96 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Real Sound – Chapter 2: Friends of Music”

    1. close to you is really good. similar to chris brown’s with you but it’s a good song nevertheless.

    2. I was just about to ask what this song was, haha. Thank you! At first i thought it was taeyangs voice but like you said Kay he doesnt have hidden songs. Thanks for the subs, ATY is always on top.

  1. Quick question why whenever they refer to an idols body do they call it chocolate abs or chocolate biceps or whatever? thats been driving me nuts

    1. Because it looks like a chocolate bar…the one with the pieces, and because its very smooth and melts in your mouth…kinda like how smooth abs are….haha the analogies are endless

      1. the kind with the pieces…anytime i see his abs now i’ll be thinking of kit kat bars lol thanks for clearing that up for me

      2. lmao I thought it was bc they looked so good, you wanted to lick chocolate off them 😉 jkjkjkjkjk

  2. I love how GD always makes YB laugh in a carefree and natural way. such good friends XD

    Did he really cry at the surprise party?aww… and LOL at seung ri giving Taeyang a champagne.. what’s even funnier is his reaction like…’uh? what’s this?’ I think he likes it but he doesn’t drink much does he? XD SR has another motive hehehe..

    where’s the part he carried her? i wanna watch it. 😦 oh and the part where he thinks he didn’t deserve number 1 makes me sad. he’s too hard on himself. he always wants to do better.. never satisfied with anything. even Minji agrees. i hope one day, Yb will be able to feel truly happy with his achievements.

    Yb and his insomnia.. tell me about it.. we have the same problem here. it’s 1am now and i can’t sleep and i have to wake up at 5.30 to go to school.>,< Anyways, i think YB needs to go to Daesung's room, hug him and sleep away. XD

    Taeyang in white t-shirt is my fav. i like guys who can look good even with just a white t, jeans and sneakers. 🙂

    the preview for next week! taeyang exercising… YUM..;p
    OnStyle seems to be very updated about YB's schedule, i like that. 🙂

    1. Yeah, he’s so hard on himself, saying he didn’t think he deserved the award, he’s just getting it cause people know him….aw. I feel so bad, boy needs to stop being too hard on himself, he should embrace all this love…

    2. When i watched it w/o subs, i thought that Ri probably brought the champagne that he likes and even if he YB didn’t like it, Ri would be happy to drink it lol.

      Not sleeping for so many days is not good. I’m pretty sure he stays up overthinking his performances. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve, but boy needs to relax a little bit and see that he does deserve to win with all the hard work he puts into what he does.

    3. Yeahh the parts in the preview were missing in the episodes. I wanna see some Dae Bae antics. They are both close but we havent seen Daesung in any episode yet. Makes me wonder, I know idols are always busy like TOP has his movie. But Seung ri, Dae, GD what are they doing? Like do they have their own solo stuff they are working on?

      1. Daesung is actually really busy. He’s filming a movie and he too has a solo album coming up. A mini-album I think. So I’m not surprise we haven’t seen much of him. GD is busy with 2NE1’s album maybe (he was listed as producer but i don’t know if he actually did any tracks but he helped with imaging), he’s helping with BB’s album and is working on another solo album. Seungri is relatively free, last I heard he has no solo projects and was only focusing on school. Probably why you see a lot of him.

  3. omo omo! Its in HD! AWESOME <3333
    thanks for subbing guys ❤ you guys rock!
    haha I was thinking the same about JLS, LMFAO they
    must love those guys! They are really good!

  4. In my place, if you can’t sleep, it means only two things, either because 1) you’re thinking too much; or 2) someone is thinking of you.

    Bae and Dara can’t sleep well. wonder why. hehehehe. =)

    1. Lol, about Bae and Dara. Seung ri confirm it too well by asking dara if Bae was to ask her out will she say yes. Love him for spilling beans.

    2. haha maybe they should help each other with their problems.
      lol i dont think Dara could have said no anyway

  5. I am loving this episode so much. I’m so happy that YB decided to do a reality show. I’m loving all this insight into his personality. But like others have mentioned I wish he wasn’t so hard on himself. He is an amazing artist. Sometimes I just want to shake him it drives me crazy how hard on himself he is.
    SOLAR is amazing, you’re amazing…..just accept and embrace the love.

    1. i still think we havent seen him properly though. Like everyone says he has a mischevious side, but still, like when CL was filming him hes still kinda not comfortable. I’m waiting to see this mischevious side, pulling pranks and stuff. I bet his partner in crime Daesung would help ^^

  6. Lmao @ the stylists.. Yea we made a option 2 years ago, If he goes to the US we’re going with him. Drop everything and just follow Superstar Sol.

  7. One thing I’ve gotten a lot of from YB recently is Dara Dara Dara. Has someone finally found himself the noona of his dreams? lol. He’s too cute. This show just makes me love him even more and I wish he would stop being so hard on himself. We all believe in him yet he doesn’t seem to believe in himself 1/2 as much as we do. He needs to steal some of Seungri’s confidence and finally get himself a girl too. A great woman can work wonders.
    My goal for YB this year include – producing/writing more music, be more confident and get a girl.

