07.27.10 Strong Heart, more Taeyang & Seungri cuts

The second episode of the 2 part Strong Heart show aired today; it’s pretty funny. Below are the cuts, with corresponding news story articles to give you a gist of what they’re talking about in each clip =)

Taeyang & Seungri talk about the “Rude” Naked Fans

Seungri and Taeyang’s story about having an autograph session for a naked gang caused great laughter on the set of Strong Heart last July 27.

Seungri said, “I went to the sauna with Taeyang hyung. When we were getting ready to dry ourselves after washing up, a bunch of violent-looking men came in.”

Seungri said, “Taeyang hyung’s body is good and his hairstyle is special too. Because of this, a guy (wearing nothing) from the gang recognized him and they came over to take our autographs. But at that time, we only had a pen and no paper. So, the gang suggested that we sign our autographs on their backs.”

Taeyang continued, “We wanted to sign on them but their backs were full of different kinds of animal tattoos,” which brought some laughter in the studio.

Finally, Taeyang and Seungri gave their autographs to the members of the “naked” gang. Seungri added, “When the gang went inside to wash, we were worried that our signatures would be erased/washed off.” He continued his story by acting out the possible scenario if the gang holds up their hands after washing, which caused another great laughter on the set.

Source: Review Star + Chinese: Miss小鬼@baidu

Chinese to English translation Yvonne@bigbangupdates

Taeyang talks about Seungri wanting to see Rookie Groups

Big Bang TaeYang exposes the true self of member SeungRi.
TaeYang said to SeungRi on SBS Strong Heart aired on 27th July, “I’m sorry.”
TaeYang said, “For the first broadcast performance for my solo album, SeungRi came to give support. I was thankful to see that he was very excited and happy that day. But I later realised that he was excited to see the rookie female singers. He even followed their choreography.”

He added, “When I asked him what was going on, he was showing off to me how he had gone around to give my signed CDs to the girlgroups. And I found out that in every CD he even wrote a letter.”

SeungRi then explained, “In the letters I wrote ‘Seonbaenim (senior) is really cool’. I really thought that they are great idols, and I thought that it should be in the TaeYang CD they received. Honestly, I was thinking if there should be a telephone number too. I didn’t mean to get the phone numbers from the girlgroup but to give mine to them.”

Translations from Kbites

Seungri Imitates the member’s hand gestures

On the July 27th episode of Strong Heart, Seungri shared, “It is very easy to imitate my hyungs. If you want to be G-Dragon, just hold your hands together and then have your thumbs up. The remaining four fingers have to be slowly opened as well.”

Seungri also acted out T.O.P’s character in IRIS. He said, “When you want to do that killer pose, just hold your gun with three fingers and kneel down to rap. And you have to move forward at the same time.” His speech made all of the guests burst into laughters.

“It is easy to be Taeyang too, just flick your fingers more often,” and Seungri continued, “With the strong voice of Daesung, you just need to open your fingers and shake your hands to be him.”

Source: Maxmovie
Translated by Rice@Bigbang World

30 thoughts on “07.27.10 Strong Heart, more Taeyang & Seungri cuts”

  1. LOL !! looks like even guys can’t help but look at the work of art known as yb’s body. anyway, this sauna story was after filming of an mv right ? if it was in japan, guys with animal tattoo’s on their backs are most often than not yakuza. LOL !! even if this was in korea, they’d most likely be members of a mafia. LOLOLOL !!
    i was kind of hoping for some serious talk this time around, but i’ll settle for the comedy.

  2. This vid has YB dancing and doing some flips on Strong Heart during Teuk Academy part of the show

    skip to 2:13

  3. lol.they even have gangster fan boys.
    i bet it’s all awkward as hell.
    lol.so,yeah.they only have their pen.mymindinthegutter kekeke

  4. Lol…that was pretty funny..tae yang so adorable!!!! I love his smile !!! I’m still upset cause I live in the us I can’t participate in the summer event!!!!! Agggghhhhh atleast I got the t shirt right? 😦

  5. Haahah YB has so many fanboys it’s insane! Being ambushed in the sauna?!?!?!?!!! That’s probably the one place they thought they wouldn’t have to worry about crazy fans. But those lucky men! Getting to see the hotness that is a naked YB and SR!!!

