[HOD] The work of art, called Taeyang

I’ve aptly changed this post name to HOD = Hotness Overload of the Day. Thanks to Taeyang’s trainer, we get to see a video version of his “work of art” as he likes to call Taeyang lol.

28 thoughts on “[HOD] The work of art, called Taeyang”

    I just saw the video, where’s the petition to ban Tae Yang from wearing clothes…i mean shirts…

  2. /drool. What a very apropos song, “I can’t stop loving,” Young Bae. His body seriously is a wonderful work of art. I like that he is so shy in some ways but so confident in others its a wonderful quality. This video is mesmerizing, thanks for posting.

  3. Thank you yg trainer!! Wonder what shoot this is for?
    I also think it’s amusing that TY gave up posing for the shoot at the end lol

    1. You and Hwang Ssa Bu just definitely made my night!

      Hope my keyboard doesn’t mess up from all of my drooling! 🙂

  4. OH MY GOD!! 😀

    i literally drooled in front of my lappy when i saw the clips!! like what Jeanelle Marie said; me too had juz died & when to Heaven before coming back to Earth!! hehe.. :p

  5. YB got me sayin oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohh myy gosh (^_~)

    We need to send his trainer a gift basket and a thank you note lol!!

  6. omg…is this natural? gosh. i can’t believe he thinks his body isn’t nice? (i don’t really remember the quote)…but he said his body wasn’t great looking…but if he thinks it isn’t…he sure ain’t flaunting it like it ain’t.

  7. Yeah… XD
    his body has more meat this time. XD i mean, during his LOAM days, i can see his ribs 0.o

  8. i. just. can’t. stop. loving. you.

    tssssss………*the sound of a drop of water in contact with a very and intensely hot object*

  9. YB is definitely Hwang Ssa Bu’s work of art…. He must be so proud….


    Those abs are a killer…. *drool*

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