    1. I think they cut it~~~
      I am pretty sure anything aired has to run pass YG first, he probably thought it would just fuel more controversies…I’m surprised he didnt edit out the Yuri/concert conversation…I guess he was giving YB a chance to explain

      1. I don’t think it’s cut as but for future episodes. I remember they previewed the talk with GD before the 1st episode but showed up during this episode. They don’t go in chronological order. They jump all over, INAG1 was at the start of this episode which is end of June, then Inki on the 18th, then party on the 8th, etc. and they ended with INAG1 again.

      2. Isn’t it strange? If anything aired has to run pass YG first, why YG did not see the INAG mv before it released? And re-filmed it again. Shouldn’t the mv be more important/serious than “Real Song” ? Oh well. Another thing is if their relationship is just close friends, this part is pretty normal right? haha I am doubting their relationship now.

        1. i still think the first MV was better. So much more scenes, the new one is just them dancing, basically a performance accept with Dara instead of Ji hye.

          Also i dont think YB is with Yuri…the way he explains it you can tell hes not hiding anything. And like he said, if another idol invited you to there concert, you can’t just go ‘no im not going’

  8. You know Teddy has been mysteriously missing from all of this…I mean he’s probably one of the closest people to Taeyang and obviously has a pretty big influence on Solar, but not even a glimpse of him so far.

    Yo Teddy, where u at??

    1. Teddy is too busy producing. Both 2NE1 and BB are coming out with albums soon. And Se7en is also coming out with a full album in Oct. We have to wait till YB visits the studio cause that’s were Teddy lives.

  9. gahh. is it just me, or he doesn’t wear his adorable hats that much anymore? His style has changed to plain collared shirts or plaid shirts or plain white T’s. don’t get me wrong, i love that too, but…I love him in his hats. @_@!

    Thanks so much for putting this up with subs! ^0^~

    1. i agreee! i missed the fitted. glad to see he wore it in japan thoo. prob cuz he’s with big bang and he wants to have a more polished mature image. hopefully he doesnt completely shun them tho 🙂

  10. YB, why are u so hard on urself? D: makes me wann give him a BiiG hug lol
    loved how GD manage to make him laugh so naturally ❤ n lol @the stylists ahhaha x)

    1. I guess he must be in Korea if he’s currently working on 2NE1/BB albums, but do we know for sure? After all, he does spend about half his time in LA.

      Anyway, I’m with you – still have my fingers crossed for some T-squared action. ^^

      1. Oh, I didn’t know he went back and forth, I thought he was permanently living in Korea…..hope the man is getting a well deserved vacay lol

        1. Yeah, he splits his time between the US and Korea. As you may know, Korea has a mandatory 2-year military service for its male citizens. Teddy holds dual citizenship, meaning he is able to stay exempt because he’s also a US citizen. However, as long as he retains his Korean citizenship, he needs to be careful because the laws are really strict. IIRC, it’s something like, if you work in Korea for longer than 6 months at a time (or was it 6 months in a year?), you’re automatically eligible for conscription.

          That, and I’m sure he likes to see his family in the US, too. ^^

        2. ^ LOL no that’s interesting, I didn’t know that….makes sense, so I’m assuming Danny has the same thing…that’s cool….laws in korea are intense..

        3. Hmmm I remember reading something that during his 1TYM days Teddy would go to Guam as it is closer than the US to avoid getting enlisted as well.

        4. I think to keep the US citezenship too, cos your only allowed to stay in a foreign country for a certain period of time. Like Taecyeon and Jay do it aswell, they have to go back to US every so often to keep their citizenship

  11. I love the make artists and stylish when they said they’ll leave their job and follow YB when/if he debuts in the US…lol…

  12. Thank you so much for subbing this guys ^__^.

    Aww he is so sweet, thanking OnStyle for their hard work when he looks so tired and still insisting on filming with the show.
    Baebae said “last night…” turn to Dara and change the subject…ummm what were you about to say Bae, hmm? I love the part where he said “I feel really happy” nodding head, turn to Dara “you putting something on your eyes again?” teeheee =].
    I too hope that he stop being so hard on himself, wake up Bae…when will you realize that you’re an awesome artist…=/. I can’t wait for the next episode -_-
    YB ❤

  13. Thanks guys for the subs, Really like this style of reality less frantic. more peaceful. love love love the sountrack

  14. AWWWW.. he can be so hard on himself sometimes..BTW ..Thanks for subbing.. I like that we get a chance to know him a little more.. I just love him.. wish that he wasnt so hard on himself!!! The music is great.. even though he thinks he may have earn it simply cause people like him.. Thats great!!! Dont you thuinks it great to earn that position to where people love you no matter what? Usher is one of his role models right.. Lets be truthful here.. he had a couple of great wonderful songs and then gained popularity..People love him now no matter what he puts out, because they fallin in love with him already.. Great personality..just dont change that.. Young Bae, if you are reading this, your music and personality is loved.. just be true to yourself..be yourself.. and people will continue to love you no matter what.. believe me YOU EARNE D IT by just being simply you! dont be so hard on yourself… You earned it because peopel love you and because the music was great .. I play it all day non stop..