    1. Also…YB totally owned SR during that dance battle!

      I wonder what happened to SR after he went back to the apt? Just wondering how the other BB members got back at him for his stories. Haha

        1. lol…so basically,seungri got ‘escaped’ fr0m his hyungs…huhu~
          i think his hyung will acting cool about what he said bout them..

  6. LOL serungri is funny…love the imitations…especially the TOP and Taeyang one..LOL
    and when they did the dance face-off, i think YB overpowered him..awwwww..he was like staying at the back, coz everyone is just paying attention to YB. lol

  7. Baby Ri is so dead. I think after they recorded Strong Heart he got a smackdown from all of his hyungs, one way or another, starting with Bae. hehehe. =)

    And the dance, wow, so sick. Baebae’s completely in his own element! =)

    Baby Ri though does belong to SH…why don’t YG make him a recurring guest on that show? hahaha.

    I wanna see the guys that asked for their autograph in the sauna…wooohooo baebae has a lot of fanboys alright. =)

  8. I feel so bad for saying this, but Seung ri is definitely funnier than his hyung. The dance is WOW, daebak taeyang. when Seungri attempted to do a back flip like his hyung but he didn’t i think it was more for the sake of laughter. i mean, seung ri is definitely capable of doing it. He’s such a sport XD

    The cameramen must have love taeyang’s eye smile. they kept focusing on him every time he smiles or laughs. haha

    Favorite part has to be Seung ri imitating his hyungs. so awesome. Seung ri’s imitation of TOP is the best.hahahaha

    1. FOR REALS!! i agree.

      Seungri is HILARIOUS.. DaeDae too.

      Top&Gdragon as well.

      His imitations are spot on! Especially Bae’s!

      Taeyang is reserved and respectful – but he’s getting funnier (= .. I think he isn’t comedic, but more of a witty type of funny.

    2. i don’t think anyone has ever thought of taeyang as the ‘funny’ type, lol, so i kind of find it odd that you’d bring up seungri is funnier, i always thought it was a given, you know, since yb is so reserved.
      tbh, i like seungri’s sense of comedy ‘onscreen’ the most out of the big bang members, yes that includes daesung. ‘offscreen’ the cake has to go to TOP the original jokester.

      1. when those two are seated next to each other, i cannot help but to notice the other guy made me laugh more. yeah, taeyang’s never that outright funny anyway, but everyone was laughing at seung ri’s joke while i’m patiently waiting for tae to make me laugh kekeke. nevermind, he looks hot sitting there, all smiley anyway. 🙂

    3. He’s funnier in a “comedic” way whilst Taeyang is more “dorky” in a chilled out way. I feel like Seungri go out of his way to make sure he is funny, because that’s just how he is, its not a bad thing, its just his personality to be outright funny. Taeyang is nervous as heck on tv shows, so to add funny in there is nearly impossible for the man lol. I think he does better on reality shows where the pressure isn’t so much~

      1. i feel bad for taeyang not seung ri. i’ve always enjoyed SR’s jokes.. love him to bits on camera. It’s just that this show makes me wanna know who’s the better entertainer, didn’t mean to compare them. if it was on anything else, i wouldn’t even give a damn about who’s funnier. but hey, his smile makes up for everything XD

  9. part 2 video: Where the hell did Taeyang disappeared off to at 1:40? His seat is empty. Bad editing -.-

    1. I totally didn’t notice that that they showed YB laughing altho the shot before showed he wasn’t there, but it’s not the 1st time i’ve seen some bad editing on korean shows.

      I remember on an episode of Strong Heart i noticed one person’s outfit kept changing back and forth during one of the sketches. Like the person had on a black jacket when the sketch started, then a yellow jacket on, and then back to a black jacket.so I figured they did the sketch more than once and put it together

  10. Have You noticed that when ever the girls came up to the front to do their little performances like the first girl who was dancing with the host? Did anyone noticed that Taeyang would never look at them directly? Every last one of them except the older one. Taeyang was fiddling around with something on the floor, he is looking in other directions when the girls came up. I tried to watch other people reactions on the show they were just as giddy. What is up with that Taeyang?LOL!! He can’t handle the cuteness of the girls.LOL!! YB is so freaking cute sometimes. I’ll break him out of that if I ever had the chance!!LOL!!

  11. The clothes YB and taeyang used for the filming of Strong Heart is the same as the one they used in Real Sound part two. Did they have filming of Strong Heart right after his win?

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