them either? Well, maybe on another day. (Because someone in YG family is bound to win on another show in the coming week or two…)

    2. Yes, I think he’s due for a new song to promote…Superstar would be a good choice~ I’m itching to see him get into more choreo..but alas, the way things are going I don’t know if he’ll even be able to promote another song


  9. I thought Taeyang is only performing on Music core… I was wrong and yay for that. Seven won against Shinee?? 0.0 It’s his comeback isn’t it? woo.. Yg family daebak! congrats

    I’m ready for another song too.. and um.. please YB don’t wear that again.

    1. ooh i forgot to add.. while his outfit is terrible, his singing tonight is solid. I like ^^… Plus, there are a lot of chemistry today.

      btw, does anyone know how many number of copies of YB’s album have been sold?

      1. all together around 50k. This is according to what was said in Japan. Hanteo has the figure lower but they don’t count a lot of places (like Hottracks and YesAsia), they also said he only sold 14k of deluxe which is pretty much a lie cause Hottracks had it sold out the next day.

        Not bad if you consider how bad the first week was when the album dropped—no mv and all that negative press.

        1. I thought preorders for the physical album were at 50k (according to Play magazine)? Though 50k should be about right for the physical album sales at this point (combined normal and deluxe) but not counting the digital sales or itunes. No way to tell though until YG releases a statement.

      2. okies thanks.. just thought he would have reach 80000+ by now.. but for a solo singer, his sales have been pretty good i guess and it’s just been a month. Hope he gets that bentley he wanted with his album sale hehehe.

      3. @bluemaid
        You may be right – I should recheck that interview. If it’s 50k for preorders plus 30k for deluxe – thats 80k of sales. Not bad Mr Dong. Not bad at all. Not surprise that’s it’s lower on Hanteo considering YB has a lot of international fans who picked it up on YesAsia (since that’s what AKP advertise since they’re partners).

        1. I think 80K may be too optimistic…I think 50K physical album sales TOTAL is about right. (50K is already really good considering the size of the market.) But like I said, who really knows? I’m just hoping for steady sales as he continues to promote and more radio play so that casual fans give the album a try.

        2. Ok. Whatever the number is I’m happy that he’s so happy and that we international fans got to show him our support and how much he means to us with the Itunes thing. He just needs to stop being so hard on himself. He’s been really happy lately and I want that smile to stay. I do not want anther 2009.

        3. 50k album sales for a solo artist is pretty impressive for this day and age. solo powerhouses like rain and hyori didn’t even break the 40k mark if i remember correctly. so yb is doing really well.

  10. Omg. Where are the jeans and tees he’s been wearing for the past few performances? Stylist unnies need to stop and be aware that we like him best in his jeans and tees (which seems to be his preferred outfit too). He should have made another stand and demanded to wear his street wear again.

  11. The whole time I was watching this, I was trying to figure out what he was wearing. I just saw pictures of his performance, and the “thing” he has on doesn’t look half as bad…I promise

    1. saw it too. it wasn’t bad at all, I actually liked it. I like him in tight fitting sweaters. I remember him wearing them in a few of BB’s dance practice and he looks soo good.

  12. He’s an artist he should try to find another style aside from the street wear he seem to be comfortable wearing. But I have to agree, not something like this… hahahaha

  13. I gotta say the best performance of INAG for me is when he won in inkigayo and he wore that grey looking sweater in terms and of fashion and performance haha. The style here is very interesting lol.

    1. Are you talking about the 07/18 performance when he was wearing the casual grey jacket? It looked like he was hanging with 2NE1 and TOP and realized he had a stage and just wore what he had on. It was a nice change.

      1. Yup the attire was ace. I think that was one of his more serious performances because before that he was rather bubbly and happy but with that certain performance it was more serious well imo =P

  14. It looks like an apron to me it probably fits in with the kimchi bit but thats just my opinion whoooo taeyang FTW~!

      1. I have to confess I’m a pervert too because I like him without clothes. I would love to come home from work and see my house-husband YB in nothing but an apron and a pair of boots serving me kimchi fried rice. J/k.

      1. Uggghhh the screen capture of this video is very unattractive. Turtleneck is a big no-no. -_-

        So Youngbae has to perform without his shirt on to redeem his manhood after this performance. No excuses.

    1. My problem with watching YB fancams is that when I start watching them on Youtube, I can’t stop.

      Completely OT … an oldie but goody fancam. The swagger on that boy….

      1. You know i think compared to his first mini album, because INAG is much softer and slower song it doesn’t create as much hype. Like when he came out with HOT it was so raw and manly and upbeat it just created so much hype.

        Like se7en digital bounce song…i think theres so much auto tune and I dont really like it that much cos se7en has an amazing voice. But it has that club vibe to it and its doing well on charts and stuff.

        So maybe with this Solar album cos its more happy and light hearted it doesn’t create that buzz or hype as much? Just my opinion anyway

        1. As a first single I think you’re right INAG has a slower smoother groove to it which doesn’t allow people to sit up and take notice of it. But after a few listens it grows on you. As a whole I think SOLAR is a better album than HOT because we’re getting to the heart of who YB is as a man and a musician. HOT in my opinion is the entree whereas SOLAR is the main course (excuse the food analogies I used to be a prof. cook)

  15. Okay, figured it out, he reminds me of one of the Jetsons with that outfit….like he’s about to finish the perf and hope onto a little spaceship back to the planet of hot men LOL

  16. Ummm all I have to say about this is:

    Youngbae, your cardigan would go great with the dress I bought today. Lets swap.

  17. amazinggg performance! (: His outfit.. makes me think of a waiter that serves kimchi fried rice (: or a mini apron haha .

  18. i think he`s stil look gorgeous with that outfit… yeah big bang member always have an unique perform…..
    Whatever he wears always look good for me…..
    Love him more & more…^^

  19. I’m too distracted by his performance don’t even care what he wears. Anything looks cute on him….
    Well, shirtless is super sexy i have to admit right?

  20. Er does anyone else think, now that Se7en is back and BoA and Shinee coming back very soon,,,its gonna be even harder for Taeyang to win any music shows now. I know winning music shows isn’t eveything but still. And on M countdown it was Se7en against Miss A not Taeyang.

    1. TBH, I was surprised he won any at all considering that he wasn’t doing mainstream pop. I’m happy for him that he won some, but I think the focus of YG is to be sure the album sells well and steadily and for YB he just wants to perform and promote as long as possible regardless of whether he wins anything or not.

      1. well, he shoudl win with the albums he sold, plus INAG did pretty ok on the charts.

        when is his goodbye stage? it’s not yet this week, right?

    2. I’m not surprise. Album sales happen on the first week or two, after that it’s mostly digital downloads. And YB isn’t doing so hot on the digital sales. Super Junior did great because their fanclub is very strategic and would have schedules of when to buy albums so that they would win, you would notice album sales would shoot up right before a show and then shoot back down again afterwards.

      1. wow i didnt know it was that hardcore just to get them to win.
        At the end of the day though i love the album and as long as YB is happy with it all and just doing music he loves, im happy too

    1. ROFL!!!!!!!

      isn’t this like something seven’s back up dancers wore for one of his performances on Mnet? i think stylist unnie was like ‘YB, i got no more idea, here take this, i’ve got one more to spare”


    1. Se7en is teasing Taeyang by saying he still has a ‘Mongolian Spot’ or birthmark on his butt. Taeyang admits it and then says he would leave it up to our imagination as to where it is because he obviously couldn’t show us.

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