    1. Glad you think the same way as me. I don’t think he knows why people like him. In his mind, music and an individual is two different thing but it’s always linked together because without the artist/musician/performer there won’t be any music. Of course people like him and they also like his music.

      Everyone is right he shouldn’t be so hard on himself, it’s unhealthy. Him thinking and assuming that he won because people like him and not his music is false. I mean why do you guys like him anyways?

      YB, I don’t know where you go to, to read comments about you and your music but I think I need to have a serious talk with you and give you a therapy session.

    2. For YB I think it’s easy to be critical of himself because he’s so connected to it. From day one he was placed in direct competition with his best friend. As leader GD gets all the praise. Not to say that YG or anyone connected to the company is to blame but they did play a part in shaping YB into the artist he is today. He’s incredibly talented but he is also equally hard on himself because that’s the position he’s been placed in. If he’d been praised as GD had I’m sure we’d see a different YB today. He knows he’s loved but that doesn’t change the way he feels about himself. He needs balance. I’d hope within the company he’d have someone in his life (besides GD) who can give him a swift kick in the butt and tell him how freaking amazing he is. It doesn’t help that the music he is drawn to isn’t accepted in his country. International recognition is wonderful but in his every day existence he doesn’t see it. He knows we exist but he hasn’t traveled enough outside of South Korea to see how far reaching and how loved he really is. I don’t know what the answer is and I’m rambling. I hope this makes sense.

      1. @ Janelle Marie. I know what you’re saying. YB just needs reassurance that he is doing the right thing and I think the person to reassure him of that is us (international fans). That’s why we all should have a serious talk with him because he worries too much and it’s causing him to have insomnia. Mental health is part of physical health and he should take better care of himself.

      2. @ Janelle Marie. I get what you’re saying. YB needs reassurrance that he is doing the right thing because his worries is taken over causing him to have insomnia, which is unhealthy. I also think that the right person to reassure him that he is heading the right direction is us (international fans). Meeting us internationally can only give YB what he needs and because he is still young, he hasn’t seen it all.

      3. yeah, it does make sense, i wish someone would just make him go on this website and he’ll know how much he’s loved internationally .

    3. So true and I personally feel that he gets a lot of love in YG from all the hyungs and everything but it’s hard to let go some of the feeling/criticism he got when he was younger – he came in the same time as GD and no one is going to lie and say GD didn’t receive the most attention (nothing against GD, who’s been nothing but an amazing best friend). Everyone says that YB was very loud and boisterous when he was younger but something happened between then and BB’s debut because he was a lot more restrained.

      His family situation when he was younger didn’t help either -having to grow up with his cousins because his parent’s business when bankrupt. Not sure if the whole family moved in with his relatives or if it was just him but that went on for years and either way that must have been hard. He’s had a harder life compared to most of the other members of BB so the confidence issue isn’t hard to understand. I’m hoping girlfriend (whoever she turns out to be) will help him out with his confidence issues.

    1. my same thoughts exactly. how am i ever going to find me a guy now? hmmm….there’s only one you. :((

  15. I don’t believe it took so long to film his comeback stage. Like someone said it took like 9 hours!

    When he talks about his insomnia problems it seems so sad, like watching a drama haha

    Haha Seung ri is crazy, hes like made for talk shows he just gossips and starts scandels in seconds haha

    Why was Dara there when he was topless, was that for the first MV shooting. To be honest the stylisy noona’s must have seen all BIg Bang members topless and everything before.

    Yes we get to see him workout next episode haha

    Thanks for the subs guys ^^

    1. Yes, that part where Taeyang was topless and shook Dara’s hand was at the shooting for the first I Need A Girl MV. Dara couldn’t even look at him for long, she had her body faced away from him. xD

  16. youngbaes so humble. he gets praised and awarded, and he still thinks hes undeserving. and i remember hearing shaun evaristo saying that yb works TOO hard. but as long as he remains happy :), support for yb will never fail ❤

  17. I’m late to the party but OMG~ YB why are you so hard on yourself? =(

    Us fans on ATY are proof that he is No. 1 not because people like him, but for his music.

    But Janelle Marie had a good point there about his trainee days, his family, and his music.

    Other than GD, Dae, and Teddy, I wish there was someone else he can confide and give him the confidence and reality check he needs.

    Or better yet! Take a break and travel, see the world outside South Korea and come back with a fresh new mind and inspiration. 😛 Hahahahahaha~

    GD is such an amazing friend, gotta love GDYB! >w<

    Dara is so nervous and shy round YB, LOL.

    Queen of awkwardness…XD

    And Seungri will always be the GOSSIP MAN~ (pun not intended, LOL)

  18. Wow thanks for the hard work, guys! That was so much fun to watch. But was I the only one who noticed Park Bom was missing?

    And do any of you know what other songs were used other than the JLS ones? Please and thank you! 🙂

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